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  1. SgtPinback

    t8 MM: When will this be fixed???

    Tiers in WoW mean less in WoW than WoT. I never feel greatly disadvantaged if I'm T8 in a T10 game. Just modify your game plan accordingly. Let's face it a 15" shell or a torpedo is largely the same no matter what the tier...
  2. SgtPinback

    Playing WoW like WoT

    One thing I dislike about WoW is players who play like they are in a WoT game. I mean in reality no warship ever camped and sniped from behind an island. No warship stopped mid-ocean to fire from the back. No warship ever went into reverse in a battle. Warships bomb around at top speed changing course to spoil firing solutions. Just bugs me but maybe if I started doing these things I wouldn't find myself alone in front being pounded by the enemy...
  3. SgtPinback

    Ships that are better skipped using FXP

    I skipped the French battleship line with fxp until T8. Couldn't bear to play the preceding French tiers. Also skipped Gunesiau<sp> not a real ship (though proposed enhancement) and bough the Scharnhorst instead. I always try to skip ships that never existed and stop in tech trees where the following tiers were designs only. Very few tech trees go all the way to tier 10 with 'real' ships. The uk destroyer tree maybe one of them...
  4. SgtPinback

    British Destroyers Collection

    I've been getting these in daily XP crates. What type of crate is best?
  5. SgtPinback

    British Destroyers Collection

    So I need one more gun badge. What's the best way to get these? I need one more, either the missing one itself or one more so that I can swap. Is the only way through crates and if so which option to I pick for the crate? Thanks
  6. So I'm at Tier 7 in the British destroyer line and about to get my 10th point. From what I've read the British destroyers are gunships at higher tiers and whilst I primarily play with torpedoes I do get into destroyer on destroyer fights. My question then, should I go for concealment or the HE pen skill? Imagine that I need both but which first. Getting the next level 4 skill will take a very long time...
  7. SgtPinback

    Team Map Interface

    HELP! Is there any way to modify the team lists displayed during the game? All I get is a member name (half cut off) and outline of the ship. Like to get ship name. Same goes for the display above ships during the game, on WoT you can get Type, Name, Player and Health. Doesn't appear to be any option to modify this is settings (unlike WoT). Thanks in advance.
  8. So I bought the Scharnhorst. Now I am racking up XP but seem to have no way of using them. Searched around the interface to no avail. Is there an 'accelerate crew training' option like in WoT? Can I transfer it to free XP? Again, cannot find the option. Thanks in advance.
  9. SgtPinback

    BOTS on Opposition Team

    DoH! Thanks
  10. SgtPinback

    BOTS on Opposition Team

    Is there some setting that prevents what appear to be computer controlled enemies? Call me old fashioned but every game today has been against an identical ship fleet and a bunch of users whose names repeat and start/end with ":". Are these bots? And is there a way of preventing a computer controlled fleet if it is? Thanks.