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  1. keya_kin

    Yuudachi announced as tier 7 Premium

    That 2,5 km torp detect tho with 57 knt speed D:
  2. keya_kin


    Go to your ingame profile (there where you can change your icon)
  3. keya_kin

    [AKI] Akizuki's AA Party

    Time for a bump with some weeb stuff <w<
  4. keya_kin

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery Furthermore happy upcoming Chirstmas and New Year o7
  5. I do second te opinion of a poppy being a better patch then that star thing :x
  6. You need to understand, WoWs is like the nature. Where there is predator and grass eaters. It is the circle of life. Purging the weak once from the herd. And thus strenghtening the others so that only the strong once survive and continue to excist. Thus removing Kami will cause a cascade of events where the weak players will continue to excist and get to higher tier and thus the ecosystem of wows will be destroyed untill nothing is left. Now, tell me, you don't want to destroy wows ecosystem now do you? On this note, this made me want to play Kami now
  7. keya_kin

    Finally some recognition for the Royal Netherlands Navy?

    Silly dutchies c:
  8. keya_kin

    [AKI] Akizuki's AA Party

    for those that wonder what kind of clan this is c:
  9. keya_kin

    Summer Sale 2018: finished

    Now that the tirpitz is back on sale, it feels like the first time she was up for sale. Potatoes buying her. Trying to torp bb's at 10 km (ofc they are on the second line the make matters worse) and end up torping their own dd at 3 km.... People and potatoes that are already sprouted or are still deep underground. Please, if you buy a ship with torps. Try to atleast know what you are doing.
  10. keya_kin

    [AKI] Akizuki's AA Party

    Bumping cause Efe is to lazy to bump :kongouderp:
  11. keya_kin

    Legendary Upgrades - How to Unlock them

    I was told it would be tomorrow that you're able to complete these missions
  12. keya_kin

    IJN Hyuga-hybrid carrier, battleship

    Well, I'm curious, I always wanted to have BBV in the game. With the new CV rework, perhaps it would be possible. If they are opting for a less RTS version of the CV. And this would finally make the IJN line a wee special compaired to the other nations ^^ BBV would also give a reason for bb's to cap in the back :^)