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  1. IronSpear

    Proč hrát World of Warships ?

    Dovod preco som prestal hrat tanky. Samy cheat mod tu to este je pod kontrolou ale aj tak...
  2. IronSpear

    Cleveland shell velocity

    Well get Atlanta and then you will see a high arc. Just needs a bit more time to get used to it.
  3. IronSpear

    Letadlové lodě

    Este raz ty chytrolin. 2 x tier 10 Japonske vs tier 6 tier 8 CA a tier 9 Essex. A priletely znova a isli dole tak isto teraz uz uplne a potom si 2 ich top tier lode iba pochodovaly po mape bez lietadiel. Interpretacia a logika nie je asi tvoja silna stranka ze ?
  4. IronSpear

    Aiming MOD ....

    Rozpakovat a nakopirovat subor zase nie je komplexne
  5. IronSpear

    Letadlové lodě

    Ako naposledy som hral stihace v CBT ale tier 6 vymaxovany na fighters aj v ratane modulov a skills dokazal zrusit cely utok 2 och japoncov toho isteho tieru (samozrejme ze nejaka poskodenie nastalo) 2 stihacie skupiny dokazali rozsekat torpedove bombardery do 4 5tich sekund.
  6. IronSpear

    wtf happened to yubari?

    Well it has something to do that a person reminded them about EU digital market consumer protection laws. If you buy anything for real money / gold every time they change its parameters to the negative (nerf) you have to give a refund period in which you can get the gold back. Hence the Super Pershing nerf and refund and that is why they did not change any premium vehicle in last 18 months or even more. They just remove them from sales if they are too OP like E 25 or type 59.
  7. IronSpear

    HMS Warspite in wows

    Well , With the changes to the modules and captain skills in 4.0 Warspite actually can get a significant range boost. Plane and skill stack ?
  8. IronSpear

    Montana vs Yamato

    Montana Bola Vyrobena. Ale ako Midway lietadlova lod ... Ani zdaleka to nebolo blud ale detailny plan lode ktoru aj mali zacat stavat takze kompletny navrh ziadne papierove bludy na servitku. Bolo objednanych 5 kusov a zrusili sa lebo Iowa bolo velmi dobra a rychlejsia. Takisto doky co ju mali stavat mali zahltene objednavkami na Essex lietadlovky. Inac Montana sa nevosla do prieplavu. nemala ziaden limit okrem praktickych parametrov. Jediny dovod preco sa nepostavily bol ze v 1942 uz bolo kazdemu jasne ze bitevne lode su ako koncept zastarale a zbytocne.
  9. IronSpear

    Letadlové lodě

    Ako nechapem tuto situaciu. na CBT tesne pre 4 kou patchom sa to stavalo bezne ze ako cleveland AA a Essex + Baltimore 2 x tier 10 Japonske lietadlovky koncentrovany utok na Essex. Len ja a Baltimore sme dali 26 litadiel to je 6 letiek plus jeho 2 stihacie groupy a prezil uplne bez problemu teda 60 % mu asi ostalo. Vtip je v tomze manualne davas ciele a spustis abilitu v spravny cas. Nie je ciel znicit groupu ale dat ju dole na 50 % alebo 1 zo 4. pred tym ako zhodia naklad. Len sme ich poskodzovali na 50 % plus skill im dodrbal presnost aked padly do vode len 2 torpeda max z kazdej groupy ...
  10. IronSpear

    The "Shameship" that is the Arkansas

    Since when gift of anything from WG was actually useful for the game.
  11. IronSpear

    Destroyer Balance

    Did not get to play much after 4.0 but the smoke charge nerf must have hit the DD's Hard.
  12. IronSpear

    Fix the map border exploit already

    I did meet them in the CBT and really it is not a problem to hit any ship doing this. It made me to miss one salvo before I figured out what he is doing so it is not a big issue. It is not like its going to save the carrier once it is in gun range.
  13. IronSpear

    Atlanta vs. Atago

    Takze. Atago je najlepsia premiova lod ktora je v tomto momente v hre. Nema ziadnu zasadnu chybu alebo problem. Jedine coho by som bal ze ju nerfnu lebo vazne nema ziadnu negativnu stranku. Je porovnatelna s ostatnymi tier 8 lodkami a je perfektne vyvazena. Atlanta ja zabavna ale treba mat aj stastie a naucit sa uplne inac strielat. Ma taky vysoky uhol dopadu.
  14. IronSpear

    Is AutoAim(target point) mod legal now? Or not?

    In the words of one you tuber. If you are using the mod you are a monkey. You can teach a monkey to put cursor over red dot to get a banana. That is what aim botters are a Primate. too bad in WOT it is getting out of hand.
  15. IronSpear

    Unified premium account

    I thought gold and Premium time only I have 200 days worth of premium in WOT that I can put to good use here as well. And lol that would be funny if they did that with free xp but I do not think that is a good idea. Imagine how much rage it created when a noob buys tier 8 premium tank. Now imagine you allow same veterans from one game but total noobs in the other to skip directly to tier 10 not exactly a good idea.