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  1. I seriously hope you do not and will never have a job in QA. But thanks for the laughs m8. Testing being done by only a small portion of a big population will give back around 10% usable actual data for a company ;) just saying.
  2. Got payed today, saw the news on the site went to the shop sau the price, was.. ok but let's open the forum firs. After reading this even though I really wanted this ship even just to have in port I know I will not take her out so well, no buy. In one way I want to say thank you to the people that bought her and wrote here so the rest of us know, in another way shame on you WG, just shame on you.
  3. I voted yes but I do not think this will happen. <cough>torp changes that rendered the torp acceleration skill valuable<cough>
  4. Well I think you guys will hate me . I got 1st crate -> a Texas 2nd crate -> the Radar module Still haven't played the Texas tho.
  5. Hello, No you just receive one pirate flag thats it. It is the exact same flag for reaching rank one in any season.
  6. This is one of the more legitimate concerns regarding the game and it's state. Probably the most legitimate one that has been raised this year. As a person that is so concerned about the state of the game and has been here for a while you should easally realise this as you should have been playing these classes for a while and should be accustomed to how the penetration mechanics of BB AP worked until now. I also understand that it's really nice for you and any other BB players that you can cause that much damage to a DD without even switching amo types but this is not how it should be and nor how it was. Making you're point that *a ton shell bla bla* is utter crap no offense, you might convince a kid but not any person that has played and understood the game for more than 3 months. What you guys need too understand is the fact that you as a BB player should not be able to do this as the DD is you're counter, a CA/CL instead should be able to do this, that's why no one says anything when the odd salvo from a 12 gun cruiser takes off 12-13 k. Again I ask, really? Have you even played the game now? Or are you really that ignorant? If nothing changed then explain why are there threads coming up on this issue just in the past 2 months and nothing was ever said about this before ever? As demonstrated multiple times in the past not all changes are actually published in the change log and this issue is one of them. In any case I also do not think anything will be done about this until WG will run into actual financial problems. The BB population can not hope to sustain the game financially by its own so we shall probably get back our normal penetrations when this will actually be considered a problem by WG.
  7. Ok fair point but then how the **ell do I take 10k in a damn <insert DDname here> whilst broadside and taking 2 shells in the nose (so at 90 degree andle not bow in so I am clear here). That should over pen every day should it not or have I been imagining playing the game the last 2 years.
  8. Man re you serious? Really now are you actually serious? The pen mechanics have been like this where a DD gets full pens for only a short while. This is a completely valid point as from what I remember from the first day of open beta whilst driving a BB and spotring a DD -> load HE I can count on one hand how many times I managed to delete a DD with AP from BBs up to maybe one month ago. Now you can just shoot AP and delete them as you might do cruisers.. That is wrong. And dont even start with crying wolf when absolutely all of the forum is flooded with BBabies crying wolf. Do you really want to bring out the BB bingo? :)
  9. My dear sir the game *HAS* become significantly worse since open beta. That does not mean that the player-base can not find how to make it work but as the saying goes, ****ing against the wind is madness :) At some point all of these changes will just nake alot of players like myself who are the ones who actually buy stuff so that they can keep it free to play will either just stop buying or leave all together which if by it's own will not bring down the game then you'll only have battles with 12 vs 12 BB's hugging the border :). Then we shall see who starts getting upset.
  10. Are you insane man, really are you insane? All this thread is utter crap. CV's have already been nerfed in all aspects. Planes -> direct (HP/Speed/TurningCircle/DropRadius) indirect (Absolutely all AA has been constantly buffed) Weapons -> only direct trough DMG,Flood potential, again drop radius and all the damn DEFAA, Productivity -> You need to be extremity good to actually break even from T9 and up which barely applies to any other class. I miss the days when we actually had CV's in the game not the etreme rarity it is to see one now and this thread is exactly the reason that happened. I say give them more power to deal with ships and balance the T4-5 ones again whats happening down there is crap. Have a good day, Barky
  11. Midway (2/1/2): 18 Midway (1/1/3): 13 Henry IV : 20 Grozovoi : 17 Des Moines: 23 Gearing: 24 Hakuryu (2/3/2): 21 Hakuryu (4/2/2): 20 Hakuryu (2/3/3): 23 Yamato: 23 Zao: 30 Shimakaze (type 93 mod. 2): 21 Shimakaze (type F3): 5 - 3 =2 ( Horrible choice, the speed and reload boost are nothing to how you need to play this ship to have any chance in it Hindenburg: 24 +1 = 25 ( I just love this ship) G. Kurfürst (406mm): 21 G. Kurfürst (420mm): 20 Moskva: 19 Khabarovsk: 23 Minotaur: 9
  12. Well except the obvious suggestions up till now I would actually like to add to this the Roon Hipper and Hindenburg but especially the Roon. You have a blend of 105 and 150 mm secondaries that when in range (and it has a pretty decent range) tend to surprise alot of people
  13. Well to the guy who said that he saw mor Kamikaze R's around. That is probably because they were gotten on the actual event dedicated for the Kamikaze R like a year or two ago. Also if I remember correctly the standard Kamikaze exists because they wanted to sell them and the forum made a shitstorm about the sold version having the R and then it got removed. Well apparently the 'unique' Kamikaze R is not that unique after all
  14. Maibe get a job in software development and then talk after you see you're first memory leak ;)
  15. I am sorry but are you for real? Leander can do well even if she were tier 7 with absolutely no changes. Putting that ship at tier 5 will simply make all other cruisers at that tier useless ? I am sorry but what you show there is complete crap :/ The tier 4 french is no comparison to a Leander. And as a side note why in the world would you like more range on it? Basic effectiveness of British CL's is under 10 KM's so you're request makes no sense. So I really can only say this git gud, sorry :/