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  1. To be honest I really really hope to god they do not put this in at least not how you ask for it. More long range 'snipers' are not a thing the game needs nor should encourage especially going up the tiers. At T7 you should tank for your team not hug the border. And I think 5 (or 6) Kongo BB's are enough for the game already. All the best, Barky
  2. Some of you guys really need a thicker skin like really. Did the bad word cause a bleed or did you get a broken arm if not than basically it means 0 all this [edited] [edited]racism that seems to be hyping around western europe and the west in general makes me sick. Have you ever heard of the term joke? And frankly all I see in there is a attempt to throw you off you're game. What you should have done was beat the living crap out of them and then go back and tell them they got there asses handed to them by those they want to insult problem solved. Words will only ever hurt if you let them so be the bigger man/woman,
  3. Well I played both my Belfast and the Kutusov and I can't say anything changed so yes sell them if you really want to but I do not think the smoke changes impacted them one bit.
  4. Besides the fact you do not actually have that much experience in a high tier DD and besides the fact that playing around radar is a L2P issue you should maybe swallow you're pride and listen to the man. He is not the problem people commenting bull on this forum with close to no experience on what they are commenting on are the problem. And no offense you're experiences in the Belfast have near 0 relevance in an actual radar discussion as that one is one of the 3 unicorn ships that he also mentioned are a problem. Back to the topic. The change is a welcome one but well yeah... won't do much for T6+ cruisers and DD's take verry little damage from fires. The only good thing is the les time you have the spotting defect due to benig o fire. All the best, Barky
  5. +1 Totally with you on this. I can't even count how many times I needed to wait like 5 secs because too many people were shooting at the same target and there were too many splashes to even see a BB.
  6. Come on man you knew damn well what you were spending money on and what amount. Let's be serious for a moment here the changes will have almost 0 impact on how they play and they will still be OP as hell So please stop asking for Wg to pay you something that you decided to do..
  7. Definitely not selling mine. You loose absolutely 0 but you guys go ahead the less Belfats there are the more free dmg for me :). Same goes for Kutusov and I do not think you will ever be able to buy it back since the statement says that they will be permanently removed from sale so Nikolay reworked :P
  8. Oh man thank you really thank you that was a good one :))) I think the best I have is also in a Fletcher with 18 plane kills but I do not run def AA. @OP I really get what you are saying. The only suggestions I have (limited experience to Kamikaze R) 1 is play around with you're smoke and try to cap 2 speed flag speed boost and RU DD play style.. Other than that if a CV wants you spotted he will spot you simple as that. Maybe divisioning but I really do not see any 2 DD division at T5 doing anything meaningful against a wing of fighters. Hope this helps. All the best, Barky
  9. Hmm I might be wrong but I really do not remember seeing any purple people in open beta and I remember a patch about team damage and so forth but as i said I might be wrong.
  10. I specified TK not turn pink and turning pink is relatively new to the game especially for a beta tester ;P
  11. Are you serious? Man EVERYONE here has TK'd at some point in time be it intentional or not. There is literally nothing I can do if someone sails into my torps after I checked his course and also warned him that I am torping. Yeah ,make me pink but having to play coop for 2 days (cause I dont have that much free time) is complete bullcrap
  12. Man Witherer with a T4 and I think that sums it up :/.
  13. from what I see its just this season that is displayed so to be fair he only played 22 battles in this season not all seasons combined :) And I am with the OP on this. I also like ranked a lot. It's really nice we will get CW but... yeah.... I would really want a ranked season this year as well so OP you have a +1 from me. Suggestion: maybe open a vote and lets see how many people would also like having another season?
  14. Hello forum, @DingMan I had a quick look over you're profile. To be hones you seem like a decent player and I congratulate you for that. Back to you're problem, I think you are experiencing this because you are stil fairly low on the BB lines you started and the dispersion is still horrible. Your highest BB seems to be the Fuso and that is not really known for it's accuracy and the T6 american one is regarded more like a shotgun than a BB. For these lower tiers it really helps if you get close 10-12 km and you should keep the 12 km as a general rule of thumb for later on. I suggest to you this. Grind it out until you ht the Nagato and just hang in there. Then you will start hiting a lot more shells and you will get those one in 100 games more often. Hope this helps, Barky
  15. I seriously hope you do not and will never have a job in QA. But thanks for the laughs m8. Testing being done by only a small portion of a big population will give back around 10% usable actual data for a company ;) just saying.