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  1. So we just had a discussion in a stream where the streamer claimed that -unlike the French bb- the grinded exp on the British "currently 'premium'"dd will not transfer over to their tech tree counterparts. Could an official WG employée please enlighten us. Thank you.
  2. Caljostro

    Halloween 2018

    So I watched flamu's video earlier about the subs. He claimed hard mode is actually quite easy once you have 2 Gerfalcons who know what to do. The scenario from last year on hard however, oh boi. Balans pliz.
  3. Caljostro

    Halloween 2018

    Mission Complete Terror of the Deep operation with five stars at the increased difficulty level. Seriously ? On test server ? I was under the impression normal difficulty is intended for randumb groups, while "hard" aims at well oiled pre-made clan divisions.
  4. Caljostro

    Update 0.7.10 - General Feedback

    There are "too many secrets" in this test. Like unlocking more subs. Do you want us to test them or not ? Then don't hide them away without any hint on how to get them. Or better, don't hide them at all. Secrets may be fun on live when you have more time to find them and a large community to work together. On test, it is just a pita, eating away precious time. We can't comment on what we haven't seen. So we can unlock 8 special camos on test by playing with "certain ships". Which ships ? Do you want us to try them all out ? Again, no mission, no hint. And what about "Win a Ranked battle being in the Division." ? There is no mission for that. So is it valid ? Or just another mismatch between homepage and game data ? Like "5 stars in the new Halloween scenario on increased difficulty", when ingame, it does not mention "hard difficulty".
  5. Caljostro

    Ranked Sprint

    Too many stars required for just a test run. Edit: Just saw it at a streamer: it is a new queue pool at r3 ? Wow.... Now he is playing "queue simulator".
  6. Caljostro

    Supply - Login Daily Bonus

    EDIT: never mind, and suddenly, there it was in port today. So where do I find this screen ?
  7. Caljostro

    Update 0.7.10 - General Feedback

    Coop is no longer enjoyable. The bots are so getting a boner now from focusing solely the player(s), ignoring everything else. Planes keep circling above the smoke until it fades, and you are target numero uno for the cv anyways. They rather angle against the player in a dd than against an AI cruiser or bb, showing them broadside instead. Situation gets worse the fewer human players there are in a match, with every bot exclusively shooting and charging the latter if in range. Being the only human is just a pita; if you don't hide (like at the map border, not in smoke or behind an island), you are dead so quickly. So you either quit the match for a draw. Or you keep watching bots vs bots for 10 minutes (actually, I am writing this while waiting for a match to end), which strangely enough only have Stormtrooper aim against each other. And this was only on t5. I don't want to check out how t10 is now. Yamato devastating strikes from 20km ? If I want others to decide the outcome of a battle, I play randumbs and pray for a ******* carrier match. RIP coop (for me). Good thing I have my 15 wins for the module on pretty much all X ships.
  8. Just curious. So in this last week, I saw lots of dds that just sail along the edges of the map. Am I the only one ?
  9. Caljostro

    Hall of fame

    They do. But at a very reduced efficiency. Check out the rules ingame.
  10. Caljostro

    Ruhmeshalle August

    Ich finds interessant, dass es keine Kommentarfunktion mehr gibt zu dem Artikel. Da möchte sich WG wohl die Hasskommentare zu cv ersparen. 96% am A.... P.S.: Die randumb Siegrate mag vielleicht von Solo Spielern erreicht worden sein. Alles andere sicherlich nicht.
  11. Caljostro

    Do we need 3 different daily resets ?

    If you are getting up early just for that and/or you are playing before going to work in the morning for 3 camos, damn, you should get some counseling. Or a job. They are casualizing every mechanism of their game, with hydro being next. Sure they can add that to their list.
  12. So now we have: 4 AM: container and win bonus 7 AM: daily missions & login bonus; start & end of most events (e.g. week end missions) 8 AM: Royal Navy directives EU can get rid of summer/winter time. Your call now, Wargaming.
  13. Ich vermute mal, da hat jemand das Memo nicht bekommen ? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
  14. Ist (gesichert) bekannt, ob die 15 Versuche morgen resetten ?
  15. Caljostro

    AI changes in coop?

    I'd like to think I was one of the first ones to notice the AI had changed on the previous ptr; it wasn't mentioned in the test patch notes. I noticed it when a dd did not move out of his smoke, but stayed inside to shoot. However, on live, I honestly can't tell any difference between today and -say- 2 months ago. Unlike ptr, they drive out of smoke again, they do not use sonar/radar, only rarely def aa. They charge in as stupidly as always. And as of today, it seems to me bot carriers are bugged, not moving in circles, just standing still.