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  1. Unknown_Lifeform

    Pink Colour for Nautical Rules of the Road

    Maybe make this required reading for all players?
  2. Unknown_Lifeform

    Tier X Gameplay is worst than ever - what are doing WG ?!

    I wouldn't have found that acceptable since I mostly paid with cash and the majority of new and desirable premiums are only released for cash in the premium store, not doubloons. At the very least they would have had to issue non-time limited vouchers for use in the premium shop.
  3. Unknown_Lifeform

    Tier X Gameplay is worst than ever - what are doing WG ?!

    Wargaming actually tried this not so long ago. In an uncharacteristic display of bravery they put their heads above the parapet and floated the idea of rebalancing premium ships but the community (or at least that proportion of it that had paid money for said ships) reacted so negatively they binned the idea. Taking OP or toxic premiums out of circulation and watching the population slowly diminish represents the route of least resistance for them.
  4. Unknown_Lifeform

    Abusive language / player attitude

    The player base wanted a rework. I don't think they can be faulted for that. If I'm given a turd sandwich and ask for something else only to be given one made of enriched uranium the fault doesn't lie with me for asking for another sandwich.
  5. Unknown_Lifeform

    How would you rate this player? Good, very good or cheater?

    If he is in a clan and he frequently divisions with similarly skilled players that would make 70% WR very possible to achieve, even in high tiers.
  6. Unknown_Lifeform

    Censored CC content

    CCs will still be free to criticise new ships and declare them OP/trash at their discretion, but now they'll have to wait until the ship is more or less in its final version rather than being able to showcase and commentate during the testing and balancing process. I'm a little disappointed in that as I like being able to see how new ships are shaping up and what is coming down the pipeline but I can also see the reasons for it. I just hope it won't also affect the balance of the new ships since it could be argued that CC pressure has been key to identifying issues with some new ships and ideas and getting WG to fix it.
  7. Unknown_Lifeform

    tis will be interesting...real DD vs BB

    In the early game destroyers are mostly fighting each other, so no big damage numbers there. To get high damage numbers you need to land solid torp volleys or have the opportunity for sustained farming with your guns and both of those are very situational. They rely on the battle shaping in a way that allows you to do this kind of damage (battleships without cruiser support, no threat of suddenly being spotted by radar or DD, enemy to push in and sale in straight lines or position poorly etc). It is also only really possible to find this situations and exploit them if a destroyer actually survives into the mid to late game. Destroyers shouldn't really be focused on large damage numbers in any case, playing the objectives and countering and screening out enemy DD are far more vital and farming damage is something you do when you've achieved your objectives and are looking for a way to occupy the rest of the game. DD counter battleships in the sense of providing the ever present possibility of being suddenly blapped by torpedoes but it mostly serves to stop them pushing in unsupported and isn't actually how BB lose most of their health. Cruisers and BB rack of the real damage numbers with their constant more steady damage (which often also lets the enemy heal up and in effect boost the damage numbers up for grabs). The rock paper scissors idea doesn't really describe the game very well in my view. Destroyers counter destroyers, battleships counter battleships and cruisers support them both and try to make sure it's their side that wins those duels.
  8. Unknown_Lifeform

    Server issues?

    Not personally, but they had a header up on the forums yesterday saying they were experiencing widespread issues with people getting disconnected from the servers and now there is one saying they are taking the server down tomorrow for 90 mins for maintenance. So no it isn't just you, yes they know, yes they are trying to fix it :)
  9. Unknown_Lifeform

    Continous chat bans

    If you genuinely believe you have been chat banned unfairly my understanding is that you can PM Crysantos or MrConway here on the forum and ask them to take a look at your chat history. If they are feeling beneficent they may take some action or clarify what you are doing wrong.
  10. Unknown_Lifeform

    Looking for advice on DDs

    Another vote for the T-61. At that tier it is just the best pick hands down. It is unusual to find destroyers at that tier so well rounded and flexible and it would be a good destroyer to practice hybrid dd gameplay in at the lower tiers. I've not played it much but Z-39 seems a decent pick too. I'd avoid the US premium DDs below tier 8, they just aren't very impressive.
  11. Unknown_Lifeform

    European DD Verdict?

    Got the Skane and I'm still getting to grips with the new line but it is at least something interesting and different. The missile style torps are interesting and the heals are very handy. One thing I have noticed though is that a sub-par game in the Skane tends to be worse than it likely would have been if I were playing a DD from another nation. Low damage torps means if I have one of those games where I only land 1 or 2 hits then that really isn't much damage and no smoke plus low speed means I have to be careful about picking my fights and so might not encounter situations where I can get much gun damage. I also don't have the option of just smoking up and farming some damage in the mid to late game. That's not to say it can't have good games, just that when the stars don't align and the game is sub-par it tends to be a lot worse than what I'd consider a sub-par game in something else.
  12. Unknown_Lifeform

    Should the game return to RTS carriers?

    Another no. The main positives about the old RTS CVs was that hardly anyone played them and of those that did most didn't really have a clue what they were doing. When they did know what they were doing they were even more unpleasant to play against.
  13. Unknown_Lifeform

    Why ships were not designed with a 360 rotation turrets?

    Not an expert on this, but might weight distribution also have had something to do about it? I know a lot of warships struggled with being very top heavy due to the weight of all those turrets, weapons systems and super structure on the deck and thus having poor sea worthiness in rough seas and a tendency to roll over. I would imagine you'd want all that weight to be as central as possible since having big heavy armoured turrets way out towards the bows and stern might not be great for stability and structural integrety?
  14. Unknown_Lifeform

    So...when do you compliment or report players?

    I'll compliment anyone I notice in game as playing especially well and will consider complimenting anyone who stands out as performing markedly above the rest of the pack in the after battle team list (on either team). I never report just for poor play, only for being a tool in chat, but playing poorly does lower the threshold at which I'll report. E.g. a simple "noob team again" might be enough if that person has spent the entire game humping the map border in their battleship watching the team die and then finished at the bottom of the team list whilst surviving until the end of the game. On very rare occasions I report for intentional non-participation in the game.
  15. Unknown_Lifeform

    What the .....they need to stop being edited*

    Basically someone asks Jingles "except for carriers, what would you change or remove from world of warships". Jingles then spends 10+ mins answering "carriers".