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  1. Bug Reports

    Aye, there is definately something very buggy. Notice how only the 4 "space ships" are affected ? I had a game with GK and DM before and no problem, it doesn't happen always.
  2. General Feedback

    Edit: Never mind, it looks like there is a serious bug that prevents people from loading into games.
  3. Other Improvements

    About the shell flying sounds: NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. Because that's exactly what it sounds like when a rapidfire dd or Mino is shooting near you. It feels like I am sitting near a Katyusha, fearing to lose my hearing any second. And why do bb need a bell to remind the players their guns are loaded ? Are bb player really that stupid these days ? Wait, let me think for a second. Nevermind, I withdraw that question.
  4. Bug Reports

    My favourite position is this one. You get stuck/slowed down. Yes, there is collision alert, but come on, this far away from the island ?
  5. Operation Hermes

    What the heck is wrong with these bots ???? 6 friendly ships in front of me, visible, shooting. And who is being focused ???? The stupid cruiser in the back, trying to catch up, spotted by stupid planes. Seriously ??? Is there any darn reason to bring a cruiser ?? Why are there bb after all when their job is not tanking ???? I tried multiple times, but cruisers just get all the aggro. Every single time I play Flint, every single enemy is *hitting only on me. Shooting, not shooting, in the front, in the back, does not matter. You are spotted, you are being shot at. Edit: Yes, I am not the only one not playing cruisers. If at least you could do the challenges with them. :-/
  6. Bug Reports

    So you are doing the surveys using the ingame browser now ?
  7. Bug Reports

    Alright, of course I can't prove anything, but: The probability to be set on fire is way too high on French bb. This is based on my experience as a (now) Richelieu player (and it seems to be even worse at IX and X, from what I have seen on streams). And as an HE spamming cruiser captain. It's just a gut feeling, but could you please ask the devs to check the %values ? Maybe someone screwed up a decimal again. Have you played for a couple of hours in one session ?
  8. Bug Reports

    "The Heat of the Fight" can't be completed. It's a stupid mission anyway when you have 2-3 Atlantas/Flints per game.
  9. Ich in der Midway, Spiel started, und sobald die die Izumo geladen hatte, bumm, HE mit Feuer. Bin dann gleich raus, weil den Sch brauch ich mir nicht zu geben. Der Kundendienst wird davon nichts wissen wollen und auf das Meldesystem im Spiel verweisen. Aber natürlich habe ich keine Reports mehr, weil, war ja mein zweites Spiel des Tages. Aber hey, Teamkrado und Crysantos haben ja im Dezember beide zusammen gestreamt und ersterer wurde auch tk-ed. Das wurde dann weggelacht seitens WG. Kids, you know. Man bekommt eben die Spielerschaft, die man sich erzieht. Und wenn man laissez-faire reinsteckt, dann kommt eben Anarchie dabei raus. Aber wehe, man schreibt solchen Leuten dann, was sie einen mal können. Dann hagelts Sperren. Täterschutz. Victim blaming. Drei Daumen nach oben. Ich hab nie LoL gespielt, aber jeder sagt, dass die Spielerschaft dort zig Mal schlimmer ist. Es fällt mir von Tag zu Tag schwerer, das zu glauben.
  10. Bug Reports

    * selecting planes/ships manually is very unresponsive * when typing in chat, the ship info flashes up upon pressing h
  11. Yes, they are still in the game. No clue wth went on, I left after death. 11 ships lemming training to A, I couldn't take it no longer.
  12. Twitch Q&A 15/02

    Don't you think a company has failed utterly if players can die their way up to the highest tier without having learnt ANYTHING about the game, the mechanics, the(ir) ships,...? Wouldn't you agree a Hindenburg with 20k average damage or a Conqueror with 456 games played in that ship, yet only 27.000 average damage is pathetic, and something went awfully wrong in what should have been a "learning curve/process" ? P.S.: skill/stats based mm when ?
  13. Twitch Q&A 15/02

    Why can I be reported for "misbehaviour in chat" and lose karma although I didn't say a single word ? Not that anyone cares for karma because it has no use. Still....
  14. EU server network issues

    Yes, I feel ashamed I do not focus on curing cancer 24/7....
  15. EU server network issues

    Great, so you set the alarm clock an hour earlier to do the missions, and guess what ? EU down AGAIN.