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  1. I don't know who in the dev team did the engine sounds... but why oh why does every ship I've played sound like it's running some knackered out old reciprocating triple expansion engine??? Most warships in ww2 used 'high pressure steam turbines, or is WG using real sound clips from glorious comrade ships?
  2. iFax

    Another OP Russian Paper Ship

    Did you know that Russian steel works couldn't produce cemented armour of thicknesses greater than 230mm, in the case of the Sovetsky Soyuz they went with 400mm of face hardened steel which was very poor quality. Infact her weight of armour was greater than Yamato's with only half the effectiveness against 16" shells... But this is an arcade game and this point is mute as armour quality doesn't exist... A simple code would easily fix it... Or does WG choose to ignore this fact so they can produce OP comrade ships? As a side note, Yammy's armour could easily be penetrated even by US 16" 45cal let alone 16" 50cal... (several sources but mostly Bernard Ireland)
  3. iFax

    Battle of Heligoland Bight

    So... "On August 28, 1914, the British Grand Fleet sprung a surprise attack against a German High Seas Fleet patrol in Heligoland Bight. It was the very first naval engagement of the First World War and an easy victory for the Grand Fleet. To commemorate the anniversary, join us over the weekend and fight in your favorite British and German vessels. Score some camo and a shot at bigger prizes!" For tiers V-X... It kind of ignores the period ships that actually took part. Could you at least allow the low tiers to take part not only for accuracy of the period but allow new players to participate?
  4. iFax

    Remove Colbert and Smolensk From the Game

    Hmm, logic is good young jedi... This is the work of the darkside... Seriously though, I'm getting fed up with gimmick after gimmick being rammed down our throats. Already had one player leave the game yesterday over all this rubbish, sent me a PM in Faceache and then "poof" account gone.
  5. iFax

    Remove Colbert and Smolensk From the Game

    Do they have sonar?
  6. So sonar the number 1 anti-submarine tech is useless...
  7. iFax

    Homing torpedoes for subs confirmed

    In the stream one of the subs looked like a type 7c doing 23.5kts surfaced. Real life speed 17.7kts. So my thoughts so far; 1. Subs - too fast surfaced and when deep running 2. Why go with acoustic torps when you could choose FAT or LUT types to use 3. DD play looks very crude 4. DDs will become prime targets to give allied subs maximum patrol room 5. Crossing dropping torps, really 6. CVs main job could become keeping subs submerged Who thought of this nonsense? Go back to the drawing board and start over.
  8. Not really happy, they bring in things like Submarines and still leave out dedicated battlecruiser lines. They want us to play lower tiers and yet the game focus is on high tiers. I want World Of Dreadnoughts, slugging it out with AP not HE spam and no damn carriers or subs..!
  9. iFax

    Idea for reimplamantation of the IJN Kitakami

    Will never happen you say... Submarines! Infact we can probably safely say WG will do anything they want regardless of what "we the players" desire. NTC ring a bell? They've taken a decent game and made it an arcade farce.
  10. iFax

    Better rewards for DD

    Ah, I see...
  11. iFax

    Better rewards for DD

    If you don't think DDs are rewarded enough, play another type of ship.
  12. iFax

    Speculated Sub Gameplay?

    They gonna put this on HMS Daring and other RN ships so equipped? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Squid_(weapon)
  13. iFax

    bots invasion

    I feel sorry for the majority of WG staff who do great work only for an idea like this to ruin the companies reputation. Put the person who thought of this in a training room and let the rest of us have at them! They deserve to be Dev slapped!
  14. iFax

    bots invasion

    Who came up with this ridiculous recruitment idea that gave rise to this bot invasion? Has WG considered the risk level of such an idea? How much money have these bot owners made? How long before reputation damage hits the companies overall business plan? We the players that put money into this game are indirectly paying for these bots to exist. Solution, no more flag purchases etc...