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  1. Public Test 0.7.8 - General Feedback

    BTW, is it me or are the bots smarter ? The dds used to smoke up once spotted, but they kept on going full speed, driving out of their own smoke. I just saw a Yugumo that actually stopped inside and started firing. Edit: Yes, something has changed. They do not smoke up right away, they do not yolo right at the enemy, and they do stop inside the cloud.
  2. Public Test 0.7.8 - General Feedback

    Really ? Because I only have missions for "play one" and "win 5 coop games".
  3. How Karma helped me get better!

    What karma has taught me: turn the chat off and don't care for social interaction in a mmo. Else it will bite you in the *** (24 hour chat bans). That's how Wargaming wants their games to be played. No "hi" to players, no coordinating a gameplan.
  4. 5400 BASE exp

    It was possible around the time of release. I remember a DM game with 5000 base exp. However, exp was nerfed over time to the point where 3000 is considered awesome.
  5. MM need work

    Not gonna happen without pressure, so vote with your wallet. Start by not giving in to buy 3 or 6 Go Navy crates to maximize the perma camos you can get.
  6. GO NAVY! - Strategie

    WG hat extra einen Mechanismus eingebaut, um die Teams einigermaßen ausgeglichen und den Tagessieg spannend zu halten. Epic fail.
  7. GO NAVY! - Strategie

    30,4 Mio zu 22,8 Mio. Und das mit 100% Bonus für die Adler. Fühlt sich da noch jemand vera...lbert ? Russian balans, komrad. Ich weiß, im Gegensatz zu "Feuer/Wasser" wird es kein Gewinnerteam geben, aber trotzdem.
  8. Hat da jemand Erfahrung ? Oder wird das auch wieder abgebügelt mit dem Hinweis auf das interne Meldesystem trotz des expliziten Verweises Crysantos auf den Kundendienst ?
  9. It feels to me like 5+1 signals and 450 coal is a bit lackluster. It makes me not want to go for top 1000/100/10, and the fact that your max tokens are fixed makes it look more like grinding than earning them. It is ironic the "team containers" have nothing team specific inside, while the premium shop money "common" ones have tokens for both. Shout-out to the marketing department.
  10. Compliments

    How does it not work anymore ? I can't compliment clan members I happen to run across in games ? And while we are at the topic: extend the time I can hand out reports/compliments after a game.
  11. Finally. No more dd until they fix this radar mess.
  12. 999 Containers

    The first one in queue will be opened by the system.
  13. Compliments

    I think if it was unlimited, people would start a "trading club" pretty quickly. Just compliment everyone in every game out of habbit. Easy karma padding.
  14. Hat da jemand Erfahrung ? Die Beschreibung auf der Seite ist natürlich sehr ungenau bzw. legt nahe, dass dem nicht so ist. Edit: P.S.: Warum ich es nicht ausprobiere ? Ich weiß ja noch nicht, wer gewonnen haben wird. :D
  15. So I play high-end content (?) for 4 hours, and it's not even worth a stupid mission for which I have to get 500 base exp ???