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  1. Worcester AA

    Well my expirience says that if you ask your team to focus that full AA DM+Mino which the enemy CV brought in a division... The last three ships left alive will be the Mino, the DM and the CV... So I have little faith that it will be any different with the Worcester.
  2. Worcester AA

    Well its base AA values are even higher than the Minotaurs... And it has the same range AND it has defensive fire... What the ef....
  3. Worcester AA

    This is just not fine... With the insane range you can get and the rather insane base values imagine the cancer divisons... I mean CV with double Worcester? CV with Mino+Worcester? With the AA range upgrades you really need only two ships to entirely cover the whole team... YEAR OF THE CV indeed... Also the legendary modules... Fist you take Midways planes down two tiers and THEN you add an upgrade that buffs their hp? While gimping their speed even more? While the Haku gets only benefits? Really? And no you can't say it's fine because the rework is coming, the problem is here and now. And while I get it why you want to reduce the CV population to zero (from what I have heard about the CV rework anyone who plays CVs did not like it, so the less players there are the less resistance there will be to the rework (hey seems like a definition through a circle... We gimp the CVs so there is no pop and the can't support the CVs because there is no pop...)), this really is not ok.
  4. Worried CV Rework

    Then try using tutorials, if I may, I recommend Femennenlys series of CV tutorials, they explain practically everything in reasonable manner. This is the same thing CV players have been saying for years - CVs need a good tutorial. And there is even a basis for it in the operations and training rooms... @VC381 I know why are they doing it and why it makes sense, but using ""low and not growing CV population" as an argument, when WG is actively discouraging players from joining and playing that class is simply stupid...
  5. Worried CV Rework

    Well pretty much all the changes that were made to CVs were made to discourage people from playing CVs... You might ask why? Well since there is a huge rework and gameplay change coming, the less people are playing now, the less people will be upset when the rework comes... It's a self fufilling prohecy really, WG is saying that the CV pop is not growing, while they are actively gimping its growth... First by removing manual drops from t4 and t5 and then adding ships with gradually more AA (looking at you Worcester!). @BuccaneerBill Alienating your playerbase is not a good move either way.
  6. Worried CV Rework

    Well from all the small leaks that were introduced I am worried as hell... Since from the words of anonymous CCs, they were able to play the reworked version on the CC summint and it came down to this: People who don't reguraly play CVs loved it. People who play CVs, hated it... So I am in.
  7. Bug Reports

    Textures missing... I played 6 battles prior this one and everything was ok...
  8. Worcester - excuse me?

    No AA power creep at all.... Ef you WG, like we don't already have 4 crazy AA shipt at TX
  9. In randoms on the NA server, where no one specs for AA and average CV is a complete auto dropping potato? Yes. On EU, where there is still active CV population and some people actually spec for AA even through they are not divisioned with a CV? No.
  10. Notsers CV video

    That pretty much says it all... If CVs truly are that OP, why aren't there 200+ CVs in the queue, like BBs are?
  11. Notsers CV video

    So I have watched his video and this is my criticism... Watch the video first, but man he really has not very good knowlede about CVs.... Notser got so many things wrong I am quite speechless... I mean using "too much skill" as an argument vs CVs? While I respect you as a DD main, you probably don't have enough expirience in CVs to really drive these points home (since I am a CV main). First of all: RTS is not the issue, why is the population dropping. The issue why it is dropping is because WG was unwilling to provide players with tutorials. Man, even using a bloody training room with stationary drops to test manual drops on would be enough! Or expand on that system, add a bot CV that just launches unarmed planes that you have to learn how to strafe down. Then arm them. Then add enemy strafes... That is the reason why people have nowhere to learn, unless they go into training rooms against other willing CV players. There is no tutorial, no CV campaign, no CV series on the official channel... Seems more like WG wants to actively block new players from getting in (which is understandable since they don't want more players to learn the class they are reworking and then be upset that it was reworked). Also hoping not to run into a player that has more skill than one has is present in every single class, in every single game... Because then you have to rely on rng and luck... And no one wants to do that. Scouting: To use your planes as scouts is simply wastefull (in random battles) unless the battle is already going to a closure. You need your fighters to protect your stike package and you need your strike to be doing damage in order to win. There are not many situations where it is worth it to leave your sqadron over enemy ship. How would I fix that issue if I really thought that it exists? Gradual increase in enemy AA the longer you stay in range. Here. Done. You want to keep that DD spotted? OK but the longer you do the more planes it will cost you. Also you are not doing damage/attacking the enemy strike package with that squadron. Then you have to get it back to rearm (why do you think good CV players get closer to the battle to reduce travel time?) You might say "hey what about the DDs that have shorter range AA than their spotting distance?" Well there are 2 solutions - one is to say tough luck, since they are usually the RU DDs which don't care about conceament anyway or you can add the AA range so it matches the spotting range... And if the CV player decides to dance at the edge of the spotting? Well that is a a hell of a lot of attention that is focued on that one squadron and I am sure as hell that that attention is needed elsewhere... Ability to "oneshot pretty much every ship in the game" Now this is just plain wrong. The only time a CV can "oneshot" you is if you make a critical mistake (like dropping smoke and stopping in the middle of it, when it comes to DDs) and that can happen on behalf of every other class as well. And it you had been playing CVs more in an enviroment where CVs are more popular (namely the EU server) you'd soon learn that there are tools that counter CVs heavily (talking TX RN). Mainly the defensive fire consumable, which screws with drops immensely and is basically no skill one button to screw over CVs. Not to mention the constant AA power creep. You don't even have to take dedicated AA division into account, just one AA specced ship can ruin CVs day. (That was the reason I originally started with the USN CA line in CBT). Also, BBs can oneshot every other class. DDs can too. Why should CVs be different? Control: While you can split your squadrons up to create "macro" situations, there ususally is little advantage to do that, since if you split your squadrons, you divide your hp and strike potential between more AA. Try splitting your squadrons at TX in a mid AA situation (once again I refer to the EU server) and I guarantee you that you won't get many planes through. So you are basically controlling 3 - 4 squadrons - your fighters (individually) and your TBs and DBs groupped. Which leads to your assumption that controlling 3 to 4 squadrons is boring being wrong. The 1 v 1. Yes CV gameplay is focused on CV vs CV. That is the main counter! The whole RTS genre is based around 1 v 1 or maybe 2 v 2! You have to spend time to get goot at CVs. A lot of time, but the reward is worth it. I don't want to rely on the average potato to do his job, since I know he (most usually) will not. That is another reason to play CVs. To stop being so dependant on others. To get the influence over the match you want. Do you sometimes get the feeling that no matter what you do to win, your team just screws everything up and they are feeding their ships into the enemy one by one and there is nothing you can do about it? Well in a CV you finally can. You can outplay the enemy and it can mean something even though your teammates suck. That is WHY you play CVs. To be able to rely on yourself and to fix others mistakes. The comptetitive side: If your clan has the ambitions to get into the hurricane league, it should have a decently skilled CV captain. I spent basically half a year training for clan wars (ever since the initial announcement right to the confirmation that CVs will be excluded) and all that time all that effort was for nothing. The CV exclusion made me stop playing warships completely for good 4, 5 months... I was that angry. And still am. If you don't have a good enough CV player, then grow one. Look at RTS forums for players, take them to WoWs. Teach them what you need in clan wars and get them to play for you. Also clan wars being divided into leagues, means that only the best will play against the best (save for the initial launch of a season) so you will not have as huge skill descrepency. Notser have you watched Kings of the sea? Where clans actually spec for AA? Have you seen what high AA situation can do to CVs? Right now the situation is that people are unwilling to sacrifice their skillpoints/modules for AA and they are getting punished for it.. AA AA is bad and has been since day 1. We know that. The issue is that they are dicerolls. Once again we come to RNG ruining the game... If there were permanently set values and healthbars that would enable you to count and plan that would solve most issues. Currently we are in AA power creep situation that is not even funny... As for the cheesing AA divisons - allow CVs to division up only with the same tier of ships... Done. While I respect Notser for his DD/CA/BB skills... he has way too little expirience in CVs to comment on CV situaton from the point of CV... He are on the recieving side, but he has not gone deep enough into CVs to really comment on the giving side... Has he ever tried to strike an actively evading Khaba with Midways unresponsive T8 TBs? Has he ever lost his entire strike package to a DM or Mino? (Who, few patches ago, could stay invisible while doing it?). The one point I grant him is the skill tansfer. You have to have vastly different skillset to play CVs well, however that skillset is easily found in any other RTS game. The game does not teach you anything about CVs, because there are no prompts, no tutorial (as I already mentioned) People can counter CVs with their skills and specs. They just don't want to.
  12. Sure, give every single ship defensive AA and values that are close to DM... That sounds like fun...
  13. It is still interresting how the Haku has higher winrate, it shows that the main targets of the Midway (mainly BBs and CA) don't have as much influence as the main targets of the Haku (which are mainly DDs, thanks to the converging drop pattern and smaller DB crop circle, not to mention the option for AP bombs...)
  14. Just to reinforce the argument... The only stat that the Midway was beating the Haku in are the planes killed (and minor xp) but you can say goodbye to that now... And while I can do well in the Haku, you can see from the number of battles I took in her I liked the Midway much more...
  15. So ranked at T10 and Midway nerf is still in... #year of the CV Seriously it would be bad enough to face off with the 4/2/2 Haku without being able to contest her with your own AS loadout.. Now with the reserves dwindling? You won't see any Midways in ranked... Also, get ready to get Zeppelin'd in lower ranks.