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  1. Unknown_Lifeform

    Poll: Will you stop spending on the game?

    We don't really know how Wargaming is going to implement this until they actually nerf some premiums but I wouldn't be surprised if not a lot changed. The reason Wargaming had a policy of not nerfing premium ships is because of the flack they'd catch from furious customers that a ship they'd paid money for had been nerfed after purchase. Whilst this disclaimer gives them the theoretical option of nerfing premiums it doesn't mean that paying customers wouldn't still be furious about it. If they actively adopted a habit of deliberately releasing OP premiums and then nerfing them I'm pretty sure angry customers would stop buying premiums in fairly short order and no amount of pointing at the small print would placate them. Basically Wargaming still has the weigh up the PR cost of nerfing a premium and decide if it is worth it. It wouldn't surprise me if any nerfs are either token (reducing the HP of the AA battery?) or happen years after release when they think they can get away with it as an alternative to removing the ship from sale. Of course, Wargaming has pulled some pretty dumb stuff in the past, so its impossible to be sure... As to the original question, I haven't spent on the game in quite a while. Not as some angry protest, I just have everything I want and don't play the game as much as I used to. If Wargaming were to release a particularly interesting premium (e.g. a US DD with a unique play style) I might consider it but mostly I'm done spending on this game.
  2. Unknown_Lifeform

    Something weird about stress in WoWs vs. WoT

    World of Warships is a slower paced, more measured game with matches typically lasting a lot longer and often going to full term. All of that encourages people to invest something in the result - if you've been trying to secure a win for 20 mins you want a return on your effort. In contrast it is easier to just write off a bad World of Tanks game, click "Battle" and move on to the next in the hope this match will be better.
  3. I didn't know this was a thing and reset all 150 of my captains manually.
  4. Unknown_Lifeform

    Reported for playing in Operation - Lost 2 Karma.

    Karma may be meaningless but every time I get reported out of petty vindictive ignorance by someone who finished near the bottom of the team but thinks they are gods gift to world of warships a little bit more of my faith in humanity dies. A bit of my faith in humanity also dies whenever the entire team lemming trains to one flank and doesn't bother to defend the cap in standard battle, camps at the back and ignores the objectives or doesn't realise that epicenter is so called because the center is important. I have very little faith in humanity left.
  5. Unknown_Lifeform

    Is the login service down?

    Also got stuck on the loading screen. Got bored, alt-tabbed out and then back in again and was in port, so try that if you have issues.
  6. Unknown_Lifeform

    The Strasbourg campaign results

    I did the first 2 sections of the campaign because I was playing anyway but got to the third section and realised I couldn't be bothered. I didn't want the ship enough to spend money on it so why should I get stressed trying to acquire it if I was going to have to send a lot more time playing the game than I otherwise would have?
  7. I thought this was worth highlighting as for me it is the biggest drawback of the new system. I have multiple 19pt captains which generate elite commander XP every time I play them. They can be used both on their original ships and any premiums of the same nation and class I might have. The elite commander XP they generate can be used to boost new captains straight to 10pts and to retrain captains for new ships without spending actual money. Under the new system my 19pt captains no longer generate this XP and need 1.2m million xp before they will do so again thanks to the artificially hiked progression past 19pts. In addition under the new system when you retrain captains their skills will do nothing until retraining is complete, so if without a source of elite commander xp the only way to do this painlessly is to spend doubloons. Basically the new system is a cash grab to force people to spend money if they want to retrain or boost captains (which will be more needed as it now costs more to get the same core skills). Obviously wargaming felt the old system was too generous to experienced players and wanted to rain it in. Whether that is fair or not will depend on your perspective, but it is hardly surprising that the people getting hit by the changes aren't overjoyed by them. Also, a skill that encourages sniping battleships? Is that really what the game needs?
  8. I started it, drifted away from WoWS for a while and then had a bit of an arduous last minute grind getting it finished. I can see that someone who played regularly throughout the period would have completed it in the time frame without any issues. Despite that I'm not a fan of the time gating or the focus on playing only high tier ships.
  9. Unknown_Lifeform

    the Fletcher or the Kitakaze ??

    The one that best suites what you've said here is definitely the kitakaze. It is an excellent gunboat and one of (if not the) strongest destroyer at tier 9. The fletcher is a true hybrid and has a lot of flexibility. I think it is best built for torpedo power in terms of equipment and captain skills. With the fast reloading torps it is an excellent torpedo boat that also has surprisingly solid guns to back it up. This simply isn't true. Fletcher is outgunned by all the specialist gunboats at high tiers and fighting what amounts to a more or less fair fight in a 1 vs 1 vs hybrids same tier and higher. That isn't to say that the fletcher has bad guns, it has solid firepower that is enough to put the hurt in any destroyer, but it isn't a ship that can reliably bully other DDs with its gun power. You can't go all in and 1 vs 1 full health destroyers like a specialist gunboat can (and there are a lot of them at high tiers and they seem to feature heavily in the match making). It can definitely hunt and kill destroyers, but you need to be using your flexibility and patience to pick unfair fights, fight short duration battles with an exit plan or wait until their hitpoints have been depleted. Fletcher is still one of my favourite destroyers to play due to its sheer flexibility and excellent torpedo performance but I rarely look at the team lists at the start of the battle and think "yep, I can comfortably own most of those in a straight gun fight".
  10. Unknown_Lifeform

    Missions limited by premium account?

    Its been like that for ages. If you lose premium status you still get to keep the 3 missions you have already selected though, so if you get a days premium from a container or mission make sure to select the extra campaign mission.
  11. Unknown_Lifeform

    Stop scamming me for 4 doubloons

    Yes, with that in mind the phrasing probably came about from wargaming trying to keep their options open, not knowing what they might do in the future, rather than intentional vagueness. However I don't see any flags available for a currency other than doubloons and I can't recall any flag being available for a different currency. As a general principal I think the spending of premium currency should require explicit consent (in the same way that spending actual money does). Because of that I'd say that even if they did introduce flags in future that can be replenished for silver or other non-premium currency it wouldn't be acceptable to lump them together under a catch all "in-game currency" option and that the text here needs to be changed to say "re-supply for doubloons". I also think any option to resupply with a premium currency needs to be defaulted to off, and even if intentionally turned on the player needs to be clearly informed that in game currency has been spent, e.g. flags were re-supplied for 12 doubloons on the end game screen. Failing to uncheck a check box does not constitute consent.
  12. Unknown_Lifeform

    Stop scamming me for 4 doubloons

    Not really. "In-game currency" is vague in a game that has multiple in game currencies. I would consider silver to be the in-game currency with doubloons being the premium currency. To serve as a clear explanation of the function to someone not already in the know it needs to outright say doubloons. Also defaulting to using premium currency is dodgy practice. I don't get caught out by it, in the same way I don't get caught out by checkboxes hidden away at the bottom of installation screens wanting to change my search engine to bing, but that doesn't mean I don't consider the people behind the software dishonest scumbags for trying to pull it.
  13. For low to mid tier ships the T-61 is the only "stand out" choice from ships still in the premium shop. There are some decent higher tier ships, but to be honest I think the best picks are those you can earn for coal or free xp. They'll take you some time to pick up. If you aren't already I'd recommend always picking resources containers to maximise your coal.
  14. Unknown_Lifeform

    A suggested permanent battle mode for WWI era ships

    A while back World of Tanks tried to introduce a historical battles mode where only a limited selection of historical vehicles with historically accurate load outs were allowed. It was an interesting idea but ultimately wasn't successful. I'd be interested in seeing a similar mode in WoWS if it could be made to work, not necessarily limited to WW1, maybe changing every week or so like the operations?
  15. That is fair point. I was going to suggest that ships that only have a radar as an option have a slightly different icon but that would also be confusing given ships like Des Moins have the "option" of radar but almost always take it. But on balance I think the icon would still be an improvement. An in game encyclopedia / tool tips arrangement would also be a welcome addition, although rather more work to implement. Rare and exceptional radar ships are where transparency is needed most. Remembering tier 8+ US and soviet cruisers have radar is easy, its the list of exceptions and special cases that are likely to be confusing for new people and cumulatively there are quite a lot of them.