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  1. Does karma actually do anything?

    You can give out more compliments and reports per day the higher your karma is. You start off with 7 of each, you get an extra one at 20 karma and max out at 110 with 11 compliments/reports a day. Other than that lots of reports for misbehaving in chat can result in a chat ban. Otherwise, no, it has no practical purpose other than make an imaginary number go bigger or smaller.
  2. WG Get Real

    I've seen similar things on a few rare occasions. It normally happens in low tiers where the match maker seems go "what am I supposed to do with all these destroyers?!!?" and then just throws them all into one game and sits back to watch the world burn.
  3. I've noticed a trend amongst some destroyers (mainly japanese torpedo boats) to avoid all caps and sail around the edge of the map, presumably in an effort to torpedo people from unexpected angles without ever having been spotted but that has been going on for a while now. Its also possible there has been an uptake in the tactic by players unable to cope with the increasingly radar and now destroyer heavy meta - in particular the destroyer population has been very high this past week with people trying out their new British destroyers. That could lead to some destroyer players avoiding areas where they are likely to be spotted/hunted by gunboats, including some in the new british destroyers who aren't regular destroyer players and don't know how to DD.
  4. -Worst Ranked season ever-

    Interesting. I've been adopting the much less scientific and more anecdotal approach of simply checking the stats of anyone I see in randoms who got to rank 1 ahead of me to see what their "strategy" was - what ships they used and how their win rates in them compare with other ships and their overall stats. My conclusion was that Zao was the weapon of choice for highly skilled players and that people who mained Worcester tended to have lower win rates in ranked in comparison with their overalls than did Zao players. Where someone played both they always had a higher win rate in the Zao. So its kind of interesting to see the Worcester placed so much higher in the Zao. Either my sample was unrepresentative or maybe the skill ceiling (and also floor) is higher in the Zao making it a better choice for unicums but not so for the general population. Conqueror doesn't surprise me, if only because it seems to be top choice with lower skilled players going for a save a star strategy.

    The drawback of every dd? ;) But not to this extent. For some reason at the first sign of enemy fire my Kitakaze and Harugumo crews always throw the engine over the side, presumably to save on weight and speed their escape.
  6. Could we get Belfast back in changed form?

    Wargaming have a general policy of not nerfing premium ships as the player base tends to get pretty angry when they start nerfing things people have paid actual money for. It isn't worth the fallout and to avoid kicking up too much of a stink when WG mess up a premium ship they tend to just remove it from sale. It isn't such a problem with silver ships, and in the case of the Cleveland WG gave everyone who had her upgraded into a free tier 8 version and got a free tier 6 into the bargain so most people were happy with the deal. The only way they would likely nerf the Belfast is indirectly by changing a core mechanic (e.g. radar) which would affect all ships in the game that used it - a similar thing happened when they stopped ships being able to stealth fire in open water. They could release a premium sister ship with different balance but any premium ship carrying the name Belfast would like get compared to the original and people would get angry that their new version wasn't as good as the old version which only people who bought her at the time would have.
  7. New Arms Race Mode

    I don't find the capture area indicators especially visible on the arctic mini-map, especially when they spawn next to or overlapping islands. Maybe something could be done to change their colour or give them a more defined outline?
  8. [PSA] New clan buildings for coal and steel are bugged.

    For science I built it and it didn't increase the cost of stuff in the arsenal, must have been fixed before the patch went live in the EU. But thanks for the warning, I just got enough coal together to get the Salem and play it whilst the supercontainer mission was still active. If the price had gone up 5% due to a bug I would have been peeved.
  9. Ranked season

    I can't recall any of the tier X CVs in my ranked games coming top by XP on either team and given how much influence the CV player has on the outcome of the game I find it hard to envisage a scenario where a CV comes top on a team that doesn't also win. Maybe if everyone else on the team went afk?
  10. Haida v. Gadjah Mada - who will win?

    I'd just like the qualify that I only think the Haida has the edge in a DD vs DD scrap at short range. If the GM can manage to engage at longer ranges my money is on the GM (well, at least until the Haida manages to re-stealth). But in the 1 vs 1 scenario you proposed all fights would be at short range. The Haida is indeed very specialist. Its basically all about playing the objective and short range destroyer knife fights and ambushes. Anything else and you kind of wish you were in a different ship - the torps are nice but need the right situation/luck to get hits in and even the guns feel underwhelming due to the low fire chance. The rolling smoke is very nice though. I'd say the Haida is something a little different for people who love their knifefighting gunboats
  11. Haida v. Gadjah Mada - who will win?

    My initial gut reaction was the GM but after giving it some thought I have to go Haida. The GM's advantages lie it is amazing forward gun arcs and its ability to aggressively push in against destroyers with full firepower and easily dodge torp spreads by changing tack and tracking the guns through the front. But you don't want to close with the Haida because that's exactly where its strongest in terms of shell ballistics, hydro and torps and so holds all the advantages. GM wants to engage at longer range but we are assuming 1 vs 1 so the combat would initiate when the 2 run into each other. The GM would therefore find it hard to turn and open the range without sacrificing its full firepower because the gun arcs over the back are poor. The advantage of the GM's better gun arcs in the opening seconds would be countered by the Haida getting to see the GM first and start turning to engage and it getting the first shots off. Also it has super stronk secondary battery! Of course, in anything other than a pure 1 vs 1 scenario I think the GM's better versatility and range fighting ability would give it an advantage, but for the purposes of this scenario my money goes on Haida. EDIT: also thanks for an interesting post that made me think
  12. Stats

    Make sure you are logged in and go to your stats page on the WoWS website (under players). Then click the eye icon next to profile privacy and select your preferred option - this only appears if you are logged in.
  13. gearing upgrades and consumables

    Gearing is very versatile so there are a lot of valid builds depending on what you want to emphasise. I've gone for preventative maintenance, last stand, survivability expert, concealment expert, RPF, adrenaline rush and torpedo armourment expertise and equipped the fletcher's 10.5km torpedoes and the module for faster torpedo reload. I'd previously had BFT and priority target instead of RPF which will give you an advantage in a knife fight against another DD but wanted to re-try using radio location and I'm definitely feeling the benefits. Most builds will play around with whether or not you have RPF and which 3 point skills you take with SE, BFT, torpedo expert and superintendent all being valid choices. Regarding def AA, aside from rapidly getting rid of the odd spotter plane its pretty useless until its absolutely essential. You'll rarely meet carriers and when you do there is only a small chance they'll be any good, but on that rare occasion when they are def AA can prevent a completely ruined game. I've run it up until now out of caution but recently swapped to speed boost for ranked.
  14. Harugumo in ranked

    You asked how to play against it in ranked and people gave constructive and effective advice. I don't think anyone actually disputed it was OP. Its a little early to rush to judgement but certainly seems to be doing very well in both WR and damage dealt department.
  15. Harugumo in ranked

    They are slow, large and turn like oil tankers. Do not attempt to enter into a posterior kicking contest with a porcupine and get into a trading match with them. Instead bait them into opening fire then disengage and let your team deal with them. I've also had a lot of success torpedoing them, especially creeping up on them whilst they are busy spamming from smoke or just torping an area I expect them to take up residence in. RPF is very handy for making sure you don't bump into them head first with your pants down. If I think one is near I adjust my angling or speed so that when I meet it I can quickly smoke up or turn away once they open fire and preserve my hp pool whilst my team takes care of theirs. If they do slow and smoke they are easy to torpedo before they can angle/relocate in the smoke screen and also pretty easy to continue blind firing even when you've lost vision.