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  1. Carrier APM

    as said above it is more about plane positioning, out thinking the enemy CV rather than pure APM. if you out position the enemy cvs planes you shouldnt have to do that much APM at all. the most actions taken up in cv gameplay (mostly ranked/competitive against good cv players) is jostling with fighters trying to gain/deny spotting. dropping ships requires very little APM if you come in from the right angle and have already dealt with enemy fighters.
  2. "Supply Lines" event: feedback

    The event was just who had more members in their clan. As long as they are at a decent level of competence of course. But it mostly came down to numbers and who could churn out more games. As usual nothing to do with skill at all.
  3. Yes the midway can delete dds just as easily as the haku can but the haku planes are faster and turn around in less time which means more strikes. And in a dd heavy meta that's what you want.
  4. Erm what? Midway is better than. Haku though... Granted in a dd heavy meta the haku would trump the midway. But in this cruiser heavy meta the only way to deal with it is with AP bombs.
  5. If you cant beat them, join them! CV

    Don't bother starting cvs now they are going to be ruined soon anyway with the rework.
  6. The "Loot"ening (SC LOOT FEST)

    I have every purchasable premium ship and still got a hood out of one of my SC got about 6.6k doubloons for it
  7. "REAL" Birthday Special: September 14–28

    22 SC for me woo :)
  8. Win Rate and High stat player attitudes

    if you dont blame yourself for losses you will never get better. the way i look at my team is as sort of a timer. can i carry the game before my timer runs out (my team dies). if not then i probably made mistakes.
  9. CV Rework Feelings Poll

    That's the problem. Any rework (nerf) to cvs will please the 'majority' so they don't care what they do to cvs.
  10. CV Rework Feelings Poll

    the rework is just completely dumbed down gameplay. enough said
  11. no because that just requires persistence and at least 5 brain cells
  12. you wont be able to cope below rank 10, let alone bellow rank 5. its pretty much just unfair on ur team
  13. How on earth did he manage to progress??? Thank god he's not in my bracket in ranked
  14. Win Rate and High stat player attitudes

    If you quoted all of my post rather than taking things out of context you would see me acknowledge that not everyone can be above 50%wr however I said its easy to play better than those kinds of people. And don't give me bs about it being hard to have good hand eye coordination and spacial awareness ect. If you are able to cross a road successfully without being hit by a car you have enough spacial awareness for this game. The problem lies solely with people not bothering to learn the mechics or learn anything about the game. They just go in shoot a few things then die.
  15. Win Rate and High stat player attitudes

    If you but even a little bit of effort you can easily be above 50%wr. I'm not arguing statistics here I'm arguing how much effort players bother to get in. I know you're trying to be smart good on you for that but your comment has nothing to do with the point I'm making. Yes there has to be players bellow 50% but I'm saying that it's extremely easy to be better than that.