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  1. BrzzyGaming

    UK BB Split ideas with Premiums

    Props to you for a great-looking presentation. A second line would be ideal. I would want them to remove the HE ammo type for that line, and promote an AP-styled British Battleship(s).
  2. Hello, I love playing World of Warships, creating content whether it be a video, or a written review. Be sure to check out my Twitch and Youtube channel. I also write ship reviews on my website at www.brzzygaming.com Ship Reviews Stream Highlights and Community Replays Twitch Channel for LIVE World of Warships Content Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I hope to see you either in my Twitch streams, Youtube comments, or my website.
  3. I've already completed the US BB line twice, now in the process of the doing the Russian BBs again. Ultimately, my reward afterwards should be the Slava.
  4. BrzzyGaming

    New USA Battleships announced!

    I guess these were made for torpedoes. I mean, with the Kitakami coming back, imagine going head on. You could take at least 2 torps by her 'thickness'
  5. BrzzyGaming

    Something has changed with WoWs - graphics

    I use to get these back in the day, but what fixed them was Windows Updates. See if your PC needs updating.
  6. BrzzyGaming

    Certain ships.....

    There is something about the Trento which makes my WoWs experience, enjoyable. Can't quite fathom it.
  7. BrzzyGaming

    Transformers join the battle in World of Warships

    I'll give you 24hrs to decide whether I was sarcastic or not.
  8. BrzzyGaming

    Transformers join the battle in World of Warships

    This is the content we needed!
  9. BrzzyGaming

    Kitakaze and Haragumo players AP or HE.

    I use HE as I run IFHE on my Commander.
  10. BrzzyGaming

    Tier 6 Gems For Ops?

    Trento for sure. I loved playing it when I was grinding the Italian cruisers.
  11. BrzzyGaming

    The best tier 8 Premium BB

    I would highly recommend the Massachusetts, and apply a Secondary build (if you have a high point commander to do so).
  12. BrzzyGaming

    Friendly fire

    You know what your torpedos are capable of. Use common sense when using them, and you won’t have any trouble :)
  13. BrzzyGaming

    PSA: Desync issue

    Thank you for addressing this. I thought I was losing my mind when my shells clearly hit an enemy, but didn't register.
  14. BrzzyGaming

    [ALL] ModStation

    Fantastic MOD pack. Easy and simple to use. Thank you!