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  1. well i dont play DDs without SE and as second BFT i prefer to farm DDs. Most of the time i`m trying to cover 2 caps, which leads to perma knifefighting xD but for control YY with radar is best for randoms. that 8s faster torpedo reload is not something that ull really feel, 76.**s is short enough. and SI is useless if u not gonna play tardway and pew pew pew pew for that there is better ships WoRsT about Z52 is that atm she is incapable to penetrate the armor belts of DM and Moskva even at 2km@90deg - every other DD can pen them lol only Z can not
  2. you are missing the french one Jean-Jacques Honore lol Steven Doe: Expert loader 75% Expert Marksman +3deg/s , +1deg/s Jack: Jack of All Trades -10% Expert Marksman +3deg/s , +1deg/s Smoke Screen Expert +30% Jean-Jacques: Expert Marksman +3deg/s , +1deg/s Adrenalin Rush -0.25% to reload time for each 1%HP lost Yamamoto dont have buffed skills like 3 above. Visual effects that can be turned on/off are passive, tracers and special commander flag mounted. He have 2 "Talents": -Concealed Reserves +1 charge to all mounted consumables on ship. to be triggered you must get the "First Blood" of the battle. -Second wind... +140HP per second for 120seconds -34% to main battery loading time -16% to torpedo reload -16% to aircraft servicing times ...tricky part is that it needs "Kraken Unleashed"
  3. There is only 2 DDs that i dont use RPF on Khaba and Grozovoi too much gundependent @Rionage you have 3Builds as base. which one will suits best your needs, only you can find out. I. PT or IA depends, what u prefer and did u get long visualization latency (when ship pops on minimap i get ~3s delay till i see that ship in the water) II. LS & AR III.SE & ... ...TAE for spammer....8sec less torpedo reload.....currently feels as waste with 5DDs per side and permanent Domination-mod.... ...BFT so u can engage more than 1 DD in knife fight or for multiple cap contests, this days i get in no less than 2 contests.... ...Vigilance for full screening role. Vigilance stacks with HAS and that build is more like totally useless for randoms. IV. RPF & CE
  4. RPF is must to. You dont swap rpf. but look u can trade 10% torp reload for 0.4s guns reload torp time goes to 76s but that -0.4s reload on guns feels really great
  5. Super container madness!

    lol how many virgins you sacrificed??
  6. Poll for "X spot on Map mod"

    LuLz guys its a KM BB firewood owner lol relly no one of u.....? ....got arsonist achievement from that guy
  7. Poll for "X spot on Map mod"

    well if u propose a workaround to the author i will be very happy to use that mod again lol
  8. Poll for "X spot on Map mod"

    more like @Work, kids with their BBaby ships are swarming the battlefield for the poll i vote NO. it`s not correct the usage of "unfair advantage". are mongols that stay still in smoke mostly fkd up- yup should it be a part of the game options? Hell Yeah!!! should it be removed as mod from minimap pack? YES.
  9. Other Changes

    @MrConway please, really please add option in "settings" so we can turn off that ridiculous DR marker in the center of the HUD. With default value true, so its there for every new player or those that are out for a walk xD or just REMOVE it . its really hard to track movement of small ships even on battleships. and one more could we get old placement of ship chars.tab. i have to dig my face low in screen where there is no targets, incoming shells,... and so btw if you put poll for each HUD "improvement" with duration 1 week after round 1 of PT would be great. That way players can give fast and direct feedback for such "important improvements" that directly hits their "gaming experience".
  10. mean while in some different reality(last 7days that is mostly TX`s (4battles in cleve)).... and those are my last7 days in my altacc cant find any problem atm its clear that ur suited more for mid-low tier battles why don't u stick to them for a while or spend more time in youtube-twitch...... @Excavatus dont forget pls that this is not only English native forum its also for rest of us plewbs that do not have official forums in our languages PS: @Lady_godiva_s
  11. Last stand

    no problems in my Khaba`s only feels like the penalty for engine is little bit higher lmao (hmm or my sierra mike`s have run out) @cro_pwr lol more like year m8
  12. Is this game flooded by BOTS or whatelse?

    yup same experience here and that's in Tier 10s, i would accept such a bs in mid or low tiers (because i don't play them lmao) but c'mon game becomes more and more unplayable day after day - now we have even DR of our ships in middle of our "screens" no matter that is and on minimap and on ships chars tab and in port. ...NO WE MUST HAVE IT in the middle of our crosshairs.....5% lower hitrate per ship since that great improvement
  13. cheat possible in cyclone?

    @OP did you know that there is a mod with X on the minimap ?
  14. Give all cruisers heal?

    all T8 Cruisers should get heal
  15. Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    noo u really dont want my opinion im that pissed Edited have to chill some how really put some stinky foam that looks like cream and we get 40fps drops that feels like 19-21 turnbasedstrategy Edited This post has been edited by the moderation team due to swearing.