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  1. Horin728

    New dutch cruiser line announced

    Some of the vaules seem absolutely crazy on these ships... Stealth, Smoke firing penalty, AA values (T8 ship with more AA than a DM? WTF?), turret traverse, fast recharging heal...
  2. Horin728

    What’s your most annoying thing?

    Midway HE dive bomber (and TiT)dispersion. The amount of absolute BULL***** they can produce is beyond belief.
  3. Horin728

    Camera stuck on a dead squadron

    I have restarted the game and had not encountered it since, however when I mentioned it in discord, someone said he saw the same thing this update... If the problem persists I will report more. Thank you.
  4. Horin728

    Camera stuck on a dead squadron

    So my camera got stuck on my dying TB squadron while playing the Saipan. The game was not frozen, but the camera refused to move even after recalling and launching new squadrons. Had to kill the process and restart the game.
  5. Horin728

    Any1 else trying the MvR for silver+?

    Imagine Midway having her old DB reticule back... Oh that would be nice too. Or at least if the bombs did not retardedly go on the outside of the reticule.
  6. Yea I mostly needed a break, qualified today with little problems :)
  7. I won't comment on your utter lack of tact and apparently horrbile upbringing, I will just point out that there are two CVs in each match. Think hard on that.
  8. I mean the enemy team has a CV too and I don't see him getting a quadruple detonations one after another...
  9. Honestly the MM must be rigged, or I must have done something terrible in my past life. Two consecutive games... 4 different DDs... Why can't this happen to the enemy team at least once?!
  10. Horin728

    How are you doing in ranked today?

    I enjoyed ranked in my Big E and Indomitable.... Can't wait for the next season to start to get my FDR finally.
  11. Horin728

    General CV related discussions.

    Oh sure it is, give me my RTS back. I loved that playstyle... Strafing the enemy Haku fresh out of all her planes... Ahh the glory...
  12. Horin728

    General CV related discussions.

    I just read the wiki page for Sanzang, and it seems like it's the exact copy of Saipan, down to the most minute details, can anyone confirm? I pride myself in owning all the CVs I can, but I am not willing to pay for Painpan with a bad reskin...
  13. Thanks, there is a note in GZs explanation saying that you really should skip the hidden menace, until they fix it/skip it entriely if it is intended. I feel pretty similar, overall it feels like nothing changed, we are still forced into one optimal build with 2 CVs being able to choose Interceptor build (Big E and Indomitable). I dislike the reduction in agility that comes with higher speeds. While you might spend less time in AA territory, you can't maneuver as well. Depend on player preference though. I tried flak reduction and honestly it did not make a difference on regular CVs. Your planes might survive one flak bubble, but they have so low hp, that they still drop to constant AA DPS like flies. I'd rather have tight drops on my bombers... Torp protection on KM CVs is the only way to buff your damage that can be applied to all ships. Everything else has specific targets that it works/doesn't work on. Hence why I take it. Hidden menace must be bugged or it is complete trash. If you see the note on torp acc and extra heal you can see the reasoning why I took it. While it does not provide massive benefit to ANY CV, it is better than an extra heal which you might not even use the whole battle... (Now if the AA targeted random planes as it used to, the extra heal would be a must take skill.) Well the only thing that offends me, is that you probably did not read most of what I posted... I don't even have a build for Shokaku here Still if you have better ideas, please post them and we can discuss :) Thank you! The core build will work on most CVs fine. I however prefer the reduced aiming distance for torps (DDs tremble) rather than plane speed. On most USN CVs you don't need sight stabilisation, however if you want to have success with Midway torps you will definetly need it. Thank you all for feedback and ideas!
  14. So I decided to put together my take on CV commanders. Honestly the core build is pretty much the same all across tech tree CVs, with minor deviations. There is a possibility for a full AA Interceptor build, but that should only be used in competitive (clan) enviroment and most CVs are not suited for it. It can work on Enterprise, thanks toher massive fighter squadrons and works well with Indomitable, thanks to her speed. There are also a few trap skills - for example Swift fishes will give you only 2.5-3 knots, assuming you're in a Haku/ MVR, which is pitiful. Engine techie means that you'll run out of consumables faster, on the other hand repair specialist only comes in play lategame, where you don't have full squadrons and the CD on heals is so long, you sometimes get 0 use of it. Hidden menace also seems to be bugged, because it kicks in even before your planes reach safe returning height (thus killing off all your returning planes). Overall it is nice to have a dedicated CV tree, but the bonuses feel insignificant. Here is a list of the builds with explenations: ARK ROYAL AUDACIOUS INDOMITABLE MIDWAY SAIPAN ENTERPRISE FANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT HAKURYU KAGA MANFRED VON RICHTHOFFEN GRAF ZEPPELIN ERICH LOEWENHARDT Accepting all constructive comments/ideas/counterpoints. Please try to keep your CV hate to the minimum. Thank you.
  15. Horin728

    New sound effects are horrendous

    I disagree. Been playing since CBT and I quite like the current sound system (playing on ultra sound quality, that might be affecting it). Especially the plane engines have been greatly improved.