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  1. Horin728

    Comparison RTS vs reworked CVs

    I like the test performed but in order to meaningful results it would have to be performed at least 25+ times to get statistically significant data... Would you be up for it? I'd do the statistics then... Edit: also I'd love to see the AA turned on in these tests
  2. Horin728

    ST: Priority air defense sector

    Also imagine trying to drop two ships that are nearby... One pushes the button - 2 planes dead, 2nd pushes it 1 plane dead and 2nd plane badly damaged... As soon as you enter AA range... meaning unless you slingshot in you will loose at least 4-5 planes even before you get your drop in.
  3. Horin728

    AA still firing through islands: fix needed.

    Hah don't forget the free flaks and damage a DD can get by turning his AA on and off rapidly and not being rendered in at all thanks to the render delay...
  4. Horin728

    ST: Priority air defense sector

    What I am wondering is what will this do to DDs that already can abuse the render delay to do free damage to planes? The scenario goes as follows: DD rapidly turns his AA on and off - hence placing flak clouds in the path of incoming planes (which stay active after he turns his AA off) and doing some direct damage to them and since he has his AA off again and is no longer "spotted" he is not rendered in at all thanks to the render delay. With this system the DD will be able to do aditional instant unavoidable burst of damage to planes and if the system does not change he does not even have to be spotted... Man... A montage of RTS CVs popped up in my youtube feed by chance... I forgot how satisfying they were... The perfect strafes, the torpedoes that actually did damage... I miss that...
  5. Guys this is a seriously bad idea... It the bonuses were cosmetic or they'd provide some economic boosts (like a tiny amount of steel per won game? Could be something silly like 5) I'd be entirely fine and all for it, but since they provide actual in battle advantages (which are NOT insignificant) I can't really support this... Let's take an extreme example: We have a fully upgraded Kremlin with Kusnetsov as its commander and appropriate signals: Kremlin has 125K (ish) hp. She has 7 charges of DCP. The DCP is active for 14 seconds and then comes 31 second cooldown... That amounts to 5.25 minutes of absolute immunity to dots... Not let's look at the other side... A Midway torpedo does 2190 damage to a Kremlin... So I'd need 57 torp hits to kill the Kremlin... Asuming that he does not use his heal consumable... Hah.... Just no...
  6. Horin728

    Absolute pay2win/grind2win BULLCRAP

    I have done some math... Let's take Kremlin as an example... Her DCP will have 14 second action time.... 31 seconds cooldown... And will have 7 charges of with with Kusnetsovs talent... That amounts to 5.25 minutes of practically total immunity to dots... Hmm let me see... How many torp hits with my Midway would I need to sink her, assuming only alpha and no heals from the Kremlin? One torp does 2190 damage... so about 57 torpedoes.... HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA sure
  7. Horin728

    PSA - No cvs in clan brawls after all

    I kinda feel like WG is geniunely trying to piss CV players off as much as they can... Another tease that ends with Naaaah ef you CV players... Remember the original annoucement for clan wars? And then 3 months into training with my clan WG says lol EF YOU CVs won't be in clan wars! I am not defending the current state of the balance as it is all out of whack I am just quoting WG: "All major changes to CVs are finished and we are confident enough to sell premiums and let them into competitive play." Confident enough my bum...
  8. Horin728

    A new concept: Flagship of the Fleet

    Getting competitive advantage that you can ONLY get by spending doubloons is a bad idea in the first place. While I fault WG for many things (hey 1959 ships are in the game, why we fight them with 1945 aircraft?) they mostly stayed off the P2W aspect in WoWs (Belfast says hi ) The suggestions not only break the balance of the game but they are so P2W that they'd probably make me quit WoWs for good.
  9. Horin728

    torpedo bomber heal/ adrenaline rush issue in 8.5

    Would you stop that... The "dedicated post" is so full of rage and there are so many ongoing dicussions it has basically become a graveyard where everything gets totally burried...
  10. Horin728

    torpedo bomber heal/ adrenaline rush issue in 8.5

    I mean I have been saying that since we have seen/heard the first rumours about the rework... It is bad and WG should feel bad and it will fail in its main goal - getting more people to play CVs. It will not happen in a month, not in 5 months but in a year it will. Beacuse the "action gameplay" system is just not complex or engaging enough. It does not give you the feeling of control and influence you had in RTS style. It gives you nothing in the way of useful defensive tools. You are not competing with the enemy CV in two areas (damage and denial) only in pure damage racing mode. Plus the AA is same RNG "poop" that is has been in in RTS. Only disguised by flak clouds (which turn invisible, fire through mounatins, do damage even though the ship has its aa already turned off, spawn before the ship in question is actually rendered in (oh my god SO MANY BUGS WITH ONLY ONE SYSTEM!)). Not to mention the plethora of other BS CVs have to take... Imagine the following scenario - you are flying straight on the enemy planes, so are they. You both drop your fighters precisely on the same time. Then you both boost away. Yet somehow enemy fighters aggro on your attack planes and YOUR fighters aggro on the enemy fighters... Result? Your attack wave is dead and you are getting no plane kills in return, since the enemy fighters despawn after killing planes... Becauce LOL why would it not...
  11. Horin728

    Arkansas Beta AA

    That is what I said, I could not find any planes shot down...
  12. Horin728

    Arkansas Beta AA

    I do, already went through it and saw no planes shot down. Although there was a moment where I might have hit a landing plane on an enemy CV with main caliber shell. 20190623_190933_PASB013-Arkansas-1912_01_solomon_islands.wowsreplay
  13. Horin728

    Arkansas Beta AA

    I have a question... HOW?! I mean I'd chuck it down to a buggy ribbon since it shows plane but says incapacitated, but apparently I have the plane kill in the other scorescreen as well :D For those who don't know Arkansas Beta has 0 AA. Literally not even a guy with a revolver firing up.
  14. Horin728

    Kremlins AA

    As I said it might look silly when compared to the CV "REEEEwork" but it's still worth pointing out. Especially if the Slava has even more absurd AA... And with the chances on PTS your TB heal becomes useless and your planes lost will quite possible sky rocket... Which will be fun... Especially for ships like a Saipan that relies on not loosing his planes...
  15. Horin728

    Kremlins AA

    Yea I met one last game... She was all alone and isolated... Lost all 24 planes in the two runs I made on her... WTF.... Never even came close to any friendly ship...