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  1. captain_sam

    What we (EU customers) will get for Christmas?

    Teamkill allowed?
  2. captain_sam

    IChase's talk about state of the game

    Indeed, WoWs was more fun on CBT. It was bim bam boom, every one could kill every one. OK not the most realistic and diverse game but hey it damn worked! Which brings us again to the same conclusion: WG does not listen, never will, or eventually only too late. Months ago the forum was full of warnings about overnerfing CVs, about not rewarding skills, about no rewarding capping and planes kills. If those changes would have happened at OBT launch, a huge part of the player base would not have been dealing with so much frustration for so long and would still be playing. They don t get it that waiting month for some kind of stats is nonsense, players will not have the patience to wait and will not come back once they are gone to another game. No matter the future changes in patches (and I mean only the good changes, not the usual bag of bugs introduced into the game with all recent patches...). WoWs is at a really critical point now, if 0.5.2 does not bring back some light, Game Over => WoWp way of life.
  3. Dude you realize it took WG monthsssss to implement a code for mirrored MM for CVs. Those maths you propose will only bring more bugs into the game.
  4. captain_sam

    CV gameplay geting a tad rediculess.(T6-7)

    I played CV again yesterday after a couple of weeks of pause, and it is even worse than it was before... And I m not even talking about the crapy torpedoes speed for IJN CVs. The lags are enormous (strange cause the graphics are not more complicated than when playing another class of ship, where I have no lag whatsoever), which combined to the already BUGGY as hell interface and commands/clicks, makes the gameplay impossible. It is not even frustrating anymore, we are over that point, it is desperating. Stop playing CVs everyone, only then WG will do something. Huh? Oh yes you are right, they can do worse... But it is kind of game now, to guess what crappy decision they will make to "balance" stuffs. From day 1, they only had to reduce damage per torpedoes for IJN CVs. But NOOOO, they had to play with decks, spread, torpedoes range and speed... I believe the team is the one from WoWp.
  5. captain_sam

    We got it all wrong

    Good post, it all makes sense. However noone at WG will ever consider your opinion or admit they failed the balancing of the game.
  6. captain_sam

    what's happened to this game? :(

    To come back to the topic of the thread, I read the forum when I am at work (shhhh, don t tell my boss). And I have seen in the last 2 month a huge drop in the number of new posts, new topics and more freaky for the game itself, drop of posts from old players. I guess those are not part of the "stats" WG take into account to drive the so called "balance" in the game... I had 5 phases in that game: 1 (CBT) -Played the game as soon as I came back home after work, until going to bed 2 (OBT) -Played the game a lot, only when friends were available and/or nothing on TV 3 (after few patches, in particular CV nerfs) -Played only to do my *1,5 or *2 on ALL my ships 4 (after 0.5) -Played only for my *1,5 or *2 for my FAVORITE ships 5 (right now) -Play every few days, don t even regret if I missed my first victory bonus From what I have seen and heard (I am in a clan wich had up to 200 members, now 40% are completely gone, another 40% only casual players, the rest hope for the best...) a lot of players have those phases, and still nothing is done. Oh sorry, new premium ships that we really need (I look at you coming T8 SN cruiser and Fujin ...) and new maps... that is sexy for 2 days, but does not address the problems of the game and does not answer the expectations of players. So what isb your next phase? ....
  7. captain_sam

    Anyone playing t10 cv?

    You are comparing T10 Vs T8... Same applies to CV at T8 Vs T6... we can go on like that for a long time... But yes, Midway is still very OP compared to any other ship, Hakuryu too.
  8. captain_sam

    Anyone playing t10 cv?

    You are right. CV captains should agree on a chart to stop targeting each other. THEN BBs noobs will see how OP a CV really is... when you cannot play as a team.
  9. captain_sam

    World of Warships - Clans

    So obviously clan is NOT a priority and has never been. If after so many month that is not already decided, we cannot expect the main mechanics of clans to be also decided and yet, implemented!!!. That raises the risk that it is implemented quickly (in a desperate move to keep people playing) without proper testing (I look at you AP/HE/Dogfighters patch, and all the others before). At least there is no balancing in the game that could be broken with clans.
  10. captain_sam

    Borderglitching is as bad as ever.

    Yes, but NO. That worked indeed a few patches ago (I stopped counting CV nerfs patches at some point). You could drag the torpedoes cone in and OUT the map. Now the damn little icon (that could be BTW much more visible and usable and not buggy) that you can drag to move the cone CANNOT be dragged outside of the map=> you cannot drop torpedoes close enough to the target, you have to use the manual drop circle drop. Thus, because of the weird moonwalk style sliding of the ship on the border, it s really hard to anticipate correctly the ship position to hit it with TBs.... Oh and since we are AGAIN talking about User Interface, dear WG, is it possible that your devs work on the invisible chat box? You know (I hope so) that box on the left side where CV captains CANNOT click and therefore CANNOT send a command to a squadron (drop, attack, move) without some zooming in/out BS annoying tricks? Please, make it for the sake of god click-through! This is not Beta anymore! Or is it???
  11. True, but that only confirms the facts: playing a half broken game cause there is nothing else out there... However, there will be a point where players will not even be looking for another ship or even war type game, they will just move on to whatever OTHER game comes out that is FUN, not BROKEN, with a real interaction with the players and not balancing based on a bunch of stats from an excel sheet.
  12. captain_sam

    FREE Captain Reskill for major Skill Changes

    Ok, so a skill going up from 0% to 300% is still minor for you? Great definition. Don t tell me I over do it. It is inspired from real facts, see Dogfighting expert.
  13. captain_sam

    Some interesting info around the world

    Oh god, another patch... what will they break this time. rudder shift times?
  14. captain_sam

    Tier X CVs almost dissapeared.....

    No comon, they learnt their lesson from WoWP, WoWs will not end up in a fiasco. ...oh wait...
  15. captain_sam

    Please revert carrier landing procedure to

    If it is not in the "statistics" they have, you can sit on that. Do like many of us, stop playing CVs (or at all). Then they will have some stats.