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  1. Horin728

    ATM1 Carrier upgrade - a must?

    I don't use the mod, I prefer the longer TB drop time, because it allows me to initiate drops behind islands and/or switch targets middrop... 2 knots of speed really don't change that much. (I am using TA).
  2. Yea this is known... It is annoying, but not 'game breaking'
  3. Horin728

    Official WG guide seems ever so slightly off

    @YabbaCoe Did you get any info? ;) Thanks
  4. Horin728

    Official WG guide seems ever so slightly off

    Are they anywhere online? I'd love to have all of this in one place/topic ;)
  5. So I recently got a friend to try out WoWs and showed him the official guide on eu website and oh boy was I suprised. Take a look at the CV parts of the official guides, I have to admit I had a really good laugh and then felt sorry that the RTS is gone... WG actually thinking players are capable of controlling multiple things at once? Oh no no no we can't have that, players are too stupid to do that, aren't they. Or that fighters are an useful tool for scouting... Well try that ingame I dare you... And TBs as major damage dealers? A Midway aerial torp that does less damage than yammy overpen would like a word with you. But hey, since WG is teaching new players how to play RTS, it must mean that is coming back, eh? Surely? Hopefully? Mentioned parts can be found here: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/content/guides/crash_course/battle_hud/ and https://worldofwarships.eu/en/content/guides/crash_course/controls/ Basically shows that even a year after the "glorious CV rework" (that IMO effed up CVs horribly) WG has not updated the new player expirience and made it even more confusing for newcomers.
  6. Aerial torpedo modification is an absolute joke... 2 knots in most CVs, 3 knots in IJN CVs... WoW.... And the Squadron consumables modification is not so great either... It gives about 3 seconds of extra boost and I think 0.6 seconds of heal time? Meanwhile all secondary specced ships get even more bonus AA for free.. 'Yay'
  7. Or maybe I invested a lot more time into learning CVs... Both pre rework and post rework... When WG announced clan battles I was the only CV player in my former clan I was the only CV player... I spent 2 hours of gametime every day practicing strafes and counter strafes. Same when reworked CVs came out. I play other classes to blow off steam and don't put nearly as much effort in them...
  8. Sure. Playing CVs automatically must mean I don't know what I am talking about... I tried reasonable arguments.
  9. Attacking someone with bombers takes around 40-60 seconds, depending on the positioning. Can be less can be more. Meanwhile a BB can throw out its salvo every 27 seconds - ish (once again can be more or less). 22 Km is usually good enough range for any ship. Plus you are limited in your planes... Try to attack a blob of 2 or more ships a few times and you will find yourself quickly running out of planes (save for Kaga maybe). Angling. You do realise that there is a mechanic called overmatch? In really simple terms it means that in most cruisers against most BBs your angling does not matter, since their AP can punch right through your nose and go straight to your citadel. And you can angle against AP bombers - if you execute sharp enough turn your whole ship lists. That list can create angled surfaces that can bounce the AP bombs. 100% precision is also quite rare and usually happens only on targets that are either stationary (camping USN cruisers) or simply choose not to take evasive action and therefore they should be punished for it. To the TBs.... Until recently, Midways torpedoes did less damage than one Yamato overpen, per torpedo basis, and right now they are about equal (depending on your targets torpedo belt reduction) + their flood chance is absolutely atrocious. Torpedoes are the only thing that actually still does any reasonable damage in USN CVs since their reticule and bomb precision was nerfed to oblivion. Death by 1000 cuts is not fun. Not for the CV who feels like he does nothing (and can't kill key targets in key situations) and not for the target, who feels like he is constantly harrased.
  10. They shatter, they overpen, they penetrate, they hit citadels... What precisely is the difference?
  11. Then remove AP from BBs. No ship should be able to dev strike any other ship by your logic... Geez
  12. So I spent my last day at work compiling all the changes that have befallen CVs since their rework. First something about me: I am/used to be a CV main, with main interrest in USN CVs, followed by UK and then IJN, with a special place in my heart for the old Graf Zeppelin. Currently I am holding top 20 in the Audacious and round about top 100 in the Midway and Haku, hoping to climb. I do play other ships too, but CVs are... Or more likely used to be my favourites. All other details can be seen here: https://wows-numbers.com/cs/player/507236751,Horin728/ Ever since I have first seen the leaks of the new CV rework I have been appaled. I utterly dislike the move from RTS style, not to mention the frustrating inability to deal alpha damage. That aside I decided to take a look at the history of nerfs and buffs to the reworked CVs and tried to asses the impact every change had to the CV gameplay. I did try to be as objective as possible, however my personal bias should be clear and if there is something that seems way off, please tell me in responses and I'll take another look at it. In the attached file you will find complete list of changes to regular (non premium and non in testing) CVs. As can be seen the CVs were pretty much hit with the nerf hammer over and over and over again, especially the USN, which lost their main strength - the ability to deal with DDs via HE bombs. In the buff category there is not much... There is improved SE which was sorely needed after the butchering CVs recieved when the style of damage taken by aircraft changed (killing AR and heal on TBs), and there is a slight Midway buff at the end (on the torps which are still anemic at best). My main frustration is that is does not feel good to play CVs. I will use my todays expirience as an example. Me in Audacious vs full hp Yamato. I spent next 10 minutes trying to kill him, ultimately doing 80K damage to him, but the way I did that damage was utterly infuriating. I think in that game I landed something like 15 torpedoes on the ship and I got one single flooding, which was immidietly DCPed. Same goes for fires. I got plenty of those, but since it takes about 40 seconds to get a follow up strike the DCP is usually only seconds away anyway... (Not to mention the sheer ridiculousness of russian DCP and Kremlins AA). The inability to do reliable alpha damage and not being able to reliably strike dots on target makes the CV feel inconsequentional in critical situations. Basically (and I know that probably was the intention), you do not matter in short time span. The only way to do anything is to (in PR fashion) slowly grind the enemy and hope to get some dots to stick. Not to mention the figher consumable.... Launching 4-5 fighters from a single ship catapult in 1 seconds that guarantee plane kills... Aside from avoiding ships with fighters (haha good luck with that since basically every ship has that option or ridiculous AA) there is no way to deal with them, because even if you call down your fighters they usually don't give a crap and just get slaughtered by enemy AA anyway. In my assesment I stayed away from premium CVs, since they are causing quite a whack both ways (I own them all). The Big E is strong enough, the Saipan I renamed the Painpan, because she literally has nothing going for her, the GZ is ok - ish though her DBs could really use some love, since they are so hit and miss, the Kaga is fine due to her massive reserves and the Ark Royal is not out long enough for me to make up my mind yet. Last thing I want to touch are bugs. There are so... Many... Effing... Bugs. STILL! Most importantly there is STILL invisible flak. How to get it? Simple, fly into an AA zone of a ship that is near an island. Puffs of flak appear - ship goes dark behind and island - Puffs disappear, but their damage zone is still there! Not to mention that apparently when WG mentioned they fixed AA firing through islands they meant that they fixed spotting. The actual flaks puffs can appear in locations that are physically impossible. Non linear AA scaling Which bugged out and eventually was removed... Yay blobs. Autopilot The new 'improved' (in heavy quotation marks) still does whatever it wants and not what I want it to do. Give. Me. My. Hull. Control. Back. The autopilot does not take in account the rudder shift and turning circle making its predictions unreliable and frankly it has caused me to die more than once. Aiming reticule disappearing It still occasionally happens, however I am unable to determine the cause unfortunately. Closing note: I will still play CVs most probably. However I am getting more frustration than enjoyment from them. Mainly due the fact that I just spent a minute pressing W to get somewhere and when I got there the ship was either dead, popped smoke, popped fighters or I found o group of two, which means you can kiss all your pilots goodbye. And even when you get the attack in, you do what... 13K damage? Big yay on something like a Kremlin (which btw shatters Midway HE bombs on deck... Rofl...). I get why DDs needed added survivability but by neutering the USN HE bombs you took away their identity and strength. Simillary the idea that a Hakuryu is able to get off all 6 strikes with her TBs is just silly. I am sorry for the states CVs are in, even though their damage may seem ok - ish, the way they deal damage is no fun at all. Any and all comments/criticisms are welcome. Please, do remember that, while I am a CV main, I still do play other ships so I know how it feels to deal with CVs. Edit: I just realised I did not include one of my questions... Is there anything that resembles sigma value for DBs and rockets? And if so, what are the values? Year_Of_The_CV.xlsx
  13. Horin728

    Hit tracker mod

    That actually sounds probable enough and with a good hit tracker and enought attempts it should become obvious whether the patterns repeat or not... I doubt that is the case for normal shells, since WG moves sigma around quite a lot and there would have to be a separate table for every value, but if all the bombs are calculated from the same table it would be possible.
  14. Horin728

    Hit tracker mod

    I believe that has to do more with the sigma value of the bombs... The sigma basically determines the probability within the targeting reticule...
  15. Horin728

    Hit tracker mod

    Of course after release... All I want to do is gather data and extrapolate from those..