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  1. Bul6basch

    Adressing Great Naval Battles Event Feedback

    Project R was not so difficult, have good prize (5lvl), have good missions( for you better bots and online, of course). Congratulations, not stoping!!! Not interesting, he haven`t SECRET...........
  2. And also 1, specially for members of ItalianMafia Sorry, how you need?
  3. U have any time to correct It`s a secret! this mistake. GNB more harder than Project R, but prizes...... Maybe it`s a joke?? However, I dont believe WG
  4. CV`s not mine: Hosho ore Langley for quick murdering???
  5. Bul6basch

    Whats your most WTF moment you ever had?

    Great story!!!
  6. Bul6basch

    Special offers. When?

    I'm need in special offers for slots. Urgently required slots.
  7. Bul6basch

    4.0.1 what will come thıs update?

    OBT come!!!
  8. Bul6basch

    1st game after update

  9. Bul6basch

    1st game after update

  10. Bul6basch

    Life After The OBT Wipe

    I have Grem and Iwaki. My faforits ships: 1. North Carolina (then Montana) 2. Mogami 3. Fuso 4. Des Moines 5. Minekaze (2-5 lvl) 6. Clemson (Nickolas) Maybe buy Murmansk. Atlanta?, dont know.....
  11. Bul6basch

    Close Quarters Expert still bugged?

    No such reward Ctrl + lmb
  12. Bul6basch

    Huge amount of time of loading a game.

    I have this problem too, nearly after 1 min...
  13. Bul6basch

    Russian in Europe