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  1. Nex_Gen


    Please correct me if im wrong but we will be abke to start collecting the items only after we finish the campaining or buy a cratr from the shop???
  2. While i agree that the expression malice might not be fully aplicable in this case i will not wilingly misquote hanlons razor it just for fitting it in. tho in this case the alt version might be more fiting "Don't assume bad intentions over neglect and misunderstanding." my koncerne is that this will erode the last pillar of the game that was left unbleished trough the whole lifespan of it. the Fair play principle. The trust and faith of the comunity is something they will have to work their asses of for. And lets say their track reckord is like a rollercoaster that peaks at 0.00 on the trust meater Witch is a shame cuz i realy did have faith back in cbt
  3. Dont atribute to malice what can be adequatly explained by human stupidity. my 2 cents Tho the fact that the whole thing was flawed from the start still stands. However the sad fact of the matter is not that WG did or did not tamper with the results. We will likely never know the truth of the matter. The sad and ultimatley devastating fact still is that the comunity would not be suprised if WG did such a thing. I for one am willing to accept the explanation given at face value but would not be suprised if it turned out they did fudge the numbers. And that fact speaks volume about the lvl of trust in the people at the helm of the proverbial ship.
  4. Nex_Gen

    IJN Destroyers opinions

    Duno his point is valid.. what incentive does one have for playing a hia over a benson or even a flecher.. apart from the shima beeing sexy as hell
  5. Nex_Gen

    IJN Destroyers opinions

    And dont forget that the KM RU and USN destroyers all have viable gun systems, the ijn DD sadly does not. Dont get me worng ive raped the od faragut and ognevoi in my fubuki/hatsuharu before, but they were the exeption rather than the rule.
  6. Nex_Gen

    IJN Destroyers opinions

    I still dont understand how fuckin co2 (read japanese long lance t92) torps have greater surface detection than the o2 (us and other nations) ones (correction i mean exhaust gassed in the watter not fuel for the engine.) first they nerfed ijn torp cnsealment then range, what is next damage??? speed?? jesus tapdancing krishna in the end ijn torps will be like an old geezer All bark but no teeth to bit with...
  7. Nex_Gen


    ..The extra waiting time with a BB hardcap isn't 5-10 seconds, it's minutes, potentially tens of minutes... That would act as a limiter of population by itself. Wnat a quick game now, jum ito a CL/A or a DD or even the class that shal not be named (CV) Or just wait,
  8. Nex_Gen


    Not to be a [edited]but the pen values are already fudged in a way.. IIRC WG compressed the ballistics of guns and shells from max to optimum range but left the pen values on the same identical as if you where firing at that range.and not to model dropoff as if the shell whent out to max range. an example ship A has 20km max range with the shown pen fallof, they limited the range to 10km ie compressed it but the pen values are just cutof at that point instead of beeing 600mm at 1km, 400mm at 5km and 200mm at 10km 1km 10km 20 km Rl 600mm 400mm 200mm Game 600mm 400mm N/A So a way to get the pesky bbs to come closer is obvious. XD PS: Elo the mtm long time no post ;D
  9. Nex_Gen

    Radio Location Skill Feedback

    And so intelligent and fun gameplay dies. With WG playing the recording of a thunderous aplause to silence the voices of the playerbase. clap ...........clap .........clap
  10. Nex_Gen

    Detonated by a fort

    I can atest to it beeing true. I was the zao on the enemy team
  11. Nex_Gen

    A small bit of history

    As you may or may not know in the closing days of cbt the Senjo was renamed to the Zao. At the time the reason for this either escaped me or i just didnt care enough. Now that i aquired her the spark of interest was struck and i would like to know this intreguing bit of hisory behind the lady of bb barbecue. Does anyone here even still know, or wil the godesse of fires secret remain just that. Long live the ship o7....
  12. Nex_Gen

    Invisifiring - A simple solution.

    OK this is degenerating into a crapshow....... So i decided to hit you all with some science. Maths to be exact. Invisi fire as we call it is in fact a real thing, It is called directed fire from beyond the horizon line tho be it at significantly longer ranges, So in the math i will simplify the shape of the earth to a perfect spheer with a radius corresponding to the mean earth radian at the equator, partly because eliptical math is messy and partly because the accuracy of the aproximation is sufficient. I will be using the Yamato firing at another Yamato as an example. Its guns sit aprox 15m above the sea line and the crows nest is about 40m above sea lvl. so the distance to horizon line for the guns to be visible ie muzle blasts to be visible form the horizon is 13.8km, and the crows nests hotrizon line is about 22.6 km so ad those together and the distance is 36.4km well within the yamas max effective range of 42 km. Now i know what you will say "tex we aint shootin from 40km away,....." yes we aint because the game is compressed into effective ranges so 42 becomes 24 but all other variables are adjusted accordingly. Now that i have given evidence to the phenomenons existance lets tacle it in game. It gives a smaller ship some staying power against larger ships, ie dds can counter cas and bbs and cas can counter bbs to some extent. but to use this you are so removed from the battle that your imediate impact on anything else aside from your target is minimal at best and none in any realistic estimation. And the effect on the target is (in case of dds firing on bbs) a nuisance. And to briefly adress the im left alone against an invisi firing dd ca in my bb, "IN that moment player knew he and his team fucked up!!" to that i can only say "IT IS GAME, DEAL WITH IT!!" Yama image: http://www.the-blueprints.com/blueprints-depot/ships/battleships-japan/ijn-yamato.gif Pixel ruler: http://www.rapidtables.com/web/tools/pixel-ruler.htm horison distance calculator: http://www.ringbell.co.uk/info/hdist.htm
  13. Nex_Gen

    Invisi fire

    And lets not forget that your hit ratio at those ranges will drop like a brick. So i actualy question its effectiveness and overall utility over just hounding and anoying the target.
  14. Nex_Gen

    Invisi fire

    Im a crapplayer and even i get a spark of skill here and there. As for the whole invisi fire deal i will admit it is not an elegant solution to the problem of dd/ca/bb balance but is something.
  15. Nex_Gen

    Invisi fire

    Your point beeing?