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  1. I like the Cossack difficult in game paly you need to be vigilant and plan carefully and Kagero (skippy) but at the at the moment not playing random only one game ranked , play coop and scenario games to practice and plan I play DD/CA/BB and CV to keep hand in on all , when random settles down a bit I will play more often but just keeping it short at the mo , so yes I would say hard to play DDs against current radar ships and CVs but not impossible with a good game plan if that makes sense.
  2. Number 1 hits the spot good credits and XP , I played two games with SUB that was enough for me , so only play CV or curser just for the fun and credits & XP, IMHO I would rather SUBs do not get into the main game
  3. SDGsteve

    Did you get a submarine bundle ?

    Yes got them played two games will not be using them anymore
  4. Sell L10 ships and dot get them back I got up to over I billion silver then got some L10 soon went down in credits so got rid
  5. SDGsteve

    This game is a mess

    Here we go again
  6. Totaly agree with you there to many babies come crying/moaning to the forumns when they loose or have a run of bad games
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    Thank you
  8. SDGsteve


    Thank You
  9. SDGsteve

    Fun and engaging tier III play (thanks to CV)

    if I take any friends or anyone first time I take them into co-op to try the game to learn the ships and play find there paly style not take them straight to L3 in random after two hours talk about into the deep end no wonder he quit , its not war gaming at fault here its you
  10. SDGsteve

    Poll about Ranked Seasons

    Could not complete as there is no option to get rid
  11. SDGsteve

    How is your Ranked Season 15 coming along?

    No T10 sold um all so not playing so all good for me no frustrations don't think I would bother anyway no matter what tier
  12. SDGsteve

    Carrier Feature Request

    Auto pilot works well if used correctly and does what you are asking for ? use it often and watch the map/game
  13. SDGsteve

    credits, or lack of......

    Sell all your L10 & L9 you will get some credits I did then play tier 6 - 8 you will earn money I did and got up to over I billion credits now have 500 million in and a port full of good 1 - 8 ships all with 19 point captains using the credits I earned to bye the extra flags needed , not even thinking of going back up to L9 / L10 at the moment its just not worth it.
  14. SDGsteve

    Here we go again

    Not bothered in the slightest I just play the game if they come they come its a nice surprise , In my mind this is why the game is not so good as in team play because most have tunnel vision the only thing in there mind is to complete the directive/mission not the game
  15. SDGsteve

    Where are you going wows?

    You need to stand if front of a mirror and talk to the person you are seeing in the reflection and ask "how are you doing what are you doing wrong" , then come back after playing at least 5000 games with an improvement worked for me It is easy to blame the game I used to and used to keep coming up with excuses it was always someone or something else never me , for the first year and half I could never get above 50% until I looked at my game and my attitude now I see myself look OK and getting better try it before giving up or take a small break then come back