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  1. Wow, thanks. NoCa, mmmhhh. There used to be a time when t8 was fun. :-( I was expecting something more complicated behind it. I mean I noticed a 70% ship was only 3rd.... So theoretically, a 10% winrate ship could be my best ship, as long as I have the most kills on it ?! Again, just wow. I guess I still have to learn a lot to be a good stats whore....
  2. As there is not much left to do, I set myself the personal goal of replacing my lower tier top 3 ships with something less seal-clubby. :D Simple question: why is the St. Louis still in the top 3 ? Her exact winrate is 69,79%, while the Flint has 69,90%.
  3. General Feedback - 0.7.6 PTS

    Because clans were exploiting the heck out of it during 1st clan battle season, often switching between main and 2ndary clans multiple times during a week.
  4. New Operation "Cherry Blossom"

    Too much of EVERYTHING. Enemy ships, enemy planes, enemy torpedos. Who is the target audience for this ? 7 player unicum top clan divisions with team speak ? Or the average potato that has 27'000 average damage in 450 Conqueror games (and hell yeah, you better believe these players do exist) ? The average tomato will NEVER get 5 stars in this. I wonder how you want to top this in a future "hard mode". And I have a feeling Cleveland will be the only viable option thanks to def aa, sonar and radar all on one ship. P.S.: Allied planes are bugged, they do not help against enemy planes, they just stay above the carriers. Which makes them pretty human-like in a sad way. Edit: added attachement. No problem with our ptr clan (which happpens to have a lot of members from our live clan). Just in case someone thinks this is "endless potato whining exactly bcuz of that".
  5. More time to give compliments/reports. We all have been there: you die early, start a new match, only to find out 20 minutes later that the low tier player had a kraken, solo warrior and 4000 base exp in match #1. You want to give him a +1, but the timer expired a long time ago. Why ? Either extend it to like 30 minutes. Or at least only start it when we look at the battle report for the first time. Juliet Yankee Bissotwo (-20% flood duration). Aka the most useless signal in the game. Flooding ticks for 2 minutes, or 96 seconds with that signal. Damage Control Party 2 has an 80 second cooldown. So even with the worst timing possible, JYB will never shorten the duration. My proposal: change it to "-20% damage from flooding". Yes, it can help if you are using DCP1. But still. Speaking about signals: Juliet Charlie. -100% chance of you detonating. Yes, the best would be to just get rid of this pinnacle of rng. But until WG sees reason, could we please get an "active" way to obtain these ? You pretty much go into a game without the signal, hoping to blow up at some point, which probably causes your team to lose the round if it happens early. The fact you can't actively work for it is just bad design. My suggestion: also hand it out for devastating strikes. Unified key binding for comsumables. One consumables, same key on every ship using it. Short and simple. 8 signals on carriers instead of just 4. It begs the question: why is it this way anyway ? Recall your scout/spotter plane. SHIFT + KEY. And while we are at it: can you change zooming in with an active spotter plane ? The view always jumps way off where you were actually looking at. Could we not get the torpedo warning sound when the torpedos can't damage us ? Thank you for one heart attack less. Please show all "spotted by" icons. It would be nice to know if e.g. smoking or stop firing let's us go stealth, or if we are being radared on top of that. P.S.: seperared icons for hydro and radar, please. Is there a way to automatically fly the ranked service flag on all ships ? Maybe there could be a reserved flag slot just for these ? It is just annoying to do it all by hand, and 4 weeks later, switching it all back. Stop the alibi XIII in X matches. Seriously. WTH has there always to be ONE t8 ship. It can't be that hard to allow pure X matches or only X+IX. Could you show the mini map ABC 123 on every edge of the square ? Like a chess board has. Make silver consumables more newbie proof. Don't hide them behind a hard-to-spot drop-down-menu-arrow. Show all options with one click at the same time (see attached screenshot).
  6. The final remaining mission. Now I am ready for the US campaign. :-)
  7. New American Campaign

    For some, it is actually "hard". My time is limited. I can either barely get 37k for 3 containers on live server per day. Or I can kinda waste my evening on a somewhat pointless mission on test server. I find it sad ptr is going the hardcore way these days. Today's patch didn't fix it either, so I guess that's it for me then. And before you argue with my almost 15k+ battles. Different life. Long time ago.
  8. New American Campaign

    30k exp for the final task 3 ??? Slightly out of line compared to #2 and #4.
  9. I want my last pinguin ufo patch

    So I got the French flag thrice now, I have earnt enough Bismarck containers to complete the collection twice. But rng is keeping me from getting all 5 space patches. Top.
  10. Ranked Season

    You play some tier 8, at rank 3 you play with tier 10, and once you have made it to #1, you play with t7.
  11. Who says you can't win on week-ends ? You only have to give 200%. And yes, it was darn close. Only a few points ahead with 1:2 caps. P.S.: Feels good to be appreciated for once though. :-) And I can't wait for all those afk holes that (almost) cost you wins to be forced into coop.
  12. Ranked Season

    Great. Whose idea was it that getting to rank 1 wasn't enough, no, now I can spend hours idling in the ranked queue, too. Because like the real super league, NOONE IS PLAYING THIS $&*§/.
  13. Radar working through land

    You want radar not going through mountains ? YOU WANT RADAR NOT GOING THROUGH MOUNTAINS ??? YOU CAN'T HANDLE RADAR NOT GOING THROUGH MOUNTAINS!!!!!! Seriously. Check my sig. Wargaming is calling you a stupid %&$%&§ that would be confused by radar behaving realistically. P.S.: Radar has always been like this. There is no "back". But yes, you are right. It's all reward without any risk. Same goes for aa cruisers parking in the middle of the map behind an island, sealing off half the map for planes.
  14. Game kicks you to login screen +more

    While the game usually is quite stable for me: yes, I had this happen as well this evening. Between 8 PM and 9 PM I would guess.
  15. Bug Reports

    Ummm, doesn't need a lot of explaining, does it ? P.S.: It's a space achievement achieved in a random battle ?!