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  1. Sorry Arag, have to Disagree, it's not Khaba-syndrome. SAP as a tool doesn't do anything to Cruiser nor BB's as soon as they angle. I don't mind losing in a game in a Khaba, because as a damage-dealer it's the exact opposite of work, Khaba can do damage through fire just by loading into a game. Period. I just think, while it's a very good idea by WG to give an attempt of specified style to the Italian Heavy cruisers, they simply don't feel like heavy cruiser and should have gone through some balancing. Exact same as I thought with Abruzzi which also feels like a massive grind simply playing - simply not enjoyable. What it ultimately comes down to, they nerfed the SAP a bit too much for the ships to work to their full potential. It's like getting to release for the British cruiser and giving their AP a 15-20% normalisation nerf.
  2. Think if they're going to rely on Alpha it would be nice to have some kind of detectability buff, but eh, that's more me wanting to imprint my overall preference/playstyle on the ship and being selfish. Overall, having played a few game in Trento in Co-op and Zara in PVP. - SAP is hit and miss, mostly hit once I learned how to aim, i.e. superstructure and bow/stern for BBs and Cruisers, although accuracy and shell spread tends to mean annoying 2k salvo's on the former. - Zara's slow speed is manageable albeit a bit irritating, should however improve with Amalfi and upwards. - High Detection poses an issue with the ship(s) being so fragile. - Can't counter DDs unless something else spots then, can't close down a smoke and engage the DDs due to no hydro. BB's can utterly wreck you. Cruisers (tier-for-tier) out DPM you where played correctly in a 1v1 situation, expect where you have smoke and teamate spotting for you. Overall , Average. Would have to play Brindisi and Venezia to get a real feel as I beleive that's where SAP pen angles are buffed. For Tiers 5-8 in the meantime, with the lack of fire chance and long reload, I feel the latter is slightly to long and makes it seem, akin to Eugen/Hipper, you have to work hard for the same amount of Damage you could more easily earn in their tier for tier counterparts. The only thing for me, personally, that I would like to see, would be to buff the DPM by 10% for all 4 ships (Montecuccoli up to Amalfi) and maybe a shorter duration hydro (90 seconds), just to give them some utility. As currently they can't do much to BBs unless the latter overextends or if accuracy RNG/allows (Zara can be a bit derpy), and have to passively counter DDs shooting them only when spotted, while they're generally out DPM-ed by their tier for tier counterparts when taking into account fire damage and your fairly small HP pool tier-for-tier. If they do give it hydro to as a counter DDs or general team/self screening measure, perhaps they could implement a similar rule to the overpen mechanic regarding BB AP shells, i.e. SAP shell's only deal X capped damage-per-shell. Just sharing some thoughts. My main simple continiuous criticism is that the amount of work I seem to have to do to have an impact on the game is more than say Myoko or Zara's tier-for-tier competitors. SAP combined with the slow reload doesn't quite do it for me. Supponiamo che dobbiamo solo aspettarre e vedere.
  3. Schrowe

    CVs are needed in Ranked/CW

    One well played Baltimore sounds like it would solve your issues. Otherwise grab a Double Cleveland, Kidd, Combo and enjoy the DD players juicy tears.
  4. Schrowe

    Oh no Kremlin isnt OP

    Random fun fact, due to damage satuation and single fire torps, it took me 14 torpedoes to kill a Kremlin, in a Daring. While the team was not penning his deck with HE. Because Russia. Over the course of three minutes. In the middle of B point on domination.
  5. Schrowe

    Next clan wars season tier 8

    AL Yukikaze and USS Kidd for me. Former for the F3's and the latter for the heal.
  6. Schrowe

    Can we have 4/5 secs to esc from a Battle queue?

    For me its more where there's me and a clan mate dropping in and someone else wants into the division, therefore go to cancel dropping in for battle and can't as its insta-found a match.
  7. Schrowe

    Where is the fun to play "Le Terrible" now ?

    I must be a Masochist. Love both for some weird, deranged, wildly mentally-unstable reason.
  8. Schrowe

    Clear Sky - how, after the rework?

    I got 71. Got Nothing.
  9. Schrowe

    Invisible dd's

    As a DD main, the issue is that it means DDs are completely useless in theory for the opening 4-5 minutes of most games. I like screening my BBs in case of enemy Destroyer Torpedoes. The issue thereby being I have to be far enough in front of them to do the screening and spotting and any CV flying over me to get at the Battleships will, in most cases, mean my detection. Its why I've starting taking an AA build Gearing and Udaloi/Groz running manual AA and AFT. So I can stay a bit further out and move closer mid game. Especially with the amount of radar floating around. Downside being I've been shot a fair few times by my own team for not spotting. Mostly on weekends, with regards to the team damage - all Battleship players. Yet WG can't just delay the CV sending out aircraft for half a minute. So I can get in a wider position early and not directly be in the path of aircraft, not far enough forward to be in radar range. Most of the time I'm detected by coincidence. Rather than cap rushing, also the only way to get rid of radar is by baiting it, for which capping is a useful tool.
  10. Schrowe

    Invisible dd's

    That's your Radar cruisers at fault then. The issue with having epicentre as a ranked game mode is that all it takes is one player not performing a role to balls it up.
  11. Schrowe

    CV Rework Discussion

    Except it really isn't when they themselves cannot be detonated. Literally given priority treatment over the rest of the classes.
  12. Schrowe

    CV Rework Discussion

    Used almost all of them in CBs, when I really need them, for Randoms I never run them besides for Gunboat DDs ala Haru, Daring, Khaba.
  13. Schrowe

    CV Rework Discussion

    And in More "Adventures with Schrowe versus the CV Menace". We have me getting detonated 4 minutes into a game by a Ryujo! Thank you for joining us today, that's all folks! Can we make carrier borne torepdo detonations - not a thing please? If it's a DD he at least has to take a risk, whether its the CV or me in the Nelson per above game, such as the above, if the DD is spotted I always make an attempt to shell him, i.e. hitting the Gadjah in the above for 7k with 6 overpens. I had 47k hit points at point of being detonated, and Im not even angry, just resigned.
  14. Schrowe

    CV Rework Discussion

    Can we please get rid of double CV tier 8 games. Just had the misfortune in a T7 div to get Kaga and Lex on the other team, working in perfect sync. Got Killed before reaching the enemy. In a Nelson. Literally made me want to just walk away from the PC and punch a wall. Id did 34k damage and came 4th on the team.
  15. Schrowe

    Getting cheesy about ranked sprint at T7...

    I'll be using the "Fightingest Ship in the Royal Canadian Navy". Because why not?