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  1. el_bloom

    Steven Seagall gone?

    So many clueless kids in this forum.... He isnt groping anything. He is pulling his flat hand back after a hug... Some dudes really need to het a grip. Strange times we are in...
  2. el_bloom

    Please fix TVIII matchmaking ASAP

    1) T8 tiering is not fixed to 50% because me and many others are experiencing otherwise. The better the player, the more he will be underdog. In my case this is above 75% underdog. 2) Only chance to trick this is to only play T7. Try it. Never go above. MM will always match the best players available T8-9 with TX. Most often (like 60%) you will get thrown into being middle tier. 15% T9 with mostly noob high tiers. 25% T5 seal clubbing. I use Matchmaking Monitor (XVM), know what i‘m talking. So OP you should try it. Muuuuuch more relaxing, much better for stats.
  3. el_bloom

    Operation Dynamo. The issues

    Did find this mission pretty easy cause i had 5 stars after the first try... so... maybe it´s too easy, dunno ! Schnellboote are pretty hard to hit, but zoom out and it works, adjusted pretty fast and team knew what they were doing aparently - as i did the same. 1 guy got killed in the mines in the beginning and i thought we would [edited]up after reading this thread.... but... 5* :D ps: stats are bad because Belfast is shiny new :) hard to play but i get the hang now ^^
  4. el_bloom

    Operation Dynamo. The issues

    Hmmm. 1st try 5 stars. hmmmmmmmmmm. boring :D
  5. No more smoked BBs, please. That´s the only problem i see atm. No need to touch the cruisers imho.
  6. el_bloom

    CV and Torps 100 Meter über einer Iseln abwerfen...

    Nix müde, an die Arbeit !! :D
  7. el_bloom

    Occasionally have to sit out entire games. Help?

    Don´t use HDDs for multiplayer gaming. SSD much better.
  8. el_bloom

    Unfair chat ban

    Maybe ^^ Can chatbanned ppl still send PMs after battle ? because he was mega salty like an ocean. Think he got one
  9. el_bloom

    Unfair chat ban

    Multiple reports do indeed work. I´m pretty sure as me and my m8 chat banned an [edited] today.
  10. el_bloom

    Not entirely sure where I'm going with this

    A few tips because you asked very nicely : German BBs are fun and pretty easy to play, if you angle and not brutally yolo. I would call them user-friendly all around. If I would start playing BBs i would choose them atm. Use concealment upgrades wherever possible. Dont shoot from the highest zoom. Avoid it if possible. Use only if totally unsure where enemy goes. Applies for all ship classes, especially BBs. Dont camp, but don´t let your team tank for you, find a balance. This applies even in a DD and for cruisers, too. Use the shift key for shifting between internal/external view. Set the zoom in each position at the start of the match. If you only use shift you never need to change it again. When looking around, always use the right mouse button as this will keep your guns where they are, allowing for a quick lookaround. Sometimes reversing is more productive then fleeing full force and showing broad. Situational. Applies mostly for BBs but for cruisers in extreme circumstances, too. If you are concealed, plan your shots. Use all guns. Wait for them to be available. Shoot single shots for more accuracy, situational. Have fun with this relaxing game, which can be totally enjoyed for free. Unless you really want everything, don´t need to spend a dime. But i´d suggest supporting the developer. Fast training a captain to another ship is handy and WG needs money, too edit, and most important : play only with constant fps. Not under 60. Any dip will mess with your brain and make you artificially bad.
  11. el_bloom

    High tier economy

    The repair costs are too low, if anything. Every scrub can play TX all day long for free now, but scrubs should buy dubloons to do it ! It got a little better with fixed repair costs but it seems people didn´t get the message. TX is camptastic right nao !
  12. el_bloom

    Since smoke is useless..

    If you get Philadelphia Experiment, I get Montauk Chair !! Always knowing when and where you will teleport should work out and be totally fair !
  13. el_bloom

    Zoom error - for the developers -

    Like he said. use shift to switch between internal and external view. Only the external view gets reset. So hit Shift - then switch to torpedoes. Shoot them, switch to your guns (take care to use "1" for HE reload or "2" for AP reload) then hit Shift again. I set my 2 view settings at the start of a game and never need to readjust, so it´s possible ! You just need to use shift key
  14. el_bloom

    Return of XVM?

    I would really like to have XVM in wows. Not sure why you guys are so upset about it because it would just make life easier. Without it i constantly have to watch my teammates to know of what caliber they are. If i know from the start what to expect one can concentrate on your own playstyle instead of constantly adjusting because you´re unsure. Why the heck isn´t someone doing this as a 3rd party directx overlay screen display, it´s above me. App would just have to search the databases for names and display smthg. on the screen. I want it really bad.
  15. el_bloom

    Server Migration: Can't Connect?!

    same problem, what now ?