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  1. Staines_upon_Thames

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.5

    What's wrong with the current friendly torpedo warning? Why do need to remove it? Do you want more friendly accidental torpedo hits?
  2. Staines_upon_Thames

    Pi Day Mission: A Slice of the Action

  3. Staines_upon_Thames

    Arpeggio: "Fleet of Fog" Flagships

    One shot kill ammo coming anytime soon for doubloon
  4. Staines_upon_Thames

    Warships Stories. Who challenged the "Big Three?"

    What the g### is this video all about?
  5. Staines_upon_Thames

    King of the Sea XI: Regional Results

    Is KOS supposed to showcase the best of WOWS ships, or just showcase russian bias, radar cruiser and nothing else. From outsider view, it looks like watching the top of the cream player, wows is all about radar + russian ships. With all the diversity going around, we could also use some diversity in the game. All the year around, Radar+russian ships is getting boring. Every year new ship but same nation(RU) just name is different. SAME ITEM JUST PACKAGING IS DIFFERENT. Just wait for RU CV.
  6. Staines_upon_Thames

    Ranked Battles: the Eighteenth Season

    WG, can we have a proper RANK SEASON without CV's?
  7. Staines_upon_Thames

    0.9.8 - Asymmetric Battles

    Top tier is pain in @33. I'm going to play my tier 5 DD
  8. Staines_upon_Thames

    0.9.8 - Ranked Battles

    Remove CV and I will enjoy.
  9. Staines_upon_Thames

    Dry Dock: Which Ship Is the Most Powerful?

    TYPO The title should have been Dry Dock: Which Ship Russian Ship Is the Most Powerful?
  10. Staines_upon_Thames

    Public Test of Update 0.9.7: Round 2

    I only have for the ones that I have on Live Server. Not the new one for the likes of Kleber, Harugumo. Attached the screenshot for Harugumo slot 5 & 6 Option Available
  11. Staines_upon_Thames

    Public Test of Update 0.9.7: Round 2

    Are we able to test new Unique Upgrades for likes of Harugumo, Kleber on Test Server?
  12. Staines_upon_Thames

    Armoury Legendary Upgrade purchase

    I had purchased Legendary upgrade for Moskva from Armoury during Halloween event and today I finished my normal legendary upgrade mission. 1. What happens if I get a legendary upgrade second time from the mission? 2. Do I get credit as compensation? For me nothing happed. @Crysantos @MrConway
  13. Staines_upon_Thames

    Update Hayate for Free XP

    Everybody was saying vote FREE XP, its easy to farm FREE XP. Now you all see how easy it is to get this FREE XP Ship. I voted for Coal.