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  1. Ozeki

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    From now on I only respond to King of the Air Ozeki, sir. hehehe :p Thanks for @Algreconian for his great yamato play, and also a shoutout to @ChestHairSailor sorry I was so absent minded didn't even see you where on my team. Salut.
  2. Ozeki

    Iwaki Alpha Skrillex Horn

    Bug meaning what ? Bug that it was not supposed to have that horn or bug that would not sound the skrillex horn during those patches, because right now it only has a normal horn.
  3. Ozeki

    Iwaki Alpha Skrillex Horn

    I was wondering what happened to the Skrillex horn on the Iwaki alpha. Was there a reason why it was removed and will it be back? It was really nice and original and i liked it. Here is the sound
  4. @SirBlemmingtonSmythe Thank you for the mention and well played. Only if our Tirpitz had the foresight to go afk in our cap we might have won. Alas he was just afk :) Had to take a long calming walk after that game :p
  5. Ozeki

    Clan battles ... actually great FUN

    The income is fixed, for all players in the team you earn the same xp and credits. It is all explained in the BIG Clan Wars news announcement on the WoWs website. Even without premium I don't think you lose money, give it is not money make for sure. You do use up the flags you put on and you do pay for the premium consumables ... but try it and you will know, you won't go broke.
  6. I'm not, as some of my clanmates call them, a forumite . Meaning, I don't post or read a lot of forums topics. I do however play a lot of WoWs and since I started my game experience in alpha there was only one other time that I was really impressed till now. It was a year ago, precisely, when the first Halloween event came out. I was impressed about the work that was done and all the attention on the details on that occasion, and that was repeated on this second Halloween event that is going to be as good if not even, dare I say, better then the previous one. But I am not here to talk about the Halloween event. I'm here to give credit where credit is due. Despite the whole no CV and 1 BB allowed controversy, which I'm not getting into (that's for some other topic) the Clan Wars surprised me in the most positive and fun way I could not have predicted before I actually played them. Being a competitive person, I played a lot of ranked. I managed to rank out in the last 3 ranked seasons . I was dreading another grind that I'm gonna put myself trough since I was gonna be there for my clan and do the best I can . But this time I had fun and got to enjoy playing a new style of game. It was all so new to me... The technical part about the season I liked so far is: The new smoke mechanic actually makes for a faster more dynamic, less campy style of play. Trust me I played ranked and I had games where for 3 - 5 min no one saw any ships from all the smoke The reward system is good. For clans great oil maker and for individual players decent rewards to start with and progressively better for seasoned veterans that ends with a ship that will make it worth the effort I the clans invests the time in CW The ranking system does not stress you for losing in the lower tiers as much so there is less pressure and depression on the players over a loss, so you can focus more on improving then spreading blame Now some other stuff that I noticed with my clan that where the consequence of CW and probably happened with other clans too. a lot more people logged in and got on teamspeak and general excitement about playing games together I personally got to know a lot of my clanmates better even though we where in the same clan almost since the beginning playing same maps with different cap points and new strategies felt like a hole new game, and playing it together with 7 people another experience actually losing a game and not feeling desperate and salty but discussing how to improve our strategy felt so much different from Ranked seeing other clans, especially good ones, with great strategy made us actually appreciate them more in their skill and off course later trying to replicate the strategies they employed Anyway all this great experience would not be possible without the members of my clan so, here is to you fellow SCRUBs And to the other EU clans, I WISH YOU GOOD FORTUNE IN THE WARS TO COME. Edit: spelling and errors
  7. It looks like its gone now. Maybe issue with my wifi ... dunno. Can't delete the post .
  8. Ozeki

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    Sent a pm to Loran, since I'm interested.
  9. So i presume you are not looking for english speaking players ? Danish only ?
  10. Yes well I heard it from you stuntman, so tnx for clearing it up. I'm subscribed to your youtube channel love the podcast.
  11. Well thats good news for sure. Still the main problem is still the bad state of how expensive the carriers are to get into and you get so little out of it.
  12. First off I’m not some jaded carrier player. Carriers are not even my main class that I play. Out of 3500+ games I played 460 something where in carriers, or around 13%. My main class right now are battleships and cruisers. I’m just an average carrier player myself, but lately I shy away from them, but from a simple reason, they are too much of a drain of time and silver and I almost never get as much out of the games with them any more. But in the beginning I did start as a carrier player, long time ago, over a year now, when I was an alpha tester. I loved them, I enjoyed them and always said how they bring a new 4th or 5th dimension to this game. Without them the game loses something. Soon I fear most of us will start taking our high tier 8+ carrier out for some fresh air only from time to time. Why? Well let me tell you about my new carrier Shokaku and how much it cost me before I even played one game with it. So first I buy it at a discount at 8.5 mil (Japanese fleet weekend EU server). Then you have too spend 14k free xp for normal tier 8 planes (fighters, torpedo bombers) and 30k free xp for the 2/2/2 config. That’s 14x2 + 30 = 58k free xp and 3.4mil to buy all of that. Add another 1.7 mil for the upgrade slots (that’s without the concealment upgrade) and your are at a grand total of 13.6 mil without playing a single game. And I’m using the minimum I think I need not to be destroyed by the other CV. How is this different from other classes you ask? Well, unlike carriers most other ships will do fine without immediately spending free xp for that hull or radar or you don’t need all those upgrades but if you miss them in a carrier they are necessary so your planes if not upgraded immediately are not going to come close at being worth anything in tier 8 matches. Now finally, after all that you spend some time playing in your shokaku and you have a good game with 128k dmg and a kill some 11 planes shot and your grand total of net earning is : 63 611 silver (this is premium) no other flags, camo or other modifiers apply. Without premium 7 207. I also own the Essex tier 9 and its the same story, yesterday with 154k dmg my net income was exactly 100k and some change. Now comes 0.5.14 (disclaimer: not confirmed)with the cost of planes almost doubling for high tier carriers. For tier 8 is around 77% more expensive per plane and going to 112% for tier 10 (on average) As you see I didn’t even touch other issues everyone says carriers have, but this economic ones puts them at a clear disadvantage then the other 3 classes in the game and makes more people shy away from them, and new players can’t afford them without premium time and premium ships. Even without this playing carrier after tier 8 is a net loss for almost everyone and it’s going to influence the game in a negative way. You lose that extra dimension I talked about and the game is then just plane flat and monotone. I don’t know who is running the things in WG but they seriously need to fix at least the economic side of carriers cause this is just another reason players don’t see them as much in higher tiers. TL;DR: In a decent game for tier 8 carriers u earn around 60-80k profit and for tier 9 is around 100-120k while the investment in carriers is more then in any other class of ships what monetary and what in free xp, and at the end of a line is a net loss of credits for increasing worse carrier experience.
  13. I only got the 50 flags for the T10 and not the 150 for the 2k games ....
  14. Ozeki

    Help/advice please

    Look to be honest the best way to go about this to have the best game you can with your ship. If you exclude the first win of the day games, and just look at regular games without the bonuses you more often then not have better games xp wise when you lose then when you win. I sometimes make similar or even better xp on a great game that is a loss then on a bad play win. Yes its nice to win and if you can win one lose one then thats great, and it sucks when you keep losing 6-7 times in a row, we all been there. Once you get to tier 7 you will have longer games and the game feels different.
  15. Ozeki

    Help/advice please

    I can't tell just by looking at stats what is your problem. You can't tell much about anyone by just looking at stats. The point of the game is to have fun and forget about how many u win, lose. At 52% overall win/loss you doing much better then a lot of people. You just had a bad losing streak. I just had one this weekend. But now for the help, you should look at what type of ships you play and play with their roles in mind, know the strength and weakness of them and know when to use AP and when to use HE. How to avoid torpedoes (for example you turn into the torpedoes you dont run away from them). Oh haha and forgot most important thing the ABC of the game : Always Be Manuvering (i know its not C at the end). Meaning NeVer EVER show your broadside, you always want to have the sharpest angle you can towars a group of enemies. With that in mind dont get shot from more then one side eather. Also best way is to watch other people play, so here is some: Hit the youtube and watch all the Captains Academy videos from iChaseGaming Here is the link to all of Captains Academy i put it to start with Armor Angling: There are few more good youtubers that you can watch and learn from when they play like Flamu, Notser, Arlios and the really fun videos that you just need to watch from atsf I suggest you subscribe to their channels and that way u don't miss on new stuff and watch some of their old stuff expecially when they play ships you own. I know most of them have really high tiers but sometimes you find a few low ones.