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  1. Madhax

    So long and thanks for all the fish !

    Absolutely marvelous response. Perhaps you should consider the quality of your own forum contributions before you press the submit button.
  2. Madhax

    1 day premium account bonus code

    Worked for me. Thanks!
  3. Madhax

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    Very nice initiative! I want to join the lottery.
  4. Madhax


    Why did you tell the Hindenburg to uninstall ?
  5. I hope not. CV's been nerfed too much allready.
  6. Madhax

    How to deal with extra IJN fighters?

    USN Carriers may be a lot more frustrating than IJN up to level 8. (Keyword "May") What I do, or have done thus far, is to go with the 1-1-1 setup and utilize patience. You can't just throw torpedo bombers at the enemy like IJN and you must do manual runs to maximize damage output with your limited supply of planes -and at the same time, protect them from being annihilated, long enough to get a decent score. I would not recomend free-xp unless you are master of manual torpedo drops, you really need the experience and skills gained from level 6 and 7 in prep for the share havoc of dealing with multiple air fortress ships from level 8 and onwards. Once you are able to anticipate enemy ship movements it gets a lot more fun and enjoyable. Equally I would not recomend going figther setup until you know and have learned when to strike, where to strike and how to strike with torpedo bombers. I do occasionally go fighter setup myself, but thats just to get a difference pace and change (and when im eating dinner at the keyboard) in gameplay. It really does get better (and a lot more fun) with the Lexington where you can run 2-1-1 and then finally full strike 1-2-2 with Essex and Midway.
  7. Madhax

    Ranked Battle Feedback

  8. Madhax

    Ranked Battle Feedback

    Lost a star when I won a tier 9 battle No idea why.
  9. Easier to get Tirpitz to work for you and it is more forgiving than the Atago. Can't say I have compared the two income wise, but with the few battles I've had, Tirpitz seem to make more. Also, which was pointed out above, the longer you live, the more cash you make.
  10. Madhax

    Yamato after the patch

    I thought it was for the secondaries and the aa batteries?
  11. Madhax

    What is the point?

    The matchmaker does not care about the lowest tier in the party. You were in a tier 5 and got tier 7. Sucks, but thats how it works. Don't team up unevenly.
  12. Madhax

    Is it worth pursuing Japanese Battleships?

    Yes it is worth it. The Yamato awaits at the end of the grind. Izumo on the other hand..... will make you wish you loaded up Hello Kitty Online instead.
  13. Madhax

    North Carolina since patch

    Have not noticed any difference, but I dont have that many battles in NC yet. Having said that, I score a couple of citadels each match and seem to be hitting the targets fairly well as long as it is between 12 and 18 km.