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  1. Another Detonation Thread

    with only module on khaba i got that
  2. Another Detonation Thread

    no diceroll its predicted by MM ur team to loose, and because enemy cant kill you by other means single secondary he shell detonates u or else
  3. Z52/Grozovoi, Khaba, rest xD (Grozovoi full gunspec(IA,EM-AR,SE-BFT,AFT-CE,MainBateryMod3) as true Russian else Z52)
  4. Atlanta or Midway?

    really? pfahaahhaahaah yeah take CE before AFT btw when ur behind island u have a lot of C did u have any idea how limited is that ship even with 13km fire range when BB is running away at 12kms ur shels cant reach him in time also aiming for ss/deck eats a lot of range now tell me how many islands are there that u can spam shells over at under 10km targets and ur safe all u need is 10p cap and youtube^^
  5. Fiji, my new favorite ship.

    yup in previous one in 0.6.12 it was 7s
  6. Fiji, my new favorite ship.

    when u smoke infront of ur team ur covering enemy team with current 15s smoke generator duration smoke screen expert is absolutely useless the position that u push in to smoke ur self is not very good for any other CA if u play aggressive
  7. this is why its called competitive if u dont perform well(dont have needed ships, or decent commander/team/players) u get ur deserved position.1st 3rd 10th ot 101 current CBs are even worse than Ranked battles just a grind fest u can get in typhoon with less than 50%WR on the team just need one lucky streak of 3wins 2 wins gives more points than 3defeats takes out edit: removing a entire class and call it competitive is only WGs magic no matter that my personal preference is that i like that bs lol in its full beauty should CVs take their deserved place its not 1on1 3vs3 or blabla and should be tier X if some one dont have enough ships - go grind also TX removes the need of breeding 2 19p captains for same line and all needs of respec for this respec for that blablaba -190k,-190k retrainings and so ....also TX removes all possible mimimimimim premium ships mimimimi p2w mimimi
  8. Fiji, my new favorite ship.

    Edinburgh actually is damn good boat u get 10km torps with 9km concealment only problem is that she is not that agile as Fiji actually feels more like slug compared to Fiji and ofc u start facing a lot of radar ships if u can pick better skip Neptune than Edinburgh 6.6km detection when fire from smoke is not good xD also on nepo ull need MFCAA+AFT to perform good because of the caliber off her AAguns and for that u need 18p cap or 17 for AFT BFT and nepus concealment is absolute joke
  9. Fiji, my new favorite ship.

    you can notice the differences in screenshot from my altaccount xD
  10. Fiji, my new favorite ship.

    no matter Dunkirk or not always JoAT is before AR for RN CLs and smoke screeen is useless u need that boat as close as possible to enemy lines and ur smoke must come as fast as possible, if u get focused u will have no time to enjoy the benefits from AR edit: basically that sheep u grind in 1 weekend so if u not gonna keep ur cap for ever in Fiji put wait and put AFT
  11. Fiji, my new favorite ship.

    TheKing of Tier7^^ IA so u can push under incoming fire JoAT SI CE ----10p---- AR/EM Vigilians AFT if that captain is future Neptune Minotaur CAP AFT-BFT-AR(if u gonna respec between neptune and mino AFT-MFCAA for Neptune)
  12. Yamamoto Isoroku

    mine is trained for amagi future yamato but his living place is in Katori lol 1battle every day
  13. Premium Ship Review: USS Kidd

    after 20battles can say 1 thing for sure Kidd is not a Fletcher class more like a nerfed Benson (old hull before ruder buff ) real problem is only that Kidd looose a lot of speed when in turn and after ur almost never with engine boost equiped 40,0knots and that radios-shift time becomes very unpleasant experience when things get heated on feels very, strange mix between khaba and omaha and requires own commander xD first season 8battles with my standard gearing commander 3wins5defs - too much range not enough heals near no fires, only 7.3km torps was useful after respec things get better 12battles 3defs and ship feels a lot more "solid" and avrg fires rise to 1per20hits basically a copy of my Khaba commander with swaped AFT for CE now the question is did i want to trade CE for AR&JoAT
  14. lol yeah since i reduce a lot my random battles the feed from flags is enough to spare 1-2 for my love and for deto flags i have zuki, Z, aaaand khaba when she is striped lol