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  1. Schrowe

    Desync is getting worse?

    Had it some point on Saturday where I ate a Torpedo in my JB, not realising I was not running detonation flags. In space of 3 second I ate a Z-52 Torpedo, sailed for 2-3 seconds, was hit by a Bismarck secondary and detonated. I was so confused, took me half an hour to realise it was the desync from the torpedo. And not the Bismarck secondary that fragged me for a detonation.
  2. Schrowe

    Frogman Korp [_FK_] Recruiting

    Bump Edit - We're not furries, avatars are pue coincidence
  3. Schrowe

    Stealth Radar

    Point is though, it has a number of strengths equally. Which actually outnumber of the negatives, hence Flamu's reaction. The last thing this game needs is yet more radar and HE slingers, even with the suppposed upcoming IFHE changes, not only that its more paper designs when people that come to this game (a fair portion) enjoy seeing the work WG can do recreating the many historical ships (that existed) from the blueprints. Instead their catering to the RU community and the Soviet Propoganda continues.
  4. Schrowe

    Stealth Radar

    Only way to get WeeGee to listen is to boycott them. Find another game to play for couple months, don't spend a penny on them. I just came up against a triple Smolensk Div on Epicenter and they sync dropped w/ a semi-unicum carrier. I died within 7 minutes in my Kurfurst *shock*, and no we're going to have to deal with this from Normal cruisers? - Imagine the Tier X div-ed up with Smolensk and a Kremlin. *Shiver* Honestly, if any british/american company launched a solid competitor with similar mechanics and proven real WW2 era and earlier ships with a solid but unspectalur in-game tranactions (and better pricing), I would leave this steaming pile before you could say auf wiedersehen. Sadly, there isn't, so here I am, even if there was, Wargaming would sue them up the [edited]. And before anyone mentions War Thunder, why would I trade one cancerous Russian-biased propoganda merchant for another? Apologies for the rant, but reaching my wits end at the moment. Actually considering going back and playing League of Legends (...Dear God).
  5. Schrowe

    The current meta

    No CV, more dynamic gameplay. Simple. RTS carrier gameplay, and the elimation of it, helped to slightly rebalance carriers. Unfortunately, rocket attack aircraft - part of said rework - killed the DD meta (along with multiple nerfs) - along with reward and free XP ships with radar (PR, Alaska, Kron, Stalin, upcoming Pan-EU DD). A personal opinion is that aircraft still take way too long to kill, so players blob up, as I have tried them to get a feel to their strengths and weaknesses. This leads to sterile gameplay. Its horrifying how easy I can crap on a DDs day just by sitting on them and keeping them spotted, let alone smacking them in a Lexington for 4-8k fairly consistently if I so choose to. As a DD/cruiser main, I can still play vs a Carrier (as long as I have a smoke ready), but its just not enjoyable (for me, anyway) anymore. In fact I probably make it worse, myself alone, as Im trying to improve my Venezia gameplay, by devastating DDs for 70% of their hitpoints, giggling maniacally to myself all the while. Ultimately BB players - a large percentage of the game population responsible for the DD nerf because they couldnt touch their WASD keys, got the nerf they wanted - the same with CVs - have got the changes they wanted. In my opinion wargming should have ignored the criticisms from BB players as a whole - they make up the majority of the playerbase overall and so any feedback is skewed as such. The ultimate effect of all this, has become stilted matches on a knife-edge that swing like a sledgehammer, being either pub stomping victories or crushing defeats. My (completely biased fix) would be to eliminate CVs completely, or at minimum nerf rocket planes vs destroyers - as spotting alone is damage enough; use the IFHE changes to increase the fire chance penalty for destroyers, also scalling the fire damage rate down depending on gun caliber; nerf Kremlin, period; also nerfing radar duration and range (for the russians, at least for the latter) overall, but shortening the vision penalty of said radar to other ships. The game would then be more balanced, could then review for a patch, and then adjust accordingly. All hearsay, obviously, and completely biased with regards to my own view point. If Im going to to rant at WG, I should at least make it somewhat constructive.
  6. Schrowe

    Whats happening to DD players today ??

    Depends, the only main advantage is conceal, exceptions being ships that excel at one thing, specifically Benham and Freisland. Kita being the other in regards to Haru, latter taking AP BB full pen damage ala Khaba.
  7. Schrowe

    Whats happening to DD players today ??

    Fair enough, I suppose I should retrospectively amend that statement to "some portion", just an exasperation over-exaggeration on my part as I'm not a fan of the Smolensk/CV meta at the moment, more becuase I don't see how enjoyable sitting in smoke and holding left click is as a playstyle, but ah well. In retrospect of any solutions, I would like it if as others mention, that team play would be rewarded more for destroyers, some credit tie-in as previously mentioned on the thread would be nice.
  8. Schrowe

    Whats happening to DD players today ??

    With all due respect Elypse, lobbing stats at me isn't going to change my mind, and telling me to 'Git Gud' is just a bit insulting, I don't consider myself a bad player. It's like me saying I don't enjoy a certain food, and then you show me posters of said food. [edited]pointless and misses the point completely. I can play around CVs and Radar cruisers, no issue - But it is not enjoyable - so I don't play it as much as I used to. My point was that there are probably others like me who simply don't find it enjoyable anymore, so don't play it. I know there are others in my clan as well besides myself. "CV too when he is mediocre", even a mediocre CV player knows the jist that killing DDs is a key objective to preventing enemy position knowledge; they will make it their mission to kill you.
  9. Schrowe

    Whats happening to DD players today ??

    Without scrolling through the comments and as a DD main; Any good DD players don't play Tiers 9-10. Many CVs, Radar Cruisers, and Smolensks. It's just not enjoyable playing Shima and or Z-52 and getting smacked for 10k by Midway rockets. I'll play my Haida meme at Tier 7, meet less radar and no tier 10s, and actually enjoy DD gameplay. Hence most of the DD players at Tier 9 and 10 nowadays are probably just the ones grinding, or they're just masochists.
  10. Schrowe

    Four DD's per side now....

    TIL people are blaming DDs in their CV for... Err. What exactly? It doesnt matter how many there are, played correctly you can kill them by simply keeping them spotted one by one. No DDs, especially at Tier X, are the reason this game is dying. People who like playing DDs are moving to the lower tiers, hence overpopulation and overall inbalance in the game matchmaking being an issue. Then it becomes a case of the stealthier cruiser team winning 9/10 times - or who whoever has more Stalingrads.
  11. Schrowe

    Server Stability

    Did anyone suffer a major disconnect around 22:30 GMT? Just had an entire game ruined by basically 2/3rd of our team, including my clan div, disconnect on masse, and its the second time in the last 3 days.
  12. Sorry Arag, have to Disagree, it's not Khaba-syndrome. SAP as a tool doesn't do anything to Cruiser nor BB's as soon as they angle. I don't mind losing in a game in a Khaba, because as a damage-dealer it's the exact opposite of work, Khaba can do damage through fire just by loading into a game. Period. I just think, while it's a very good idea by WG to give an attempt of specified style to the Italian Heavy cruisers, they simply don't feel like heavy cruiser and should have gone through some balancing. Exact same as I thought with Abruzzi which also feels like a massive grind simply playing - simply not enjoyable. What it ultimately comes down to, they nerfed the SAP a bit too much for the ships to work to their full potential. It's like getting to release for the British cruiser and giving their AP a 15-20% normalisation nerf.
  13. Think if they're going to rely on Alpha it would be nice to have some kind of detectability buff, but eh, that's more me wanting to imprint my overall preference/playstyle on the ship and being selfish. Overall, having played a few game in Trento in Co-op and Zara in PVP. - SAP is hit and miss, mostly hit once I learned how to aim, i.e. superstructure and bow/stern for BBs and Cruisers, although accuracy and shell spread tends to mean annoying 2k salvo's on the former. - Zara's slow speed is manageable albeit a bit irritating, should however improve with Amalfi and upwards. - High Detection poses an issue with the ship(s) being so fragile. - Can't counter DDs unless something else spots then, can't close down a smoke and engage the DDs due to no hydro. BB's can utterly wreck you. Cruisers (tier-for-tier) out DPM you where played correctly in a 1v1 situation, expect where you have smoke and teamate spotting for you. Overall , Average. Would have to play Brindisi and Venezia to get a real feel as I beleive that's where SAP pen angles are buffed. For Tiers 5-8 in the meantime, with the lack of fire chance and long reload, I feel the latter is slightly to long and makes it seem, akin to Eugen/Hipper, you have to work hard for the same amount of Damage you could more easily earn in their tier for tier counterparts. The only thing for me, personally, that I would like to see, would be to buff the DPM by 10% for all 4 ships (Montecuccoli up to Amalfi) and maybe a shorter duration hydro (90 seconds), just to give them some utility. As currently they can't do much to BBs unless the latter overextends or if accuracy RNG/allows (Zara can be a bit derpy), and have to passively counter DDs shooting them only when spotted, while they're generally out DPM-ed by their tier for tier counterparts when taking into account fire damage and your fairly small HP pool tier-for-tier. If they do give it hydro to as a counter DDs or general team/self screening measure, perhaps they could implement a similar rule to the overpen mechanic regarding BB AP shells, i.e. SAP shell's only deal X capped damage-per-shell. Just sharing some thoughts. My main simple continiuous criticism is that the amount of work I seem to have to do to have an impact on the game is more than say Myoko or Zara's tier-for-tier competitors. SAP combined with the slow reload doesn't quite do it for me. Supponiamo che dobbiamo solo aspettarre e vedere.
  14. Schrowe

    CVs are needed in Ranked/CW

    One well played Baltimore sounds like it would solve your issues. Otherwise grab a Double Cleveland, Kidd, Combo and enjoy the DD players juicy tears.
  15. Schrowe

    Why is Mogador performing so bad ?

    Its a burst ship that cant take sustained damage, and the first of its kind (or line), afflicted with having such a playstyle. Plan your 'run', do as much burst damage as you can, run, conceal, and repeat. Getting permaspotted by a CV is usually a death sentence.