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  1. 0.6.14

    they really need to increase the AP bomb damage when they go up to tier 9 and 10. otherwise theres not point taking AP bombs on anything past the Lexington. also i really wish they would get out of the habit of down tiering planes. its makes dropping anything above a tier 8 (which in a midway will be very often) extremely irritating. the midways torps will be absolutely lethal to dds but even they can rip the planes apart after the cv nerf.... oops sorry i mean the destroyer AA "change" (pointless buff)
  2. 0.6.14

    still not here....
  3. check my stats and say that again
  4. they had an opportunity to create a good unique dd here but the kinda ruined it by giving it Benson torps instead of fletchers. if it had fletcher torps with that 1 torp launcher it would be a perfect ship but you just cant rely on the guns and 1 set of Benson torps with that horrible Benson reload to do damage. im kinda disappointed considering the amount of time they took with this premium.
  5. my highest damage games in the conq are using the 457s with AP ... so yep
  6. the problem is that people get annoyed when they are set on fire even though its not as effective as shooting AP and getting 1 or 2 citadels. fires just generally annoy people so they choose to call things that set fires a lot OP like the conqueror, zao, Khabarovsk, etc. These are all ships that are relatively easy to kill quickly if focused, however people tend not to shoot at them due to the fact they they are harder to hit than other things or in conqs case due tot he fact that they think shooting it will be fruitless as it has its super heal. but the super heal can now be countered by focusing it between heals as it has a very long cooldown on its heal. and for all the other HE spammers its just a matter of learning to aim at targets that are manoeuvring a lot. wait until you know they are going to be in a full turn (when they have to try to make an escape or turn away for kiting) and then nail them in the broadside. so many problems would be fixed if the community just took a bit of time to learn how to deal with certain types of ships and certain situations.
  7. Wow people are really still salty about British bbs. That's just hilarious.
  8. Aww arnt you just adorable. Well to answer your petty questions. I don't play my Saipan anymore because it bores me, since I joined a clan there is no reason to not play in a division if there is please enlighten me with your infiniate wisdom lmao. And yes I know how to play a lot better than you as I play all classes of ships not just 1 very easy to play tier 7 premium. Happy ? Good now hush hush :)
  9. Can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not as the Saipan is the easiest most noob friendly carrier to play as it can strafe out with no penalty lmao
  10. Is that supposed to make me feel something?
  11. think of it as it a correction not mocking and stop being so sensitive lmao
  12. sure mate whatever you say :) its still broken English lol
  13. and it is clear that this is an English speaking forums
  14. its broken English...