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  1. Horin728

    Bug Reports

    During a random battle my planes started freaking out and went into a super fast loop. the loop was happening without my input and could not be canceled save by recalling the squadron. Here is a gif made from screenshots I took: https://imgflip.com/gif/2tbrd2
  2. Facepalm... And what about the first two/three sets? That died while returning after the drop? Those are potentially 6/9 planes that never make it back and recalling the last set even though it still has good hp just for the sake of recalling is quite literally the opposite of what you should be encouraged to do...
  3. Come on look at the GIF. I know they are vulnerable after recalling with F and that is fine since it counters the Haku spam. What I have problem with is that they are vulnerable after they drop the payload. Which on the Midway basically means that you have 0 planes coming back since all of her planes are forced to close range... When you drop your payload you are always inside an AA buble nad the vulnerability and straight line of the return path means guaranteed flak hit and bye bye to all your planes...
  4. Ok I just finished my first game in the Midway post nerf. Literally 0 planes make it back to the carrier. Doesn't matter if they are recalled automatically after they drop their payload or if the are recalled using the F key... What a load of crap... This is what I am talking about:
  5. Horin728

    New CVs

    Ok I have been playing the new CVs for 2 days now... They are boring, unengaging and induce motion sickness in me...
  6. Horin728

    cv, new gameplay. Part I from a cv P.O.V. (preliminary)

    Sorry for the double post, but this is quite important... After playing 15 games today in the last two games I got quite motion sick... Never had that happen in a video game before... Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the new CVs are not optimised and run at very differing framerates?
  7. Horin728

    cv, new gameplay. Part I from a cv P.O.V. (preliminary)

    To be honest... I played Midway for about 10 games today... I did some good damage got some kills and never got deplaned... But i felt so utterly bored it seems beyond belief... Press W for 40 seconds. Drop. Press W. Drop. Press W. Drop.... Nothing else there not depth, no tactics, no strategy no managing multiple things... Just EPIC BOREDOM.... I have been saying this for a while... The rework is god awful.
  8. Horin728

    Farewell to RTS CV's

    My last RTS CV game... God I am going to miss the Queen Midway so much... The undercooked, imbalanced buggy rework is probably the worst that CVs ever encountered... Even counting in the epicly cuntish move by WG to announce clan battles and after CV mains spent 2 months training then say LOL NO CVs in clan battles or when WG removed manual attacks from the tiers where players are supposed to learn about them... Not to mention removing all mentions of them from the client... Or when they decided that they are not going to sell any premium CVs anymore... Or do CV related missions/campaigns/special commanders, or fix the UI and animation disconnect... And YET we ARE still here. And according to Flambas's survey there is a lot of us (actually the majority) who think that the RTS system is better... Such a shame... Farewell my Queen. Farewell
  9. Horin728

    1 month left to play.RTS CV

    So repetiveness and simplicity won over tactical RTS engagement. I mean the gameplay gets boring after 10 games... And absolutely disgusting after 40... Also lol the cutting in half, the addition of "support CV" who cap with planes... Rofl... The rework is an absolute distaster. It will fail... Not in a month... Or two, but in half a year to a year? It will. Because the core gameplay loop consist of pressing W for 50 seconds. ALSO YOU REWORK THE CVS AND THEN MAKE A RANKED SEASON ON A TIER FROM WHICH YOU REMOVE THE CVS FROM? That sounds awfuly familiar like the EF YOU CVs got when clan battles were announced...
  10. Jesus that article is so bad... they are contradicting themselves in paragraph after paragraph... We want clearer progression and for players to see what CV can do when they look at the loading screen... So we introduce same tiered CVs with "different playstyles." So you are basically putting more confusion on... The MM argument basically says that WG has no confidence in the rework. It says that WG thinks that after the rework there won't be enough players playing the CVs to fill the MM... WHICH IS WHY THEY ARE REWORKING THE CVS IN THE FIRST PLACE... And the mad ideas for "action packed gameplay" Laying smoke... Wow so intense Helping BBaibies put out their fires... Much helpful... More important than damaging enemies... Capping with planes???!! (LOL I don't even know where to start on this...) and most importantly of all... YOU CAN SPOT FOR YOUR TEAM... YAAAY you can fly around with your one squadron while doing jack sh*t.... (The enthusiasm is sarcastic if that is not clear) All the while removing the planes ability to spot torpedoes... God the rework is awful.... The only thing that should be implemented are fixed AA values and plane health... Scrap the rest...
  11. I have been saying it since the first rumors, but the CV rework looks bad... And is getting worse and worse by the moment... Seriously there is so much wrong with it, that I'd have to write a serious wall of text to include it all... And I have already done so 3 or 4 times...
  12. Horin728

    Some interesting info around the world

    New Waterline has been released Topics: Kitakami :D CV rework going ahead (personal note: That is a seriously bad decision...) Haze and Lighting removal/changes Quick commands spam MM changes (high tier distributions) New game modes (arms race) Balance (BB AP, no damage penetrations, secondary changes)
  13. @YabbaCoe Pokud jsem vyplnil survey a anglické forum, má smysl psát to tady?
  14. Horin728

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    So it has taken me precisely three games to get utterly bored with the current implementation of the reworked CVs... In the first game I was learning the ropes, like that dropping torpedoes on DDs is a no go, since the arming distance has been increased massively. The clunky camera that follows the rockets... The fact that you can't properly see what are you doing after you execute a drop... Second game I started absolutely stomping... Third game I was bored and also frustrated by the UI, since it randomly decided " HAHA you are not gonna be able to use autopilot". I was still able to stomp right to the point where the enemy CV decided to snipe... CV sniping is real and there is jack *edit you can do with it... The RNG nature of AA is quite simply horrible since all you can do as a target is to pray to RNGsus for your AA to stack the puffs in the right place and as a CV you can ignore it most of the time (all the time at low tiers) The magic summon fighters button.... I mean I could go on in greater detail, but so far the CV rework is everything I feared... And then more.
  15. Horin728

    RN CV's in testing

    Well it shows one thing... These were in develepoment for a long time... And WG is actively gimping current CV population to lessen the resistance.