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  1. Unknown_Lifeform

    Will Legendary De Moines be nerfed

    We have until the end of the year to grind the missions (although only until march to start them I think). Wargaming have said the modules are going to get rebalanced but as far as I'm aware haven't given any further details, so no-one can really tell you which will be worth it. I get the impression the Des Moins upgrade is working as intended (i.e. a viable side grade that changes the play style of the ship, not a straight up improvement) so it might be left alone. But that's just my speculation.
  2. Unknown_Lifeform

    How to play Nicholas & Farragut?

    This video analysis by Flamu might be of help to you:
  3. Unknown_Lifeform

    Fires are insane

    Everyone else has pretty much covered it in terms of fire management but I would also add: just learn to take it. By which I mean HE and setting fires is how many ships get their damage (and in a lot of cases it is their only way of damaging you, especially if you are angling properly), you aren't supposed to be completely immune to it. Whilst it might be annoying psychologically to be frequently on fire and see your health slowly ticking away it isn't actually that dangerous if you are practicing the fire management techniques described in this thread. I think the psychological aspect of fire is the big factor for new players - it is annoying having your health deplete with nothing you can do about it even if in practice it represents a very modest proportion of your total hp pool and is massively better than eating a tonne of damage from citadels, torps or just being spotted at the wrong time. A single fire is just part of the game so don't let it bother you, and double fires should mostly only need to be endured for short periods. If you regularly find yourself suffering multiple fires (especially 3+) then you are out of position and have played poorly, learn from it. Use your large hp pool to soak up damage from limited numbers of fires and use good management of your heal consumable to get it back later, it's why you have it. Don't be afraid to go dark and disengage until you can heal up if your health becomes critical or you are getting focused. Oh, and always take premium heal on BB no matter how poor you are, it pays for itself as greater survivability means more time playing and doing stuff that earns credits.
  4. Unknown_Lifeform

    Back to port or battle on?

    I think the OP is talking about using the battle on button on the end game results screen rather than going back to port and clicking the battle button again. As far as I know the battle on button it has no benefits other than saving wear and tear on your mouse but I've never used it.
  5. Unknown_Lifeform

    Question to DD drivers - friendly fire

    I'm going to take a guess at the Sims. Being in front but still managing to hit your own ships is an issue for ships with long ranged and very slow torps (sims, black) - you torp forwards but also at an angle and then someone pushes aggressively further along the map and eats the torps several minutes later. Its an extra thing to be aware of when torping with those ships.
  6. Unknown_Lifeform

    Why everyone hate CV players ?

    Pretty much this. CVs being generally disliked doesn't help, but with any class that can provide support there is a mentality amongst some players that if they aren't personally being supported the instant they want it then that player must be an idiot. No thought is given as to whether the expectations are in any way reasonable, people are just looking for a convenient scapegoat. With CVs there is the added issue that many people still haven't got the memo that they no longer counter each other, so if the enemy carrier touched them in a bad place it was because the friendly CV did not provide air cover. The hierarchy of blame is generally CV > DD > Camping BB. No-one blames cruisers.
  7. Unknown_Lifeform

    Destroyers The Big Debate

    Destroyers are fine in terms of power level and influence, but they do have a challenging learning curve and it gets especially steep at tier 8. I think that makes them harder for new players to get into and learn. The high risks and low hp pool also means that bad destroyer players tend to die early, as opposed to bad battle ship players who survive until the end of the match not doing much. I'm worried that submarines will make the learning curve and skill floor for destroyers even harsher and give them too many roles. Aside from that I'm also expecting lots of screaming in the chat from people demanding that destroyers deal with the submarine engaging them *right now* as opposed to cap contesting, screening/hunting enemy DD and spotting, as well as unskilled dd players dying yoloing in to try and hunt destroyers submarines whilst spotted in front of the enemy team. (I've not played in the beta, these are just concerns I have as opposed to issues that actually exist).
  8. Unknown_Lifeform

    Too many CVs

    Pretty sure looking at the battle time that that was me.... I was massively out of position though, poor play on my part.
  9. Unknown_Lifeform

    Number of USN Tier IX "Benham" DDs in WoWs...

    That would be controversial, a lot of the people who have her will have spent money to get her and WG usually don't like to touch ships people have paid for. If only about 1100 people have her it would be easier for them to leave the Benham alone and just not make her available again.
  10. I like the core idea of re-grinding lines and the issue it is addressing - that of long term players running out of goals. I think the payback needs some careful thought though. It needs to be something desirable and prestigious enough that people will want to do it, something that says "I really like this line and have spent a lot of time in it" but not something so beneficial that people feel it's mandatory to compete or that they are at a disadvantage if they can't or don't want to grind a line all over again. Stat buffs don't seem a popular idea, most experienced players aren't short for standard resources, so what else might make people re-grind a line? I'm thinking of things like striking legendary camos for ships of that nation and class, a legendary flag, a unique tier X reward ship.... maybe the ability for ships of that line to generate coal or steel?