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  1. TycBrum

    Armada: Indomitable

    My Grandfather served on this ship in WW2 - its name brings back many stories told to me when I was a child by him Good memories
  2. As the title says, wondering what the best changes are from the last couple of years? Anything decent to specifically look out for??
  3. Best game after retuning from a period away from the game, these french cruisers are pretty good arent they
  4. Oh i am pleased for him .........
  5. And then hit a Solo Warrior finish with Zao , me Vs N.Carolina, Khaba and Edinburgh
  6. Epic Zao game and STILL lost
  7. Decent Fujin game Still love this little DD - had it since it was first released !
  8. TycBrum

    Santa boxes

    well i got 2 x molotov in 5 cheap presents this morning
  9. TycBrum

    Gtx 1080 bad performance, anyone?

    am about to do the same as my R7 is just bugged with black screens from voltage overloading and im sick of Radeon not fixing the drviers. Which Nvidia is a solid stable buy these days?
  10. TycBrum

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    I for one am pleased by WG Gerneral Manager EU response and actually telling us who he is and that he exists !!!! It appears to me they have listened and took action and i therefore will open my wallet to WG again Thank you WG for listening and doing something for your EU community at long last
  11. Thanks pal, their Khaba rammed me which was a free kill and i just repped the flooding damage afterwards was a very enjoyable match but i wish there was a way to see what i would have got IF i had won ?!?!?!
  12. Well i can only guess at what I would have got if my team hadn't thrown the game away at the end