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    Tier 9 Ranked: ARMSRACE???

    The one thing that makes me hate arms race is that it takes the usual snowball problem you have in randoms and amplifies it times 10. If they want to make a new game mode that is even more arcady, maybe they should use that freedom to include a rubberband effect, not the opposite...
  2. Duke_of_Lauenburg

    the "carry harder!" thread

    A statistic tells you more than a single game - I think I need a break from this game.
  3. Duke_of_Lauenburg

    Suggestions thread

    'Return commander to his ship' in Aslains modpack is definitly a mod WG should take a look at. Absolutly no disadvantage to having such a handy feature iniside the base game!
  4. Duke_of_Lauenburg

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Going to link this here as well because I think it should be here: Summary: - Playing against carriers is annoying but manageable until you meet a good one. In that case, the situation got worse across the board. - AA is pretty useless and relies too much on RNG (even more than before). Ship modifications and captain skills offer less diversity and are unable to adress the real weaknesses of a ships AA: the range and the chance to hit the planes. - Defensive Fire is completly useless - The sector mechanic is completly useless - Teamplay vs CVs is useless Back to the drawing board WG.
  5. Duke_of_Lauenburg

    Analysis of AA rework and Ship/CV-interaction

    Played some more, included the 'Update: Playing against good CVs'-section. This will propably end my work on this topic, because the situation becomes more depressiv the deeper you delve into it, and knowing WG will push this through no matter what. Well, I guess I got lucky then in my DD games - that is insane. Updated my article to keep it up-to-date with my knowledge about the topic. Well, thanks for that information. 'Button to make your AA sound better' is, I believe, the best description they can give to the consumable now. Yup, that's what I found as well. RIP
  6. Duke_of_Lauenburg

    Aircraft Carrier Beta Round 3 - Feedback Thread

    Nice to see I got in, thx WG! Here is my way of paying you back:
  7. Duke_of_Lauenburg

    Analysis of AA rework and Ship/CV-interaction

    First impressions about the upcoming CV and AA rework. Made a new thread for this because it got pretty long and I don't want that comments on this mess up the whole CV rework discussion page. I will only focus on the interaction of surface ships vs the carriers from the viewpoint of the former, and on the AA rework, because both don't get that much attention under the bright light of the new CVs. I will let others fight the battle of making the Carriers themselves fun and engaging. To avoid confusion: I will call the Flak bursts 'bursts', even though the game currently refers to them as 'breaks' or 'gaps' (Is this a real thing or is WG making things up?). I will also not go into what changed, but how the changes impacted the gameplay. If you are not up-to-date, watch a video/read an article that explains AA sectors, difference between long/medium and short range AA, CVs, etc. Playing against Carriers Note that the Test server is a horrible testing enviroment, where the only other human players sit in the CVs, and the rest are bots who never punish missplays. On top of that, most CVs will just avoid you to farm the easy AI, and when they actually drop you, it is clear that most of them think you will react like a bot does. In short, most of the following in this section might be biased. - as a BB Good maneuvering will help you dodge most of the damage from bad carriers. However, even with US BBs, which consistently farm planes within their AA-range, your AA will not help you to actually stop damage from coming in. Most of the planes fall out of the sky only after they dropped their load or they do in too low numbers*. That really is the main point here, you will trade HP for plane XP, your dodging skills determine how much HP you loose and your AA will determine how much XP you get. Against good carriers... you are food, especially in low tiers and slow BBs. Special note: AP bombs are still a thing, and a single drop (not the whole squad) can take 20k out of your Bismarck. At least they are somewhat harder to aim and you have some chance to dodge AP bomb drops from bad CVs. Just remove this, WG. *: This issue is not BB specific but due to the way damaged planes get chosen for a strike over healthy ones, always ensuring that the main squad is as healthy as possible. - as a Cruiser Only tested AA Cruisers. Defensive Fire doesn't feel like it is doing much. Reasons for this will be given in the AA rework section. You also don't have the range anymore to defend much more players other than yourself, which is a huge impact to teamplay. With double rudder shift, you will have no problems dodging most of what a CV throws at you. Your AA actually shoots down planes before they are in your face, but even in a fully specced wooster with defensive running, a Midway (without legendary mod) can get at least one drop out of a squad. Chances are good that the squad wont be capable of much more afterwards, but he will get it in and nothing can really stop it. The biggest issue I see with this is that on the main server, BBs will wait for you getting flushed out of your defensive position or punish your predictable movement when you dodge. Any good CV player who doesn't care who actually kills you will take that trade, since he has unlimited planes anyways. Played some heavy cruisers, but noone dropped Ap bombs on me, so I can't comment on that. - as a DD Tested fully AA specced defensive fire gearing. DDs also get a a heavy 50% bonus for the focussed sector. Got into some heavy plane enviroment multiple times, and despite all of that I never shot down only a single plane (I believe DD bursts are smaller than those of other ships, so they hit less often(?)). So don't spec your DD into AA I guess. Dodging drops is supereasy and you can even trick carriers into misplacing his rockets, which are pretty easy to hit on all the other ship classes. Spotting is still the main problem, but the situation definitly improved for this class. Overall I didn't really struggle in any of the classes, but again, gameplay on the test server is always questionable. It has to be noted that especially at low tiers, you can get dropped on for 10 minutes straight (as long as you dodge) and shoot down 3 planes in the whole match, no matter your AA spec. Your AA seems to be nonexistent. Really, really good carriers still (already) exist, and they can dominate the match, rendering you completly helpless in most situations, which really reminded me of the current carrier situation. They are very rare however, which also reminds me of the current situation. Update: Playing against good carriers Overall I would say, mastering carriers will be easier than with the old system, so you will meet more of this type. On top of that, you will see more Carriers in general. It will be fun... Like I already said, BBs are complete food, the dot-mechanic is even easier to abuse now (and gets built in for bad carriers, so even those can't mess this up), and fast drops from different angles are impossible to dodge. Against cruisers, Carriers received multiple options, and especially the rockets seem to be insanly potent against light cruisers. Good carriers have no problems dealing with your AA, no matter in which ship you are in. Planes are too goddamn fast and your AA range is too small. While a bad CV will sometimes go out of his way to make sure his planes are within your aura as long as possible, a good one will just zip in and out without risk. And by that I mean it seems to be pretty safe to drop a defensive fire, fully specced wooster, if you know what you are doing. This is also true for T8 CVs vs T10 AA. It is way too easy for a good CV to avoid your AA altogether, which honestly makes my next section, 'The AA rework' pretty pointless. So the situation for cruisers compared to before got way worse. In the old system, your main problem in heavy AA ships was, that the enemy CV could just avoid your aura and wreck your team (ignoring AP bombs shitting on heavy cruisers through defensive). Now, he can avoid everything about you. I still believe that the situation for DDs improved, but the spotting issue is still huge an didn't really get adressed. According to El2aZer, a good CV has no problems killing DDs. If he is right, the situation for all classes either got worse or stayed the same. The only player in a CV game who has an easier time than before is the bad CV when playing against a good CV, because he is safer farming his damage while he looses. And that is only if he doesn't get sunk early. Good vs bad CV-matchup: Currently, there is no way of ever winning that damage race as a surface ship. The skill difference problem did NOT get adressed properly. The AA rework So how do the actual numbers look like? Why is the low tier AA so bad? What is it like in high tiers? First and foremost, short range AA is pretty much as useless as ever, shooting down planes that already dropped, and occasionaly getting a single bomber before he drops, that's all. Medium range AA at T10 has around 3,5 km range, which can't be improved, so it doesn't do much either. Most of the magic happens with long range AA. And the magic essence is the balance between burst damage and plane hp. Burst damage vs plane hp Let's start with T10, where burst damage without any modifiers is pretty much the same as plane hp without modifiers, which makes things easy. One burst will kill a plane flying through it instantly, and the smallest modification that improves plane Hp will let it survive, requiring a second burst and effectivly doubling its survivabilty. That is why, even though most AA skills look much worse than before (20% range->15% damage), they are still extremly effective, pretty much counteracting this effect and halving plane survivability back to one burst if the CV actually specced enough to make it 2 bursts. So all the speccing you do to your ship or CV pretty much decides if you will/get two- or oneshot by long range AA in a sort of cat and mouse game. Considering tier differences or with medium range AA it might still take several more hits to bring a plane down. If your burst damage already oneshots planes, more damage obviously doesn't help further, and you can only take AA Mod 2 or activate Defensive Fire to increase the amount of bursts (aka dicerolls to actually deal the damage). This looks good on the surface, since uptiered CVs don't have to combat infinitly scaling AA anymore, they only have to fight the bursts themselves which don't scale as hard. But it also decreases the effectiveness of most AA builds, since more damage is often the only option. Especially low tier ships, which have horrible burst amounts but high damage per burst to begin with, gain only from more AA damage when uptiered. In this plane hp vs burst damage race, fully maxed plane hp will outscale burst damage from captain skill points and ship modules combined (even without considering stuff like Midway legendary), but defensive fire or good sector usage brings the favor back to the surface ship. So skilled play gets rewarded, in theory. Making up the difference with good sector usage is also much easier for cruisers than for BBs, which I think is fair. When going down the tiers from T10 to lower, plane hp decreases faster than burst damage, but the amount of bursts per barrage goes down as well to counteract this. This allows bottom tiered ships to still heavily damage higher tier planes, but trade for this with the chance to do so. Anything else that's good? Oh yes, AA looks and sounds way better. Overall, I can see what WG was going for and I understand why they think it's good. Now let's explore why it's not. RNG, so much RNG So you got your ship enough burst damage to oneshot planes at its tier with long range AA, congrats! You head into battle, get some planes near you and... nothing happens. Your bursts just refuse to appear where the planes are. Get comfortable, because you will see this a lot, especially at long ranges (I believe accuracy decreases with range). You will learn that the main factor that determines your actual AA effectiveness is luck, not your spec. The only thing that can help you with luck is to increase the amount of bursts you get per barrage (the amount of dicerolls you get), which is only possible with Defensive Fire or a T9-T10 module (AA Mod 2). And this luck can land you anywhere. I had situations where one full duration Wooster Defensive Fire shot down 3 planes, and I have shredded a whole squad in seconds other times. T10 can kinda deal with this, due to its somewhat high bursts per barrage, but low tiers will always struggle with the most important stat (actually hitting) being pretty crap and no way of improving it, making pumped up damage stats through AA builds heavily RNG-dependent. AA builds used to decrease RNG! Just to make it clear, you will still shoot down planes in low tiers, there is just 0 consistency. Let me just stress how broken this is. In the old system, plane hp doesn't exist, there is a chance to kill a single plane within a certain range, and you can both directly modify the range and the RNG with captain skills and modules. Now, plane hp does exist, and there is a chance to kill planes within a certain range, but they removed all control over the range and almost all control about the RNG; and the only thing you can actually modify is the question 'Do I kill the plane instantly or will I have to roll the dice a second time?'. They somehow took the old system, expanded it by adding plane HP, and ended up with a system that has less to offer than the old one. Why even introduce plane hp if everything ends up as RNG anyways (ok it makes it more engaging for the CV, but gameplaywise)? In the end, it only has an effect when it gives the top tier CV a bigger advantage. Where is my teamplay? I noticed that I really struggle to protect teammates due to the range and AA changes. Usually there are 1 or 2 BBs in 7-8 km rage of my cruiser in high tiers, which I can (in the old system) protect with some movement and fully ranged AA. When I activate Defensive Fire with the old system, planes fall out of the sky because long range AA with Defensive is devastating, especially with Manual. I can understand why WG wanted to make it more playable for CVs, but now... Pretty much all ships have a small number of bursts per barrage (even AA cruisers) on their long range (6-7km, again: no chance to increase this), and real burst defense only starts with the medium AA (3-4km). Most of the Damage bonus from Defensive is already overkill, and the only thing that actually counts is the increase in burst amount per barrage by 50%. 50% more of a stat that's not that great to begin with doesn't make it suddenly awesome, and if you really want to help a teammate, better get within 2 km, so your 'medium' AA can help, which now sits at ranges that used to be ranged-specced short AA. In summary, I believe Defensive Fire teamplay is dead, and the consumable is just a button that makes your AA sound cooler. Oh, it seems to still scatter planes, but I still got hit pretty reliable by rockets and bombs while it was active, maybe the actual Cv testers can tell me how much the scattering stopped them from doing something. The whole sector thing isn't working Nope. I got none of it to work. By design alone, a CV will drop you, fly over you, and drop you from the other side, repeat. Which means you need to switch constantly to be effective. The switch time of BBs is already too long for this. In a cruiser, you are 100% occupied with 10 things more important when you get dropped. In a DD, you switch pretty fast, but your AA is so bad it doesn't matter. If you mess up, you get punished by much worse AA. It really has to be noted that ships with high sector modifiers, which sounds great, also punish you much harder when you mess up. And there is a lot of room to mess up. Counterintuitively for example, you have to start switching to the opposite side before the CV even drops you, because that's where the planes will be after he dropped, when your input has its effect (switch time). He waits with his drop? Well, now your AA is on the wrong side. Most of the time you also want to turn into the drop, which actually turns your strong AA away from the planes and your weak AA to them. Think about it, the best way to face torpedo planes is by them being directly in front, but you only have a left and right sector. It is messed up. Additionaly, switching takes a lot of focus from other things, you constantly have to watch the planes while you also have to play the rest of the game. And those planes can be pretty fast and stealthy. In short, leaving everything at 100% is the best thing u can do. Modules and Captain skills Again, i won't focus on the stuff for CVs. BFT: 1 point skill in the good old times, got nerfed again by only affecting short range AA, which is useless 90% of the time. I would only take this on gunboat DDs now, it looks like an AA skill, but it really isn't. Should be a 2 point skill now honestly. AFT: Like I already explained, that 15% increase might effectivly double your damage, so it's a good skill. More range was obviously way better though. Manual AA: Complete joke of a skill. Maybe a 1-pointer, never ever 4 points. Increases your AA damage by 10%, which is less than AFT, and only if you are a god at correct sector usage. And -20% switch time won't make you that god, believe me. On top of that, spending 4 points on it might actually punish you, because it removes those 10% from the other side. I have 0 clue what they were thinking. Any skill build on this horrible sector mechanic will always be bad. AA Mod 1: Same as AFT AA Mod 2: Increases bursts per barrage by 2 for long and medium AA. Finally something that increases the goddamn chance to actually hit those planes!!! Sadly, low tier ships can't take it, and they struggle the most with low burst amounts. Also competes with Gun reload, so I will propably never take it. In all honesty: THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE EFFECT OF MANUAL AA. Conclusion Summing up, I think we end up with an AA system that looks more impressive in theory, but is slightly worse than the current one in praxis. I don't expect much from AA anyways, but I am still disappointed given the amount of work that clearly went into this. I hope they can improve some aspects of it. The thing that needs the absolute most work imo is the sector mechanic and Defensive Fire. I would also love something that makes AA work more consistent and less RNG-dependant, especially for low tiers (more bursts, less damage). So there we go, thank you for reading this wall of text and have a good day!
  8. Duke_of_Lauenburg

    Jean Bart - unacceptable game spoiler

    This. The day after they released the ship I didn't know they also sold it in the premium shop. I met a lot of them in battle, watched them play, and this weird suspicion grew larger and larger that there was some 'easy' way to get this ship. Looked at the premium shop after the session, needless to say, I was right. Situation hasn't improved since. Counterplay: Shoot He, it melts so incredibly fast. Or ignore it, it's not like it will do anything useful 90% of the time.
  9. Duke_of_Lauenburg

    the "carry harder!" thread

    First time posting in this thread - I saw it and got instantly reminded of the game I played yesterday. Haven't felt this alone in a long time, 11 ships damage farming, ignoring all caps for 20 minutes. Those 3 solocaps you see there are the only caps we took for 17 minutes. Bunch of special moments like me gunboating down their Asashio B alone while half of my team is in range to potentially help me; or their half HP Salem solocapping the A cap while spotted, fully broadsiding my Monarch who decides to shoot somewhere else. We came close, and that one cap ended up loosing us the game. Don't play japanese torpedo DDs btw.
  10. Duke_of_Lauenburg

    Aircraft Carrier Beta Round 3 - Feedback Thread

    Ah, so I am retarded after all - the article actually states that I have to wait for an invitation email. Well, that solves that issue.
  11. Duke_of_Lauenburg

    Aircraft Carrier Beta Round 3 - Feedback Thread

    Same issue for me - hope someones is looking into it. Proof that I am not retarded:
  12. Duke_of_Lauenburg

    G. Kurfurst

    This is nothing. I rotated my Musashi backturret all the way through the ship to the other side. Pic from within the process:
  13. Duke_of_Lauenburg

    Sooooo Armada - 67 Ships for around €550 - Anyone interested???

    I don't have the funds lying around rn, but I heard the 200% bonus doubloons coupon works on this offer. Should be interesting for some people I am sure, since those 500 euros would be the last thing you have to invest for a looooong time. PS: Don't sue me if it doesn't.
  14. Duke_of_Lauenburg

    Aircraft Carrier Beta Round 3 - Feedback Thread

    I honestly couldn't care less about Cvs - but I will do some testing with the reworked AA. Especially the captain skills look incredibly underwhelming and not worth the points, we will see.
  15. Duke_of_Lauenburg

    Tier 8 MM after the change. Poll included.

    I am super confused by this thread - If I am not mistaken, the MM only changed in the way that T8s are drawn first for a T10 battle, then T9 and last T10. Which means the ratio of T8 ships compared to T10 ships in a T10 battle (more T8s so they have less T10s to fight) will increase, nothing else. It has nothing to do with the amount of top tier battles you will get at all. If anything, this change will make the T8 bottom tier issue bigger, since more T8s are drawn into T10. You should better ask if the situation inside T10 battles has improved for T8s. Or is this only a thing they announced and this change is something else? Edit: Nah, seems like I mixed something up here.