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  1. pls add future "uninstall WGC and get old launchers back" NO i dont want to REINSTALL WoT and WoWs again NO i dont want to arch. my screenshots and replays i just want option to revert to old launchers
  2. @mtm78 bring more diapers m8, one more needs a fresh ones.
  3. in practice arc is better because u hit cits easier on all that midship2/3width-waterlvl placed cits out there and cruisers get ugly deletions from USN exactly because u drop shells over them + to dds buthurt, of course you must get used to the specific ballistic of USN..... yeah its embarrassing when u hit the belt of Yamato/Izumo at long range.......
  4. you sure you know how to use that "radar"? pls give me the secret activation code for that radar-thing
  5. 42>72?
  6. Completely deplaned potatoCV (bigger potatoCV than me) in his AS Hakuryu
  7. was doing the weekly mission in my Benson on my alt, when i noticed @T0byJug in his Fletcher, unfortunately he was on the wrong side of the guns, gg m8 but your team was *************
  8. 7defeats in a row^^ i love that new tweakedMM not that its a lof DMG but after 29killed TBs u except that some how ur team will not disappear
  9. you are a glitch, system error.....one rule to be true rule must have at least 1 exception
  10. you should be banned for that people are there for fishing and "swimming", this is a game boy no place for such aggression xD they are vegans dont like to harm animals but if u want really to be hated and reported write Ръш Б сука блят! than you will get and few "Igor wrong server"
  11. lmao i see 1hour ago xD
  12. 2 what get few stinky camos and in 2days ull get Grozovoiчик minsk is great gunboat same speed as Khaba and Lenin......enters in cap rape enemy DD and get out ....her Minsk`s torps are "real" Flotilla leader ones pure stalinum (dont use slower ones they are for western-spys) ...ognevoi, great ship when stock the triple.t launchers spams like machine guns lol and guns are.......2x2 VMF^^ btw on PT there was 200%Camos for 125G so w8 1 week........they may get released for...."the dressing" before Halloween
  13. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Camouflage
  14. Hello, im here just to eat my
  15. in deed sounds very odd like they dive from....i dont know but more like "low altitude throwing" something like that sorry just cant find proper words in my poor English vocabulary is youtube banned in Belarus ? <melittleconfused> edit: it sounds more like its duration is scaled to animation of plains but more proper would be to be scaled to d point where the run is locked just my opinion