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  1. KBL007

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.0

    Please don't go the same way as WOT.
  2. KBL007

    Imagine my surprise...

    When, after having to do a reinstall of windows 10 keeping files, letting it run for a few days and a bit earlier decided to download and try again. Seemed to work flawlessly. Imagine my surprisee when I see all these complaints. :( Mind you, one battle is not a true indicator of how the game is going, but it's still nice to be able to play again.
  3. KBL007

    Crit Error

    Tried Windows Compatibility Mod 7 and 8 no joy.
  4. KBL007

    Detonations *sigh*

    Sounds like it going the same way as World of Tanks. A luck based arcade game. Skill and enjoyment gone.
  5. KBL007

    Crit Error

    Ok, thanks for the email telling me if i logged in I would get extras. Thought I would try again, reinstalled the whole game again. Now I don't get any errors, but game still doesn't start. I believe my specs are good enough and I am also running DX12, so I don't know what the issue is. Has anyone discoverd a workaround?
  6. KBL007

    Crit Error

    Looks like time to uninstall.
  7. KBL007

    Crit Error

    Imagine my delight when there was an update this morning. However, after it checking that the game client was up to date, which is it, no launch at all. Nothing. :( Not opening in safe mode either.
  8. KBL007

    Crit Error

    Having same issue. As soon as the opening screen comes up with correct version I get the same as above.
  9. KBL007

    ARP ships gone?

    Thanks. Forgot about that.
  10. KBL007

    ARP ships gone?

    Just noticed all my specials have gone Haruna etc? Why?
  11. Brilliant. Thank you. Now all I have to do is find people who have watched this and actually do it. LOL
  12. KBL007

    Saving Transylvania

    All the more reason to stay out of the circle.
  13. KBL007

    Saving Transylvania

    Well, this is the furthest I have just got after 6 games.... Best to take out the catapults asap using AP shells. Stay out of circle as much as possible, no rush to get the Transylvania into the thick of the battle too quickly, but stay close. When Rasputin appears all fire needs to concentrate on him, he is one tough cookie.
  14. KBL007

    What's going on here then?

    Ok, looks like we need a different colour for dead players that will show up against dark backgrounds.
  15. KBL007

    What's going on here then?

    Exactly this. Why can't I see any names on our team? Same for all games so far.