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  1. Unknown_Lifeform

    DD engine damage

    Whenever my destroyers take fire the engine seems to break so I'd say wargaming modelled it pretty well in that case. I've often wondered if my harugumo crew throw the engine over the side when under fire in order to save weight and make a faster getaway.
  2. Unknown_Lifeform

    is replays allowed?

    Why doesn't it surprise me the Russians have a specific term for that....
  3. Unknown_Lifeform

    modern warships / tier 11-?

    I don't see how they could balance guided missile ships and make them fun within the context of WoWS's game mechanics and the current map pool. I could see a game based heavily around concealment, detection mechanics and counter measures on extremely large maps being fun but it would be a completely different game. Also, wargaming's tier system means that each tier requires increasingly large amounts of xp and credits to progress to (and also increasing service charges per game). Introducing more tiers above tier X wouldn't be especially healthy for the spread of players within the tier structure and produce some horribly long and painful grinds. Not saying it couldn't be done, just that it would require the introduction of new gameplay and progression mechanics to the point that it might as well be a new game (world of modern warships) and I doubt wargaming wants to divide the player base by doing that.
  4. Unknown_Lifeform

    Where are my containers?

    There are different servers for stuff like (I think it might be called the transaction server). If you become disconnected from it stuff can disappear - I had some doubloons go missing from an event container once because I opened it whilst the transaction server was having issues.
  5. Unknown_Lifeform

    What have you been accused of, in whatever class of ship, recently?

    But sometimes comments can cut too close to the bone
  6. Unknown_Lifeform

    We need a video of "how it works" on IJN AP bombs vs certain BB

    I've never used AP bombs before so I undertook the same testing against all the tier 8 BB using the Enterprise. Like the OP I found it impossible to get anything but the odd random citadel against any BB that wasn't german. I also found it made next to no difference what height I dropped from with the exception that if I dropped in the very last moments as the planes were pulling up I'd often get a poor drop. I came away with the conclusion it didn't really matter when I dropped, the only important thing was to maximise the area of the aiming circle filled by the target. A "how it works" video would be nice to save time and make sure I've not missed stuff. I didn't find the explanation of AP bomb mechanics provided after the re-work to be all that relevant or accurate.
  7. Unknown_Lifeform

    CV rework & Destroyers

    Buffing the AA of low tier destroyers to levels where it would actually be relevant in deterring aircraft would require a truly massive buff and wouldn't be appropriate. The best defence a low tier destroyer has against aircraft is to turn their AA off and just avoid being spotted by aircraft in the first place. Instead I think some of the following might be more effective: Limited fuel: aircraft can only stay in the air for a limited time before they have to return to the carrier. This timer should be long enough to allow the planes to reach a target and fully strike it but short enough to discourage carriers from just hovering around perma spotting things. Essentially it would give them some spotting time but eventually they would have to use their planes or see them return without attacking. It would also mean if a destroyer smoked up the carrier couldn't just hang around as long as it takes for the smoke to clear. The existing time that you have to use aircraft after the carrier has been sunk should also be greatly reduced as there is a big incentive to delay striking as long as possible to provide spotting. Forced cycling: like others have said, introduce a cooldown after a squadron has been used. The carrier captain would have to either wait out the cooldown or pick a different squadron type. This would hopefully discourage them from going after the same target again and again, or at least have to use a less optimal squadron to do it.
  8. Unknown_Lifeform

    Little quality of life change for CV

    I'd tend to agree, whilst it works it feels gamey and artificial to fire ordnance into the water to return planes. Ideally either mechanics should be altered so that it isn't advantageous to do this or it should be incorporated more cleanly into the game - for example allowing CVs to choose to take off with fewer planes than are available or to to partially recall flights (press F to recall all, G to recall 1 attack wing?)
  9. Unknown_Lifeform

    some short news CV vs DD (public test)

    It is still possible to play destroyers and do consistently well in them. I do think re-worked carriers have increased the skill gap for destroyer captains who already had quite a harsh skill gap to overcome. The difficulty and level of experience needed to stay alive at tier 8+ were already high what with radar, more accurate supporting fire etc. but now someone learning to destroyer has to learn to deal with carrier aircraft at the same time. The irony in making carriers more accessible is that they made destroyers less. Aircraft working in combination with a destroyer compound the trouble for any enemy DD encountered by removing its options to disengage through perma spotting. The the only way they can disengage is to smoke up and the aircraft can then keep the DD trapped in smoke (if the aircraft are no longer spotted they don't even have to hover the planes over, just dropping some fighters directly over the smoke will do the job) making them vulnerable to being torped or rushed by a hydro DD or simply confined to their smoke screen until it fades. As a DD main I've noticed a carrier strike is usually just an irritation on its own but becomes lethal when combined with other things going wrong simultaneously (usually by unexpectedly taking away your options to disengage or dealing that final bit of damage where you could otherwise have limped away behind cover).
  10. Unknown_Lifeform

    Neustrashimy price (+46% steel)

    I'm guessing they want some cheap steel ships so they can give away steel in events like the various new year campaigns and snowflake event and people can actually buy something with it (black and flint). Meanwhile they want most ships to be inaccessible without playing clan wars or ranked (hence the inflation in costs for more recently released ships). Basically the giveaway events are to try and get people invested in the steel economy and encourage them into competitive play.
  11. Unknown_Lifeform

    when wargaming  fix the bug that makes cv goes backwards?

    I'd be less bothered about the carrier going backwards (which is sometimes desirable) if you could program in a sharp turn using waypoints and the CV would get the general gist of which way you wanted to turn rather than just sail round in circles trying to hit the point exactly. Its been a long time since I used mini map waypoints but I seem to remember the system in closed beta working fine, which if correct would mean they have actively put in effort to make it worse.
  12. Unknown_Lifeform

    Stat shamers and toxic behaviour. Why is this allowed ?

    I'm fully in agreement that people shouldn't be "stat shamed" purely for being bad. This game is open to everyone regardless of ability. However, all to often I see people both on the forum and in game mouthing off when a quick glance at their stats reveals that the emperor is in fact not wearing any clothes.
  13. Unknown_Lifeform

    Sensible CV change incoming

    It's to stop CVs just taking a squadron of rocket planes and flying them along the enemy line and spotting the entire enemy team in the opening seconds of the game (and by extension people taking fire before they've had much of a chance to move from their spawn positions). Now ships will have a chance to move into position and start engaging normally. It seems a sensible change to me, although as a DD main I kind of liked being able to see where the enemy planes were early on whilst I was still close to the team so I could either duck back into AA cover, just avoid them or go for a cap as opportunity allows. Now there is a risk the planes will turn up at a much more inconvenient time unless I also hold off and waste the opening minutes.
  14. Unknown_Lifeform

    When DDs lost stealth fire...

    I seem to remember it was a little more muted, largely because a lot of DD players actually agreed that stealth firing from open water wasn't a great game mechanic whilst with CVs it isn't only destroyer players who are upset. But there was still plenty of complaining, especially from people who had purchased the Blyska and were running a stealth fire build on it who wanted their money back. EDIT: From memory the thrust of things was DD players saying "this is a nerf, what are you going to buff to compensate" rather than complaints about the nature of the actual nerf.
  15. Unknown_Lifeform

    WTF Yamato! Help me with this ship please!

    Not really a BB player myself but the yamato seems to be played best fairly stationary in positions likely to provide good cross fire opportunities with the rest of your team. The gun calibre also provides a lot of opportunities to overmatch bow in ships. Mostly wanted to say I don't see why people are down voting the OP, they have come to the forum to say they are struggling with a ship and are asking for help in playing it better. That should be encouraged and supported.