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  1. Unknown_Lifeform

    Talk trash in white when losing

    I can understand the urge to vent when confronted by an unwinnable situation that is out of your control but OP is correct, it serves no purpose. It also gets you into the mindset "I'm the only competent player, my team sucks" which is a terrible attitude to have as it doesn't encourage you to learn. Most of the people I see venting in chat are a part of the problem, contributed very little and are just looking for scapegoats for the impending loss. Its better to accept the actions of your team mates are out of your control and look for ways you could have worked with the situation better. And if you truly did do all you could, well, that's all you can ask of yourself.
  2. Unknown_Lifeform

    Doube and triple DD div

    Making people in the same division spawn close together was a great change but I agree that in the case of multiple DD divisions the spawn locations could do with being a bit more nuanced. Maybe DDs should be split and spawned as they normally would be if they weren't in a division but with the consideration that they be placed as close as possible to each other and non-DD division mates. A couple of examples to illustrate: - A division of 2 DD and 1 BB might spawn a DD and BB opposite C and the other DD opposite B - A division of 3 DDs in a game that has 4 DD per side might spawn 2 opposite one of the caps and the other opposite an adjacent cap with the fourth non-division DD at the remaining cap That way the DD still have the option of working together and doubling up if that is what they want but the spawns encourage proper coverage. In a case of a 3 DD division where they are the only DDs on the team they really should be split to cover the full spawn rather than placed together for the benefit of the team. Yes, you can't stop them re-grouping and sticking together all game but at least it isn't actively encouraged by the spawns. TBH, triple anything divisions aren't a great idea and I wouldn't mind seeing a restriction to max of 2 of the same class per division but I suspect wargaming wouldn't consider that as it would interfere with people being able to play together freely in whatever they wanted.
  3. Unknown_Lifeform

    To Sims or not to Sims?

    I can't recommend the Sims. The concealment really holds her back when you combine it with catapult like gun arcs which compel you to get close to enemy DD to be fully effective in a duel. The torps are also bad, you either get long range but super slow ones that hit like custard pies or very situational short range torps that are only good when there is an opportunity for a point blank ambush. The only real unique selling point for her is the great base XP multiplier, but that doesn't factor in to making her a fun ship to actually play. If you want a premium US DD I'd recommend the Kidd which is really solid DD with a slightly different twist over other US DD without invalidating your experience with them.
  4. Unknown_Lifeform

    Dispersion frustration

    There's quite a lot to unpack in there so I'll try and give you some general tips. Apologies if you are already aware of some of this. Yes, dispersion can be a pain and German battleships are especially notorious for it. Sometimes your aim can be spot on and you just don't get rewarded for it. I've had several games in my scharnhorst lately where I wanted to throw my keyboard at my monitor because the guns just wouldn't behave. Having said that, if you are regularly getting <20K damage in high tiers then you are doing something wrong, either in terms of aim or ship positioning. It's a good idea to observe your fall of shot carefully to make sure your aim is accurate and you can also press the Z key a few seconds before impact for a shells eye view. If the shells are splashing evenly all around the target your aim is good, even if you aren't getting hits. Even if you do get hits you need to watch if your shells are mostly falling ahead or behind and adjust. I find it helps with aiming to chose a dynamic crosshair and enable alternative battle interface in the settings menu. Alternative battle interface shows the shell travel time to target when in sniper view, whilst dynamic crosshair gives aiming notches scaled for a ship doing 30 knots. So if you have 9s shell travel time then you need to place the 9th notch dead centre of an enemy ship travelling broadside at 30 knots for accurate aim. Obviously you need to adjust for target speed and angle, a slow battleship moving angled at 45 degrees will need a lot less horizontal lead. If you aren't getting much damage because your shells are bouncing or shattering you may need to aim for a different part of the ship. If the enemy ship is at fairly close range and angled then aiming centre of mass won't necessarily work as your shells will bounce off the angled belt armour, which is too thick for your shells to overmatch at a steep angle. If you have the calibre to overmatch the bows or stern of the ship you need to adjust your lead to hit those areas instead. If you can't overmatch then go for the superstructure. If you don't have the pen to go through the belt armour at the waterline, even broadside (as often happens in a light cruiser against a battleship) aim up a bit to go for the spot where the hull meets the superstructure as armour is thinner there than at the waterline. You shouldn't be getting shot at whilst completely unspotted, but incoming fire can continue to hit some time after you stop being detected due to shell travel time. People will also continue to aim and blind shot your last known position - the dispersion will be worse but you can still land hits. Using the aiming point circle on the mini map makes it easier to blind fire (can't remember if this is on by default or needs to be enabled in settings, but make sure you have it along with last know enemy positions and make your mini map bigger using the + key). Its also useful as a back up way of making sure your aim is good by checking the aim point is along the target's course and not long or short - especially when trying to fire over an island obstructing direct line of sight for your camera so you can't see the enemy ship. If you are getting fired at by unspotted enemies then someone is spotting you and other ships are firing at you from behind islands or smoke. Always be aware when you are detected - if you are spotted then there is a stealthier ship than you nearby. You need to think about what that is likely to be and if there is a torp risk as it is likely to be a destroyer or light cruiser. I highly recommend iChase's Captains Academy series on youTube. If goes through game mechanics in a lot of depth including stuff like aiming, damage saturation and armour penetration. If won't magically stop you suffering from poor dispersion, zero damage pens and bouncing off belt armour but you'll understand why its happening and how to adjust your approach. Hope there was something in that essay that helps!
  5. Unknown_Lifeform

    -25% price on ships in Arsenal! What you get for it?

    I'll be using it on the Black but first I need to farm every last bit of steel and coal out of the free xmas event missions. If I don't want to open my wallet I need to first get the Musashi with coal since I'm short exactly 200 steel from snowflakes with the ships I have.
  6. Unknown_Lifeform

    Use for Doubloons?

    In the patch tomorrow they are introducing items in the arsenal for doubloons - special captains for 1.5k each and permanent camos for 1k - 2.5k each. It also opens up the possibility of other things being added for doubloons later. I think its a good idea as I rarely spend doubloons and they tend to build up - and I never actually buy them, they just drop in events and super containers and occasional bundles.
  7. Unknown_Lifeform

    WG can you please lower the xp reward for last 4 players

    Erm, that's not an exploit to maximise xp, that's a side effect of destroyers having a very dangerous job in the early stages of the game and whether it be through bad luck or lack of skill some of them are going to come off worse. Whilst it can be frustrating to lose a bunch of your destroyers in the opening minutes penalising their xp either won't have any effect or will just encourage low skilled DD captains to avoid the caps entirely and float around the flanks trying to stealth torp.
  8. Unknown_Lifeform

    Storm circle gamemode thingy

    It wouldn't surprise me if that was fairly common, I'm guessing only a very small subset of players read the patch notes https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/game-updates/update-0711-rule-britannia/ Basically destroyer detection reduced by 10%, everyone else by 20% if LOS passes through the storm circle. Dispersion of shells increased by a factor of 1.3. Gun bloom returns to normal in 7s rather than 20s whilst in the storm. Other than the increased dispersion I'm not sure where the "randomness" the OP is referring to comes from as the storm is entirely predictable in all other respects.
  9. Unknown_Lifeform

    New Bonus code - 29.11.18

    Same here, WG code is not valid. Either missed the boat or the system is just flaky and doesn't like me.
  10. Unknown_Lifeform

    Buying steel for credits

    That seems a lot of steel up for grabs considering the comparable time and effort it would take to earn it through playing ranked.
  11. Unknown_Lifeform

    Tier 10 Domination Games and Death Wish Destroyers

    It's the nature of the game. Domination games open with destroyers competing for caps and a destroyer advantage, its not surprising that one side often achieves it. There are bad players in all classes of ships but destroyers offer by far the most opportunities for an early and premature death. Domination mode pulls the destroyers into the middle early on to challenge for caps where they will meet their main counter (other destroyers), likely be spotted for the entire enemy fleet to shoot at (since they often don't have anything else to shoot at this early) and risk being radared by cruisers rushing into positions to cover the caps where the destroyers will obviously head. Less talented players tend to die quickly in that kind of environment. Compare that to sub-par players in other classes who tend to be marked by passive play and thus actually pretty likely to survive a long time (usually whilst contributing very little).
  12. Unknown_Lifeform

    How do we help players like these?

    You don't help them to get better and chances are they don't actually want your help. Part of online team gaming, especially in wargaming's random match making is accepting that you have to play with people whose actions you cannot control and who may not be as skilled as you would like. At the end of the day the only player's actions you have control of is yours and you have to play around whatever your team is doing as best you can, whether it makes any sense or not. And just accept you can't carry them all, if you handled the situation in the best way possible that's all you can ask of yourself. I do. I watch WoWS related youTube and Twitch channels, play frequently and focus on what I could have done better after each game. In other games I don't. When I play overwatch I just play to have some fun and whilst I will try to learn from mistakes ultimately I don't actually care too much as I'm just playing for some fast paced action and don't have the time in my life to give it the same focus as I do to WoWS. Like it or not some people play WoWS with the same attitude - it is their casual game and whilst they may try to win they don't care enough to apply themselves that hard to it. That and some people just aren't capable of being as good as others.
  13. Unknown_Lifeform

    Does karma actually do anything?

    You can give out more compliments and reports per day the higher your karma is. You start off with 7 of each, you get an extra one at 20 karma and max out at 110 with 11 compliments/reports a day. Other than that lots of reports for misbehaving in chat can result in a chat ban. Otherwise, no, it has no practical purpose other than make an imaginary number go bigger or smaller.
  14. Unknown_Lifeform

    WG Get Real

    I've seen similar things on a few rare occasions. It normally happens in low tiers where the match maker seems go "what am I supposed to do with all these destroyers?!!?" and then just throws them all into one game and sits back to watch the world burn.
  15. I've noticed a trend amongst some destroyers (mainly japanese torpedo boats) to avoid all caps and sail around the edge of the map, presumably in an effort to torpedo people from unexpected angles without ever having been spotted but that has been going on for a while now. Its also possible there has been an uptake in the tactic by players unable to cope with the increasingly radar and now destroyer heavy meta - in particular the destroyer population has been very high this past week with people trying out their new British destroyers. That could lead to some destroyer players avoiding areas where they are likely to be spotted/hunted by gunboats, including some in the new british destroyers who aren't regular destroyer players and don't know how to DD.