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  1. Once you get a bug in your head it is really hard to get rid of it but you must try to get your mid set its easy to blame the game Only a year ago I had the same issues it was everyone else and not me was 44% player 24k dam but I took a look at my game, looked and took some good advice from this forum there plenty about, some of it you might get but hurt a little but listen and look “look hard” Now not too bad getting better rather than worse and now believe I contribute a lot in a game there are good times and bad times take it as it comes believe me my advice Take the criticism as this is good advice Take the knocks they will be there plenty of them Get rid of any ships above level 8 for now (I did and still have nothing above level 8) Most of all get your mind set look at the truth and you will find as I did it’s you and not the game Happy hunting and good luck
  2. Take away the HE from all BBs only AP ammo having games were all BBs all levels using HE
  3. I myself like to get into a good scrap in a BB specially if I have some good support form our DDs or Cruisers saying that some DDs or Cruisers need to look into there game play
  4. Would be good for credits I got 480 mil to spend
  5. Well nothing can be further form the truth well said ,
  6. What they should do is if you are not active in game for 5 minuets (movement and firing guns) your ship (including CVs) blows up and you score ZERO or even better the offender get a fine -1000000 credits that would stop it
  7. Quit after a few games
  8. forking hate elitists Its not just a game for you its a game for all live with it and stop crying
  9. Did it one time with success One DD went first then two of us in Tirpitz, DD put his smoke down torpedo both sides with the 2 x Tirpitz doing the same took out 4 enemy before lost one Tirpitz, the enemy came into us left both flanks open for others to come and clean up great game for us, but wouldn't recommend it now though maybe this was one luck time it worked out perfect Always see someone going down middle on there own silly tactics
  10. Don't believe anyone would go AFK purposely it gives no benefits they get 0 points and it still costs the repairs on the ships so really there is no point in AFK certainty no benefits, Don't see it too often specially more than one ship What reasons would anyone go AFK lost connection most likely Got XVM or other mod see the chance of wining so give up at start Some Idiot who has got XMV or other mod says at beginning of battle we loose 35% win so give up at start Most of above I have seen but not a lot to be honest
  11. I LIKE IT happy bunny
  12. The bad one for me is a DD player who does not move until his torps are loaded have seen it a few times at first I thought about lag or slow loading the game, No they waiting for there torps to load before they move then usually just go around spamming ,One Game when in chat someone typed another AFK DD player actually said not AFK waiting for torps to load
  13. 272 Mil no T10 as yet but getting there
  14. The rewards are good as they are if you work out how much you would need to spend to bye them yourself or convert the gold you would use in game I right I think in saying it costs 15 gold to mount some of the modules consumables
  15. well said