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  1. tobiadragon

    Last Chance to Get Your Hands on Festive Treats!

    The Puerto Rico event is the single most blatant cash-grab event i have ever experienced, i have played War Thunder and World Of Tanks and i know what a cash-grab is. The missions are RIDICIOLOUSLY hard and normal people cannot ever hope to complete them, while still enjoying the game, You are ruining your own game and destroying its player base with the fact that you can "just buy it" for 54K DOUBLOONS; ARE YOU MAD? its over 150 EUROS FOR A SINGEL SHIP.! The containers were risky enough, but this just shows that WG has no connection to their community and its playerbase with this awful event. JUST GIVE US THE SHIP AS A GIFT, IT IS CHRISTMAS PEOPLE! We put up with the games normal BS and then this..
  2. tobiadragon

    Armada 2.0: USS Alaska

    This thing costs 1.000.000 free xp right? What made you guys increase the price from 750k? I feel like that was already a pretty steep price, and also are you guys going to sell this in the premium shop for a similar price as the Jean-Bart in the future?
  3. Does this mean that update 0.7.12 comes out December 19? Since it says it will end near the update since the update is removing it. I really want to get my hand on the Musashi before it is removed, and i will be able to do so on Christmas day, is this too late?