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  1. CV Rework Discussion

    Dunning-Kruger at display, the displayed artifical agitation at the end makes it even more comical. (1) Look at the WoWs population; we have bad players, average players and good players. This population is split up between players that favour DDs, others that favour cruisers, the players that primarly favour BBs and those that like CVs the most. It is fairly safe to assume that the population is eveny split up skill wise between those classes (relatively, ofc not in absolute numbers). The skill gap between a good BB player and a bad one is just as big as the skill gap between a good CV player and a CV potatoe. Insinuating that the highest skilled players all flock to CVs is nonsense. The performance gap we can observe between a good and a bad CV player is ofc far higher than in any other class, because good CV players have far more room to use their skill, because of the higher skill ceiling of CVs. (skill gap =/= performance gap) (2) If you would have actually read what I wrote, you would have understood that I wasnt disputing that there are good and bad CV players, but that as mentioned above, that the avg high skilled CV player has about as much skill as the avg high skilled DD player. (3) The correct conclusion you should have drawn should be, that while the highest 1% of CV player achieve solo 70%+ WR and the highest 1% of cruiser players achieve only 60%+ WR, both groups are equally high skilled.
  2. CV Rework Discussion

    Talking about a "skill gap" is high missleading and wrong, it is just that CVs have a far higher skill ceiling than any other class, it is not that certain CV players have more skill than anyone else, it is just that every other ship class can only do so much before the RNG lottery kicks in, while for CVs that isnt true to the same extent. But the simple minded keep parroting the buzz word they once heard and ofc the CV apologists love to jerk each other off.
  3. Supertest FAQ

    Okay I see you are very adamant in your reasoning, let me rephrase what I wrote. New recruits will be checked if they use malicious software currently, but at least cheating in the past doesnt prevent you from being ST, see Ducat1st0. I hope this phrasing is to your satisfaction, have a nice day. (BTW, please tell me if I am still not allowed to post the screenshots from reddit)
  4. Supertest FAQ

    @Sehales Which forum rules did I exactly break by mentioning that cheating doesnt prevent you from being ST, wasnt this kind of a informational thread about the supertest program, aside from this being an uncomfortable topic for you guys at WG EU. Also I dont think* this is exactly a thing of the past that has lost all relevancy, since he is still a ST to this very day. :)
  5. Supertest FAQ

    Hmm, 3x STs reappear after my post, Sehales is editing and suddenly the post about Ducatisto disappears, hmmmm. Hello @Ecotech @Lightbaron @JeeWeeJ @Sehales
  6. CV Rework Discussion

    Totally not related to the fact that plane survivabillity is so overtuned in high tiers combined with a huge hangar capacity basically makes you never run out of planes, even if the CV is played by the biggest newb, so de facto it* doesnt matter at all. Edit: *
  7. CV Rework Discussion

    I didnt predict anything, because WG is stupid *edited* especially when it comes to balancing, also pandering pretty hard into P2W territory with certain premium vehicles. Hopes and what-if statements will soon be measured with reality, even tho this will prolly still take months before we may get rid of the cancer that CVs are. Just noticed the whole CV rework thing, havent seen the stream, havent read the dev blog, but already saw somewhere that any kind of stats is just for demonstration purposes of the basic gameplay, so there is still hope that WG finally found the last 2 remaining brain cells and did what needs to be done. But nice to see that the CV apologists are out there in full force, obnoxious as always, 15 notifications/PMs despite not having written anything for weeks. Edit: Skimming over this thread real quick, lmao CV apologists still whining about "OP" AA.
  8. Thanks for the pass CV apologist, remember this, still waiting for your answer since you cant stop talking about principles and game design: Remember this? You keep lying and repeating but when asked for those videos or statements you cant provide any. This is the 4th or 5th time I have to ask, I am eagerly awating those sources. You know there is a big difference between "relying" on your teammates to spot with radar for exmple in order to get the enemy DD under fire and needing to rely on your team to play well coordinated in order to not get facerolled by a single overpowered enemy ship. You are simply comparing the wrong statements: "you should rely on teamplay in terms of spotting and consumable" "CVs should have to rely on their team to play objectives or spam down AA ships" These 2 situation would be correct to compare with each other. I´ll let you figure out why your pair doesnt display the same situation but bottom 2 are the same. Basically every single succesfull MMO has several different classes with the same influence on the match outcome, it is just that you keep repeating your nonsese they are all one sided with only 1 class having the influence the match outcome, which is highly laughable. I keep repeating here myself, I wonder why good teams in mobas like Dota consist always out of supports and carries, according to your flawed argumentation they should all take the supports out and all go full ADC setup, yet somehow no one right in their mind does this. It isnt? You´re a Izumo, CV having his planes on your side, you sail towards your Hindenburg and Montana for AA cover, they both keep sailing away from the objective, the CV still drops you with the majority of his firepower et voila he delivered a crap ton of dmg and worsened your team´s situation because now there are 3 ships completly out of position. Great teamplay right?! ))))))) AA is overpowered, CVs are so weak and easily outplayed by simply blobbing with the retards11!!1!! Likely better targets? So you always attacks the ship far away from the objetives in the back instead of those that are actually close to the objectives treatening your team? Also your telepathy is real strong since you exactly know what happened despite never participating. Also it seems I really hit a nerve when I said that CVs are easy to play, since you cant stop posting about how bad that was. Just FYI, if you would have managed to keep your bias aside, I never said or implied I am a great CV player, I guess the jealousy took over. Also I still dont know why this screenshot is still a topic when you agreed with me on manual drops being fairly easy, except for your mud flinging and derailing. ---> "The game was targeted to a slightly older male audience," he said. "Older guys, who usually have a family, work, and [have] an extra couple of dollars in their pocket for their favorite game but don't have that much time. Plus it's a little slower than your typical shooter or Dota-style game. So you don't have to be clicking 70 times per second to be good at World of Tanks. It's slower, it's...OK, manly. It's historic, it's metal, it's scary in a good sense, and it's photorealistic. - Victor Kislyi, founder and CEO of WG" Wut?? Are you trying to imply that a game targeting the casuals wont be developed towards the casuals?! I dont even know why you quoted this, I guess this falls under derailing and btw opposite to you I can quote my statements behind the game design, so please proved your sources for the "CVs are designed to be OP and punish randoms for being randoms" nonsense. Waaah, everyone not wanting to keep my fav. class OP is braindead, waaah. DDs havent been invented yet nor can they spot, also a sneaky DD flanking and putting some torps right into the side of the bow-on stationary ships totally wouldnt work, if skycáncer would allow any movement outside the blobs that is.
  9. First of all, for someone that trieds to pad dmg, flying his attack aircraft into pristine Iowa AA with other AA support instead of going for the DDs you are pretty confident in your ability to judge others, also I wonder why an argument about CVs ends in you examining stats of other people, running out of arguments huh. Also please leave the judiciary out of this, your nonsense smells awfully lot like american trash TV. You are oversimplifying pretty hard, according to your reasoning we should give the Yamato 100m dispersion* at max range and a sigma of 5 because we shouldnt let noobs get away for wrong positioning and angling. I am not even starting your discussion about game design and teamplay, because you actually believe there is teamplay in Battlefield random matches. The only here a joke is you, you dont want understand, you dont want to argue, all you do is flinging mud and attacking everyone that wants the game balanced, which means your fav. class shoulndt stay OP. About the last part: - "telephatically found out there were better targets" - "tries to prove me wrong on things I never said" Cant wait for the day WG eventually managed to balance CVs, you will explode on the forums, given how you react on ppl that arguing that CVs should be nerfed. It will be glorious. *
  10. So you would point out WR with 1 match played? You seem to be a real smart one, huh. This is not what I am saying at all, just try to keep your extreme bias out of things for once and then read carefully again. I never said anything about manual dropping besides that it is easy, exactly what I was trying to prove with the screenshot. Yet somehow you and other CV apologists try to put me through the hoops based on the screenshot and things I never said, even though that isnt surprising at all, it is all what you do.
  11. Simple minded CV apologists right here on display. Making ships noob proof is not exactly the same as not keeping CV extremly overpowered, I really dont know how you could possibly mix those things together, but then again I am not someone extremly biased towards his OP faceroll toy. Tell me why exactly only 1 out of 4 classes shall profit more from MMOs being MMOs, any other reason than your obvious bias towards your fav. class please. Hilariously bad? Given the fact the CV apologists like to bragg about how difficult to play CVs are, I think I did pretty good with 150k both dmg and spotting, for the fact that I played for the first time ever. Also I am sure since that was hilariously bad, you can post your stats and show both double DPG and spotting. ))) So instead of mud flining, why dont you tell me what your official stance on manual dropping is, difficult or easy, because to me it seems not anything more difficult than aiming or torping.
  12. Is this some kind of rant or do you seriously believe this plain stupid generalization? Same goes for everyone else that goes the "everything wrong is the fault of the whining baddies" route without using their 2 brain cells.
  13. Thread started with a pretty good OP, ofc it had to be ruined with shítposts by the CV apologists, althouth that should be no surpise to anyone. I wish I had more time, but I think pointing out the biggest loophole should suffice for the moment. WoWs is an arcade game with the target audience being casuals. "The game was targeted to a slightly older male audience," he said. "Older guys, who usually have a family, work, and [have] an extra couple of dollars in their pocket for their favorite game but don't have that much time. Plus it's a little slower than your typical shooter or Dota-style game. So you don't have to be clicking 70 times per second to be good at World of Tanks. It's slower, it's...OK, manly. It's historic, it's metal, it's scary in a good sense, and it's photorealistic." - Victor Kislyi, founder and CEO of WG (cant wait for simpleton #2732475 to come in and pretend WoWs isnt basically a WoT clone with boats, aiming at the same target audience) This guy surely is the hardcore player that will magically be able to coordinate with 11 other guys he never played before, he never knew they existed before, across several languages and without VOIP. Just the same as in every other MMO that you play with random players, and because random players in MMOs are such great teamplayers as we all know, there are even memes about how good your team of random players usually is. So we have a typical MMO with randoms being randoms, and as in every random you would like to see some form of balance. Well except that WoWs should be the exception to this according to our angry little CV apologists, because only 1 of the 4 classes is allowed to perform on a far higher level because randoms are randoms that can´t coordinate. Now you would think that the class that sits in the back and can kill you while you never even have the chance to retalitate, shouldnt be the damage dealer no.1 because that enhances frustration even more. Guess why snipers in most casual shooters are only deadly on headshots and not on body shots, because players dont like to be touched by someone else outside their range to retaliate. Guess why people hate on arty non stop since the very beginning of WoT, guess why Amored Warfare completly banned arty from any kind of PVP. Ideally CVs would be the support class, which they arguably already are with all their spotting and zoning, thus promoting teamplay instead of being on top this also the damage dealer no.1. To balance out the ability to overly profit, in comparison to the other classes, from the non existing teamplay in randoms you would think that CVs at least also rely far more than any other class on teamplay. Too bad in reality CVs are the only class that isnt bound by teamplay and will always perform far better than anyone else while not giving a shít, not relying on his teammates. TLDR: great OP, then the angry little CV apologists come in and everyone that doesnt want to keep the faceroll toys OP "deserves to get their teeth kicked in" PS: Funny thing, even in a competitive environment with players that have practiced to play as a well coordinated team together and communicate over VOIP, every single ship is still AA spec´d. CVs are soooooo weak, waaaah, they are countered so easily, waaaah. Also this is not really true, there are more than enough competitive matches where CVs, just like in randoms, deal more damage in comparison to the other classes.
  14. It´s been 3 years and there are still people who spout the same BS that CV popularity is diretly tied to CV power levels. You would think those people had enough time to understand what was written a million times, that CVs are a completly different game and most people play WoWs because of the gunnery and not for a bugged babie´s first RTS, but they are just as resistant to learn and understand as the average WoWs player. Potatoes gonna potatoe.
  15. Yamato turret traverse

    Either UI not working correctly or WG not giving out correct information, both cases are pretty much the normal modus operandi for WG, for example the UI that freezes for 3-5s every time you try open the friends list is really embarassing at this point for a company with that size and financial background. WG not caring about correct information and also not willing to give out any info in order to keep the players dumb is also nothing really new, for example creating specific models only for the armor viewer, which are not the actual armor models used for the damage calculation.