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  1. iFax

    Naval Battles - Web Server problems

    I appreciate the effort Crysantos is making here but premium time is money. I've paid for a service and I'm not getting what I paid for.
  2. iFax

    Naval Battles - Web Server problems

    Well I've been waiting to get into Naval Battles for 7 hours now so I can support my clan by trying to win extra oil for the naval base. It is impacting on my game play and good money I used to pay for premium time.
  3. iFax

    Hannover will be released?

    Why not just add Tier 11
  4. iFax

    Naval Battles - Web Server problems

    Interesting concept except one small problem, you supply a service many people have paid a premium for (real money).
  5. iFax

    Naval Battles - Web Server problems

    I wonder what the compensation will be for this failure?
  6. iFax

    Soviet Cvs

    Too late, it already is...
  7. iFax

    Soviet Cvs

    Yeah but it can be seen from the moon with the naked eye and will burn like an oxy-acetylene torch so no worries there. The Russian CVs like all CVs are made from asbestos. Clearly World of Warplanes is a failure so the staff have been moved into the other games so their dev work continues. WG have forgotten that success is measured by income, if you annoy enough customers they shop somewhere else. I think I'll chop up this store card and apply to another store, I can still play out my premium time until its gone...
  8. iFax

    Ranked Battles are Rigged 100%

    Okay then, what empirical evidence do you have and why would WG rig matches? I look forward to your white paper.
  9. iFax

    Enjoy new balance from WG

    Your fingers must bleed from all the typing then...
  10. iFax

    Enjoy new balance from WG

    Don't moan then when team mates refuse to push.
  11. iFax

    Well Done, Wargaming! .... Hhhhhhh XD

    You have to be a pretty dumb dev if you need to test this on a live server... Seriously dumb!
  12. iFax

    Enjoy new balance from WG

    Flamu said in the video that they were three stacked strikes from the same ship.
  13. iFax


    Is just game, why you have to be mad?
  14. At the expense of everyone else...
  15. Just slap a HE spammer with AP, they soon lose interest in farming you.