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  1. Visible amount of AA mounts/capacity left?

    Holding down the H key gives a pop up showing your ships current stats, including the number of the various types of AA mounts it has remaining for short, mid and long range AA.
  2. 1st BB overpop, Now DD infestation?

    Wargaming has been running a series of missions and campaigns recently to get the Aigle and complete the Gold of France campaign and they seem to have been causing some fairly big swings in MM balance as people pick ships to do the missions in or avoid ships that are countered by them. There have been quite a few missions aimed at DDs and the Gold of France campaign might be contributing to a longer term boost in destroyer numbers as playing the Aigle is a good way to complete multiple tasks (and playing gunboat DD generally isn't a bad choice to get lots of ribbons). I'd also take a guess that whilst battleship numbers tend to stay fairly steady destroyer and cruiser players overlap a fair bit so if more of them are playing destroyers that means less cruisers in the MM and vice versa.
  3. Interface QOL improvements

    A one click option to return the last used commander to a ship would be nice.
  4. Karma - Rewards and Punishments

    I propose a system where if you are reported and end up in the top 3 of your team it turns into a compliment. If the person who reported you ends up in the bottom 5 of their team they also automatically report themselves into the bargain.
  5. They've been testing an alternative version of the Shima lately so it seems to be something that is on their radar but I wouldn't expect anything any time soon.
  6. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    If it helps that collision resulted in noodle getting torped straight after that photo was taken.
  7. 2 ideas: Exp for Silver and Surrender

    I like this. It provides an incentive for people to survive, try their hardest and maximise their contribution per game rather than yolo in, die, rinse and repeat.
  8. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    I bagged two for the price of one in this close encounter....
  9. It's time to farm some free XP for the Mighty Mo!

    Well, anything is technically possible with enough games but to be honest I can't see someone with highest tier 7 and presumably limited camo and flag options grinding 450k free xp in 2 months without digging into their pockets to convert a fair chunk. But the best way to answer your own question is to keep a track of your average free xp gain for wins and losses and then work out how many games it will take approximately based on your overall win rate. Then work out if that's a practical number of games to play in a 2 month period. Or even just how much free xp you get in a normal session would be helpful. My advice though is don't stress yourself out too much trying to nolife it, games are supposed to be fun :)
  10. It's time to farm some free XP for the Mighty Mo!

    Some interesting info here, thanks guys. I hadn't appreciated the interaction between xp and free xp bonuses before. EDIT: It also nicely explains why I just got more free xp for the game I did badly in but was grinding a stock ship with xp multiplier camo than the one where I did well but was just stacking purely free xp boosters.
  11. Strange torpedo damage

    WG had it towed, said I wasn't allowed to park there
  12. Idea for an Operation / How-to-Play for CV

    Great idea. Getting into CVs can be intimidating, both because the mechanics are completely unlike the rest of the game and because you are put into a direct 1 vs 1 situation against an opposing CV player in a way you aren't in any other ship class so there is a lot of pressure on a learning player to get it right. Removing manual drops and strafing from low tiers perversely has made this harder as new players now have to learn essential skills in tiers 6+ rather than getting to grips with it in the tiers where they should be learning. Pretty much the only reason I ever venture into co-op mode is as a training mode for when I want to learn to CV - I get to practice manual drops and controlling my aircraft in something vaguely like a live battle. It would be great if there was a specific operation designed for players to practice the full range of CV skills.
  13. Strange torpedo damage

    I can neither confirm nor deny
  14. Interesting to see some actual numbers. I've always perceived tier 8 as the worse tier for being uptiered, for some reason it bothers me less being uptiered at tier 6. In the past I've actively avoided playing tier 8 unless grinding a tier 8 ship but will happily play tier 6. Maybe that's just a result of confirmation bias or maybe the meta at the different tiers. I have noticed that tier 8 MM is a lot better during off peak periods with a far higher chance of being top tier.
  15. Wargaming wtf are you doing

    This is due to a disconnect between what your average random player wants and what a CVs job actually is. As El2aZeR said, the job of a CV is But people in randoms are selfish. They expect support classes to prioritise whatever they see as important for their own personal needs, so mostly they consider your job to be to stop the bad things happening to them. From the perspective of that person a strike setup is a selfish damage farmer and an air superiority player is a selfless team player. The reality is the strike setup will have more of an impact on actually winning the game whereas all AS can do is nullify the enemy carrier making it as if neither of you had turned up. Personally I felt that all or nothing builds in general were unfun and inflexible, I'm really happy to see the US carriers return to having more versatile builds that allow them to do all aspects of the carrier's job and have good counterplay with enemy carriers.