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  1. MFour

    MFour's YT channel

    I've recently started streaming if anyone is interested: https://www.twitch.tv/ttt_mfour
  2. MFour

    How to nerf Worcester (?)

    I remember that battle with the 2 Worcesters, I don't think they were necessarily OP. I was having some terrible RNG and that ship seems to be extremely good at exploiting terrible RNG from high caliber guns. A DM would at least eat tons of pens, but with a citadel that's half as high as a DM's and less armor in general the Worcester can be really frustrating to shoot at unless you hit that cit. I guess the citadel height difference between the DM and the Worcester is a bit dumb, but between nerfing the Worcester citadel and buffing the DM citadel I'd pick the DM buff.
  3. MFour

    Can you please fix CVs?

    It becomes a game design issue when one ship does this for most others, is that really such a difficult distinction to make?
  4. MFour

    Can you please fix CVs?

    If there is one ship that most other ships hate being against unless they're specifically specced to fight him that becomes a serious design issue. There isn't really anything else in the game that has such an effect. Of course removing CVs isn't viable, maybe it was 3 years ago before they even existed but unfortunately nobody realized the mistake back then (too busy getting deleted by 5 Taiho TBs =P). All we can do to fix this situation is a well executed CV rework, but until then I think I'm well within my rights to not be happy to see a CV in the game and to want it to be fixed. The problem against high tier CVs is that if you're not completely immune, two minutes down the line when either your cruiser dies or your AA gets stripped down by HE or any number of other things happens you are completely screwed. You call what I say hyperbole yet you're continuously understating the effect a CV has on the game, so it doesn't seem like we can come to any sort of agreement here...
  5. MFour

    Can you please fix CVs?

    I wonder what percentage of DD players would agree with you on that first statement. Would you rather be in a game with Midways or in a game without Midways when you queue up in a Shimakaze or a Yamato or a Hipper or a Zao? Or if you, god forbid, want to take hydro instead of def AA? I don't really think there are any ships left that are weaker without CVs, in the past this was attributed to USN cruisers but that has always been questionable at best. Completely balancing a ship around countering one specific class that can avoid it because it has orders of magnitude more maneuverability is a really poor design choice anyway so if there is something like that it should be fixed. I know some people like to spec their Minotaurs for full full full AA and watch planes drop from the sky which is perfectly fine but I don't come play this game to watch RNGesus put purple ribbons in the top right of my screen. Against a Haku or a Midway you're not going to survive without a major blob unless you have an AA Des Moines or Minotaur with you and if you're lower tier then you are probably completely SOL anyway unless that AA Des Moines is really hugging you (instead of doing something that is actually fun for him, or if you don't want to sit behind an island the whole game). I don't think you should take BFT for a secondary build, it forces you to drop CE and have fun getting into secondary range without CE. And again, even if you do drop CE for BFT you'll still be screwed against a top tier CV and if you also drop SI for MAA your ship is pretty severely gimped (and you still die when your AA has been destroyed by HE spam). What you're suggesting works in a Bismarck against a Hiryu or in an NC against a Shokaku, but it's kinda pointless to discuss those scenarios since I sincerely doubt that CV players would like the CV rework to be balancing everything to be like the NC-Shokaku interaction. And you're missing the point, I'm trying to explain to you why many people prefer to play without CVs so that you understand which issues need to be addressed by the rework and that it isn't just "oh noes all my planes died to the enemy Kidd all AA needs to be nerfed and DDs should be defenseless against my planes so that's how WG should rebalance them".
  6. MFour

    Can you please fix CVs?

    And what you're saying is that the fact that there is one ship in the game should completely dictate either which captain build is viable or which playstyle of viable, and both of those in a direction where they are significantly less fun for the, you know, 11 other people who want to play this game. And you need at least AFT and either BFT or manual AA, in which case you're in triple 4 or double 3 skill point territory so you can kiss any full secondary or full tank build goodbye. There are only a few ships that can combat a Haku or Midway without these skills and without being in a blob. Maybe it is fairly balanced (if extremely poor game design), I'm not here talking about buffing or nerfing, I'm just saying that that's part of the reason why I much prefer games without CVs.
  7. MFour

    Can you please fix CVs?

    AA spec isn't a guarantee that you won't have problems with CVs, especially late game when your AA has been stripped off by HE spam, but it does guarantee that you will be severely gimped in battles without CVs since you have to sacrifice skills like FP or CE. Yes your ship is playable without those extra skills, but do you really want to play two thirds of your games with an essentially 10 point captain? And good luck using an AA spec on ships like the Yamato or Shimakaze.
  8. MFour

    Can you please fix CVs?

    You guys are turning a gameplay issue into a balance issue when it's not necessarily one. Yes you can counter CVs, and if you get killed by them much of the time it was your mistake, maybe even as much as getting killed by any other ship is your mistake. The problem is, should those things be mistakes? Does it make for good gameplay to have to stay in a blob of AA specced ships when there is a CV in the game? Because different ships in this game have vastly different roles, engagement ranges and positioning requirements. Like the Monarch and Charles Martel in the OP, would you really have the longer range dodging DPM cruiser and the stealth close in hunter BB need to play within a few KM of each other? You could call blobbing up teamplay but in my opinion mindlessly sitting next to each other and shooting at enemies doing the exact same thing isn't particularly interesting. Teamplay is setting up crossfires, flanking or baiting the enemy while your ally flanks, using stealth to support your DDs and many other things that are severely diminished in CV games. So if you prefer games with CVs in them good for you, but please do realize that the reason why a lot of people don't isn't necessarily a L2P thing.
  9. MFour

    Is Yamato the worst T10 BB ingame now?

    I've been playing it a bunch with Yamamoto lately and I wouldn't say that it is, it's just different. It isn't even really harder to play, it's just that the playstyle isn't something common among battleships (and in most other battleships it's probably not the best playstyle) since it sucks at being a roamer and sucks even more at brawling. The Yam is all about sticking with the fleet and using the 18" overmatch and excellent accuracy and shell speed as much as possible. Personally I'm glad that it isn't just another roamer, it makes the gameplay more interesting even if it takes a few games to get used to.
  10. MFour

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    The ultimate carry fail... https://imgur.com/a/CJ6Qs
  11. When exactly does the opportunity to get the supercontainers end? I assume I'll have all of Monday to do the battles? And overall the event seems great, awesome that they are giving rewards for all games and not just the ones since the last anniversary!
  12. MFour

    MFour's YT channel

    Moar ship shenanigans
  13. MFour

    MFour's YT channel

    Completely calculated set of first bloods: How to properly colonise in your Neptune:
  14. MFour

    MFour's YT channel

    Just some videos I make and post occasionally. Short vids: Quad strike (double double strike =D) The value of not being seen Long vids: Ship shenanigans
  15. MFour


    The Belfast has seriously made this the worst season of ranked so far... never before has there been such blatant pay to win in this game. Really not sure what they were smoking... it wouldbe BS even if it was a tech tree ship though.