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  1. __St0rM__

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery
  2. __St0rM__

    0.7.12 PTS - World of Warships Premium Account

    Well can't say i like this but, OK i understand, you want to award players who only want to play WoWs with more XP. Lets say, player have a one year premium on his account, which premium time will be awarded to him ? And if you have warships premium, what that mean for rest of games ? Will be prices for unified premium and wows premium, same or different ? If I understand this well, if you buy WoWs premium you will be granted 65% xp per battle in WoWs but you will not have premium on other games, and if you choose global you will have 50% in all games (wows, wowp and wot) as it is right now.
  3. I bought 4 containers, and i was aiming to get Massachusetts B, which i got ... so i was extremely lucky and don't complain. But i must tell, that they should give us some info in game about missions (the black friday) to avoid fuss ... cause lots of players got ships in containers and wondering about that mission for doubloons, including me... Once more i don't complain but they should announce more clearly. Or simply i didn't read everything ... And its entirely my fault :D
  4. __St0rM__

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Hello, here is some of my impressions about CV's - first i i have to say that I think for this is step forward I am up for a changes for CV game-play, but there is a lot more work in my opinion, here is my impressions: 1. If you want us to test CV's give us tools for that, i mean 5mil for repair/resupply - no thanks, let us battle against bots i don't mind but let us test CV and not force us to play something else except CV's. 2. There is no indicator for torpedo speed (or I didn't figure out) so u have to drop them on pure feeling at least i had that impression. 3. There is no handling for CV itself, only across map - would be much better to have option to switch between planes and CV to move him. 4. There is bug when you click on mini-map, you enter in free cam mode, and you cant go back on planes - in other way only to press 2 times M button. 5. Rocket planes don't have actual dmg, only chance to set ship on fire - i mean who will use them like that, if you only rely on DOT which can be repaired quite often ?! 6. T6 US planes are realy slow. 7.Maybe you should put consumables on planes to be infinate just put more reload time in order to balance them. 8. Planes have realy low HP, and they die realy quick. Which is not good. Anyway thats my impressions, maybe I am wrong, but i wanted to share them in order to help WG to make a better gameplay for all.
  5. __St0rM__

    Dirty Old Dogs

    Pozdrav druže, trenutno ne koristimo tako cesto discord, vec samo kao rezervu posto su neki clanovi imali problema sa njim ... vratili smo se na Team Speak
  6. __St0rM__

    Dirty Old Dogs

    Dirty Old Dogs clan recruit new players from Balkan. Few things about us : We are newly formed clan, from former core players SRW clan. What we can offer you ? Friendly environment, respect, lots of fun etc. You can contact us in the game via private messages. What we demand from our new players: 1. You have to be Active player. 2. 20+ years old 3. Team Speak is obligatory, we also have Discord also, but we are currently using TS 4. T10 Ships 5. You need to have at least 1000+ PR (https://wows-numbers.com) 6. And above all we demand from you to have respect toward all clan members especially toward the elderly ones And yea i forgot to mention, we also have often competitions for some cool prizes ! Dirty old Dogs regrutuje nove članove sa područja Balkana Nekoliko stvari o nama: Mi smo novoformirani klan, sastavljen od igrača u rasponu od 30 do 60 godina. Šta dobijate ako se priključite klanu ? Nudimo Vam prijateljsko okruženje, poštovanje, dosta zabave u vidu divizija, klanskih bitaka itd. Možete nas kontaktirati preko privatnih poruka u igri, osobe za kontakt : Petao_Sofronije, __St0rM__, Nebojsa67 Šta mi očekujemo od novih članova: 1. Da budu aktivni igrači 2. Minimum 20 godina starosti 3. Koristimo Team Speak za komunikaciju, koji je obavezan za sve članove, takodje imamo i Discord koji malo manje koristimo za sad 4. T10 brodove 5. Minimum 1000 personalni rating 6. I naravno ono što je najvažnije tražimo da se poštuju svi članovi klana, tražimo poštovanje pogotovo prema starijim igračima I da zaboravio sam da napomenem da imamo i često takmičenja u okviru klana, za koja se dele lepe nagrade !
  7. __St0rM__

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    hey guy, is any of this mods in mod pack forbidden to use ?