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  1. Just want to leave this here: A suggestion for balancing the place of CVs in the game by changing the spotting mechanics. The change would be to make it so that ships that are spotted by planes (and only by planes) do not become fully visible to surface ships, and instead would only be marked on the minimap -- similar to how it works in cyclones. In order to be visible on the main screen, targets would have to be directly spotted be at least one surface combatant. Hope this helps.
  2. NPC0742

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback - Interface

    Not sure if it's a bug or a "feature", but it seems that as of this patch, the display of the chat target has changed; that is "To Team" and "To all". Before, "To Team" would be shown in a green foreground, and "To All" in white. Now, both are white. This is annoying, because it makes differentiating them more difficult. I do have a chat mod enabled, and it might be due to that. If so, feel free to disregard. If not, it would be nice if that were changed back.
  3. Current smoke meta (park, pop smoke, fire away) methinks detrimental to the game. Not that it's particularly over-powered (and if it were, that could be easily fixed); but it is stale and bland. What's more, it is completely unrealistic: even if a vessel had means to locate targets from within smoke (say with RADAR), I highly doubt that the ships of that time did have the means to engage targets (which involves plotting shell drops) from that situation. And as mentioned, even if it were even remotely accurate, there still remains that it doesn't lead to very enjoyable or dynamic gameplay. It would likely be too detrimental to the game if it were made impossible for ships to fire from within smoke (esp. given that smoke may be dispersed by an ally). Therefore, I would humbly suggest making it so that firing from inside smoke dissipates that smoke comparatively faster (which arguably would make sense), thus restoring smoke to a defensive role.
  4. The term "division" sucks. Trisyllabic, it is unwieldy, impossible to abbreviate and generally blergh. Plus I rather doubt it bears any relation to an actual naval term. It should be replaced by a proper, actual, country-specific term for a detachment of vessels. Say for instance "squadron" for the English, "escadron" for the Froggies, "Geschwader" for Krautland (the latter is of course still unwieldy, but hey, German) and so forth.
  5. NPC0742

    DDs UP?

    My (related) suggestion was that planes might have a certain radio range, beyond which they cannot inform of the position of an enemy ship. A plane spotting a DD might still be able to relay the info to all ships in range, but, beyond certain parts of the map, not to their carrier any more, meaning the carrier might still detect a DD (or any other ship, for that matter), but he cannot actively track them, i.e. follow them -- because he doesn't see them (he would still get accurate intel, however, if it's another ship from his team that spots the target). The problem here is obviously that one-size-must-fit-all, viz. that whatever mechanism is decided upon must work well in high tiers, in low tiers, in battles with many CVs/planes, in battles with few or no CVs/planes. Which is tricky. The radio range solution, if indeed it is a solution, would also come with its own set of problems; notably that it would make "sniping" runs, i.e. strikes on the enemy carrier, impossible. Which would be a bad thing, but that's as far as my thinking got.
  6. NPC0742

    Pinging the map

    Been able to fix the situation by cleaning up my key bindings in the configuration files. Shortly after this, the mouse cursor wouldn't even appear when I held the right control key. Found a glitch in the preferences.xml, corrected it, redid my bindings while I was at it, and now it works again. And yes, having to go to map mode to ping the map in a carrier is a bit annoying, but it probably has something to do with the other interactions a CV can have with the minimap (planes can be given orders by clicking on the minimap directly).
  7. NPC0742

    Can't go into sniper view

    I've had the impression that sometimes the game "hangs" in overview mode (hold right mouse button). Had situations like that where I was *not* holding the right mouse button, wanted to fire my guns, or turn them, and nothing happened. Clicked right mouse button briefly, and it went back to normal. As if the system hadn't registered my releasing the right mouse button.
  8. NPC0742

    WoWS camera dosent follow ship mid battle

    A similar thing happens to me as well on a regular basis: the camera stops following the locked ship. Move the mouse just a little, and then it follows again. But it "unhooks" occasionally, perhaps a few times per battle (I'm not sure I always notice it in the heat of the action). Note that most of the time, I switch in and out of binoculars view from and to the "overview" mode (hold right mouse key), and perhaps it occurs when switching back in again, but I'm not sure. I haven't experienced any of the other symptoms the OP describes.
  9. NPC0742

    Map Border abusing.

    So that the ship can move away from it again without being a sitting target, perhaps? I know a lot of you out there enjoy firing from parking positions, but your wrecks should be testimony to the wisdom of that particular move. If the map edge were an auto-stop zone, it would not only make the map edge itself, but actually a fair bit of the area close to the edge a danger zone. Engaged it an intense firefight close to the edge, weren't looking where you were going for a couple seconds, hit the border by mistake? Oops, you're fucked. Where's the fun it that? Yes, border-surfing ships are a bit more difficult to hit -- or actually, hitting them takes somewhat different skills than hitting them in open water, and has to be learned in parallel to that; and since there are somewhat fewer opportunities for it, it lags behind the other learning curve a bit. But that's it. Make sure the parts of ships that are de-facto beyond the border can be damaged just as the rest. And perhaps halve the turning speed while on the border, or something like that, as a disincentive. But that should be fine.
  10. NPC0742

    A couple of suggestions

    Playing BBs with no RNG to their main battery fire would be boring as hell -- or at least, as soon as the five-minutes power-creep-effect had passed. Isn't that the same thing with CVs? I'm talking out of my arse here; I don't play them. But wouldn't it make the whole thing a bit more interesting, and hence rewarding, and hence enjoyable, with that added challenge? As for the limited supply of planes... this shouldn't impact it. It doesn't make you lose any more or less planes; it would merely mean on average, perhaps a somewhat lower hit ratio of air-dropped torpedoes, and, most importantly, remedy some extreme cases, like torps being dropped within a couple of dozen meters between a tall cliff (or a beach, or whatever land a buffalo could reasonably be expected to bounce off) and the target itself.
  11. NPC0742

    A couple of suggestions

    Well, I for one would appreciate it. Not the same thing. I'm just talking about making the torpedoes be randomly dropped a little closer to the target, or a little further away from the target. Because I think it would make the game for classes other than CVs a little more enjoyable, and reduce the disproportionate impact a good CV player can have. Ship guns do have an accuracy rating (i.e., an RNG element) in addition to the player-driven aiming skill. So do DBs. So why shouldn't TBs as well? I'm not pretending that it has anything to do with realism, or any basis in reality. Just that it would possibly make the game more interesting.
  12. NPC0742

    A couple of suggestions

    Hi all, I'll have a go at posting some suggestions for the game. Rudder indicator: Needs to be more visible, more prominent. Not only is it too discreet when it's visible -- it also disappears when the rudder is midships, which is a problem. I want to be able to give my brain some routine: "every 30secs or so, cast a glance at the indicator and notify me if it's not what you expected". This is complicated by the fact that it's sometimes there, and sometimes isn't. It should be visible all the time, and be much more prominent. I would also suggest putting it in a different location on the screen. (Note: of course, as one gains experience with the game, the driving mistakes get less and less, so it's not game-breaking. But it still eats more brain cycles than it could/should). Torpedo indicator: Should display not only the direction of torpedoes relative to your ship, but also their absolute heading. Currently, it always looks like the torpedoes are heading for you, which is needlessly confusing. For example, if you have torps at 12 o'clock across (i.e. perpendicular to) your bow, have the indicator in the same place as it is now on the HUD, but pointing across your bow, instead of towards the ship. RNG for torp drops: Introduce some randomness in the torps dropped by TBs relative to the point where the drop is ordered, for instance a couple hundred meters in front or in the back of the drop point (no lateral deviation though). This might affect each torp individually, or the whole spread. This is in order to weaken what is otherwise an OP move - very good manual drops by experienced CV captains. With the added RNG, they would have to chose between a drop that the opponent cannot evade, but which might end up too close for the torps to arm themselves, and a drop where the torps are guaranteed to arm, but which the opponent has a greater chance to evade. Radio ranges for planes: Introduce radio ranges for planes (and ships). Assume all ships have necessary radio range to communicate across all the map, but planes have only, say, no more than half the map range. If a plane outside of radio range to its carrier spots an enemy ship, it cannot relay its position to the carrier, but it can relay it to other allied ships that are in its radio range. The carrier would only be informed of the position of the enemy ship if allied ships are directly detecting it. This feature would obviously be complicated by the fact that maps come in different sizes. Not sure of a good solution for that problem. Perhaps make the radio range dynamic (always a fixed percentage of the map), even though this would feel somewhat gamey. Or enable different plane squadrons to relay radio messages to the carrier, although this would seem like a hassle that takes away more enjoyment than it adds.
  13. NPC0742

    Ranked Battles

    Win more than you lose -> go up in rank, get matched against other players we win more than they lose, until you hit your "ceiling", i.e. your WR is 50% against the kind of players you get matched against. Perfect system for sorting the wheat from the chaff. Besides, drop a rank -> get matched against players who tended to win less than you; you'll get that rank back soon enough.
  14. DangerCZE, on 07 August 2015 - 09:13 AM, said: We are playing World of Warships, not World of Massacred Beings (not mentioning it would have totally stupid shortcut) WoWMB? World of Wombats!
  15. NPC0742

    Pinging the map

    Hello, I'm not sure since when exactly, although it might be the latest patch/minipatch, but I'm not able to ping the map anymore via double-clicking the minimap. It works if I switch to overview ('M' key) mode. Is there a known cause/solution to/for this? Incidentally, I'd love to search the forum for this issue, but guess what happens if you search for "pinging map" in the forum software? Bingo: can't search for "map"...