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  1. Much constructive, very wow.
  2. I will repeat a few of my observations about the GZ 1 and GZ 2. I absolutely love the GZ 1. The fighter buffs are enough to make them viable against shokaku and workable against AS Lexi/BigE (I still feel that the fighter reserves are a bit low, but trading bomber for them does not seem feasable as well) the reduced take off time is also awesome as it reduces downtime, where CV player can't do anything, though you tend to run out of planes really soon. And I love the drop pattern. With the 3.8 second delay you can actually start hitting BBs consistently unlike with the 6 second delay. Your choice of targets is however limited to german/britsh/some IJN BBs. USN BBs have much better armor protection from AP bombs and stronger AA so they are not the target of choice. I love bringing instadeath to BBs, because they are used to doing the precise same thing to other classes while being immune themselves. I feel like they deserve to feel the pain they have been causing to cruisers for so long. Cruisers: You really wan't to attack cruisers as your secondary targets, since you can't guarantee penetrations. Some high tier cruisers (Hindy and Moskva) are as vulnearble as BBs, but their AA is usually significantly stronger and you can't afford the plane losses (especially at the start of the game). DDs: Your only option against DDs is to use your own ship and its secondaries, which can be quite effective if you can get into range. Dropping any kind of AP bomb on DDs is just a pain in the bum. Suprisingly I absolutely hate the GZ 2. I don't mind the fighters since I was able to work with them even in the original GZ, but I hate the drop pattern. After trying out the GZ 1 where you don't rely on RNG but skilled drop alone, I hate when I aim perfectly and get only 1 hit per squadron. Suprising lenough I actually liked that pattern for the HE bombs, since you really need only enough hits to start a fire. With AP bombs I found that the damage is too inconsistent to be relied upon. Conclusion: I'd keep the GZ 1. If I'd add one thing to it, it would be the option to change between HE and AP bombs in battle, thus enabling greater flexibility. I'd even sacrifice the fighter buffs for it.
  3. You know this thread actually makes me wish that the Devs won't change a thing from the GZ I. Why you ask? I love deleting BBs. For the longest time BBs were used to being immune to instadeath while doing the same thing to other classes. Especially the german ones with turtleback (and the new lowered citadels in USN and British BBs don't help too). CVs were already capable of doing (roughly) same amount of damage to BBs just by staggering their attacks to make the dots stick. AP bombs are pretty much HE bombs+time, all they deliver is the shock and awe factor of doing the damage at once, not over the course of 30 seconds. For that the CV has to give up the ability to attack DDs (which is sometimes crucial for the team) and some CAs. Imagine BB ap suddenly start overpenning DDs as a rule and doing only 1% damage instead of the 10% we have now. Or not being able to fire your main battery guns while on fire (looks at emergency take off and laughs). Or to have (lord forbid) limited ammo (planes) that can get intercepted midflight (yea that is kinda stretching it, isn't it... imagine cruise missiles and anti missile missiles). AP bombs are designed to punish BBs in a way BBs are punishing everyone else. And that is what I love about them.
  4. They are locked if you issue attack command, if you pay attention and issue a move command and then strafe, you can annihilate the enemy squadron while they are strafing out. Strafing is a good mechanic - without it the Haku will stomp over Midway even harder. Being able to counter the 2/3/3 is essential to the air war in TX. Same goes to the 1/1/1 loadouts (especially on the Lexi) you basically have to get a good enough strafe to equalize the fighter count and only then fight them head on.
  5. All depends on skill. If the enemy CV is a potato and goes for the full AA DM you get (almost) 50 planes. If he uses his brain, you will get a dozen or so. If your team uses you correctly for AA you might get 30. Yes the clear sky achievement is absurd, since you have to kill around 67 planes vs a Haku and 74 against a Midway, but that should be another topic of discussion. In order to really gain appreciation in the CV counterplay you first have to play them to understand the amount of work that goes into each strike. One whiffed/countered strike can have (and usually has) substantial impact on the whole match and this is where your enjoyment should come from. Did you get (only) 6 plane kills? But what were those planes - were they Midways only TB squadron that was attacking a yammy that just repped? Well you just prevented a major problem for your team.
  6. has 0 games played in CVs. Comes to every CV thread just to spread hate and argue without any substantial arguments. Oh and hides his stats just in case... Says he won't play "op faceroll ships" just shows how much you "know" about CVs. Nuff said.
  7. Ehm... Let us recap TX ships that have "bad" AA or don't carry defensive AA Shima, Khaba, Z52 and somewhat Yammato. All other ships at TX can shred squads if properly specced. It seems that every new line has more and more AA (Looking especially on the brits) and hunting DDs is not a reliable option for USN CVs, thanks to the one TB squadron and crappy bomb dispersion. So no, CVs have a hard time already.
  8. Well since the RN BBs are out and are using (almost) exclusively HE and CVs are still waiting on the option to choose from HE/AP bombs I think that expecting an option to choose either deep/normal torps is rather naive.
  9. More info on the GZ from the Facebook group: Greetings, captains! We are pleased to announce in-game missions for test Graf Zeppelin 1 and 2. Each mission can be completed on each of the test ships. The missions will be available from 14 September 9:00 UTC until the end of testing (to be announced, most likely somewhere between 0.6.11 and 0.6.12 - it depends on test performance). Mission 1 Restrictions: Random battles Once per account Conditions: Over any number of battles gain 9500 base XP Rewards: 3 random containers 20 000 elite xp Mission 2 Restrictions: Random battles Twice a day per account Conditions: Earn 600 ship base exp Rewards: x2 commander's experience Test configuration: free - you may equip your ship as you wish. Test requirements: At least half of the battles on the ship must be played without a division, in the "random battle" mode. Currency spent (e.g. doubloons for premium consumables you have bought) is not included in the testing process and will not be refunded. When the ships are removed after the test, commanders are sent to the reserve, while upgrades, flags and consumables are demounted and sent to your inventory. Personal note, please discuss in the appropriate topic, should I keep posting these?
  10. I think what they meant by the deff AA part is that the parameters of the bigger eclipse don't change, that means the bigger eclipse stays as big as it is right now (when under def AA)
  11. These are only the first loadouts to be tested out, I think there might be one with TBs too, but we shall see, the paulinas were already able to citadel even USN BBs and the (now even more) improved penetration should make them more reliable at that. While all of this is true I still think that CVs should be able to pick a bomb type in battle, depending on the circumstance (while the bombers are landed obviously). I think that WG just wants to have hard data on all the options before they make the final decision and this provides quite an unique (and awesome) opportunity to test out their more wild ideas in controlled enviroment with greater sample size than the supertest provides...
  12. More info from the GZ Facebook group: Greetings, captains! We are pleased to announce that the first phase of Graf Zeppelin testing starts on September 14. All test participants will receive two aircraft carriers. Each of them will have AP bombs, differing by their settings of drop ellipse, bomb fall time and other settings. Please, find further information below. As you might have known, originally AP bombs used to have the following characteristics: Dispersion ellipse of the bombs was 54 х 270 meters; The ellipse narrowed when ALT-attack was used – -50% to dispersion; Under defensive fire dispersion increased on 40%; The speed of bomb falling was 345 m/s; The bomb fall time was 6.0 sec. Now we present you two updated versions of bombers with AP bombs: The first version: Dispersion ellipse of the bombs has been narrowed to 54 х 210 meters; When ALT-attack is used or under defensive fire ellipse changes stay the same; The speed of bomb falling has been increased to 375 m/s; The bomb fall time has been reduced to 3.8 sec. Aircraft take-off time has been cut twice; The tier of fighters has been reduced to 7 without changes in their battle performance. In general, the first version is designed for players with a high skill in playing on aircraft carriers. Such performance characteristics of bombers will provide good accuracy, however, one must be alert – it is necessary to choose target lead accurately and to anticipate maneuver of the enemy ship. Reducing squadron take-off time will provide a pleasant bonus of a few seconds for the air group in a mass takeoff. This will give a slight advantage at the beginning of the battle and will allow your fighters to be one of the first over the strategic points of the battlefield; We have reduced bomb fall time and narrowed dispersion ellipse of the bombs. A delay of 3.8 seconds still gives the target ship a chance to lay an evasive maneuver down, but it will allow bombers hit maneuvering targets more efficiently and hit camping targets or targets that do not change their course; Increasing the speed of bomb falling will increase the value of armor penetration and give more opportunities for consistent damage to armored ships; Reducing the tier of fighters without changes in their battle performance will give a pleasant bonus when using the "Dogfighting Expert" skill. The second version: Drop ellipse has been changed, now it is a circle of 120 х 120 meters; The circle narrows when ALT-attack is used – -20% to dispersion; Under defensive fire dispersion increases on 100% when using auto-attack, and on 50% when using ALT-attack; The speed of bomb falling has been increased to 375 m/s; The bomb fall time has been reduced to 1.0 sec. In this version, the fighters have no changes comparing to the original version. The second version is designed for all players and does not require special skills in playing on aircraft carriers, although the performance of this version may be lower, it will allow the beginners to achieve more stable results. Bombs fall with a delay close to the standard, but the drop area will prevent from consistently hitting the target with all bombs, while the probability of hitting cruisers and other narrow targets has been significantly reduced. The task for testers will be given a bit later. Please keep in mind that we will test other options as well, but for now, we would like you to concentrate on the two suggested loadouts. Thanks for reading, and see you soon! In the comments, we have learned that more testing will follow, these are just first two changes to be tried out and that the GZ will probably end up with 2-3 loadout option to choose from.
  13. There is difference between a skilled drop and relying on others to make mistake and while I can make the GZ work quite well for me, the main issue is with the UI - you have no indication of the time to drop and most importantly - if you loose a plane after it "should" have dropped the bomb (the delay time) the bomb gets deleted too.
  14. New info regarding the Graf Zeppelin from the FB page: Greetings! We would like to thank all Graf Zeppelin owners for very high level of engagement: 92,7% of those who got an invitation have already accepted it. To make sure no one is left behind, today we're re-sending the invitations to those GZ owners who did not give us any reply: this is the last call, so if you're interested, please log in to the game and decide whether you want to participate. We plan to start testing phase 1 next week: two test copies of GZ with two different AP bomb loadouts will be credited, and detailed information about test length and goals will be published here. Thanks, and have a nice weekend! (Personal note: Almost 93%? Wow!)
  15. I agree with the ability to change between AP and HE bombs, that should have been in since their introduction. I disagree with the longer delay for planes, since "thematicaly" they are being re armed anyway and from a gameplay standpoint - waiting a minute and a half for your DBs on the Midway is not fun. What we also need is a system that lets us cancel take off - when you accidentaly queue your squadrons in the wrong order, you can't change it, even though they have not begun their take off procedure (it could be simply bound to the F key...). To the AA... I am not happy that each line that comes out seems to have stronger and stronger AA. The whole poin of the US line was to have good AA. Now look at british CAs and BBs and to some extend other trees (Hindy, Grozovoi etc.). If the clan wars are truly to come at TX CVs will be completely useless, except for scouting, since here is the list of ships that don't carry defensive fire of don't have great AA: Shima, Khaba, Z-52, Yama and to some extend Grosser Kurfurst. This is what scares me, since every other ship can rip your squadrons (especially the single USN TB one) from the sky easily.