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  1. FluffyRedFox

    Code for ship!

    Thanks, just got a Warspite out of this! Whats the occasion for these codes?
  2. Not too much of a con for Hiryuu 'cause of her 1st skill. Shame that they were released so late, not worth ditching muh cranes who are both lvl115 Altho, still retro'd them both day one, MORE FLOOF FOR THE FLOOF HAREM. Meanwhile.....While Sendai took an eternity, Columboob took 5 clears
  3. hopefully the only shipfu you oathed, otherwise your dock might get a bit interesting
  4. Am so hoping Shoukaku gets similar treatment
  5. Yea, I know that they're adding subs (OMEGALUL) and another CV rebalance or something along those lines?
  6. FluffyRedFox

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    Am indifferent if they're part of their own mode, but if not then a definite no.
  7. wow weeb guess there's no main offtopic thread, don't want to wander into the gameplay section when most of my knowledge is 3 years outdated Should prolly read up a bit since me n legga are prolly gonna be playing loads after next week now that WoT has gone tits up
  8. am indeed blind then btw is this where you've been lurking since forum bar went ded
  9. Wdym, getting Sendai only took me like.... 2.5mil xp? Totally rare-level drop rate there Did get her today at least, more floof for the floof harem How'd i do the spoiler thing here, don't see it anywhere though i could be blind
  10. FluffyRedFox

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Only had one supercontainer (TYL) so far, can't remember if it was either a shed load of consumables (like 3 or 4 250x) or 5 gamescon paints