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  1. Fatal_Emission

    Ranked Season 17

    Season 17 still the same old unbalanced cess pit of every other season. Result decided by what team you happen to be on and nothing to do with how well you play 90% of the time. This game is dying. Team balance is getting worse all the time. Just can't be bothered to even play anymore as things are.
  2. Fatal_Emission

    Improving my PR.

    PR is meaningless compared to win rate to me. It does not reflect where, when and the context of the damage done. We all see the damage farmers HE spamming from long range who rarely move the whole game to help do anything meaningful. There are others doing much less damage at key places and times in the game that have much more influence on the result, those influencial players almost certainly getting a worse PR for their important efforts. PR is very flawed in rating the value someone is to their team.
  3. Fatal_Emission

    soooo.... RN "Heavy" cruisers

    Oh yeah, I gave up wot a long time ago as it bloated into a make believe fantasy premium infested mess. Not to mention the ridiculous gameplay turning into close range dancing\dogfighting like no tank battle in the history of tank warfare. At least so far we have ships carrying out a vague reenactment of their real world roles. Just a shame so many never bloody existed or came close to existing!
  4. Fatal_Emission

    Poll about Ranked Seasons

    Most ranked matches are so seriously unbalanced that actually playing seems like a pointless exercise. The result feels almost predetermined. To me the game is dying.
  5. Fatal_Emission

    Deliberate Teamdamage? How to get the offender banned?

    We all know WG don't give a toss about trying to improve the experience for players trying to play the game properly.
  6. Fatal_Emission

    soooo.... RN "Heavy" cruisers

    As usual a line of ships that never existed once you get past tier 6. Only WG could take a navy with as rich a history and fail so spectacularly to be able to fill the line with real ships! Again! I haven't spent a penny on this game for a couple of years now and WG time and time again further reassure me that I've made the right decision.
  7. Fatal_Emission

    Are you happy with current Ranked System?

    The current system just encourages players to play for their own xp to protect a star rather than do what's best for the team.
  8. Fatal_Emission

    Ranked Battles & Arms Race

    This is the worst ranked season yet. A complete random mess, even more so than the normal roll of the dice will I get a team of humans or sheep mess.
  9. Fatal_Emission

    How to get extra Clash of elements coins

    Anyone getting the rigged feeling over this event? My team won the first round. Since then mm has been beyond a joke, matching me up with every suicidal clown online so wins are impossible. Funny enough the other team is leading in the second round. Hmmmm..... Rumours of rigging etc have surrounded wg for years, this is only just adding to the feeling I have long had.
  10. Fatal_Emission

    An easy way to predict the result of a game

    The team with the most divisions loses. Divisions are 90 o/o retarded and the first to suicide in the the first few minutes. Good divisions are rare.
  11. Fatal_Emission

    Server Down ?

    LOL, this is WG, just a response would be a miracle!
  12. Fatal_Emission

    Server Down ?

    GG WG. Wouldn't hurt to put a notice up saying there are technical issues so people don't waste time troubleshooting a problem that wasn't theirs to start with... At least we wont be suffering laggy game play tonight...
  13. Fatal_Emission

    Ranked Battles S5 [all rank battle topics merged]

    Ranked leaves me feeling suspicious to be honest. Literally, the only ranked games I win are those when I am last left alive and carry the team to a ridiculous degree. Whilst those games are epic nobody can do that every single game. It feels so rigged to me like I'm being shafted for having the nerve to have a decent overall win rate. I find it hard to believe so many utter [edited]have made the same or higher rank with no ability to play the game at all. I enjoyed earlier ranked seasons, I gave up on the last for these reasons and this one feels even worse. Something isn't quite legit here.
  14. Fatal_Emission

    World of Warships anniversary medals/achievements?!

    So rise of the machines, wtf? I sank 6 bots over 3 games with no achievement. It's supposed to be 5 kills over any number of games isn't it?
  15. Fatal_Emission

    Another new patch another new bug...

    Here we go again. Fire the game up, decide after a couple of games to check what my daily mission still to complete is so click the mission link, nothing. Click again, nothing. Except I notice it has hidden my ship selection bar... Press Esc bar comes back. Click mission again bye bye ship bar. Quality WG. Top notch QC again.