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  1. Are you insane man, really are you insane? All this thread is utter crap. CV's have already been nerfed in all aspects. Planes -> direct (HP/Speed/TurningCircle/DropRadius) indirect (Absolutely all AA has been constantly buffed) Weapons -> only direct trough DMG,Flood potential, again drop radius and all the damn DEFAA, Productivity -> You need to be extremity good to actually break even from T9 and up which barely applies to any other class. I miss the days when we actually had CV's in the game not the etreme rarity it is to see one now and this thread is exactly the reason that happened. I say give them more power to deal with ships and balance the T4-5 ones again whats happening down there is crap. Have a good day, Barky
  2. Midway (2/1/2): 18 Midway (1/1/3): 13 Henry IV : 20 Grozovoi : 17 Des Moines: 23 Gearing: 24 Hakuryu (2/3/2): 21 Hakuryu (4/2/2): 20 Hakuryu (2/3/3): 23 Yamato: 23 Zao: 30 Shimakaze (type 93 mod. 2): 21 Shimakaze (type F3): 5 - 3 =2 ( Horrible choice, the speed and reload boost are nothing to how you need to play this ship to have any chance in it Hindenburg: 24 +1 = 25 ( I just love this ship) G. Kurfürst (406mm): 21 G. Kurfürst (420mm): 20 Moskva: 19 Khabarovsk: 23 Minotaur: 9
  3. Well except the obvious suggestions up till now I would actually like to add to this the Roon Hipper and Hindenburg but especially the Roon. You have a blend of 105 and 150 mm secondaries that when in range (and it has a pretty decent range) tend to surprise alot of people
  4. Well to the guy who said that he saw mor Kamikaze R's around. That is probably because they were gotten on the actual event dedicated for the Kamikaze R like a year or two ago. Also if I remember correctly the standard Kamikaze exists because they wanted to sell them and the forum made a shitstorm about the sold version having the R and then it got removed. Well apparently the 'unique' Kamikaze R is not that unique after all
  5. Maibe get a job in software development and then talk after you see you're first memory leak ;)
  6. I am sorry but are you for real? Leander can do well even if she were tier 7 with absolutely no changes. Putting that ship at tier 5 will simply make all other cruisers at that tier useless ? I am sorry but what you show there is complete crap :/ The tier 4 french is no comparison to a Leander. And as a side note why in the world would you like more range on it? Basic effectiveness of British CL's is under 10 KM's so you're request makes no sense. So I really can only say this git gud, sorry :/
  7. For anyone still getting this, quick fix: delete preferences file from inside the game folder and restart the game.
  8. Chapy with AR can probably pump out about 15-16 salvos in that period of time if you get what I mean, plus just stop shooting you're concealment will drop to 11 something if im right. So by my standards its ok. You should not be invincible. What we are doing in the RU DD's is horribly wrong but meh EDIT: I am assuming you are speaking of 4 salvos from a BB
  9. Then as a better player you should be the one commenting on silly posts about dropping stronk ships now wouldn't you? Get Superintendent and have more smokes so you don't need that concealment whilst shooting. Or just maneuver, even the Chapy or Kutusov can dodge so give it a try ;)
  10. Those are some high assumptions. Here's something to chew on, what if the EU API is using different interfaces than the others or has different ways of exposing data etc (REST / SOAP). The EU section was the only one that ever showed the presence of corrupt snapshots which would suggest that there API is not really that generic
  11. Huh are you guys kidding or? On Shira has absolutely 0 impact (maybe 5% of game time). On the Kutusov you'll loose the whopping 1 km and that was at 19 km range which means you are potatoing at T8. Chapayev well you loose a bit more than the Kutusov but same thing you're potatoing at T8. All the others have SMOKE so why are you throwing them away I really do not understand but the drama you suggest really is not there.
  12. good for you that,s not the point the point is that I spent MY hard earned money on a product advertised in a specific way I give exactly 0 fu**s about performance statistics etc, it's a game and it should be fun and if I spend money on something that was advertised to play to my liking and then it's taken away that is called stealing ;). And in all honesty I dont care about not being able to shoot from invisibility I care about the fact that after 0.6.3 if I shoot everyone and there grandmother will see me for 20 damn seconds so if I take out a DD in close range I will still be spoted and if god forbid you have AFT then you are spoted at ~14 km's if I am not mistaken. The Belfast is another example if specced on stealth its detected at 8.7 I think, if you shoot you will be spoted at ~15 km which is almost double, see where im going with this? So you will be spoted even if I am behind an island etc. And we also seemed to get a free respeck on the Japs when they changed the torps and I am still waiting for it, did you get any?
  13. Will not be leaving but I will not spend any money on the game either. Basically I just lost the money I spent on the Blis for example :/. What I will do is I will definitely stop shooting at anything else than BB's until there are no BBs in my game.I will do everything in my pover to make you're games horrible. I will never spot anymore for BB's no more smoke for BB's and I promise to leave all DD's that try to attack my BB team mates alone untill they get the kill. U think you won in 0.6.3 BBabies, we shall see . Ah yes also all AA will be on auto off unless I or another CA CL DD is being targeted so no more AA. as well.
  14. Well my opinion is that nothing will change go for the exact same build as before and #19KMsDragonBreath There you go
  15. Really? I get at least one kill in 2 games cause of it in the only ship that has it (my Shima)