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  1. it may not be released yet but we can talk about it as the information is already out there. and im not looking for wargaming to see this i know they dont listen to anyone obviously but i wanted to see what people thought of the very little amount of oil that is available per day. and yes 3 containers per day is casual play. you can get 3 containers in about and hour and a half
  2. so far we know that you can get oil through containers (30 max per day) and some unknown mission (unknown amount). this does not really reward very active clan more than casual clans as it is easy to get 3 containers per day and no doubt the missions will not be too hard either. therefore i propose that wargaming should implement some sort of achievement system to get oil, like the achievements to get signals right now (fisrt blood, confederate etc) however the achievements to get oil would be a bit more tricky and have varying ship class specifications and requirements to ensure the clan has to have a balance of all types of players. the oil would be able to be obtained by every achievement a member got and not just once per day in order to reward active clans more than casual clans, what does everyone think of this?
  3. oh let me think.. maybe because it is a universal event accross all serversand all server get the same for this event. and judging by your stats i wouldnt be calling people thick mate ;~)
  4. lets not start with the childish "you cant read" i stated that it said on the NA server nothing to do with conways post that it was only mission 1 that was delayed untill it updated and said all 3 were delayed. so dont try to twist my words and have a go at me.
  5. no point talking to you, you dont listen...
  6. i think someone needs to calm down and and read that the NA has changed it too all mission delayed now. i read everything correctly thankyou very much but they were late updating the actual mission dates and the wording said that only the first mission was delayed at first. so get off your high horse and calm down mate
  7. its just updated on the NA server now they are all the 15th now even though it said it was only mission 1... well something has to go wrong
  8. i feel like im repeating myself here so please read this anyone who is thinking about posting conways link. i have read that before i made this post but also read on the NA side that it is only the flag giveaway mission been delayed and the other 2 missions are running as normal apart from having to play 2 battles per tier 10.
  9. already said i read it and its only for the flag giveaway
  10. Before anyway brings it up yes I have read conways post about it. But I also read the NA update and it said that only the flag giveaway was delayed not the other 2. So what's going on there?
  11. just wait for the people complaining because they dont have any tier 10s... oh well 17 super containers for me :D
  12. Play safe in RN cruisers? I can tell you only just started playing them as they are designed to be played at extremely close ranges usually between 10 to 3 KM unless radar is close to you.
  13. yeh thats telling us that it was pushed back to 10:00 CEST which is 2 hours later than usual. its late even when they make it late already
  14. yeh they are late.. they just have to delay the british as long as they can
  15. we just need something, anything to spend credits on. maybe cosmetics for our ships like customisable camos or flags. or as suggested above a clan bank system would be a great idea. for example you could have a tax in the clan which the leader can apply to specific members to slowly drain out money into the bank whilst not allowing them to just dump everything at once in there. say max of 7% tax and the maximum a player can take out of that each week is 30 million. something along those lines to not make it OP.