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  1. avenger121

    Stalin, Stalin Stalin (CB discussion)

    There is no T10 BB with special ricochet angles, also as a reminder: 0-30 degrees --> auto ricochet 30-45 degrees --> chance to ricochet 45-90 degrees --> ricochet doesn't occur. Range treshold for T10 BB shells to have a 30 degree or higher impact angle: Yamato --> 25km Republique --> 26.3km Montana --> 23.1km Großer Kurfürst (420) --> 25.7km Conqueror (419) --> 26km Saying that Stalingrads pen values are lagging far behind the BBs is wrong, also I would dare to say that the extra pen the T10 BBs have at that range doesnt result in a significant advantage when it comes to dealing damage. Exactly. About the thread topic, yeah the Stalingrad is OP as [edited]and in a truly competitive mode she would need to be banned. But since this is WG and the majority of the forums users are fat whales who pretty much support P2W ships this shouldnt be a surprise at all. WG doesnt give a crap about balance and true competition.
  2. Wow, WG didnt *edited* and starts to sing it´s own praises, as well as pinning this pointless thread; also it could very well be considered off-topic. Sad.
  3. avenger121

    BB *edit

    @ColonelPete May I ask where you found this image? I can see that it is located on WG EU servers, did someone from WG post this or is there a way for players to check this regularly? ....... and still CVs dominate the game in every single way. Even better, CV apologists where already 3 years ago whining about unfair and OP AA, lmao. Also the slightly higher popularity right after release mainly came from the fact that CVs back then, due to even bigger faceroll potential, farmed far far more credits and XP than even premium ships could at that time. A pretty bad joke joke, and instead of nerfing the OP CVs back into the row with the other classes, WG first messed with their credit and XP factors.
  4. avenger121

    What IJN BS is this?

    https://glossary-eu-static.gcdn.co/icons/wows/current/vehicle/large/ADD SHIP CODE HERE.png using PGSB598
  5. avenger121

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Why would WG fundamentally change the way how dispersion worked out IRL, distort the speed/distance ratio and thus significantly alter the way ship combat is displayed? Did someone say because WoWs is a arcade video game? You are so smart. Btw, CV opt-out option would have basically no effect for CV players, since there are so few of them compared to all other ship classes and their queue times exists mostly due to the difficulty finding another CV for the enemy team, it shouldnt change anything for CVs.
  6. What is "super" about it? Looks like a beefed up Ognevoi to me, which fits a lot better between the Ogne and the Grozo than the Udaloi.
  7. avenger121

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Still no opt-out for skycáncer. Sad.
  8. avenger121

    Crazy message received from WG

    WG EU being WG EU and *edited* the most basic things up. Maybe someone requested their user data to be deleted based on the GDPR, but somehow the e-mail was send to you. PS: If you wanna mess with WG EU, just request your user data to be send to you, I am fairly certain they havent realized a standard procedure to deal with these GDPR requests.
  9. avenger121

    Objection against participant choice of CV "Beta Test"

    It is not like WG will introduce the new CV gameplay next patch and the current testing is for finalizing the numbers, it is just to see how the general concept is perceived by the player base. You are agressive without reason, well except for your great fear of WG maybe nerfing your OP toys you currently abuse. Exactly, if only our CV apologists could leave their fear of not being able to play OP ships anymore aside for a second ......... WG wants to win new players for CVs with this rework, in other words they need those that havent really touched CVs.
  10. avenger121

    This is why CV rework is so important...

    Completly ignoring that the enemy teams base XP is boosted by 50% because they won the match in order to propagate his agenda. Well done CV apologist. If OP would have won, he would have scored 400 more base XP than the enemy skycáncer.
  11. avenger121

    Poll on WG points mentioned during CV rework video

    I dont care if you insult me all day long, just pointing out that you do everything except actually arguing. Just answer me one question, so you write in this thread, but you dont want to argue? So why are you writing then, to let us know how much glue we are supposed to eat? If you dont want to spend your time, then I suggest you dont write this stuff.
  12. avenger121

    Poll on WG points mentioned during CV rework video

    That´s it? Another few very generic statements, a few insults and not a trace of argumentation why CVs are supposed to be not OP according to you, despite all evidence. Just what I expected. No matter how you see it or what you think, at least I provided some points of argumentation, while you do nothing but polluting the forum.
  13. avenger121

    Poll on WG points mentioned during CV rework video

    Generic statement paired with the glue-eater insult/stereotype, yeah mate, you really are trying to proof that you are stupid. CVs lose their strike ability, other classes do so too, by being sunk you genius, CVs at least keep points for their team, and still have, albeit very limited, kind of use. Let me try your strong argumentation, Yamatos are easily countered, thus we need to buff the Yamato, best we give it the ability to never lose it´s strike ability, let it fire even when sunk. Works like a charm, huh.
  14. avenger121

    Poll on WG points mentioned during CV rework video

    You are suffering by the CV stealing everything, you are left behind being allowed to pick up the crumbs while the OP [edited] has all the fun, I dont know about you, but I like to do crap myself. WG themselves have said several times that the overwhelming majority, around 90% has never even touched CVs for a single game, so yeah, not even talking about how much only tried and then never went back. It was this way back before and during CBT and is still that way. Man, are you another one of those guys that can look into the future, or are you just trying to talk crap about the CV rework because you are afraid about the CV rework. Maybe WG manages to finally nerf them back into the line with all the other classes, maybe not. The only indication the public has is the gameplay teaser they gave to the CCTs a while back, and looking at that I share flamu´s assessment, looks like far less DPM compared to the current Midway. CVs dominate the spotting and vision game CVs dominate in terms of damage CVs dominate in terms of flexibility CVs dominate in terms of survivability Certainly not OP, also that is why the highest solo WRs are always achieved in CVs, CVs are soooo weak I guess, huh. Having tried something out may help making a correct assessment, but it doesnt make it impossible to correctly judge something. That sentence is stupid on so many levels, get a brain.
  15. avenger121

    Poll on WG points mentioned during CV rework video

    Oh look, a CV apologist pulling crap straight out of his *edit and polluting the forums with it, or maybe he can see into the future and already knows the numbers that the balance team will come up with in a few months. Waaaaaah, waaaaaah WG how dare you rework my OP ships so they may not be OP any longer, waaaaaaah!11!!1!