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  1. Semillon

    WG thieves

    Never be negative in your post - you get banned for 50 battles. Hahahahahaah - too funny - typical thieving Russian oppression; do not want players to know what the truth is (and that attitude, is the end of your game boys - no more money!). And for those that come in here pandering to WG, doffing your cap like good little serfs - pathetic, you gain nothing; no moral back-bone. Anyway - last update, DD's all nerfed abysmally. WG again thieving from it's customers. It's now just BB's just creeping along (because it's pointless playing DD's with BB performance) - going bang, bang, bang, wheeee - no strategy - just bang, bang! I may revisit in 6 months (no more revenue from me until you stop thieving from your customers). Other games are now better. Bye-bye WG - good luck - you'll need it (along with a new set of owners that don't steal from customers).
  2. Semillon

    Why the #%$^& were my captain skills reset?

    There is no requirement to enter the forums to play this game - tell me where THAT is stipulated as part of the game. They have my email - THEY should inform ME. How the hell am I supposed to KNOW that changes are taking place, so that I can then look at the forums? Not even on the splash screen! Sem
  3. Semillon

    Why the #%$^& were my captain skills reset?

    A 'free' reset? What are you gibbering about? A 'reset' would not be required if the meanings hadn't been changed by WG - OF COURSE it's got to be 'free' . Now watch how many people quickly reset the skills and then HAVE to pay to reset them again. Nice crooked ploy WG - very nice - you sucked MartiniHenrie in at any rate. Sem
  4. Semillon

    Why the #%$^& were my captain skills reset?

    Tell me where WG informed me of this please. I have received absolutely no statement from WG - in any way, shape or form. It makes me despair how many bleating sheep ( happily being trampled on by a SUPPLIER ) we have in this game. Sem
  5. Semillon

    Why the #%$^& were my captain skills reset?

    You did very well, you must be extremely clever. How many ships do you have - one? I'm hearing arguments against this complaint regarding people should read the patch-notes. You read all the patch-notes (EVERY SINGLE ONE OTHERWISE YOU MAY MISS SOMETHING) and reset ALL of your captains in a few minutes! Clever old you. I'm a paying customer and I MUST read all technical patch-notes to re-understand the game? Advice from yet another little sheep thinking that they get brownie points from the game owners if they take their side. Pathetic. How about: the game owners show some basic respect to their PAYING CUSTOMERS and inform them via email / in-game messages of what is happening (and not via technical patch-notes)? Bit of respect? Hmm - too much to ask from a company that always treats it's customers with complete disdain. Sem
  6. Noted this ONLY when I've had the island collision warning 'ting'. It 'tings', it then force steers you away, and your manual steering is disabled until you press a direction key twice - very frustrating, seemingly intentional (and, seemingly pointless) and, it's killed me quite a few times. That, needs to be disabled! Sem p.s. Just noted post above where this can be apparently turned off - I'm doing that straight away - thanks!
  7. Semillon

    Should the RN be next?

    It bothers you so much - and yet you come in and comment. Weird that. Sem ;-)
  8. Semillon

    Project R pearls

    I think it's going to be a piece of cake! Just plug away, it seems that you don't really have to aim for specific missions either (although that would boost your chances). The weekly missions refreshed with a further 60 pearls - all generic (sink 1 ship, sink 3 ships, play 3 games lol). Go for it, and if you can fulfill any specific missions - concentrate on them for a bit. GL Sem ;-)
  9. Semillon


    rhony_rawr, on 21 January 2016 - 04:44 PM, said: "...it is not right to loose karma whenever some players choose..." I'd worry about your education and let karma take care of itself. It's 'LOSE' - not 'LOOSE'.
  10. Semillon

    Young children playing

    When will World of Warships stop pretending that it doesn't allow 7 year olds to play this game? It is shameful for the company to mislead it's customers by stating that players must be 13+, when it is blatantly obvious that 7 year olds (and younger) play - with WOW full knowledge. Spelling like 'loose' (in a context of 'lose') screams either not enough / extremely poor education or, too many non-English players (when English is stipulated as the chat language), or, people really are illiterate. And no - players that want to try the old 'but they may be foreign' excuse - forget it - pathetic. The rest of the 'chat' shows obvious experience with the language - they are just thick or young. WOW - stop pretending adherence to one of your rules and start applying it. Sooner or later, the EU will be involved and it ain't no biggy to block games in a country - it ain't no biggy at all. (And, for those idiots that jump on this - hoping for some browny points from WOW - forget that too - it doesn't happen!). ;-)
  11. Semillon

    Project R pearls

    I don't think that 'pearls' are redeemable as such. Don't they just 'tot' up, and simply acquiring a few enters you into the 'raffle'? In any case, I accidentally entered the WOW US forum - boy are they p'eed off, lmao! Would any Yank go down the Jap line? (Hmmm - not many). Soooo - they can't enter! Hehe, hehe, Muaahaahahahaha! Silly billies - the British fought the Germans, and did I REFUSE to use German ships or tanks? Nope. No prejudice here - all history. I like the German people that I have met. Yanks: I WILL ONLY USE USA SHIPS - PERIOD! Worst country in the world for racism ('Land of the free'? Pfffft - pathetic, lying, propaganda). Well, that's tough - you made your bed - lie in it! Sem
  12. Semillon

    why level up?

    Simple human psychology: bigger / more / higher is 'better', and also; we are 'target-driven'. The higher the tier the 'more' hit points you get (although, if you stop and really think - it makes absolutely no relative difference compared to the damage that you receive). Yes you get more points, but what do points get you? - higher tiers (which incidentally, increase in point cost exponentially - so it takes you longer and longer to achieve each tier). I prefer lower tiers because they're more manoeuvarable / nippier, the game play is faster. I can also concentrate on maximising captain skills (thus my point-wins become relatively higher), whereas if I'm hopping through tiers at the first opportunity - my captains will all be 'semi-skilled'. It also goes without saying that the more you play a tier, the more experience you get (in that tier) and the better you get (hopefully). The game owners know exactly how most of us think, and their 'model' maximises profits - it works. Higher tiered games seem sooooooo slooooow in comparison to me - I'll slowly go up the tiers, but 'steady-away'. Sem
  13. Semillon

    Toxic Community

    Erm, what other aim has a game got, but winning? That, is the AIM of ALL games - to win - there ARE no other aims (there are side-benefits, such as enjoyment, but that is not an AIM - it's an attribute of a game). Sem
  14. Semillon

    Is visibility model breaking the game?

    TheJezna, Well explained (however, the kiddies in here will see the amount of text and skip it). Sem ;-)