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  1. Ranked Scoring System

    Firstly I do not think anyone inferior at all and never would , secondly its only a suggestion put forward and as I said can be altered to make it fairer or better 14 players in the game in 2 teams the top 7 players (5 on winning team 2 on loosing team) get something out of the game making it a game of 14 players not just two teams , as you cannot make 14 individual players for a game (or can you I don't know) , the team damage penalty take that out as suggested wold be unfair Its hard to make a suggestion to please everyone but looking at the rants about ranked at the moment something needs to be done or take out the ranked altogether or make it so you can join with divisions of 7 maybe I don't know
  2. Ranked Scoring System

    bullock's apologies I meant for this to go in the suggestions section
  3. Ranked Scoring System

    Hi the scoring system could look something like this , maybe some maths genius could do a little work on it and make it better but I believe a scoring system like this would make it a whole lot better than the system at the moment What do you all think ? suggestions for improvement / ideas are very welcome as this is just a basic sample Winners Points Losers Points 1st 10 1st 5 2nd 7 2nd 2 3rd 5 3rd -3 4th 5 4th -4 5th 5 5th -5 6th -1 6th -7 7th -1 7th -10 AFK -20 AFK -20 Team Damage -10 Team Damage -10 Rank Level Points 1 1000 2 800 3 750 4 700 5 650 6 600 7 550 8 500 9 450 10 400 11 300 12 250 13 200 14 150 16 100 17 90 18 80 19 70 20 50 21 40 22 30 23 20
  4. Comemorative Flags and Clan base.

    Be nice to have both but I like the idea of a Clan Flag & Emblem to mount on our ships
  5. Ranked Battles Season 9 - Discussion Thread

    very constructive comments
  6. Ranked Battles Season 9 - Discussion Thread

    How About not making it not for stars but points as bellow example only (this would have to be worked out) Just showing example of what it could look like Game Winners Points 1st 10 2nd 9 3rd 8 4th 7 5th 2 6th 2 7th 2 AFK 0 Game Losers Points 1st 5 2nd 4 3rd 3 4th 0 5th 0 6th 0 7th 0 AFK 0 Rank Level Points Comments 1 1000 2 800 3 750 4 700 5 650 Irrevocable 6 600 7 550 8 500 9 450 10 400 Irrevocable 11 300 12 250 13 200 14 150 15 100 Irrevocable
  7. How low can you go?

    Easily done happened to me a few times but I would rather it be like this harsh or not , at least it has stopped the idiots just coming in FF form the start of the game so dint think it absurd rather the opposite
  8. I have to agree a lot of the time persons are playing solo rather than as a team just to try to achieve these missions , it would be better if the missions were not advertised I mean the missions should be there but only in a basic description the main points of missions are rewarded for damage modules – citadels – kills –experience- shots on target ECT So let’s have the missions but blind as in just a basic description of the ship tier level you need to play for you to achieve the mission not the details like hit 5 citadels ECT Mission 1 CVs L5 – 10 Mission 2 Battle Ships L5 – 10 Mission 3 Cruisers L5 – 10 Mission DD L5 to 10 Mission 6 American ships L5 – 10 ? ? ? the mission would be there you know what ships and levels you need to achieve the mission but no information what you have to do to achieve until you have actually achieved it I believe this would improve the gaming as everyone would have to try to get there missions by playing a better in game IE score damage spot ships kill ships win do well so you achieve good experience you would have to think about what you are doing rather than going for one goal of 100 hits or achieve 1000 damage or set fire 5 times.
  9. How much Credits you have? (2018 Edition)

    796.929.190 at the moment
  10. Super Containers Premium ships distribution

    I had the Arizona in one of mine but only actually had about 5 in total SCs that is
  11. Do you SUCK cant win want to know why

    Hi Its not about who is the better, the original post was because I believe I am achieving my goal in getting better & playing better at this game although there is still a long way to go yet and more to learn I started this post because it might just get through to some of the other players we will say do not yet understand the game as much as they think they do, and that it is possible to look at yourself to improve if this post encourages at least one or two people to look at there game play and try to follow my route in getting better understand more and learn then it was not a waste of time , I know some people do not read the forums and some do not care , but reading some of the replies looks like some have taken notice Your team is only as good as its weakest link so maybe we should encourage these people more
  12. Do you SUCK cant win want to know why

    Agree but win rate only shows me I am getting a little better and learning form the game, there is no control only luck in getting some good players in your game and sometimes getting team players and there is actually quite a few out there that is willing to help along the way,
  13. Cost of Tier 9 BB's

    Hi please read this as it is trying to give friendly advice and not having go at you in any way or trying to tell you what to do You are looking at T9 & 10 already after only playing less than 100 battles , this is exactly what I did (read post by me recently Do you SUCK and want to know why) and wow did I regret it you have the chance to look at you position before it is to late mate (and I not saying you suck either) keep away form 9 & 10 play lower even like I did go back to basics L1 to L8 play more games between L1 & 5 build up your ships and bank balance and experience as in ship captains I sold all my ships at L9 & 10 so I couldn't paly them anymore don't wait until you have played a couple thousand games to realise this I just brought back my L10 German BB back so I can play on from after rank 10 in the ranked games now I have more experience and knowledge of the game and a healthy bank balance (silver) I can hold my own , playing at higher levels before you are ready wont work and can be very expensive and soul destroying
  14. Do you SUCK cant win want to know why

    Hi You make some very good points most of these I have followed and hope others will do the same, I didn't re-roll just went back to basics and brought the Black Swan and Orlan as really I never even gave them a chance just wanted to get up the levels, rushed in and died often then it got to the point I didn't enjoy the game as much so got nasty blaming others the game used every excuse possible Now it is fun I know more have learnt a lot so can perform better in game makes you feel better in yourself so the game is more enjoyable , and I now have a Port with the ships I like many of them with 19 point captains and a very healthy bank balance (silver) so things looking up one thing though 60 % is a bit premature for end of year so I think I will go for next Year May 9th for this goal my 60th Birthday