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  1. That smoke penalty will kill British cruisers. Smoke is a vital part of the game mechanics there is no need to change it.
  2. That change has been confirmed to be outdated and scrapped anyway. No need to post any more about it
  3. i dont think you understand... do you know how many ships rely on smoke in the game. well the entire RN cruiser line for a start which will be COMPLETELY ruined by this change and will be half as effective. there is no need or reason for this change.
  4. im sorry but this is completely different and on a much larger scale than anything else. its just ridiculous
  5. this will ruin the game completely if they even slightly change smoke with any mechanics remotely like this one. stop listening to crying BBs WG seriously....
  6. the NA server got gallant the day that the update was released for them with the Dunkirk operation. well we have our update i think you can guess what isnt in the shop
  7. well it was said they are coming in july...
  8. well hopefully we should find out tomorrow if not next week what they are doing with the line. in 6.8 or a separate patch for them late July.
  9. IJN dds are needed too much? Have a look at the khabarovsk, it's almost tradition to nerf it every patch now.
  10. so, OP do you not think German BBs needed a bit of a counter as they cant be citadelled at close range i.e punished for doing stupid things like broadsiding. the enterprise is now there to stop German BBs that step out of line and make mistakes, like going out of cruiser AA protection.
  11. it says event will start in 2 hours. when its already 30 mins past its "scheduled" time
  12. there is a challenge out today where you have to use the Duca, however we cannot buy it yet? whats up with this?
  13. 0.7 second increase in loading time= slightly more dpm. otherwise same mediocre ship. discussion over
  14. the only joke about it is how many or little people are playing it. i have yet being able to find a match and see it as quite a pointless thing to be honest.
  15. Too much