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  1. FluffyRedFox

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    I dislike the lack of counter-play that comes with being radar'd as well as the lack of any kind of risk to the radar ship, especially with the benefits it has along with it working through islands. I'd like to see it being limited to line-of-sight only with some sort of "radar-jammer" like consumable available for DDs that wouldn't necessarily mitigate it but provide some of protection against it.
  2. FluffyRedFox

    Launcher not updating

    Well thats kinda annoying....
  3. FluffyRedFox

    another italian beauty on the way?

    Absolutely gorgeous ship, might be tempted to buy it when it comes out
  4. FluffyRedFox

    Upcoming nerfs on smoke and IFHE. PLEASE STOP THIS MADNESS

    What an interesting way to reduce the BB population... What next? Make torpedoes always visible? Giving DDs a citadel?
  5. FluffyRedFox

    New smoke upcoming changes very bad idea

    It was sarcasm :V I mean, saying you want to reduce the BB population, and then testing changes that would give further incentives to playing BBs, its almost like they're bullsh!tting themselves....
  6. FluffyRedFox

    New smoke upcoming changes very bad idea

    I thought WG were trying to reduce the BB population.....This is certainly and interesting way to go about doing that
  7. FluffyRedFox

    The Forums have changed!!

    Its too white...It hurts my eyes...
  8. FluffyRedFox

    From Reddit: British BBs at last!

    Whilst I am hyped for these ships, I really don't want them having radar....
  9. FluffyRedFox

    Favorite shipgirl (Kancolle) and arpeggio of blue steel too

    *Heart of Oak plays in the background*
  10. FluffyRedFox

    British Battleship line for 2017?

    SmartassNoob, on 20 April 2017 - 04:56 PM, said: Several of the older cruisers should also have these. Bogatyr has a really obvious one above water at the bow
  11. FluffyRedFox

    Italian ship

    IIRC Roma is gonna be a tier 8 premium
  12. FluffyRedFox

    Mutsu vs. Hood

  13. FluffyRedFox

    Worst ship in the game?

    I felt this way when I first played the myoko but then when I started playing the S. Dragon quite a few games down the line I learnt to just angle my bow and bully BBs with 4-8K HE salvos with 19% fire chance per shell
  14. FluffyRedFox

    Will there be a "Submarine" class added

    Interestingly, you could see the April Fools sub stats when it was in the port. It had something like 10 knots speed, 2km detection range with 6km torps and something like 2K hp. Sounds like a horrible mix of min-max values that would ultimately, imo, be unfun to play with or against and be a massive pain to balance.
  15. FluffyRedFox

    Were you Satisfied?

    I get this too from time to time