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  1. More info form the FB dev blog: Patch 0.6.14, American battleship Colorado, tier VII Increased hit points for hull (B) from 50100 to 59300. The amount of hit points is now equal to ship's displacement. The sigma number for both hulls is set at 1.9, compared to 1.8 for hull (A) and 2.0 for hull (B) before.
  2. I like this thread a lot more CV is always better
  3. Patch 0.6.14, IJN torpedo launchers reload time Torpedo launchers reload time is decreased for the following ships: Myoko, Mogami, Ibuki, Atago, ARP Myoko, ARP Ashigara, ARP Takao, ARP Haguro, Southern Dragon, Eastern Dragon, ARP Nachi, HSF Harekaze. The new reload times by launcher type are: Type 8 mod.2 – 70 instead of 76 seconds for Myoko, ARP Myoko; Type 90 mod.1 – 101 instead of 109 seconds for Atago, Mogami, ARP Takao, Ibuki; 101 instead of 112 seconds for HSF Harekaze; 76 instead of 82 seconds for Myoko, ARP Myoko, ARP Ashigara, ARP Haguro, ARP Nachi, Southern Dragon, Eastern Dragon; Type 93 mod.2 – 112 instead of 120 seconds for Ibuki; These changes will streamline the torpedo launchers mechanics and increase their combat efficiency. Source: Facebook development blog
  4. Ok, here we have another (even better) example..
  5. Sorry, made a mistake, still it illustrates the point even better.
  6. Those planes in the video are T9 planes... Falling like rocks. And the buff didn't stop at the Kidd. Not to mention USN cruiser split. And USS Salem. And the fact that every bloody ship released has more and more AA! Want examples? British - both lines, French cruisers, KI. Seriously, there is nothing left to strike in some games. I know there is rework coming, but it seems it's months (well in all seriousness it already is YEARS) in the making.
  7. More info about the Graf Zeppelin, taken from the FB testing group: Greetings, captains! We are back and pleased to announce that the 4th phase of Graf Zeppelin testing starts next week after update. All test participants will receive two aircraft carriers - GZ Test I and GZ Test II. GZ Test I with Flight control: 1-0-3 (1 fighter squadron and 3 bomber squadrons). Your fighter squadron will have 9 planes. The tier of fighters has been reduced to VII without changes in their battle performance. For your bombers squadrons you may choose between AP and HE bombs. This flight control is introduced to address the point that was appearing in your feedback: lack of air superiority. GZ Test II with Flight control: 1-2-1 (1 fighter squadron, 2 torpedo bomber squadrons and 1 bomber squadron). Your fighter and bomber squadrons will have 9 planes. The tier of fighters has been reduced to VII without changes to their battle performance. For your bomber squadrons you may choose between AP and HE bombs. This is completely new flight control with all the aircraft types. It offers a good compromise between air superiority and striking, but be careful - your torpedo bombers hit only Aircraft Carriers and Battleships. Aircraft takeoff time and time required to prepare for takeoff have been cut in two for GZ Test I and GZ Test II. Also, we reduced landing time for all aircraft. Thanks, and see you soon!
  8. Well the pattern is debatable, I actually kinda prefer the IJN drop pattern for attacking BBs. Not to mention that the IJN squadrons are much more agile than the USN ones. Every time I play tthe Midway, the planes feel like they are "sliding on ice." The one point that is true is the lower damage.
  9. It is really strange... 12 torps from USN squadrons is a no no for TX planes, but 12 torps from IJN "alright" granted they do less dmg per torp, but have much better drop pattern, more agile planes and faster reloads...the longer I think about the T8 planes, the less I like it.
  10. I am interrested in trying out the new USN CAs... I see a lot of fire potential, however I am seriously worried for CVs. New line. USN. With excellent AA... Seems like everything released for last 4 lines has crazy amounts of AA...
  11. How about the german proposed BB/CV combined ship as that? I'd buy that
  12. I'll add Hindy and Henri, they both have killer AA when specced for it... Also Kurfursts close range AA is a killer And try to hit the bloody Khaba with your single TB squadron as a USN CV... Good luck with that. Year of the CV expletive 1 ... expletive 2... expletive 3...
  13. @steviln @El2aZeR I have become quite lost in your conversation, could you both do a shot run down of your main points please?
  14. That Avatar picture, I know that from Baldurs Gate? I used that as well! Wow!