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  1. BennyBlanc0

    Random gameplay lost its way

    there he is, the idiot who thinks he's funny. There's always one knobhead
  2. BennyBlanc0

    Random gameplay lost its way

    another game where a cw kills me, thats 4 out of 4 kills for the cw !
  3. BennyBlanc0

    Random gameplay lost its way

    For example. I have just played 2 games in my monarch and guess what killed me? in both games. 90k damage done by cw who focused on me and the other towards the last quarter of the game obliterated me. Nothing i could do in either game and pointless playing this ship anymore when more often than not you will die at the hands of a cw.
  4. BennyBlanc0

    Random gameplay lost its way

    I play mainly random battles and ranked battles and despite some issues with op and mm, it was still enjoyable to play and rewarding if you played well. I would quite happily grind away to my next tier ship along with the daily missions, all in all life was sweet in the world of warships. However, since the reworking of CW the enjoyment factor has diminished significantly whereby I no longer grind to my next tier ship and only play occasionally and for the daily missions. No matter how good a player you are if a cw focusses on you, you are more or less dead or spending the whole game simply trying to avoid the torps and bombs rather than focus on battling other ships. I dont play dd's in random mode anymore as its pointless. The reasons I left wot (arty, mm's) have been applied to wows and you have to wonder who the idiot is who makes these decisions which alienate their player base. I have no confidence wargaming will listen to the player base and can only see this going the same way as wot and lose players over time.
  5. Hi Aslain, any indication of when the damage panel mod will be available? Cheers
  6. BennyBlanc0

    Seattle tier 9 POS

    Thanks to some of the more responsive comments and the usual lame arses that have got to have a pop. I didnt have IFHE as the captain i used was not from the cleveland as I am keeping that ship, but mr halsey from the campaigns that i got. I hear what you are saying about IFHE, but even so 50 out of 52 shots not penning on a lower tier is frustratingly bad
  7. BennyBlanc0

    Seattle tier 9 POS

    I have just purchased the tier 9 seattle and after a few games it is becoming the worst pos ahead of the baltimore. I just finished a game where i hit a tier 8 amagi 52 times with he ammo and only penned them 2 times. This was from the front , broadside and the back and still nada with a 15 point captain. WTF is going on in this game whereby a tier 9 cannot pen a tier 8 ship??????
  8. BennyBlanc0

    Ranked Battles & Arms Race

    Have played over the last couple of days and it sucks. you get spotted no matter where you are (cover doesnt matter anymore), battleships camp at the back especially mushashi's and there is hardly any teamwork, more of a each man to themselves. Its a mess and as someone who enjoys playing the ranked format I simply don't enjoy playing this now. Along with the cw reworking its becoming more like the reason I quit wot a few years back where i was raging in each game rather than enjoying myself.
  9. BennyBlanc0

    Disconnected from the server

    still a technical issue
  10. BennyBlanc0

    Disconnected from the server

    yep, same prob here
  11. Well thanks for the NO help....I figured out the damage control panel was causing my issue, once i removed i could get passed the game loading screen.
  12. ok, please find attached log Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  13. Stuck on game loading screen, had to uninstall your mod in order to get it to work
  14. BennyBlanc0


    I wait 2 months for a supercontainer and I get a..... Engine boost *Edited
  15. BennyBlanc0

    1000 battle count....why

    yes, but also play a lot of cruisers. The 1000 point is just to small an amount and spoils too many of my games, if this was increased to say 1250 and see how it goes or if there is more than 2 ships per side still alive then keep the clock going for a further 250 points. In order to acheive a good score you need to damage the opponent so the more time you have is surely a good thing especially when a lot of the acheivements are damaged based. The cyclone is pointless and should be scrapped in random matches