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  1. Schrowe

    Current Game Stability

    Am I the only person having it where the game - loading into battles - gives me the windows "_____ is not working..." not responding error; If I select 'Wait for program to respond', it instantly recovers. Other times it simply decides to cuck me and the game closes, literally vanishes, stops working with no sign I was ever playing a game of any kind. And as for the UI at the moment, the less said about that the better. Any chance theres a stability patch in the works anytime soon before all the changes go live? I'm running a fairly strong system all things considered. Just looking to see whether I'm having isolated issues or other people are suffering recently - for me its been since 0.7.9, basically the last month and a half. I'm running no mods, and Ive tried both the game client and steam versions with both suffering the same symptoms.
  2. PM Sent Mein deutscher freund!
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    Looking for an English Clan

    PM Sent - Good Luck with Your Search!
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    Looking for a competitive clan

    Offer remains open.
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    Looking for new clan

    PM Sent.