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  1. Bug Reports

    1. Description Upon opening daily "more resources" container, game hangs on "Operation in progress" loading screen. Edit: now upon restarting game, I am not sure if this happened with "More resources" container, or Eagle container. 2. Reproduction steps After a battle, when I have reached amount of XP to pickup another daily container, I am also rewarded by few more containers, apparently as a PTS bonus. After clicking on "Open container" with such one container, game hangs. Problem occured twice so far, while number of opened containers is about 10-15 3. Result After clicking on "Open container", game hangs on "Operation in progress" loading screen indefinitely. Nothing helps, upon trying to close game via alt+f4 step, dialog "Exit game?" shows, but Yes button is grayed out. 4. Expected result I guess container should be opened, as is usual. 5. Technical details No new entries in mentioned log files. Time of occurence is 6.7.2018, 8:20 UTC +2.
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  11. Have been grinding for 2-3 days because of premium from 0.6.3 test. Managed to shave 0.5% off my winrate, 195 + 10 coins total, and it stays there. Time commitment is just too much, though I'd love to have kami for captain retraining. Misleading progress bars are also quite irritating. I wonder what motivation WG has, to make so many players angry and frustrated (not talking about me, just what I got from various feedbacks).