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  1. Steven Seagal is bugged

    This. Guys, dont always rely on the numbers you see on the right, sometimes taking out the calculator or the good old pencil and some paper helps, especially when it comes to shenanigans with EM.
  2. Propsed CV gameplay chances

    ? Isnt that the definition of OP? Kills, damage and all that stuff doesnt matter if you dont win (not that CVs arent leading in those too), so if one class has far more influence on the outcome and thus a far higher ability to win, isnt it OP?!
  3. Propsed CV gameplay chances

    CV players cant have fun when their ships are just as good for carrying a match as all the other ships, so they cant be nerfed? Sorry but this kind of logic is pretty borked. Your proposal would maybe solve the problem of one sided matches, aka red CV matched vs purple CV, but not all the other problems, first of all to mention that you would devalue the skill of everyone else since they dont sit in the only ship that seems to be allowed to decide the match outcome.
  4. Propsed CV gameplay chances

    Completly wrong, but that has to be expected from someone that is highly protective about his favourite OP class.
  5. Propsed CV gameplay chances

    Yeah, skill ceiling is far too high and above all the other classes, CVs need huge nerfs.
  6. Propsed CV gameplay chances

    Yeah, if you look at his stats, mediocre at best except in the faceroll ships, ofc he doesnt want change for a more healthy gameplay. Also about the skill gap, it is not so much the skill floor that is the problem, it is the skill ceiling. But ofc those ppl simply pretend it is the skill floor, even though we all know baddies will stay baddies no* matter what and that baddies are in all classes no matter what. Edit: * typo
  7. To overhaul CV, must discard mirrored MM

    You already forgot? Losing =/= getting face rolled from an enemy ship in a single attack
  8. To overhaul CV, must discard mirrored MM

    How convenient for you to spare the rest of the quote, but I would say playing that someone playing the objective while his braindead average random team mate is running off into the blue to do whatever those ppl do is most certainly a huge fail on the side of the good player that plays the objective, and for that he needs to be punished since he showed a huge lack of personal skill by not being able to telephatically force his teammate to play somewhat intelligent. CV apologist logic 101 This is one of the reasons, why CVs are not only OP, but also completly detrimental to good and fun gameplay, not the supid 20km+ long range sniper, that is sitting in the back, will be facerolled by the CV, but the poor good player that is idiotic enough to try to win the match.
  9. To overhaul CV, must discard mirrored MM

    Losing =/= taking huge dmg from a single enemy So every class needs the enemy to do a personal mistake to deliver huge dmg, except of CVs ofc, then it is perfectly acceptable that the only way to deny him dmg is having a well coordinated team. Just shows another broken trait of the current iteration of CVs and just underlines how disgustingly OP they are. Which is ofc perfectly fine in the eyes of CV apologists that are mostly interested in keeping their fav. toy or it becoming more OP.
  10. Tier X - US v Japanese Carriers.

    Have we reached the full circle again? Server stats dont count because somehow the CV population consists of either only purple unicums or only red tomatoes, depending on the current will of the CV apologist that is arguing.
  11. To overhaul CV, must discard mirrored MM

    Ironical that you charge me of being objectively wrong with that statment. Please explain how exactly I am able to get the red tomatoe to the left of me and the red tomatoe to the right of me to start playing somewhat intelligent? Dont get me wrong, I wish I could, I am pretty sure that every good player with enough battles under his belt has violent fantasies of whipping some brain into the average player, still doesnt change that your statement is hilariously wrong.
  12. To overhaul CV, must discard mirrored MM

    So me judging your argumentation skills = "saying the counters to CVs are ineffective"? I really wonder how you came up with that, but since you already asked I will be so nice to answer that question. First of all there would be the complete lack of skill involvement in the AA process, a good player like me should be easily able to prevent the CV from doing any damage at all by single-handedly shooting down every single one of his planes, just as I am easily able to dodge torpedoes or shell salvoes, especially since CVs are the class that sit completly risk free out of the reach safe of any kind of retaliation by the attacked player.
  13. Tier X - US v Japanese Carriers.

    It is pretty hilarous to see you basing your argumentation line on a some pretty primitive assumptions. This statement is about as true as saying that 90% of all players are red, which is pretty much impossible as even you should recognize. Now let´s take a look at a battleship for the peace of your mind, since we are not talking about CVs that need to stay OP; most Conqueror players are incredibly bad, following your nonsensical argumentation one would come to the conclusion that the Conqueror is in dire need of buffs. However looking at the server stats we see that the Conqueror is preforming just fine in the game environment. Balancing around the random game mode doesnt mean that just because certain players are bad a ship/class needs buffs, this is a personal "L2P" thing. Looking at the CV in the game environment, as represented in the server stats, you will see that CVs drastically overperform, the fact that there are numerous bad CV players out there just doest mean that CVs are weak in the game environment.
  14. To overhaul CV, must discard mirrored MM

    You cant remember what you wrote just a few hours ago? Let me help you: Making nonsensical contradicting statements only to throw a hissy fit that someone quoted you wrong doesnt help you in discussion, even when a certain president in NA, just like you, thinks that it does.
  15. Tier X - US v Japanese Carriers.

    What about you reading everything a 2nd time and after that a 3rd time, hopefully you will at least stop mixing up your nonsense with the things that ppl wrote. :)