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  1. grievous1993

    PTS rewards or something else?

    Someone saw/checked for get the missing parts of the rewards? Or its still in "work in progress" ? (no wanted make a new post for this)
  2. grievous1993

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    I never check shipcost when got one from premship container or from SC Sims not bad, just extreme old (oldest prem dd if i remember right) so camo stat is following the old rules what... not great news
  3. grievous1993

    Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya FFT

    101? What the... (kaga/kaga b was or what?)
  4. grievous1993

    Europe container as intermediate reward Pan EU DD missions

    Well, i got this from that container Normally check this side first https://worldofwarships.eu/en/content/contents-and-drop-rates-of-containers/ but old containers like that avg no found until they readded with new stats... (italian cruiser container no have in the list but we got few like pt rewards)
  5. grievous1993

    Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya FFT

    Wait... gangut (ok, oktrev, but for me still gangut) aa range is 3.5? Bruh, thats short... t4 cvs avg no make to much problem, they are bad (mostly), t6 cvs are difference, 3.5km aa range make a lots of problem, probably...
  6. I mostly saw 4 dd/side, only twice saw 5 dd/side, so maybe mm still okish? (without quest got 4 dd/side battle too) Next week will be interesting when the comtoken quest need subs.... (3 sub/side maybe?)
  7. grievous1993

    Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya FFT

    Eh... maybe few ships have in the game where maybe can be useful and probably okt rev no in the list... with t5 probably will facing more times with t6 cvs than t4, so aa no will be useful
  8. Ok... yesterday i farmed the 10k base xp with dds in convoy, thought its completed but now see.. its reseted or what? (so 2x350/quest/week or what? Xd no saw the "repeat icon" yesterday but probably my bad for no saw) Yeah, with subs will be fun... (i hate playing subs, yeah sure i am bad with them, i know) yesterday tried 2 runs with u2501, both lose, 30k dmg, 400ish base xp... (and i was 5-7th in my team... no had spot dmg, max 20k)
  9. grievous1993

    Convoy Mode - decided by a flip of a coin?

    Ah yes, another good WR day in convoy... Bruh, 10k base xp for 350 comtokens five times in 5 weeks, now with dds, next week with subs, after that cruisers, bbs, cvs, huh...
  10. grievous1993

    Public Test - Megathread for rewards & updates

    Again? (last 2 times had similar problem, if i remember right)
  11. grievous1993

    Convoy Mode - decided by a flip of a coin?

    I have 450 blue xp booster, so no problem wasting few here now pf, i56 killed me from full hp because my dcp was on cd and flooding got me... (killed the sub but still, +30k dmg run... ffs)
  12. grievous1993

    Convoy Mode - decided by a flip of a coin?

    I know, just "somewhy" transport got dmg from asw bombs (extreme low armor value?), not bad tactic was for using asw planes if you had long reload time or needed shoting the enemy players but transports were in asw plane range (i had 1-3 kill in last convoy with this method, rare but worked) Na, going back farming with t9 panamerican CL, after 5 runs had 87k xp with blue xp booster, 240k need in total... (well, good for dockyard mission counting convoy now, CA/CLC dmg + hit ribbon quest so easy with this )
  13. grievous1993

    Convoy Mode - decided by a flip of a coin?

    On PT i tred using ASW airdrops for damaging the transport, worked on live last time, but on PT my planes shooted down always, idk now it changed to live again or no, that was the only change what i saw mostly (today had a chance for tried that, but forget ) Oh, and for me bugged the liberty "indicator" in upper side of screen: no saw the transport icons-names-hps, maybe 30% of my battles, but idk its mod problem, or just wows bugging (to be fair, this indicator dont really need Xd)
  14. grievous1993

    Public Test 12.4 - General Feedback

    Patch váltás utáni első hétfőn, esetleg kedden (mint mindig jó ideje, kedd régebben volt, pár patch-csel ezelőtt volt h kedden osztották de gondolom hiba miatt). Amúgy angol fórum, szóval ha lehet legyen angolul majd legközelebb
  15. grievous1993

    Update 12.4: European Destroyers

    ? They said months ago for they will moving the last free xp ships to armory in 12.4 and changing the cost from free xp to coal, only the coal value wasnt know exactly, but i waited worst number for hayate, 238k is not much (waited +260k)