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  1. Mr_Snoww

    Transcript of the recent balance stream?

    Surely you can understand why we find that hard to believe though. Throughout the course of RTS CVs you had the best CV players giving you great ideas on how to improve them and ignored every single one of them.
  2. Mr_Snoww

    PSA: Wichita in shop today, but nerfed version

    haha they expect us to buy premium ships with the state of everything. i usually buy every single premium ship but now they can get lost.
  3. Mr_Snoww

    impact bad CV player versus good CV player changed?

    We can no longer completely shut down a bad CV player as there is zero interaction between CVs as the summoned fighters do absolutely nothing. Also the sudden spike in cvs in games has forced people to learn how to negate cvs dropping them which people never seemed to bother to learn with RTS and just kept whining that cvs were unfair. So yes it has addressed the skill gap in the sense that a good cv player has less impact if facing a bad player but the real question is should it? No. RTS CVs rewarded skill whereas the rework rewards... Well not much really but the only skill involved is wiggling to avoid flak bubbles which kill your planes on the return anyway when you can't control them.
  4. Compensation in this case should mean a full cash refund. Nothing else is acceptable. Same as they should have done for the premium CVs. Completely changing a product that you have purchased with real money it being virtual or not makes no difference.
  5. Mr_Snoww

    CV Rework: Another rant about manual ship control

    with any other ship you can fire your guns whilst moving your ship. exact same principle. the example you just gave is a very specific situation, but the point is every ship CAN do both whereas CVs cant.
  6. Mr_Snoww

    CV Rework: Another rant about manual ship control

    Can you tell us the reason why we don't have ship control though. Because the only reason WG seem to have given us is that they don't think we have the brain capacity to concentrate on more than 1 thing at once to put it as bluntly as was put by WG when they directly translated patch notes from Russian.
  7. Mr_Snoww

    Please nerf CV's WG. So OP now. OMG. REEE

    cant tell if you are being sarcastic or just being erm yeh...
  8. Mr_Snoww

    Whats your average dmg on T8 CV?

    1 word... console. if they listened to CV mains who were trying to help them fix RTS they could have easily done it and they know it. this rework was done for console. simple as that.
  9. Mr_Snoww

    Whats your average dmg on T8 CV?

    CVs have become influential in an unhealthy way now. Since the hotfix they do very little damage and can't really hurt a ship if there is 1 or more ships with him but the problem is they can still keep the enemy perma spotted from the very start as they have no reload time on sending out planes. This wasn't an issue in RTS as at the start of the match they had to wait for planes to load which gave the enemy time to get to caps etc. Also once they did their full strike it was at least a minute and a half before their next one which gave the enemy a breather and time to get back up def AA. Also it wasn't in their interest to keep the enemy perma spotted as they would have to either sacrifice fighters to do so or sacrifice strike potential whereas rework CVs can do both spotting and striking constantly which has lead to this unhealthy playstyle of team just balling up and not moving away from each other no matter what. So what I'm saying is as much as everyone hated RTS it was a much better system and would have been easier to tweak it rather than do this rework which is failing so far.
  10. Mr_Snoww

    Game is currently a mess. What about premium time ?

    i do ag agreed. especially with the freezing stats thing. my stats have taken a massive tumble due to the lets say... interesting play style now.
  11. Mr_Snoww

    Hey, can you fix your game? Thx

    yeh theres one big problem with your theory. RTS planes turn on a diam. rework planes take ages to turn out of AA. also with RTS you have fighter management whilst you were waiting for a strike opportunity so you were always doing something. now we are supposed to sit and wait untill the enemy decide we can do something? pull the other one.
  12. Mr_Snoww

    Hey, can you fix your game? Thx

    Don't think anyone really cares mate. We just want them to fix CVs. Good for you if you've had a few lucky games where the enemy isn't in a big ball but that's not the point.
  13. Mr_Snoww

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    or just leave it as it is... if you change it there will be people wanting cash refunds
  14. Mr_Snoww

    F spam "fix"

    if that was the case i wouldnt care about losing planes...
  15. Mr_Snoww

    F spam "fix"

    80 seconds for 1 plane. not a squad. 1 plane. why will people not get this into their head and keep screaming UNLIMITED PLANES OP