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  1. now uninstall that launcher and u will see how good is............................................
  2. we all have cursed ships mainly thats the ships purchased and first 15-20 battles played during a looosingstreakkkkkkKkKK examples are Kagero 46%,Lexington46%,Kiev42%,Khaba.... .....oh how could i forget Bismark i use my Scharnhorst to soak some of the defeats when in streak, with most beautiful ship in that game i dont care about complete brain deads around
  3. you can, current requirements are for co-op or random Operations are not included
  4. Did you tried more than 1 time? something may get wrong during the repack
  5. bb ap vs dd

    GG WG^^ Game is broken as crap, but they wasting time to "improve lights" = invisible torpedoes, extra effects wooha, a launcher which when u uninstall grands u few hours of freee time to spam in forum..... everything is so damn broken that i think will migrate back to tOnks ...NO, not wot - AW
  6. Very Very important neeeds proper color yes yes yes
  7. Grozovoi (why dont you make mission/event/nolifers-marathon for its camo discount) Minotaur still no Z but can fix that if there is some DDonly event/marathon
  8. u forget that we was also allowed to play saint luis on pt when french boats comes out
  9. With free x GET MISSOURI DONT WASTE it to unlock normal ships!!! Missions are repeatable so when u finish 1 u can click and run it again, complete again and u will get again the stars reward. So, that means u dont need anything else different than Tier8 ship to complete campaign and get Yamamoto Any ship is good just Tier8 and stick with simple missions as get 30k XP
  10. pffff ping jumps to 300..... freezes, that game is unplayable.... Tuesday morning ^^
  11. nope ur not yet imbalance, you still his real face did not know ur tier6 player struggling with tier7-8premiums its not a problem just you need time to L2P btw armored beast as Cleveland you will find at t10(t9 if u have quickywasd fingers)
  12. @Negativvv new ship started to listening and obey m8?
  13. will give u simple solution stack 50 camos and grind her over a weekend because next on Iowa/Montana shells are behaving completely different btw NC is only ship which i did not sell after finish the grind and moved to next one, NC stays fully equipped at my port as a Monument
  14. what text there is CA icon you dont need text
  15. on alt 100x Zulu 25xDragon (really only25)