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  1. On what USN ship are you using William Halsey

    hihihihi on both accounts i use him on Wooooosta wooosta,,,,just loving the ultimate rain (with tracers lol)
  2. Radar Discussion Megathread

    actually highest skill cap required is not for DDs its for: CVs CAs DDs BBs of course with your experience in TX boats only with DDs and BB its normal to call DDs the "hardest" to play class but they are not
  3. Radar Discussion Megathread

    u dont have to trade hp u cann approach and bait radar for 2salvos duration and if ur with stern to enemy very likely no to get any dmg but yes radar range at its base should be same as the detectability of the ship not more, if we talk for Worcester her radar should be 9.5km of course to be balanced to same tier USN and RN radars the duration should be little bit longer btw gitgud factor is not problem of balance its problem to different department. gitgud problem comes first with that new fast XP gain scheme when i start playing you need 150 and more battles in t8 to advance to t9 now only with prem acc and the stuff which game gives to u u can get to tier X from T1 with that amount of battles m8 so same thing should be put and for DDs under radar lmao because even now there is players which dont shoot at DDs even when they are capping....
  4. Radar Discussion Megathread

    @MrConway please dont look too much at those mimimimi threads. its normal New CL line with rapid firing guns and radars DDBaby perma cry for mimimi radars mimim IJN torps notGud mimimi i suck and cant addapt to play DD above T5 and different than Kamikaze mimimi pls WG make hiSeas simple and boring like T5-6, because im not any more perma-invisible and i su*k in T9+ why there is no mimimim from any decent hitier DD player ? because we all know how to bait radars how to contest caps how to approach caps and how to dodge shells When there is invisible class capable to take out more than 1 ship in a volley that is "imbalance" and "broken"
  5. o7 m8 btw that setup is great when we warm up and the rest 4key members of alpha are available its epic, deserved victory for u guys^^ when life gives you nothing take and drink all that vodka
  6. Please Fix Radar/Sonar

    i love that yhahahahahahahaaha +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 you should change to Sushiboat Complaint LoTo
  7. Thanks for the answer MrConway, will be interesting s10.
  8. Moskva After Update

    put some crew on that boat, they will know what to do...you sober vestern spy
  9. Realistic Radar

    "realistic" is not active for 20sec--58sec "realistic" aiming is not like in game you know hAllo0 to first weekend thread^^
  10. yeah containers are 11 months before clan-oil, Who CARES Propose anything else for NON Clan players?????? this is why no matter when those containers are collected they are good enough for such compensation now we have ridiculous situation Clan Members have 50+k coal from the start casual scrubs have 0
  11. now read again my post
  12. actually its very simple, there is container counter (check achievements section "Senior Supply Officer" its for 1000 or 999+1 containers)... ...so 1 container = 10 Oil = 50 Coal. Because NON clan players have no access to extra Oil(from clan battles blablabalbla) FKN Simple just multiply the amount of containers collected by player with "50" dFK yeah 50k will be the limit, but its better than 0 stronK intellect needed syka bliat
  13. on main account 4xRank1 2xStalingrad Flags i get 17k Steel 56k Coal on alt account 2xRank1, 1xStalingrad Flag 11k Steel 33k Coal so my question @MrConway is how i`m supposed to get Black next ranked season? Because my math fails, for my rank1 4 times i have 5k steel...and i need 14k for the ship, will be the reward for rank1 9k steel or something like that?
  14. guys put submarines ok and fast ok

    how about NO, ok!!! never, OK!!!