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  1. Staines_upon_Thames

    Update Hayate for Free XP

    Everybody was saying vote FREE XP, its easy to farm FREE XP. Now you all see how easy it is to get this FREE XP Ship. I voted for Coal.
  2. Staines_upon_Thames

    Update 0.9.3. European Destroyers: Part 2

    Research B is a garbage idea. Full stop.
  3. Staines_upon_Thames

    Mising "Worcester" Legendary Upgrade

    I used to have Legendary Upgrade for my Worcester but after this recent update my Legendary Module is no more. I have contacted support and they reply If this is the case what is the new Upgrade for Worcester. @MrConway
  4. Staines_upon_Thames

    Player activity which is not usual

    I came across one player who was playing style was very unusual. When I checked the stats, it was unbelievable. This guy is playing 16-18 hours a days back to back every day on average. Registered on 19/12/2019 and already has 4,949 battles. Has almost all premium ships only, and not many tech tree ships. Can this be WG PAYTORICO BOT account? @MrConway
  5. Staines_upon_Thames

    Last Chance to Get Your Hands on Festive Treats!

    What kind of productive explanation is this from a moderator? If you cant be constructive or productive don't post anything.
  6. Christmas spirit? Never expecting big from WG. You are introducing a paywall going forward.
  7. Staines_upon_Thames

    Weekly Combat Missions – Preparing for the Holidays

    Looks Like WG need 99% player base during Holiday Period to keep THOSE BIG WHALE HAPPY & engaged. Big WHALES need "us", "99%" player base to play some randoms during Holiday.
  8. Staines_upon_Thames

    Weekly Combat Missions – Preparing for the Holidays

    Preparing for the Holidays but not GRINDING your PR.
  9. Staines_upon_Thames

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    I would like to participate too
  10. Staines_upon_Thames

    Dockyard: the Rules Made Simple

    is this new directive or same old one
  11. You have many times refused to introduce any feature to the players because it is not rational to spend your resources. And here, you say that you made such functionality - a shipyard for the sake of 1% of players?
  12. Staines_upon_Thames

    New Year Gifts and Rewards: Your One-Stop Guide

    WG going full banana with this PR directives. Best of luck for anyone trying to be on top 10% of the leader board. Just complete and you will be in top 0.01% definitely.
  13. Staines_upon_Thames

    New Year Gifts and Rewards: Your One-Stop Guide

    WG Doing to player Base
  14. Staines_upon_Thames

    Update 0.8.11: New Year

    "some articles will contain a special hidden button for attentive readers!" :)
  15. Staines_upon_Thames

    Camouflage Design Contest – King of the Sea

    Where can we see the voting page?