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  1. avenger121

    Azuma only £103!! (Reduced from already bargain £128!!)

    Eh, if you want to drink then drink something with less water so you dont have to run for the bathroom all the time.
  2. avenger121

    Azuma only £103!! (Reduced from already bargain £128!!)

    Edited The price OP got displayed in other currencies: 87.91€ 99.02$ Edit: Insults
  3. avenger121

    Dark vs White theme and colors in the forum!

    The moment you moderate the forum you embody WG. You are not doing this privately, you are doing it on WG's order. This is WG's forum, and WG is moderating it, doesnt matter if you are paid or foolish enough to do so unpaid. Bonus points for a moderator breaking the forum rules in this thread, as your colleagues floribe2000 and Excavatus have made clear, off-topic posts will not be tolerated in this thread, yet you start discussing moderation and private matters, both of these kind of posts have already been removed from this thread. Moderation as always, totally not capricious and arbitrary. Rules being applied different every time, relying on the current mood of the mod, basically there are no rules outside of what the mods feel up to. You should have applied a little bit of common sense and unbanned Wilkatis. I am waiting for your colleagues to purge your posts, just as they did with the other off-topic posts, because you mods totally apply the rules every time in the same fashion, right?
  4. Ah you meant the angle which allows you to use both torp launchers. Anyway, I think far more interesting will be how squishy the Yoshino will end up, because it is the definition of anti-fun being citadeld all the time despite being angled.
  5. I stand corrected. That is indeed far closer to Atago than Zao, but how do you get that 71 degree angle then @Darth_Glorious?
  6. I am afraid you missread that graphic, the outer cones display the torpedo angles, which are pretty much like Zaos torp angles. Atagos torp angles are amazing compared to that.
  7. avenger121

    I'll never play CV's

    Oh the irony.
  8. avenger121

    Azuma coming in 0.8.2

    I knew there was some clip about the Azuma out there: Look at the HP, that was back when the Azuma had 71k HP, before he gets absolutely annihilated Flamu has 57k HP, while the upcoming version will have 58k HP. Will you be blown up like this all the time, ofc not, but with this shitty armour and citadel layout you should expect to eat random citadels every match, which is just not fun at all in my books.
  9. avenger121

    Azuma coming in 0.8.2

    Azuma: 58k HP, high above the water citadel (same shape as Yamatos citadel), 178mm citadel armour belt Kronshtadt: 71k HP, waterline citadel with layered armour, 230mm+90mm citadel armour belt Kronshtadt is pretty difficult to citadel, Azuma eats citadels when you look at it.
  10. avenger121

    Azuma coming in 0.8.2

    I remember something about Azuma not having cruiser dispersion anymore, but rather Graf Spee dispersion, not sure what happened with that. Also remember that the Azuma will be overmatched by every single BB it can meet (except for the Scharnhorst & KGV), while having a high above the water citadel and being bigger than some BBs it can possibly meet. Unless you "just dodge" every shell fired at you, it is purely RNG if the Gneisenau tomatoe will citadel you or not, much fun tovarish. )))))
  11. avenger121

    A-150 T10 premium

    Real life "super" =/= ingame "super" How about you put in a little bit effort to give some feedback that cant be considered trash. Granted, the thread is pretty much low effort, basically hot air, still you could have wasted a few seconds of thought. Out of memory: Japs tinkered with designs for battleships designs with 8 or 9 510mm guns, turns out those ships would be extremly heavy as in over 90k tons displacement, to get a reasonable displacement numbers of guns is reduced to 6 which yields in a warship with roughly Yamato displacement. Belt armour would have been around the caliber of the Yamato, i.e. 460mm. Basically a Yamato with 6x 510mm instead of 9x 460mm and around 460mm for the belt instead of 410. Yamatos 460mm guns can overmatch 32mm, while 510mm guns could overmatch 36mm (510/14.3=35.66, which would be rounded up to 36, right?). IIRC there is not plating between the omnipresent 32mm and the 38mm deck armour of the USN battleships, except for the 36mm deck armour of the Alaska. Assuming the armour scheme would follow the Yamato with the high above water citadel, we have a ship which in comparison to the Yamato can overmatch the deck of a single additional cruiser, while the Yamato fires 50% more rounds per minute. Broadside protection would be increased, albeit still meaningless when you show broadside to other BBs. Penetration would go up, but wouldnt be any helpful in getting more damage besides penetrating broadsides of enemy BBs at long ranges. TLDR: Less overall firepower except for very rare occasions, more or less the same protection except for the rare occasion of showing broadside while the enemey BBs have above 410mm pen but less than 460mm. Based on these assumptions, I wouldnt play it over the Yamato, but it would be another choice for people.
  12. avenger121

    Interesting post about how is WG balancing ships!

    Yep, WG managed to turn CVs from super OP to just OP while also turning the meta into cancer.
  13. avenger121

    Interesting post about how is WG balancing ships!

    Wow, Lesta discovered WR curves, something WoT players have been doing on their own websites since 2014. Applause. Their incompetence truly knows no bounds.
  14. avenger121

    Wargaming is doing bullshittery again

    This. Bonus points for managing to shift the blame onto the community who is now tearing each other up.
  15. avenger121

    [PSA] Giulio Cesare Testing and Premium Ships Status

    Nope, people dont want to get scammed by bait and switch, it is not the rebalance they dont like. Refund them the money they paid, not shitty dubloons, and people will be very accepting about the OP premium ship rebalance. WG is just unwilling to do so.