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  1. sharpkiller_XD

    Graf zeppelin Stuka?

    Will the Stuka on the CV ever return cuz from the store image it displays Stuka.
  2. sharpkiller_XD

    Azur Lane Collab

    Confirmed the collab will be coming to all other servers
  3. sharpkiller_XD

    Azur Lane Collab

    New azur lane collab leaks Judging from the English/Russian Text it may come to EU server a higher possibility not confirmed yet https://www.twitch.tv/wargaming_japan WoW collab stream starts on 4/21 14:00 Jst
  4. sharpkiller_XD

    Azur Lane Collab

    I doubt Wargaming will feature the Kindergarden girl and i highly speculate that they will go for the legal age such as Enterprise, kaga akagi etc
  5. sharpkiller_XD

    Azur Lane Collab

    Yep seen most lol true AL features more kindergarten girls since i do used to play AL on my mobile.
  6. sharpkiller_XD

    Azur Lane Collab

    i speculate Captains, Collection (similar to HSF) , Flags(?), Insignia(?) that may be in the collab. Also if there is a kancolle collab the amount will be bigger
  7. sharpkiller_XD

    Azur Lane Collab

    Azur Lane Collab Announced in Asia I'm Very Looking forward to see the collab for the other server other then Asia server. Before people say more anime ****. Azur lane is not from an anime but from an mobile game that was originally made in china that was then also published in Japan.
  8. sharpkiller_XD

    World of warships CV improvements

    Well as @Akikaze94 said in high tier like the current ranked season there are still people that don't know how to alt click strafe or manual drop. Even if they know how to strafe they don't know how to strafe properly for example when the planes are locked in dogfight the enemy constantly tries to strafe out to break out of the lock but kept doing it till it no longer able to strafe or ran out of munition. Me in general i know i'm not great with CV or a good CV player as my stat shows i'm doing bad in them but doesn't necessary say people should avoid playing CV all together. Before i started playing CV I watched CV Video from other CV players and few of the forum guide on how to play CV, as currently WG as mentioned above post doesn't do any sort of guide on CV.
  9. sharpkiller_XD

    HSF Mission isn't showing

    You need to play one battle in the designated ship or with commanders
  10. sharpkiller_XD

    HSF in tha shop!

    I think i don't mind this event about ship restriction for containers, what bothers me is the paywall for capt and camo :V Even though i already owned both the HSF ship during it first release, not sure if i feel ripped of for getting the silver bundle but for gold bundle buyers probably yes.
  11. sharpkiller_XD

    Graf Zeppelin is an insult to paying customers

    No comment regarding GZ they ignore the Chats
  12. sharpkiller_XD

    Graf Zeppelin is an insult to paying customers

    Get ready for the Gamescon Live stream :V Graf question at the ready