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  1. Hello everyone, with a lot of help form @juger65 the German voicemods are Updated. in the next Verionson of @Aslain modpack, they will be avialible in a valid version, too if you cannot wait: Download the Latest verions here including Maria Carmen (german with spanish accent) Shalvea (neutral German verions)
  2. Every thing worked in I am still at work but I have an idea for the sollution I will try, too. I did not delete anything from the folder after using the Sound mod creator 2.0 so there might be the reason why it is not working. I will be able to find out Abo this in about 3 hours. I will give you a ping
  3. So i used the Creator now, converted my old mods, left everythind in /res_mods/banks/mods and the game only has "standard" in the drop down for voice mods. what did I do wrong?