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  1. iFax

    When will Puerto Rico be available again?

    Not as good as Alaska either...
  2. And on the 15th day a new conspiracy theory was born...
  3. iFax

    Win = Reward X1,5

    Stop stupid events and targets that focus single player objectives.
  4. Has the EU ever had a similar event for 10,000 doubloons?
  5. Comrade spreadsheet say... Уровень шестой Да!
  6. If we played CBs I would support this but we have a very large sack of potatoes...
  7. NoZoupForYou has done a vlog...
  8. You can check a persons profile using the in game option so its public domain... Removing that information from a forum when the game supplies it publicly is just silly.
  9. iFax

    Asymmetric Battles?

    This idea is better than subs...
  10. So who do you blame for stupid directives that require "set one million fires"...
  11. iFax

    Can I have my money back for the Massachuset?

    He doesn't want his money back now, he loves it... He now knows what he did wrong... We're all still laughing in the clan...
  12. Makes me feel good smashing the keys... Two words isn't enough...
  13. Male cow waste product..!
  14. iFax

    Odin... is it slow?

    Pssst, it ain't a USN ship
  15. iFax

    Odin... is it slow?

    Texas is king 20.5kts...