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  1. NinjaSquirrel

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    This lottery for submarines is a ridiculous idea - I've been waiting since I played on the PTS, and logged on today, excited to play subs... and what do I get - coal. Was I on the naughty list Santa, cos this sure seems like it. Do you realise just how many players you've alienated with this move??
  2. NinjaSquirrel

    Crowning the Winter King - Rules

    Really unhappy that our first map was on Shards, the choice of the team we're playing against, rather than the map set by admins.
  3. NinjaSquirrel

    Clan System Public Test

    Indeed, as the clan leader for 5D on the EU server, we're at the 30 cap with a list of active players waiting for clan tags. Thanks for the update, this increase can't come soon enough.
  4. NinjaSquirrel

    Clan System Feedback

    Some obvious feedback - we assumed 30 members was just for testing, now MrConway says it's likely to be the max number of members. This is not enough - I have a full 30 active members and a queue of other active clan members waiting to join. Am I suppose to cull my clan to a max of thirty? The clan system has been much needed to gel our communities, but limiting it to 30 seems like it's way too restrictive. Please reconsider, I do not wish to be having 'Clan Name 1', 'Clan Name 2' etc, it destroys clan cohesion and makes events that need unified clan membership impossible.
  5. NinjaSquirrel

    Clans Accepted for Public Test

    Well, my clan has a very active userbase of around 50, we're already getting daily requests for clan tags and I have to keep telling members we're temporarily full - I (and everyone else) assumed you'd adopt the same 100 limit as World of Tanks. 30 members is way too small for any serious competitive play. The latest 'Crowning the Winter King' is seeing multiple teams from clans - so you can easily see that we are growing clans way above 30 active members. Please rethink a 30 member limit, it's way too low.
  6. NinjaSquirrel

    Clans Accepted for Public Test

    'The data obtained from the update service is incorrect' is all I get when I try to run the PT client?
  7. NinjaSquirrel

    Clans Accepted for Public Test

    I got an email telling me to register on the Public Test... edited: I finally managed to log into the PT, turns out my email was already in use on there (odd as I've never been), but my username is something completely wild and nothing connected to me at all.... which seems odd?
  8. NinjaSquirrel

    Clans Accepted for Public Test

    As commander of the EU side of 5D, I'm happy we got in - thanks Mr Conway.
  9. NinjaSquirrel

    Clan System Feedback

    I filled in the submission form, hit submit and got a long error string (mail null) etc from the site, but when I went back to resubmit I got a 'you've reached your max number of submissions' message, so now have no idea if it submitted correctly or not.
  10. I'm not going to copy and paste what's above - if you've got this far you know who we are and what we're all about. From an EU side of things, WOWS in 5D has grown to offer a good community and players of all tiers to division with, as well as friendly skirmishes against other clans such as Company Gamers, Plague and OMNI. Whether you're just starting out or looking for a place to hone your skills with experienced players, visit 5dclan.com and apply today.
  11. I'm not actually sure what you're saying here - you have 15 games played and want to know why you're not tier 10 yet?
  12. NinjaSquirrel

    5th Dimension is recruiting

    5D has a long history as a multi-gaming clan and you'll find the support and community is hard to beat!
  13. NinjaSquirrel

    Sickening Fact

    Who plays coop??
  14. NinjaSquirrel

    5th Dimension is recruiting

    Looking forward to blowing up some forts in the new patch...
  15. And in 5th there's nothing mandatory