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  1. Carrier matchmaking

    They still need to stop tier 5 cvs meeting tier 6 and 7 cvs. I can't believe they didn't see the problem with that matchmaking when they removed strafing from tier 4 and 5. A cv that can't strafe vs a cv that can is no contest and shouldn't happen.
  2. Last time I counted it was 47 and I've done around 3 French captains since then so 50 maybe a couple more
  3. The rental ships show when the next update is as they are replaced on updates
  4. i just ddont see why french bbs arnt being released on this patch. we had access to the tier 9 on test server which usually means the release of the line in the patch....
  5. Nerf Conq already!

    Exactly my point. If the target is too angled for AP and you have no other targets then why not shoot HE. I'm just saying there's skill in switching ammo types the skill isn't in the ammo type itself that would just be stupid to even think that. Sometimes HE is just more effective than AP and I don't think people like the idea of that but it's true
  6. Nerf Conq already!

    That still doesn't mean ale AP more skillfull. It's skillfull to know when to change ammo but one ammo type is no more skillfull than the other. It's just people tend to get more salty about HE because they don't know how to control their damage controls. Notice that it's mainly people who either do not have the conq or are very average to bellow average players commenting on this thread to have the conq nerfed.
  7. Nerf Conq already!

    I do beg the question why is AP so much more skillfull that HE. They both just require aiming and clicking a button the only difference is that you have to aim at the waterline with AP and at the superstructure with HE. Both to some extent require specific points of aiming. So by your definition everything that uses HE the majority of the time takes no skill to play so we're ruling out most cruisers, and all DDs if we ignore torps. And before you say I'm in favour of the conq I play all classes and all ships so I'm unbiased.
  8. Nerf Conq already!

    with the nerfed range and rudder shift, any battleship that remotely know how to aim will do massive damage every shot if not 1 shot you. the khaba is an amazing ship just against potatoes and people who dont focus it
  9. Nerf Conq already!

    while i agree the GZ thing was completely justified and necessary, these threads are just to have a little moan about a ship that is very good maybe bordering on OP but definitely not stupidly OP like most people want to think. they usually say that to make themselves feel better when one kills them. it already had a a concealment nerf and i think that was sufficient to take it down from being OP. lets not make the conq like the khaba and give it a nerf every patch untill its uncomfortable to play. and if anyone does want a ship to moan about go moan about the saipan, noone seems to bat an eye at that lol.
  10. Nerf Conq already!

    There's been even about 10 topics exactly like this one and they have all gone the same way. You get one or two fanboys arguing in the conqs favour and the rest just screaming nerf nerf wahhh! I don't like burning I can't use damage control effectively. Is there any point in these threads then? Or does a new one sprout up every time someone gets killed by that totally stupidly OP invincible ship (totally not sarcastic)
  11. Nerf Conq already!

    lol another one of these threads...
  12. success in this game = no EDIT in your team

    Carrier sniping in a kaga is okay if the opportunity presents itself especially if you are up against superior fighters (anything other than another kava or ranger) but if there is no gap opening up in the enemy team then sniping is a waste of time as you would have to send your planes on about a 3 minute journey around the map and they will probably be spotted due the the 8km plane spotting range that they have now. So in short the only times it's ok to snipe is when a hole opens up the the enemy team and you can get your planes through either undected or the cvs fighter are dead or too far away. Other than that in the kaga it is best to protect your team with the fighters and try to bait the enemy into AA as most of the time you will not win a straight out fight with a hiryu and definitely not with a Saipan. However if you are up against a ranger it is easy to just lock and strafe out.
  13. CV as support class

    Let me rephrase then. It's the only class that needs a high level of skill to do very well in. In other classes you could just have a lucky game where ring smiles upon you (very rare but even boobs get those games) however in a cv if you can't get past the enemy cvs fighter or not know what targets to strike then you will do next to nothing. My point is nothing can shoot down shells in the air but they can shoot down planes which is the cvs equivalent to shells (bad analogy I know but you get the point) so yes, I agree that other classes require high levels of skill to consistently do well in but the cvs require a much higher level of skill to do well in especially if you are up against a good cv player who is able to shut the enemy cv down.
  14. CV as support class

    I just hope they don't try to make cvs noob friendly so that anyone can just pick up a cv and still stand a chance against a super unicum player. It's the only class left in game that requires a high level of skill please leave it like that.
  15. CV as support class

    They don't need to do anything with cvs except fix the buggy, laggy UI that they have given us now.