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    Type 26 (Royal Navy)

    yep :)
  2. Burnsyy

    Need Help!

    Hey Guys need help i want to maybe do a bit of art work but i need some pictures of ships from frount on like you see at worldofwarships.eu if anyone can find any and name the ship it would be awesome ;D
  3. Burnsyy

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    Love it <3 +1
  4. Burnsyy

    Queen Elizabeth Class

    painless, on 10 June 2013 - 05:04 AM, said: I doubt they couldn't turn out their pockets for couple of 40s or Bofors57, or even 76mm strales (that one could be trouble due to ammo space needed), but let's hope they won't need one, becouse even nsm or rbs15, not to mention Russian monsters like Oniks hit by phalanx will leave enough high-speed, high ke debris that would make Swiss cheese out of Queen.. true true :)
  5. Burnsyy

    Queen Elizabeth Class

    Steiner011, on 09 June 2013 - 08:09 PM, said: Agree , radar giuided 40mm Bofors is much better option. well its going to cost £7bn for both ships so i think they ran out of money xD
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    My Gamescom 2013 t-shirt!

    i have a better idea for a shirt :)
  7. Burnsyy

    My Gamescom 2013 t-shirt!

    its easily fixable :)
  8. Burnsyy

    My Gamescom 2013 t-shirt!

    redone by burnsy :D :honoring: (made it less like pixelated and that )
  9. Burnsyy

    Queen Elizabeth Class

    The Queen Elizabeth class is a class of two aircraft carriers being built for the Royal Navy. HMS Queen Elizabeth is expected to begin sea trials in 2017 with an initial operational capability in 2020; the decision whether to operate HMS Prince of Wales will not be taken until 2015. The Queen Lizzy is already being built and by god it is big :) so here are some photos design Progress... She will be the pride of the navy :) Size So there are some pictures :D So The HMS Queen Elizabeth (R08) she will be the biggest ship yet. her motto is Semper Eadem ("Always the Same") she is being built in HMNB Portsmouth. she was laid down in 2009 and will begin sea trials in 2017 General characteristics Class & type: Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carrier Displacement: 65,600 tonnes (64,600 long tons)[2] Length: 284 metres (932 ft)[3] Beam: 39 metres (waterline) 73 metres overall Draught: 11 metres[4] Decks: 16,000 square metres Speed: 25 knots (46 km/h) Range: 10,000 nautical miles (19,000 km) Capacity: 1,450 Complement: 600 Armament: Phalanx CIWS 30 mm guns and mini-guns to counter asymmetric threats.[5] Aircraft carried: Tailored air group of up to 40 aircraft: F-35 Lightning II Chinook Apache Merlin Lynx Wildcat Aviation facilities: Hangar below deck and two aircraft lifts. as you can see this will be an awesome ship :) Wiki :) Design and construction On 25 July 2007 the then Defence Secretary Des Browne, announced the £3.8bn order for the two new carriers.[8] On 11 December 2008, Defence Secretary John Hutton announced that the two ships would enter service one or two years later than the originally planned dates of 2014 and 2016.[9] The in-service date was further extended to 2020 in The Strategic Defence and Security Review 2010 Construction of Queen Elizabeth began in 2009. Her assembly is taking place in the Firth of Forth at Rosyth Royal Dockyard. She will be built from nine blocks built in six UK shipyards; BAE Systems Surface Ships in Glasgow, Babcock at Appledore, Babcock at Rosyth, A&P Tyne in Hebburn, BAE at Portsmouth and Cammell Laird (flight decks) at Birkenhead.[11][12] Two of the lower main blocks, together weighing more than 6,000 tonnes and forming part of the base of the ship, were assembled and joined into one piece on 30 June 2011.[13] On the 28 October 2012 an 11,000-tonne section of the carrier began a lengthy journey around the south coast of England (to avoid bad weather) from the shipbuilding hall at Govan, to the Rosyth dockyard; it arrived on 21 November. Weapons system Defensive weapons will include the Phalanx Close-In Weapons System for anti-aircraft and anti-missile defence; also 30mm Automated Small Calibre Guns and Mini Guns for use against fast attack craft. Highly Mechanised Weapon Handling System (HMWHS) Incorporated into the first two blocks is a sophisticated handling and deployment system for air weapons, with the aim of achieving a sortie generation rate which is about six times faster than any previous Royal Navy aircraft carrier. The system will require only 50 people and could be operated with as few as 12 in an emergency; it is estimated that 160 would be needed to produce the same efficiency with conventional equipment. The system will move munitions on pallets by means of remotely controlled electric vehicles and lifts.
  10. Burnsyy

    Last battle of Bismarck

    I seen this on youtube about it :) its a really good clip. i learned something i didn't know :P
  11. Burnsyy

    Type 26 (Royal Navy)

    Thanks :)
  12. Burnsyy

    Type 26 (Royal Navy)

    Smederevac94, on 07 June 2013 - 01:06 PM, said: Stealth ship :hiding: ...I like it +1 from me, keep up the good work. Thanks :) i think this will be a good ship if i find any more i might post them :D do you think i sould do a post about Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carrier?
  13. Burnsyy

    Type 26 (Royal Navy)

    Have you guys heard about the type 26? This is the one of the latest royal navy ships that is planned to be built in 2015 and come into service in 2021. there is plans to make 13 of these ships costing EST 3250-350 Million per ship. the class is a Global Combat Ship. This is one of the concepts (None have been made yet) I think it should be named HMS [edited]Kicker :trollface: I bet you are wondering about the characteristics of this ship right? Class & type: Global Combat Ship Displacement: 5,400 t (5,300 long tons; 6,000 short tons) Length: 148 m (486 ft) Beam: 19 m (62 ft) Propulsion: CODLOG (T26)[1] or diesel Speed: 28+ knots Range: 7,000 mi (11,000 km) at 15 knots (28 km/h) Endurance: 60 days Troops: 36 embarked troops Complement: 130 Sensors and processing systems: Type 997 Artisan 3D search radar Sonar 2087 (towed array sonar) SCOT-5 satcom[1] Electronic warfare & decoys: IRVIN-GQ DLF decoys[1] Armament: Anti-air missiles: 4× 6-cell[1], 1× 24-cell[4] Sea Ceptor VLS canisters for a total of 48×: Sea Ceptor missiles (range 1-25+ km) Strike-length VLS: 1× 24-cell strike-length VLS, either Sylver A70 VLS or Mk 41 VLS[1] with e.g. Tomahawk land-attack cruise missiles, quad-packed Sea Ceptor or anti-ship missiles Anti-submarine torpedoes: Sting Ray torpedo system Guns: 1× 5" gun, Otobreda 127/64 or BAE Mk 45 2× 30 mm DS30M automated guns 2× Phalanx CIWS 2× Miniguns 4× General-purpose machine guns Aircraft carried: 1× Lynx Wildcat, armed with; anti-ship missiles or anti-submarine torpedoes or 1× Westland Merlin, armed with; 4× anti-submarine torpedoes Aviation facilities: Flight deck Enclosed hangar Accommodation for UAVs So what do you think i this these ships will be something the british can be proud of :honoring: Future Surface Combatant (wiki) The Global Combat Ship started development under the original Future Surface Combatant (FSC) programme intended to replace the Royal Navy's Type 22 and Type 23 frigates. Planning for a replacement escort vessel started in 1998 with the ordering of a research vessel, the RV Triton, to study whether a trimaran design was practical for such a large and complex vessel. However, by the early 2000s it was apparently obvious the Royal Navy favoured more conventional designs. In March 2005, plans were released for a two-class solution, a cheaper "Medium Sized Vessel Derivative" entering service in 2016-19 and a more capable "Versatile Surface Combatant" entering service around 2023. if you want to look at the wiki click here But also what are your thoughts? :honoring:
  14. I would love to see the USS Yorktown Yes Please :honoring:
  15. Burnsyy

    German battleship Tirpitz

    It was a awesome ship to say the least. :) lets hope its in the game :D ( When germans come out)