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  1. Would love to formally join WGP2L. Am currently a clan friend, ex PTS. Was kicked for inactivity - had to travel to US for a while and my message to say I would be away for a while apparently not communicated to clan leadership. Stats are mediocre, but as people in clan will tell you I play most games whilst on the phone to clients - am 30 - 40% better when focused! https://wows-numbers.com/player/507215940,Charger76/ I have a steam account, but not in same name. I can probably change it to Charger76 if needed.
  2. Hi, Interested in joining the clan, is there a TS address or similar to talk to someone there please? Thanks!
  3. Charger76

    6.12 marks the end of World of Warships

    1. OK, but you seem fine with the RN CL line getting screwed, so.... 2. One example. Take a look at the Leander, Fiji, Edinburgh and most egregious of all the Neptune. Utterly screwed. As for the Minotaur, that 500M is still too big: one slavo from any T8 - T10 CA or BB and goodbye Mino. Whether you like it or not it is a very ham fisted, stupid move by WG and one that a tiny degree of aforethought would have addressed without destroying a line.
  4. Charger76

    6.12 marks the end of World of Warships

    WG lied about this many times before. Never do anything. Why not just make the change less of a screw you for RN CL's in the first place? Make range 3.5Km, not 5.4 and 6.5 for an extra screw you on Neptune?
  5. Charger76

    6.12 marks the end of World of Warships

    Try a LOT. At most they should be able to counter the closing enemy with sonar so I'd advocate increasing the sonar range to match the spotting range. If you are spotted firing at a much more reasonable 4Km but can use sonar to see when that moment occurs and try to break off / go silent then the line is not broken. But that simply is not what WG have done. Yet again, they have been ham fisted in the extreme with this and yet again they have broken a ship line and completely screwed the Neptune - I can only think that this is some idiot move to get people to Free XP convert and jump it, but to what? The Minotaur is a much lesser vessel in many ways already - no secondaries and Atlanta type moon arc shots are not a great combination for fun. The smoke problem you correctly identify - BB's sitting in smoke, often forcing out the RN CL that laid it because they are *&^%£"£$^&* - could much more easily have been fixed by penalising ONE ship class in this way: BBs!
  6. Charger76

    6.12 marks the end of World of Warships

    Never that close, but often times an enemy will come straight at you and whilst you can evade some of their fire by varying your shot position (W,S hack) you can often get the crucial hits you need in that last 3 - 7Km range. Now you have no chance of doing that - fire at a charging Battleship and you die. The RN line in general is lethal at those ranges which is why you can get right up in support of DDs, play the edge of a cap and generally set up good ambushes. Do that now and if anyone gets near you, game over, you are entirely likely to be insta-deleted the moment you try to defend your position. This was the intention of the RN Cruisers, to be close in support. Now they have invalidated that with a very stupid ham fisted change. Had they dropped it to 3 or 4Km I would not be so disgusted, hard but maybe useful in so far as it would reduce the number of BB's that jump into your smoke. So the choice with RN Cruisers is to play from the very back of the map entirely passively (like far too many ships already do) or to not bother at all. The wider implication is, as I have said, to stop cruisers of any type being more aggressive. Follow a Gearing to support their capping in your Hindenberg, get a smoke line to work with & you can be a huge asset to the capping DD. Now with no smoke I'll be base camping if I play at all.
  7. Charger76

    6.12 marks the end of World of Warships

    WG made the same lie in regards the Blys. So it went from being in most T7 games to being a rare sight - barely see them at all now. Why? People stopped playing them. Just as they will for teh RN CL line. WG will then do nothing to fix the line just as they did nothing to fix a ship.
  8. Charger76

    6.12 marks the end of World of Warships

    Rubbish. The RN CL is spotted at 5.4Km if they fire from smoke. Their short sonar burst gives them 3.46Km of spotting. Hardly respecting the fact that they are built around fighting from smoke. Then you have the Neptune:6.5Km. Completely, utterly and totally wrecked then. WG chose these figures to destroy the class completely. Had they been extended to 3.5Km (sonar range so quid pro quo counter possible) I'd say its a nerf but not a line killer. At 5.4 to 6.5Km its just a line killer.
  9. Charger76

    6.12 marks the end of World of Warships

    Support from the back. Like I said then. Cruisers will sit back with the BB's making the game incredibly passive and simply a contest of RNG at 16 - 20Km. As for your confidence in WG fixing the seriously screwed RN Cruisers, sorry, don't beleive that lie for one second. They have done nothing to give the Blys an edge and in the case of the Neptune have gone our of their way to kill the ship stone dead with a 6.5Km spotting of their AP fire from smoke.That is WG proving to you that they are happy killing the British CL line.
  10. I see that to make the game ever more "just sail around in a BB and shoot at stuff" by removing tactics and variation that the smoke change is about to be inflicted in the most ham fisted way possible. They have therefore removed whatever incentive was left to drive a CA and made the game reward those who play completely, utterly passively (by and large BB players.) There was more than enough of this to wreck DD game play with the ham fisted removal of stealth firing. Yes, it had issues, no it wasn't necessary to create such a brain dead fix - they could for example have made bloom period relative to caliber so a DD firing a 127mm gun would only bloom for 5 seconds whilst a 420mm gun would bloom for the full 20 seconds. But no, the BB players must be given yet more reason to play without thinking. I have not played my Blys since because WG pretended that they would track performance - how about the fact that you almost never see them anymore - when that was just BS. If they were tracking performance they'd have noted that it was a common ship until the "save our BB's from nasty DD players" nerf and now is a VERY rare sight. But what have they done to make the ship more competitive? Nothing. At least this time round WG has had the decency to offer a refund for the ruination of a premium ship. The Blys has just been a €20 mothball without the slightest care from WG apart from the lie that they will track its performance. It was sold as a ship that had no strengths apart from its ability to engage in a very large concealment shadow. It is merely OK at everything else so offers nothing to the player that other ships don't give you better choices in. So now to please arcade warriors in BB's and really finish the Cruiser class off whilst further hampering DD's we have this ham fisted nerf to remove smoke from the game. Which are the only Cruisers that regularly go to the front of the fight? RN Cruisers. Will they now? No, they will probably sit at max range and join the BB's in doing nothing for most of a game as far from the fight as they can get. How about Cruisers supporting DD's in cap? Nope. They need smoke to be an effective supporter in areas in and around cap because they get citadelled by BBs otherwise the moment they fire. Now they fire to support a DD and they get slaughtered anyway. Best thing a CA can do now? Go for max gun range and fire starting ability, sit back at the start line (or go further back if you can) like our heroic BBs do and then spam from max range. Drop all sonar / DD hunting and go for AA modules then cruise around with BBs covering them from air attack and kill steal off the drolling dolts just to annoy them so they can start whining about how CA's should not only be citadelled very easily, they should just blow up altogether if hit by a BB. Oh and they should not be allowed to change tack either. However, there is one Cruiser line for whom this is not viable, who have very limited range, no HE and no ability therefore to start fires: RN Cruisers. Already a highly situational line who need very careful use to get the most out of - rewarding aggressive positioning, punishing a failure to plan hard - are now finito. Especially the Neptune that has for no apparent reason been given an extra 1.16Km of "screw you" by WG. There are inumerable counters to an RN Cruiser - who has no HE remember - sitting in smoke, not least of which is that they are depending on their team to spot and most teams are anything but. Torp wall, radar, sonar and ping! you have a dead RN Cruiser who can be citadelled by a T4 DD. Balance? Nah, why bother! Lets just publish that we will make changes if it seems that RN cruisers are screwed then do nothing because people stop playing them anyway! A simple solution would have been to extend the sonar reach of these ships to match the greatly reduced effectiveness of smoke, but no, they had to finish the RN Cruiser line completely - the Neptune fires and its visible from a completely ridiculous 6.58Km away to ensure that it is seen about as often from now on as a Blys after they got wrecked. The 5.4Km "screw you RN players" the rest get is bad enough but for some reason the Neptune needed to be made completely unplayable. BBs are the greatest poison in this game because every single game I have ever played you can see a cluster of BBs as far from the fight as they can get praying to RNGesus for a bit of long range stat padding. Now they will be joined by CAs for whom there is now no way to utilise smoke to get closer and ambush their much stronger, better gunned, better armoured BB enemy. WG you have sucessfully killed your own game for anyone who wants more than an extremnely passive sit at the back and put your faith in RNGesus arcade game for BBs. Bravo.
  11. Charger76

    Balance changes

    Please show us you are listening for once. Look at what you are being told by your player base in this forum. Then look here: Stop killing the game WG to please people who would be better off playing Donkey Kong.
  12. Charger76

    Balance changes

    Welcome to a new game that has emerged from the husk that was World of Warships. Calling all Battleship drivers who crave to let the world know how powerful they are! Fear not those pesky Destroyers for you are the King of the Seas! Maidens will fall at your feet and proclaim your wonder! Men shall bow before you! Destroyer captains... will be playing a different game, likely with their mates from the Cruisers. Yes, it has been confirmed that Wargaming have decided that the following nerfs were not enough to appease the Battleships so that they woudl emerge blinking from the shadows of Islands furthest from the fighting: 1. Cyclones - Visibility drops to 7Km, so surprise obliteration for anyone in a Cruiser that runs into a Battleship, little or no warning for a Destroyer. For example, in a Bismark yesterday I was up against a North Carolina and two Kageros. Chances of winning, nil. Cyclone hits. Laugh balls off, easy win. Bottom line, BB's can sail around with no / vitrually no concealment disadvantage 2. Sonar - At first a smattering of ships with it, now available to pretty much any CA/CL, some BB's and some DD's. Cool down very short and duration pretty long. 3. Radar Mk1 - Spots anything inside 9 - 11Km for 30 seconds but long cool down... Only on a few ships..... 4. Radar Mk2 - As before but with fast cool down and longer duration. At least 3 salvos heading your way idiot Destroyer captain trying to cap! 5. Radar Mk3 - on pretty much every CA and now PTW BB AKA Missouri. Now the game is saturated with radar firing ships who can pretty much evacuate an area of any living DD, creating a virtual no go area around the fleet. Every T8+ game you have 2 - 6 radar equipped ships on each side to make your job harder - cap in my Shima with a Moskva/ Des Moines / Missouri / Batli / Doner / Chapy / NO potentially in range and ready to light me up for everyone? No thanks. 6. Which would be, in of itself, livable with if radar did not outrange pretty much every torpedo in the game which brings me to IJN Torpedo nerf! Anything that can outrange radar can be spotted from 2.5Km and avoided. 7. Then we got RDF - specifically to aid in hunting of DD's WG said. Game breaking say many, I don't agree.. in isolation. However, the enemy always know where, roughly, you are and thus where the likely torpedo threat comes from. In the past you could at least deter a RDF equipped chaser or at least control the enegagement somewhat with stealth firing. Now... you are simply screwed. 8. Along with RDF we got another beauty, Twin Catapult aircraft - anywhere between 90 and 360 seconds of flight time, keep spotting torpedos and DD's even after the ship that launched them sunk.most Importantly now you cannot stealth fire, your torpedoes are almost invariably spotted. Put all that together and you have an unremitting assault on Destroyers in particular and a never ending series of boosts for Battleships who lack situational awareness and just want to sail around the back of islands and every now and then click their mouse and allow RNG to gift them a few citadels on some poor bugger in a CA. Now we must again nerf Destroyers because clearly the snowflakes driving Battleships cannot cope with even such a heavilly slanted game in their favour and remove stealth firing..... whose primary purpose is to break off an attack or initiate one. Stealth firing, one of the few advantages that DD's have to still allow them to be effective in the face of a radar wall especially as the game does not reward them for anything else Simply put WG, stop wrecking your own game. Your response to every DD nerf is basically "play better". How about you say this to the real problem in this game, base camping island humping bow on Battleships who get regular ego massages anyway from citadels on any Cruiser unlucky enough to be in sights. Light cruisers' greatest weapon is surprise. This requires the ability to control spotting distance versus the small amount of pain they can inflict within that small window. Light cruisers go bang very easilly in return for this. For a Destroyer (non VFM) their ONLY real weapon is stealth. You keep attacking that and the "problem" of DD's will not go away completely for the BB dummies because only the really good players will play them as the skill floor will preclude any average player from enjoying anything to do with them.
  13. Charger76

    Premium Camo Theft by Wargaming

    According to this: [–]Sub_Octavian 13 points an hour ago The progression transfer is tied to slot, not to ship. So, your previous main line T9 DD (Udaloy) is replaced with the new main line T9 DD (Tashkent). That means everything is transfered to Tashkent, and as a bonus, you get stock Udaloi and stuff. if you have paid 4,000 gold for premium camo on the Udaloi you will no longer have premium cammo on the Udaloi, you will have it on the Trashkent, a completely different ship from the one you paid for it to be on. The 6.2 news says as follows: " Permanent Camouflage If a player had purchased a permanent camouflage for Gnevny (Tier V) before the update release, this camouflage will be removed from the player's account; permanent camouflages for Gnevny (Tier VI) and Podvoisky (Tier V) will be added to the player's account as replacements. If a player had purchased a permanent camouflage for Ognevoi (Tier VI) before the update release, this camouflage will be removed from the player's account; permanent camouflages for Ognevoi (Tier VIII) and Gnevny (Tier VI) will be added to the player's account as replacements. If a player had purchased a permanent camouflage for Kiev (Tier VII) before the update release, this camouflage will be removed from the player's account; permanent camouflages for Kiev (Tier VIII) and Minsk (Tier VII) will be added to the player's account as replacements. If a player had purchased a permanent camouflage for Tashkent (Tier VIII) before the update release, this camouflage will be removed from the player's account; permanent camouflages for Tashkent (Tier IX) and Kiev (Tier VIII) will be added to the player's account as replacements. If a player had only one camouflage for Tashkent (Tier VIII), such a player will receive a corresponding camouflage for Tashkent (Tier IX) and an additional camouflage for Kiev (Tier VIII). If a player had two camouflages for Tashkent (Tier VIII), such a player will receive two camouflages for Tashkent (Tier IX) and one additional camouflage for Kiev (Tier VIII)." No mention of the Udaloi. So you would think that as you have paid for the Udaloi camo and the Udaloi is still in the game that you would keep your permanent camo. Not so seemingly. This amounts to theft. I have premium camo on my Ognevoi, Kiev, Udaloi and Khaba. I like these ships, I was happy to pay to make sialing them a more productive experience. I don't have premium camo on my Trahskent because I don't like it enough or in fact much at all. I regularly think to sell the damn thing. So now WG has decided to rob me of 4,000 gold. Anyone else getting robbed like this? Anyone else want to take WG to task over this? They seem to think they can do as they like and I don't think that EU consumer legislation (which they cannot have you sign away) permits this either.
  14. Charger76

    What now for the Akizuki?

    Yep, that why it was specifically coded into the game - ignore any talk of "accidental" that is just WG's PR department assuming their customer base are drooling imbeciles as ever.
  15. Charger76

    Stealth firing removal: "compensation" mechanic idea

    ROFL!!! So funny because so tragically true.