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  1. CV's current state and population - an analysis

    Which is not false per se, it is just that you interpreting it wrong on purpose, even a T5 BB is able to kill a badly played Yamato before the Yamato can kill it, even a Umikaze is able to kill a badly played Shima, even a Zao is able to get killed by a Farragut. There is a hugen difference between being able to kill something and just facerolling it with the current state of high tier CVs. Part of the reason why CVs are so incredibly broken is the complete lack of skill involvement in the AA process. Every other ship you can beat with superior skill, well except the faceroll ships called CVs. Except that North is neither "red-ish" from the colour of the islands, nor have I dont several 10k dmg to your 3 DDs in that match. I was clearly talking about a complete different match, and as you have said in this thread already and shown in the other one, you had no clue what I was talking about and just went on, kinda similar to your points about balance, ironic isnt it. Maybe I need to demonstrate you your own posts yet again?! Also I could have easily told you before that North went horrible, C was not an option due to the DD appearing there and me not gambling on surviving a CV attack in the gap without DFAA + DD torps, B was also difficult due to the Mino and your BBs there and there was no point in going A while the majority of my team was already there. The only one here fabricating lies is you, suddenly trying to juggle North and Haven. It wasnt a Roma, I had no DFAA just like in North (remember, CBs are without CVs, I wonder why, certainly not because they are incredibly broken), you may try to weasel your way out of it, doesnt change how it went. ---> Yet another sign that CVs need huge nerfs.
  2. CV's current state and population - an analysis

    Stop steering away, post WG sources saying those things you claim or admit that you made things up. Explain me one thing then, as you said, I referenced a match and then you suddenly start to talk about North and then blame me for not talking about the same thing as you? Why did you quote me then, when you clearly wanted to talk about smth different? Quoting someone only to talk about something completly different then seems pretty stupid to me. Or is it just that you dont understand quotes and their function? Yeah yeah, I am a bad player, you keep repeating yourself mate, pretty bold for someone flying all his AC directly into the biggest AA blob, why are you trying to derail the discussion about CVs.
  3. CV's current state and population - an analysis

    ------------> ----------> Just a friendly reminder how the posts went, the only one steering away here is you. Please show me the sources of those WG statements, because the vid you posted is clearly not saying anything close to what you claim. Just post them or at least have the decency to admit that you made things up instead of blaming someone else to "steer away". - Dota doesnt doesnt have a single hero strong enough to force the whole enemy team into certain tactics, which would btw be 1 vs 5 enemies, while CVs are 1 vs 12 aka far more OP. - "Teamplay" in CS and R6 randoms, omegalul. - You have never played Arma have you, Arma public aka randoms is KotH and all those Altis Life mods, no real milsim gameplay. Real teamplay aka milsim only happens in established big clans with rigorous recruitment requirements. - "Teamplay" with randoms in MMORPGs, why do clans even exist?! - Teamplay in BF, nice joke yeah, just go back to spawnsniping Metro. You just keep repeating your nonsense, it doesnt make it suddenly true when you have repeated yourself the 10000th time. Given the fact that Haven was mentioned in the very beginning and you only realized about 4/5 in that you are talking about North, you seem to have a severe problems with reading-understanding, blaming afterwards others for your missunderstanding doesnt make it any better. But keep flying your strike craft in the biggest AA concentration of the enemy, it surely is a great strat and dont forget to blame the "full AA spec" Zao afterwards for losing all your planes. (bonus points for acutally believing someone would spec Zao into full AA, especially during CB season)
  4. CV's current state and population - an analysis

    Here is a small transscript of said vid: There is literally not a single statement in the whole vid that CVs are supposed to be "the primary teamplay forcing aspect of this team game". So yeah, I am still waiting for a source and probably will wait an eternity, because there is no statement of WG saying that, you are literally making things up as you like. Also your are coming up again with the "forcing teamplay" crap? WoWs isnt designed to be a game that only works with teamplay, you would never design a F2P game marketed at casual players that play here and there a match in such a way. Games desiged solely around teamplay are nothing more than niche games because there isnt, has never been and never will be real teamplay with random players ( which should be pretty obvious, unless ofc you try to justify and defend your OP faceroll toy). Even in Squad, which is a niche game markted at a niche player group, 60% of the players are absolute shítters who cant play coordinated or use the VOIP properly. Therefore a single class being able to single handedly force the whole enemy team at their will is stupidly OP. Is this some kind of mantra you need to repeat for yourself in order to believe the things you make up, or is this trying to attack the poster instead of the post? Most likely both.
  5. CV's current state and population - an analysis

    Rather than simply saying, go and view every single old information WG has released, whatever you mean by "old", you could have provided the sources of your made up statements that WG is supposed to have mentioned, because no one can be arsed to search to sight every single bit of "old" information that WG could have mentioned somewhere. Also your statements are pretty much laughably ridiculous, "WG desiged CVs to be not popular", but it is nothing new that you simply make up pseudo statements to justify the current broken state of CVs in fear WG could take away your fav. faceroll ships. Nice argumentation, very on topic, much wow. Also a pretty bold statement by someone that ignores enemy DDs only to fly all his strike craft into the only concentration of enemy ships, which contain several pristine high AA DPS ships, only to lose all his planes and then complain about a cruiser being full AA spec even though your planes only ever were for a small moment in the 5km AA radius of completly unbuffed Zao DP guns. Edit: While we are at old information, who here can remember the old non FB dev blog that WG stopped to use a long time ago? https://web.archive.org/web/20131031065906/http://blog.worldofwarships.eu:80/blog/
  6. The Reason why people dont play CV

    Insulting me, making false statements and but saying that I wont engage in a honest discussion. Oh the irony. Also it seems I am an complete god in WoWs, not understanding a single mechanic but being than 99% of the players, being better than you, what will happen as soon as I understand the mechanics?
  7. The Reason why people dont play CV

    Because the shell once fired cant be guided by the enemy anymore, while CV squadrons can outturn your ship. Difficult to understand, I know, dont worry mate we dont judge you.
  8. CV's current state and population - an analysis

    So your are saying that you want to "analyze" the CV population to counter "assumptions" and you do that by comparing single class player numbers to the total number of CVs?! Sorry, but that is beyond stupid. Here an actual comparison based on the 2 month EU player numbers of maplesyrup for T8-10: (http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/ranking/20180421/eu_2month/average_ship.html) 33193 IJN CV matches & 84359 USN CV matches (117,6k total CV games) 2,425 million BB games 1,715 million cruiser games 1,349 million DD games So we have 117,6k total CV matches versus 5,489 million matches in all the other classes, aka CVs make up roughly 2,1% of all games played on the higher tiers. Given the fact that CVs are kind of an "aquired" taste it is fairly safe to assume the avg CV player is more of a "hardcore" player that ticks a lot more matches, which means the actual population of CV players is in comparison even smaller. So yeah, when ppl say that CV population is low they are pretty generous, because it is actually extremly low on the higher tiers. Yeah, totally not imbalanced, sounds totally balanced in fact .......... if you think that CVs should be stupidly OP. Yeah I know, mediocre play getting overly rewarded, when will WG finally fix OP CVs.
  9. The Reason why people dont play CV

    What a load of nonsensical crap. The reason why CVs are the least played class are really simple, WoWs is basically a slow paced shooter and that is what ppl mostly want to play, CVs on the other side are a buggy mess of a *edited* RTS. It is a wonder that you can even find ppl playing it, some surely because of they just like CVs and the possibility to play them in a naval combat game is enough, others surely like to abuse the OPness of CVs just as ppl always like to play the OP stuff in video games.
  10. ST Midway huge hangar capacity nerf criticised

    My personal experience cant be generalized for everyone else, do you really still dont understand that, even after pointing it out and telling you to read carefully. Could you please tell me why you left out the whole part about you post CV WRs and me pointing out that you probably dont understand mirror MM, or has your discussion come down to cutting my posts down to your liking so you can repeat with stupid accusations?! Dmg: While true that in a purely hypothetical cruiser only environment the dmg potentail of CVs would suffer, but that is also true for cruisers or DDs. Flexibility: You do realize that every other ship ingame needs far more time to relocate from one part of the map to a different time than CVs need to rearm their planes, so yeah, hilariously bad argument by you, as expected. Survivability: Basically being immortal until the rest of your team is dead and even then surviving most likey is surely a disadvantage to all the other ships who run into the danger of getting focused down, being unlucky/whatever. Surely that is a big disadvantage. You know, just because something is inherent to a ship/playstyle that doesnt mean it isnt an advantge. DDs being small and far more difficult to hit than say a GK, " HURR DURR; DD ARE OFC SMALL THEREFORE IT TOTALLY ISNT AN ADVANTAGE, HURR DURR." About plane pool being effectively the CV, partially ture but let´s be honest, a high tier CV never runs out of planes unless he fucked up serisouly, so your argument is yet against hilariously bad. Surely that is a big disadvantage. The only one here that proven his inability is you, and that on an astonishing amount of different leves. Oh and btw, while we are at bad matches, your statement "I thought you were full AA because on Haven you killed all my planes" is just completly wrong. Instead of finishing of our remaining DDs you managed to fly into our only concentration of ships, 2 pristine USN BBs with all AA intact and a cruiser at their side, then dropping them, adding insult to injury you still managed to get payload into them and then loosing all your planes on the way back. Only my 5km DP guns were ever in range of your planes on the way back and that only for a short time, also due clan battles still being played I wasnt even running a single skill or module for AA. Maybe it is just because you are so accustomed to the stupid power leves of T10 CVs or most likely it doesnt even matter when you can throw away planes like that. Thanks for the plane reserves nerf WG.
  11. Yueyang and Gearing draft

    I am not a huge ship expert, but according to what I can find on Wikipedia and other sources those numbers for the draft are WW2 configuration before the huge post WW2 modifications to the Gearing class happend. Looking at the Yueyang model and not seeing any difference as the class was built I assume WG went with the Yueyang as she was given away in normal US configuaration. But as I said, I am not an expert, do you have better and more reliable numbers?
  12. Yueyang and Gearing draft

    You still havent read the post, havent you? Ok, I will quote myself against just for you, just please dont ignore it like the first post. Gearing normal draft ~ 4,4m Gearing full load draft ~ 5,64m Allen M. Sumner normal draft ~ 4,8m Allen M. Sumner full load draft ~ 5,72-5,8m Which means that on full load, the difference becomes even smaller.
  13. Yueyang and Gearing draft

    Have you actually read my whole post or did you just saw the thread title and then felt to come in and point out like a smartáss that the Yueyang is not a Gearing? If you would have read the post you would have seen that I pointed that out as well and even compared the draft between the Gearing and Allen M. Sumner class. Thanks for the useless smartáss post, ignoring mine and all the other posts before you.
  14. ST Midway huge hangar capacity nerf criticised

    Nice nit picking but ofc you just ignore any real discussion. 1. Insult yet again. 2. Sorry that I thought that correct turning towards the planes is a given. 3. I dont even know what to say to this except that you completly ignored everything written, conveniently deleted a part and then just threw in your stats. Do I have to explain to you what stats mean in a discussion and what not? 4. You dont seem to be able to read properly, I wrote off my experience, I never said that giving advice to the hoardes to poatoes leads to chat bans, but stuff like "stfu moron", throw in the chat bans and you know how I react to that. I serisouly dont know how I can help you with that other than giving you the advice to read slowly and then think precisely about what exactly was written. 5. Now the real discussion: First of all I dont know from where you picked that stuff, but you know that it is most likely incorrect. Second, the most accurate source of server stats is that japanese website with the webcrawler, and that site shows different numbers for the average. Third, and that is the worst part about your "argument", you dont seem to understand such a trivial thing as mirror MM and it is consequences to WR. Is it really that difficult to understand? Or did you just ignore it for the sake of bringing up your "argument". If you want to make a fool of yourself keep posting CV WR averages. I am afraid I have to repeat myself, will real arugments and a real discussion by you ever follow?
  15. ST Midway huge hangar capacity nerf criticised

    I am the problem? Are you telling me I can affect AA by skill and that the whole surface to air thing is not completly automated? Or is it you being the beginner not understanding what happens between Zao AA and T10 CVs? I guess you are one of those guys who activates his DFAA already at 7.2km range so the CV can easily kite his planes back and come to blap you 30s later, lul and I thought you are a good player. What if I tell you that I try every single game, which so far has lead to sucess in about 0.001% of all matches and dozens of chat bans. While experience ofc helps to understand, it doesnt rule out that no one else can bring up correct arguemtns, also the statistics speak against you. Are you one of those guys who just says server stats simply dont count just because you feel the opposite?