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  1. [AKI] Akizuki's AA Party

    for those that wonder what kind of clan this is c:
  2. Summer Sale 2018: finished

    Now that the tirpitz is back on sale, it feels like the first time she was up for sale. Potatoes buying her. Trying to torp bb's at 10 km (ofc they are on the second line the make matters worse) and end up torping their own dd at 3 km.... People and potatoes that are already sprouted or are still deep underground. Please, if you buy a ship with torps. Try to atleast know what you are doing.
  3. [AKI] Akizuki's AA Party

    Bumping cause Efe is to lazy to bump :kongouderp:
  4. Legendary Upgrades - How to Unlock them

    I was told it would be tomorrow that you're able to complete these missions
  5. IJN Hyuga-hybrid carrier, battleship

    Well, I'm curious, I always wanted to have BBV in the game. With the new CV rework, perhaps it would be possible. If they are opting for a less RTS version of the CV. And this would finally make the IJN line a wee special compaired to the other nations ^^ BBV would also give a reason for bb's to cap in the back :^)
  6. honor system

    Well, currently you can get compliments from others. Altho you'd need to prove yourselfs a lot to get one (or a friendly/enemy being in a good mood and gives one for you just because he can). But then again, you can get reported aswell (because you played well or because some salty player reported you for no know reason other than him being a salty cracker). Curently, there are no realy benifits other then being able to give more reports/compliments the higher your karma (honour) rate. Tho legend says the higher your karma , the higher your chances on SC are c:
  7. Loss of main batteries

    Sometimes clicking the right mouse buttom will help aswell
  8. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/content/game/ this could be what you might show them :) (make sure that you share an invite link to them. Benifits yourself and them with some goodies)
  9. What is wrong with MM??

    War Thunder does this. And guess what happens there? Russians get on the EU server.... You don't want that to happen, trust me, wee bit like those german players the only speak german and think that everyone knows what they say ._. Atleast you could try to understand german, Russian on the other hand, good luck.
  10. What is wrong with MM??

    You are playin high tiers, in the morning (don't know your time zone tho) on a weekday. Lot's of peeps are at school/work at that time. But those kind of matches are always fun to play when MM is drunk ^^
  11. Submarines war

    Yes, the once putted a sub in the game in the end of March 2017... but no, no subs will ever be implemented in this game ._.
  12. New matchmaking.

    I wish I had such a MM with Asashio
  13. Team Damage penalty and Torpedos.

    You're not realy gonna get banned for this reason, only turning pink and perhaps be forced to play coop for a while. Just avoid landing torps on friendlies for a while and everything will be fine. Don't worry, everyone turns pink at least once here ^^ Also, spamming the minimap and telling them that torps are incomming might help your teammates not to hug those little buggers.
  14. Asashio power

    "I am one with the torpedo and the torpedo is one with me" *BANZAAAAAAI*