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  1. Rendering Ships - delayed & failing

    Can confirm. I was having all sorts of rendering issues including ships not rendering at all. A destroyer shot me from open water only a few km away and was never rendered. When I opened my PC and had a poke around I found the cable to my hard drive was a little loose.
  2. Eagles or Sharks?

    Sharks are the scariest!
  3. Whether it was worth it or not comes down to my attitude to that ship in the months/years after I bought it. If I play it on a regular basis just for fun because its one of my favourite ships at that tier it was definitely worth it. If one of my division mates picks that tier and I sometimes think "hey, I haven't played this in a while and its kinda different" then that's probably enough to justify the purchase for me, even if it doesn't represent firm value for money. Some ships just languish in port forgotten and never played because they aren't my thing and there are other ships I like more at that tier. For example I played the Tirpitz twice and never touched it since since I rarely play BB, even more rarely at tier 8 and if I ever decided to I'd probably pick the north carolina. Things can change though. I used to only play the Lo Yang once in a while but then I re--discovered the short range torps and got a 19 point pan asian captain I can farm elite commander xp with so now I play it regularly.
  4. Haida is in shop :)

    LittleWhiteMouse advises taking IFHE in her review of the Haida https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/163114-premium-ship-review-105-hmcs-haida/ . The "The Guns" and "A DeWolf in Sheeps Clothing" sections are the most relevant with regards to use of IFHE. I can't say I'm convinced and it isn't a recommendation I've seen backed up by other CCs. I'd have to sit down and work out exactly what parts of what ships IFHE would allow me to pen that I otherwise couldn't to decide for myself and I suspect that if you didn't in fact do that IFHE would add little value anyway.
  5. Rituals before WoWs session

    Mine is actually at the end of a session - I always leave the ship I had the best game in selected in port.
  6. Please some info!

    Ah, OK, missed the bit where he said he'd bought them. Yeah, I got a Sims mission from my facebook code container as well so that would explain things.
  7. Please some info!

    Then I can only advise you to go and buy a lottery ticket. Whilst you can get premium ships from standard containers I've never had one.
  8. Please some info!

    Do they have a white outline of a clock in the top right hand side of the ship's icon in the carousel? That would indicate they are indeed rentals/temporary additions to your account. Alternatively, have you accepted any gifts? If so and you don't know the person who gave you them then that could be a problem.
  9. Please some info!

    I checked out your profile, you only have 1 battle in randoms with all your other games in co-op. Indionapolis mission containers are only available from completing missions in random or ranked mode with ships of tier 6 or higher so I've got nothing sorry, no idea where they came from unless you bought or were gifted something.
  10. Please some info!

    What ships do you have? Currently you should have 3 tier ten rentals from a mission that can only be used in clan wars (hindenburg, conqueror and shimakaze). If you had a tier 6 cleveland before the last patch this will have magically turned into a tier 8 cleveland plus a tier 6 pensacola. Neither of these are premiums and you get to keep them. Other than that there are a variety of missions for US premiums that you can get from the amercian containers that are rewards for the indionapolis missions (Monaghan, Kidd, Sims, Atlanta and something else I forget). If you've managed to get multiple premiums from containers congratulations you jammy sod.
  11. HARDEST mission - INDI.maraton

    True, the easiest way to get plane kill missions is to just play a carrier, but I didn't want to inflict my carrier play on an undeserving team.
  12. HARDEST mission - INDI.maraton

    Shoot down 30 aircraft took me the longest. Eventually got it by playing the Kidd a lot and not being to proud too burn the def AA on random passing fighter squadrons. I agree missions with multiple conditions are often the most frustrating. Each individual condition can be quite easy but the more you chain together the more chance you'll miss out on one. It usually seems like I get all the conditions but lose and then the games I win are such a walkover I don't get the damage/kills needed.
  13. Please add more content in the naval base

    Good news, they intend to add more buildings to the naval base and make the old ones upgrade-able. It was announced as in the works a while back on a king of the sea stream (I've attached a screen grab). There is also a small super secret installation up in the mountains that you can't see in this screenshot. Still a work in progress and subject to change of course.
  14. Best ship for 150 hits? (Indianapolis Marathon)

    The French cruisers aren't a terrible option, one of the ships I tried the mission with was the Charles Martel (I reached 145 hits but got destroyed just before we won). They don't have the rate of fire and weight of guns of a light cruiser but they are consistently doing damage throughout the game so provided it isn't a short game the mission is achievable. A light cruiser is still a better pick though.
  15. Would you like a after chat?

    What makes you think playing badly has any relationship with someone being "after you"? My own experience has been that my chance of being reported for poor play or verbally abused in the chat increases the higher up the team list I finish (and the lower down the team list the other party finishes). Unfortunately I have a somewhat jaded view of humanity, at least when it comes to people on the internet and I'm forced to agree with wilkatis_LV: I do get your point OP. I was disappointed when they removed cross team chat from WoT because even though it was overwhelmingly toxic I didn't see why I should be denied nice things because of the poor behaviour of others. WoWS does have a far nicer community than tanks and maybe if post game chat were actually implemented I'd be pleasantly surprised by the overall niceness and maturity of the WoWS community, but something tells me that it would just be a cesspit of abuse by individuals trying to find a scapegoat as the reason they lost or played poorly.