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  1. ZooeysThighs

    MIRAI - The Future of Warships

    The whole BLUMR community wishes you and your clan a merry christmas too :>
  2. Yes we are always recruiting. You can find a list of persons you can talk to either ingame or on the forums on the mainpost on page 1. The fastest way would be to join our Discord server and talk to us there. Thank you :3 In the name of the whole BLUMR community i wish everyone a merry christmas.
  3. ZooeysThighs

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I wanna join the party. Let me join the lottery please :>
  4. Member status updated. Edited clanstaff changes. We are still looking for weebs to join us OwO
  5. Updated the member status for all three clans. BLUMR still has 3 spots that want to be filled especially with people who want to play clanwar with us :>
  6. Updated everything on the post. Our third clan is now in here too, aimed at beginners. I also made some design changes and added new clanstaffmembers
  7. Join Requierements have been updated. Small change in staff has been updated. Clan structure has been updated. We are still recruiting and looking for new members. If you want to join, at best join our discord and contact us there :)
  8. ZooeysThighs

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I'd like to participate. 1. Roma ( if available ) otherwise Alabama 2. Arizona 3. Dubloons Thanks for doing this :3
  9. As we finally got the first Clansize increase on BLUMR we are now recruiting again. We would love to get people who want to participate in Clanbattles/Clanwars :) Also please keep in mind that our Requirements changed.
  10. Both clans are full right now. We will increase our size soon after the update, you can already apply if you want. You can already join our discord and talk to the staff and our members if you want to. We already have a waiting list so better start getting on there :)
  11. We cleaned up and are now recruiting again. 3 spots in BLUMR are looking for their owners :>
  12. ZooeysThighs

    OKT. Revolutsiya.

    A new ship thats being tested. I'll give you the advice to read the patch notes next time :) https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/updates/smack-my-glitch-up/#3
  13. One more spot in BLUMR and three more spots in HAIFU are still open and waiting for new players :)
  14. We have 2 spots in BLUMR again and 2 spots in HAIFU left