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  1. Awful in world of warships!

    for that 2mm u need ifhe to pen it.....also u calculate ur dmg output very wrong that full HE dmg is if u citadel ship with that shell git gud (or at least learn mechanic) http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Warships
  2. Faith of Grozovoi?

    Grozo rudder is good with 3.7s may be 2-3 knots more or best put Radar at slot 5 Dmg.con, Smoke, Engine boos, Rep.party , Radar
  3. I use Klingon-predict super secret scripts almost as powerful as WASD Hags scripts
  4. Indianapolis Marathon 70K damage

    simple.. step 1 get high tier fire starter (VIII++) step 2 press "Battle" button. step 2 ½ if needed Do "step 2" one more time.
  5. I cant get it, what is the problem with DDs in "Raptor Rescue" and with the 5starsVics? one little rusty....3 months old... 20 Cits 17 Torpedo Hits Bad@sSS ruGunboat
  6. TO WG regarding the radarsituation

    Whats the problem perfect balance 5x5 amount is fine when at least 6 of those 10 ships will be incompetent how to use it and/or will snipe camp absolutely out of position....whats the problem?
  7. Next free commander retraining phase?

    nope, @beginning of next CB season. There is no reason WG to give free cap.res for Ranked
  8. DDs - Concealment expert or RPF

    only DD that u dont need CE is Khabarovsk......(blabla kiev and so there u need AFT xD ) when u get 19p captain u can put RPF on ur Gearing, before that CE CE CE C E CE CE CE CE and again CE always CE
  9. Bulgarian navy in WoWs

    we can go for tier 11 if u want yup balkan navy is good idea same boats are in service in Yugoslavian navy
  10. Collectors club

    Kidd was on sale for second time something liike 2 weeks ago.......... .... .... .... REST READ PLS few posts back. No more col.club and on RU
  11. ST - T10 Ship Specific Upgrades

    will just quote myself GG next retarded idea^^

    In fact, the first Bulgarian is http://wotbg.com/forum/64-world-of-warships/ Всъщност първия Български е http://wotbg.com/forum/64-world-of-warships/
  13. Current Ranked T10 Meta

    DesMo and Khaba for more memmmmmes.....and HIV works nice