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  1. They very rarely wait an entire week after the 2nd public test ends to release the update. Its usually the Wednesday and Thursday after it ends
  2. ACC

    just work through the japanese carriers and as stated before stay at tier 6 for a while to learn strafing, cross dropping etc. also maybe stay at tier 7 for a while too to learn counter strafing mechanics. watch some farazelleth videos and then once you get competent at cvs move up through tiers 8, 9 and 10. however there is not much point doing all this as CVs are being reworked so they will be completely different in a few months. but its up to you if you want to enjoy them for the brief time we have left with them
  3. hakuryu vs midways

    With 3 fighters vs 2 fighters it's so easy to out maneuver a midway and out strafe him even if his fighters are stronger than yours. And when the legendary upgrades come for haku and midway it will be even easier
  4. Can't connet to server

    its not up yet
  5. How much Credits you have? (2018 Edition)

    1.6 billion with all tier 10 ship, all premium consumables, and around 160 ships in port.
  6. [PSA] Basic guide when you have CV in battle

    well said. i hate when idiots go off on their own and then act like its my fault if they die.
  7. Stalingrad the most TROLL OP ship ever

    oh look someone else whining about something being OP. havn't heard this before
  8. The Carrier Problem

    I'm not saying that they should be able to strike what they want but they shouldnt be punished as much as they are now for going into a ships aa that they don't spot before they are in the aa range and it pops deff aa then deletes about 10 to 15 planes before you have a chance to move out of the aa. I think we can all agree that AA has become quite ridiculous and power creeped over the past year or so. As for seal clubbing, that is done still just as tier 6 and 7. So won't make a difference. Cvs need to learn to manual drop from the get go.
  9. The Carrier Problem

    All they would need to do to fix cvs is either remove the panic effect from def AA or remove/rework the damage multiier. Because right now for most cruisers and dds running def as it is essentially an 'I'm invincible to your attack button'. This change would make it more conformable for new cv players to learn what ships to drop and not to drop. It would also make it so that one ship can't delete your entire strike group before you can move it out the aa range, as some ships are spotted after you are in their aa range. The second change they need to make is removing auto drops from every tier. This will force even cv player to learn how to drop and will remove the chance of having tier 10 cvs still auto dropping because they are too lazy or don't know how to manual drop. Both these changes will in the long run make it a more healthy cv experience for new and old cv players. Granted that the removing auto drops adopts a 'get good or don't play' style but let's be honest, that's essentially what cvs are now.
  10. Rank season 9 Discussion

    I just laughed at graf zeppelins in my enterprise whilst he couldn't get a single strike in lol. The graf zeppelin is completely shut down unless it's up against a lexi