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  1. thepuma2012

    hosho has no chance against langley

    Okay, it is kind of what i thought. I already tried to use allied ship´s AA a bit. I think I had a very good langley player against me last time, which fighter planes disturbed everything i wanted to do, but it depends on map also. Small map makes it easy to get fighters where you want
  2. with the better fighters langley has, hosho stand no chance, how do you cope with that?
  3. thepuma2012

    Duke of the North whole mission gone ???

    i can understand adamo a bit, in wargaming games sometimes you have trouble finding all info needed. I have been searching for end date myself a while. Found it, but not immediately
  4. thepuma2012

    Fiji, my new favorite ship.

    Thanks. I just bought the Leander a short while ago, so we will see how we end up with it.
  5. thepuma2012

    Fiji, my new favorite ship.

    what makes fiji better than leander? I am at Leander now and not very much impressed with the line of cruisers. Firing range is short and the ammo travels long time.
  6. thepuma2012

    Should I try Bismarck?

    I feel exactly like LongJohn about Gneisenau, it´s very inconsistent. I have lot of games with little damage done, then suddenly Gneisenau breaks my personal record with damage done of all my ships. Overall it is very hard to hit a ship with multiple guns - even close you can miss with most of your guns. I am also dissappointed how long it lasts if you go close like everyone tells you to. It makes me die rather quickly.
  7. thepuma2012

    Update 0.6.11 - Bug Reports

    1. Description replay of a game with ognevoi today around 11.30 am 2. Reproduction steps A sequence of the player's actions which triggered the bug. Example: 1. Select the dd ognevoi 2. Enter the battle ( Random Battle). 3. watching and recording replay of the battle. recorded with Geforce experience. The crash is also recorded and can be found at the end of this video: https://youtu.be/lAM-EExkZqE 3. Result In-game experience resulting from the bug. game freezes and has to use ctr-alt-del to end world of warships 4. Expected result In-game experience which should have occurred if no bug is present. Example: The scout has to be launched by the catapult. 5. Technical details Example: Bug time: about 11:30 (UTC).Replay. crash report uploaded to: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-HId1vhxJPVdFcybndLSGFJNnM/view?usp=sharing
  8. thepuma2012

    RONIN recruits casuals(no ts)

    want to join, I play almost daily
  9. thepuma2012

    The donskoi, how to make it work?

    i join the crowd which doesn´t like donskoi... underwhelming guns (fire chance with he, many times it takes a lot of salvo´s to get fires burning, and trying to do that and angling against enemy fire you only can use front guns (or rear when you go away from enemy) you just have to be too careful at a too big distance. And still can get hurt bad at that distance. I feel I have never ever contributed really anything to a team in donskoi. i am just hoping to get above 50k of damage, which most of the case I do not get. Even radar. Don t try to use it in first part of game unless you can hide really well behind island. Because if you want to be close enough to use it, you will die within minutes.
  10. thepuma2012

    Useless teams

    it s clear that hardly anyone has an idea how to play ranked battles well. Including me, this season´s winrate is only 32% for me. Teammates are bad all the time also. Even though I try to play my role.....
  11. thepuma2012


    should be, it is said as additional bonus. So the base free-xp + the bonus of 300% makes 400% (= base free- xp x 4)
  12. thepuma2012

    0RCA >> recruiting for the pod!

    wow that is what I call great fun and don t come close to us:
  13. thepuma2012

    Cruisers - What's best?

    try a bit of every class - this gives you the perspective of all of them and how to cope with them. If you have played battleships you better understand and anticipate when you fight that ship in cruiser. My favourite cruiser is Graf Spee, but they say it is different from others. Most of them cruisers I do not intend to keep because lack of fun with them (hard games). Graf Spee has an incredible gun for its tier. Phoenix is another exception I have a very long time. It can do well. I found all higher tiers cruisers I tried after phoenix bad. They are different, weak and no torps any more, and i don t like the high arcs. But it is all personal, just try everything, it is a game after all.
  14. thepuma2012

    settings - controls

    is there anywhere to find everything explained of the settings and then mainly the controls. for example - alternative mouse settings: what does it do? under camera - track object: what does it do? and more important: before latest update I had the white aeria for aiming torpedo s under middle mouse button. Now it is gone and i can t pre-aim torpedo s and i cannot find how to set it.
  15. thepuma2012

    Game controls

    i used to be able to click middle mouse button for torpedo aim white band, but it does not work either anymore