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  1. iFax

    Skip bombers...

    Wake me up when this arrives in game...
  2. iFax

    Use the ship horn for torpedo warning

    Not a bad idea at all...
  3. iFax

    Is the Colorado armor belt correct?

    Yamato class armour quality "This was about the same as the best WWI-era British KC-type armor, which was what the Japanese were trying for - they had not attempted to make improved face-hardened armor, as the U.S. Navy did during the 1930's, for actual ship installation."
  4. iFax

    Just re-installed WoWs again.

    Pure CV food...
  5. iFax

    has wows got road map

  6. iFax

    Hardware accelerated GPU Schedule in wows

    GPU seems to be running cooler but only played one game testing the update. More games tomorrow.
  7. iFax

    CV play and using Winrate mod

    Stop wasting your time on a useless mod and get on with the game!
  8. iFax

    It's all the range.....

    Here ya go... http://www.navweaps.com/
  9. iFax

    When will Puerto Rico be available again?

    Not as good as Alaska either...
  10. And on the 15th day a new conspiracy theory was born...
  11. iFax

    Win = Reward X1,5

    Stop stupid events and targets that focus single player objectives.
  12. Has the EU ever had a similar event for 10,000 doubloons?
  13. Comrade spreadsheet say... Уровень шестой Да!
  14. If we played CBs I would support this but we have a very large sack of potatoes...
  15. NoZoupForYou has done a vlog...