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  1. BIackFire


    The same issue, I really want that 1,5 million....
  2. BIackFire

    Developer Bulletin: Update 0.9.4

    The Consumables Changes should have arrived in the game back in 0.9.0 or before, am surprised on how this change took so long...
  3. BIackFire

    Clan Battles: Warrior's Path Season

    I was ecstatic to finally play clan battles for the first time, a landmark, an achievement to finally play the end game... How wrong was I, this is the worst thing I have ever seen and I can't believe how this happened with all the community and the huge feedback. I played a couple of games and decided no, not this season, what a letdown. And with this my interest to unlock new clan-based Tier 10 just went down the drain.
  4. BIackFire

    Tirpitz is back!!!

    Concealment?... On A Tirpitz! MAN UP KID Just kidding, Tirpitz is one of those ships that you can have a lot of builds for, its a perfect example of a ship done right, it gives your options.
  5. BIackFire

    When are the German Carriers coming?

    The question you should be asking sir is, Where is the Italian battleships and why fictional German CV line is coming out before a real Italian navy... Brace for Russian CV line
  6. BIackFire

    The duality of CVs in randoms?

    Play KAGA mate, High Caliber All Day Long. Its Quantity over quality and can produce aircraft mid-battle.. you will lose lots of aircraft but that not the point, KAGA torps are crazy good, and God help whoever in the match if Match Maker decided you and other battleship are the souls 2 Tier 8 ships in a predominantly Tier 6 match.. Unfortiently Karma will drop, a lot... but that's a side effect of KAGA :D Honestly, CV Rework failed to achieve its main goal, there is still a skill gap and CV rework made the game worst especially for new players at Tier 4, which is a good way to kill your player base.
  7. BIackFire

    24h renting of premium ship

    Not a bad idea, but i would like that you can only rent a ship if you pass a certain threshold like 1000 battle played or something related to spending enough time playing... i don't think seeing tier 2 players with tier 8 premium ships would be a sight most people that grinding to T8 would appreciate. At least the Threshold would prevent people from creating multiple accounts to keep renting ships at high tiers... just a thought :)
  8. BIackFire

    Any ETA on Odin and Agir?

    To my knowledge, they were fun ships... then Nerf hammer happened and they became quite terrible. However, Agir at least has the Graf Zepplin Dispersion on her secondary so that's a plus i guess...
  9. BIackFire

    CV are fine ... wg say's... iam not sure...

    WEHO, another CV related Post... it's not like there is a pinned thread about CV's or something Nah...
  10. BIackFire

    Alpha players

    Respect to all Alpha testers who are still playing wows in the menace of the changes this game went through since they started playing, your feedback made this gem awesome.
  11. BIackFire

    Who let the bots out?

    "Thats where you wrong kiddo"
  12. BIackFire

    Who let the bots out?

    "that's where you're wrong kiddo"
  13. BIackFire

    Why I keep getting the bad teams

    Potatoes? that's an insult to potatoes, at least Potatoes can be a bait for the enemy team to shot at instead of you... lockdown players should be called Dried Tomatoes, for when they miss the broadside of the barn from inside.
  14. Massive AA Fire would be a ripoff if it was a 1 point skill "I know the skill is useful for low AA rating ships, but its still overprices as surgical masks in this pandemic :D"
  15. BIackFire

    Why I keep getting the bad teams

    on the bright side of things, Matchmaking queuing time is reduced , and it more about quantity over quality of games