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  1. czstraydog

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    Do you guys remember how WG in year 2016 removed Hunt for the Graf Spee christmas event on EU server? What was their official statement? What they told us? Wargaming told us that they removed it, because they didnt want to force people to sit in front of pc screen during christmas (of course this was filfthy lie because they want us to buy Graf Spee from premium shop) Is it necessery to say that Hunt for Graf Spee could be finnished pretty easily? Even average players could earn that ship for FREE! And it doesnt took absurd amount of time! And now look at this monstrous Puorto rico event. Even great player+nolifer basically have to spend all of his time playing, grinding and probably paying real cash in order to get Puorto Rico. You know what Wargaming? Big F word to you, your lies and greediness.
  2. czstraydog

    Otázky a odpovědi

    Přesně jak jsem čekal, neumí hrát, proto hraje coop a ještě by chtěl stejně velký výdělek jako mají ti, co hrát umí a hrají proto random. Přesunuto z "Diskuze o hře ---> Všeobecná diskuze o hře ---> Otázky pro WG"