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  1. I'd agree in PvP. However they would make sense (if they have to be introduced) in operations - either way they need the homing mechanic removed, and there need to be more counters to them, i.e. all DDs get a hydrophone. Biggest issues is the rest of the current game mechanics do not support their introduction; until active precise map pings are a thing etc. I've just uninstalled as in the space of two weeks my games have just become outright painful. Will come back once they're removed again, just like I unfortunately did a month ago before they were then reintroduced.
  2. Schrowe

    Yeah...now Cruisers are useless...

    DDs are the most screwed over class. Period. We're the poor schmucks that get shoved into no mans land, without a helmet and a handful of grenades. it's just comical.
  3. Schrowe

    Frogman Korp [_FK_] Recruiting

  4. Schrowe

    Frogman Korp [_FK_] Recruiting

  5. If they're close enough to you to radar, they're close enough to be rushed with speed boost.
  6. Shameless Self-plug, really enjoyed playing her, but she completely depends on enemy comp. I either smack, or I sit around doing not much until radar ships die like a piece of spaghetti stuck to the bottom of a saucepan. Recent game;
  7. Schrowe

    Coffee and Warships with Schrodinger

    Some offcuts and bits of footage for some render testing. Enjoy!
  8. Schrowe

    Coffee and Warships with Schrodinger

    Thumbnails and channel presentation are now going through a complete refurb. Also removing any video's that should not realistically be considered 'content'.
  9. I did say I browse, I just don't alway's post, only when I have a strong view point or wish to add to a discussion. Not going to deny I've seen some shocker and sense in equal measure. Re not being tankier than other Tier IX BB's - This is is a very broad comparison, which I can't comment on as with any ship it's situational; Against AP? Yes. Alsace is harder to citadel due to French BB armour scheme's at higher tier, spaced, etc. I'd expect Soyuz to be more tanky, becuase paper russian ship ice-breaker bow (when played correctly), the only respect in which Georgia eats more damage than Alsace is Citadel damage. In turn - Georgia is also more likely to do sticking damage than Alcase etc in return, less guns, but more accurate, higher caliber, bigger alpha, and heavy American AP. You quote Missouri as being a ship you enjoy, which slightly confuses me - don't her and Georgia have exactly the same armour scheme? The latter is just an Iowa with big, if less guns, reload buff, and speed boost. But fair enough, I don't wish to derail the thread from the topic further, Gneisenau, so I'll stop here.
  10. Schrowe

    Coffee and Warships with Schrodinger

    It's a great meme ship; and devastates when yeeting into the enemy. The issue is it is NOT adaptable, poor concealment and a lack of overall firepower. Planning is everything.
  11. Schrowe

    Coffee and Warships with Schrodinger

    First post in a long time; between work and then COVID and my GPU bricking it, I finally got the latter replaced. I also took a couple of breaks from the game as I haven't really enjoyed the game's direction; so in the mean time I've come back to play meme ship builds and just have fun, no more grinding for this pleb. Enjoy the vid, was great fun to make for a few hours.
  12. .... Sorry I had to quote this. But I'll respectfully just say, this is perhaps one of the most incorrect statements I've yet seen on this forum. That's saying something, as there are some I've really disagreed with to the entent I post about them. I'm not saying you're wrong, as overall it's your opinion, I just disagree from my perspective. My Georgia has near the best average damage for me along with my Jean Bart. If you're having issues staying alive in a Georgia, I'd argue the issue may be more a positional issue than a ship issue. She's a flanker at Heart, with her speed boost she play's similar to the French, the second you start taking sustained fire, turn away and kite, either way you overmatch most other ships you'll be firing at, unlike most other Tier IX BB's excluding Musashi. If you want a hard tanking BB that can take loads of punishment and deal the occaisional godlike salvo, play the Russians. Nothing on Georgia by itself is bad. Fantastic Speed and Maneuverability - Fantastic Guns, albeit only six of them, but great dispersion and overall accuracy baring the occasional derp salvo - Good HP - Secondaries. She's one of the most versatile and adatable battleships in the game, she tends to reward the same. The only downside is mediocre armour as you note, but even then she's no where near as squishy as some other Tier IX BB's (looking at you Alsace, Lion), namely because between her speedboost and guns, she can fight/kite her way out of nearly every situation unless you over-extend and/or suicide. The only reason you should get shat on in a Georgia is where you are; a) Not Angling enough, or b) you've yeeted into the ememy, and stumbled into a crossfire. As for Gneisenau; she's fine, the issue is the nature of ships with only 6 Guns; you feel the RNG that much more which can be fustrating. She's the tankiest BB outside of Sinop, the single best brawler; she struggles against KGV (if the latter is played correctly and kites) and Sinop (simply very much OP still). She'll struggle when uptiered, but name me silver ships that don't at Tier 7, she's better than most i.e. Nelson (whose permium/elite), Colorado, Nagato, Algerie, Lyon, Yorck. They need to buff Colorado and Nagato first before they even touch Gneis; especially the second ship as she's simply too squishy and been powercrept to a greater extent.
  13. Schrowe

    Frogman Korp [_FK_] Recruiting

  14. Schrowe

    Is Goliath is underrating ?

    I completely agree that the Goliath has strengths. The simple issue, for me personally and I assume for some others, is that unlike Des Moines, which has the DPM to make its static gameplay and shorter base range more engaging, Goliath just doesnt really seem have anything to really trade off on besides the gun calibur. For me it's the gameplay element. It plays like a Baltimore with a slower reload and harder hitting gun - without the radar, and a worse base ruddershift. It's just not as enjoyable as otherships at Tier X. It may be that I've got unlucky with Random cits, ultimately though, I'd argue the grind simply isnt worth it. Sussex was slightly enjoyable, Drake tedious, Abermarle can go in the same bracket as Izumo pre-buffs as far as I'm concerned, same w/ Hawkins. Barring the torps in your list above - I'd just get a Conqueror.
  15. Schrowe

    Is Goliath is underrating ?

    I should have specified I was talking about heavy cruisers. My Minotaur stats speak for themselves, I love that ship.