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  1. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/content/game/ this could be what you might show them :) (make sure that you share an invite link to them. Benifits yourself and them with some goodies)
  2. What is wrong with MM??

    War Thunder does this. And guess what happens there? Russians get on the EU server.... You don't want that to happen, trust me, wee bit like those german players the only speak german and think that everyone knows what they say ._. Atleast you could try to understand german, Russian on the other hand, good luck.
  3. What is wrong with MM??

    You are playin high tiers, in the morning (don't know your time zone tho) on a weekday. Lot's of peeps are at school/work at that time. But those kind of matches are always fun to play when MM is drunk ^^
  4. Submarines war

    Yes, the once putted a sub in the game in the end of March 2017... but no, no subs will ever be implemented in this game ._.
  5. New matchmaking.

    I wish I had such a MM with Asashio
  6. Team Damage penalty and Torpedos.

    You're not realy gonna get banned for this reason, only turning pink and perhaps be forced to play coop for a while. Just avoid landing torps on friendlies for a while and everything will be fine. Don't worry, everyone turns pink at least once here ^^ Also, spamming the minimap and telling them that torps are incomming might help your teammates not to hug those little buggers.
  7. Asashio power

    "I am one with the torpedo and the torpedo is one with me" *BANZAAAAAAI*
  8. To Many Aircraft Carriers?

    No, no, this is 2018. Year of the AA (with new US CA's and CL's) You might mean last year, 2017, when it was "The Year of the CV", oh... wait....
  9. Ashitaka is back, time to get?

    Platooned with someone that got her, he was constantly raging on how bad she is, don't buy her ^^
  10. Akizuki advice?

    You can have fun and get her full AA build and just piew piew at long distance Or you can build a sneaky dd hunter IFHE is indeed needed and don't be afraid to sometimes switch to AP
  11. I want an option to get more ocean map :x
  12. Main Gun Controls

    Up until now, I haven't found any way of doing so. I would say just aim in front of you and wiggle left to right a wee bit so that your rear guns will turn left and right all the time without fully turning ^^
  13. BB's help needed..

    Just ignore that type of players. You'll get used to it. but if you want to have fun, poke them some more. Give them some more salt, perhaps they leave wows that way. Trolling those salty players is truly the best thing you can do c:
  14. Can you please fix CVs?

    The problem doesn't realy lies with the cv, more with the team play. Might seem to be very strange, but cv's were made to counter big slow battleships. And if you wonder how to avoid being focused by them, hug some ca's. That match you seemed to be unlucky having a ca that perhaps didn't support you with his defensive fire tho. As a (not that good) cv player, I always go after those ships that lack AA or that are alone.
  15. Server currently unavailable?

    Go to the store and buy some fries for upcoming weekend with salty players? c: Or just take a hot cuppa rosie lee and a good book ^^ or like me, working on assesments :x