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  1. iFax

    Can We Nerf British BCs' AA?

    Oh wait... You're serious...
  2. iFax

    WG is leaving Russia & Belarus

    Nothing to stop WG recruiting the Devs from Lesta into the new parent company.
  3. iFax

    Devblog: new plane spotting in testing

    Boy, don't DD players moan a lot... There should be a DD bingo card same as the BB one... I think it's great how CV's can now ruin the day for all ship classes accept the opposing CV... Welcome to the club DD players and suck it up like the rest of us have to.
  4. iFax

    Q: How to deal with CVs?

  5. iFax

    Where are the people on all those ships?

    Where are the bl__dy AA gunners when "actions stations" is called..?
  6. iFax

    Why play co-op ?

    Because daily trial requires wins to progress... Random battles is not an effective way to use my time...
  7. iFax

    New Accounts?

    Normally means the accounts been reset... https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/article/15732/#section_1
  8. iFax

    Incomparable out of NDA

  9. iFax

    Incomparable out of NDA

    29 seconds reload according to Dev Blog...
  10. iFax

    PSA!!!. Operations survey!!!

    Put Subs in operations and leave them there...
  11. No that' the new Russian TX CV, it's sooo big that had to increase the map size...
  12. Its delivering Red Bull...
  13. iFax

    Why Moltke? Not Seydlitz?

    That is precisely why it'll be a premium, fanboys will go gaga for it.
  14. iFax

    Send a message to PEGI

    If you do complain to PEGI you might want to quote code 9.2 as loot boxes is a way of corrupting minors and their development as well as 9.9. 9.2 Removal of Undesirable Content; Signatories shall use their best endeavours to ensure that Online Gameplay Environments are kept free of content which is illegal, offensive, racist, degrading, corrupting, threatening, obscene or might permanently impair the development of minors. 9.9 Protection of Minors; In keeping with one of the main objectives of both the PEGI and PEGI Online Systems, Signatories shall adhere to stringent standards ensuring the protection of children from any unsuitable content and behaviour associated with any Online Gameplay Environment offered by any Product aimed at children. These standards shall include, as appropriate; the publication of warnings about the supply or display online of private email addresses promoting responsible purchasing practices within Online Gameplay Environments where minors are concerned.
  15. iFax

    Theoretical error in submarine velocity.

    In real life the boats of WW2 were slower submerged as they were not designed as streamlined submerged vessels like they are now. They were closer in design to WW1 subs that were surface vessels that could submerge for short durations. The German Type XXI was the first real hull design from the submerged point of view.