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    What WG spreadsheets, Smolensk, CVs and Pavlovs dogs have in common

    No, this isn't at all what you should take away. These ships are NOT fine AT ALL. I just didn't provide another list of all the things wrong with them because you can find that literally anywhere else on the forum. My recommandation to WG explicitly (at least in my head) states that they should stop looking at their goddman spreadsheets as they don't tell the whole story of what is happening. But that is only something WG can fix. As a player, you can only do 3 things: Stop playing, play and hate it, or play and try to enjoy it. I recommend the latter if you don't want to do the former. And again, since a lot of people here seem to miss what I am talking about: Smolensk is OP, it is unfair to play against and it should NOT be in the game.
  2. Duke_of_Lauenburg

    What WG spreadsheets, Smolensk, CVs and Pavlovs dogs have in common

    This is true, but I don't think the effect is huge for smolensk right now, but defnitly true for CVs. Absolutly true. Some people enjoy writing, others don't, and thats fine. My motivation came from all the 'smolensk'-threads and the old CV threads (one of those is from me). There are clearly a lot of people who want to play the game but don't enjoy it, mainly because of design decisions like these. This article is meant to give some explanations and tips on how to deal with the BS WG unleashes upon us.
  3. First of all, this is in no way defense of what WG thinks is good game design, even though it might sound like it in some parts. Every time WG releases one of their 'more balanced' ships, a huge controversy breaks out. We players are quick to point out how unfair the ships are to play against, how strong they are in good players hands, and how helpless they feel against them. Wargaming however doesn't give a crap about our feelies, because they have the FACTS of the holy spreadsheet. Statistics, as long as you look at them correctly, surely can't lie - and oh boy is WG good at looking at statistics the correct way. Smolensk, for example, averages at 50.8% winrate, only 0.8% above the average, and 86k damage, around 10-15k above the average T10 cruiser. Mostly in healable fire damage and mostly on tanky BBs. Midway, Hakuryu and Audacious sit at around 80k average damage and a 50% win rate (which is mostly forced by the 1v1 matchup). The average T10 BB also has around 50% winrate and 85k average. Noone complains about BBs being too powerful. Everything looks good spreadsheetwise, everything is fair and balanced. Which is pretty impressive considering how many ships there are and how different they function. The power of the spreadsheet is real. The truth is of course, that players don't interact with this weird concept called 'the average player' in game, but with the whole distribution of what the playerbase has to offer. This includes the superunicum that completly destroys you without counterplay in his CV, as well as the Midway that somehow manages to miss every single bomb drop on your fat BB. It includes the Smolensk that farms you out of radar range from smoke as well as the one that thinks he can drive his light cruiser into the middle of the cap at the start, then gets radared and deleted instantly. On average, everything is fine here. Your frustration from getting farmed that one time should disappear when you oneshot that other smolensk the next time. T10 ships with a citadel and small HP pool are propably the best thing you can shoot at in a BB rewardwise. Bad smolensks should make you happy in a BB, and there are a lot of them out there. However, this is not what happens. When we see a triple smolensk division in the enemy team as a BB, we dont think about all the bad smolensk players we have seen, and that there is a good chance non of these 3 has a clue how to play the ship properly. We dont think about all the potential citadels we might get on them, and how a single citadel on a smolensk will reward us with the equivalent xp as 50k damage on a yamato. All we see is the mental image of endless HE spam from permasmoke, because that is the only interaction we have with them if they are good. Why is that? Our brain reacts much harder to the bad experience of playing against good players than to the good experience vs bad players. We learn to associate smolensk, CVs, etc with no counterplay, and heavy HP loss, and we associate these things even if only the stimulus is there (enemy smolensk) without the punishment (he is a bad player). Game after game our brains are conditioned this way every time we face a good player, until the sheer presence of the ship makes us salviate in expectation of punishment. What can we as players learn from this (Implying players can learn, but T10 J-line BBs think otherwise)? We can at least try and be more rational about what is happening. Try to actually feel good and rewarded when you citadel one of these, take notice of all the games where the smolensk just dies early doing nothing, and take notice how much impact these ships have on your game on average. Smolensk, CVs, are all here to stay and are part of the game experience, and we are partly responsible how we let this experience affect us. And it can't be in our interest that these ships have a bad effect on our mood before the game even starts. What can WG learn from this (Implying WG can learn, but Belfast/Kutuzov... think otherwise)? Spreadsheets can tell you more than players in some cases, that is true. They tell you how things truly affect the game, without the emotional views the playerbase has over things. But you know what else is just as real? Conditioning, a mild form of fear conditioning in this case. Otherwise neutral ships in your spreadsheets can be learned to be extremly unpleasant experiences for the player. Otherwise there might be the very real effect of more players leaving the game. Sources: Smolensk and other ships stats: https://wows-numbers.com/de/ship/3655251408,Smolensk/ Classical Conditioning: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classical_conditioning Fear conditiong: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear_conditioning
  4. I knew this would happen before I started collecting...
  5. Duke_of_Lauenburg

    Why are BBs hanging back and how to fix that?

    This thread is full of crap, I am sorry. Typical hate wagon. There are always these 'Why do DDs die instantly nowadays?' and 'why do BBs snipe so much lately?' threads. Do you know why? Because you, yes you, have no map awareness. All you do is: 5 minutes in, you look at the scoreboard, only DDs have died. You go to the forum and post another DD thread. 15 minutes in, you look at the map, and you see one full HP BB on the border. You go to the forum and post another BB thread. I recommend you always look at the minimap. You will see how a lot more BBs die in senseless pushes that achieve nothing (the famous push into the enemy spawn comes to mind) than end up sniping from the back. You will see how a BB retreats under heavy HE spam to heal, you will see how a BB on the loosing flank kites away closer to the border, all good reasons why you may end up there. You will see the BB who really tries to tank his health evenly over the course of the battle. And yes, you will see the BB that actually pushes at the right moment in an effort to still win. Sadly, he is mostly alone, because of the 3 other BB players in a team, 1 is usually too low to help, 1 is the backline sh*tter you described and 1 is out of position because he pushed into the enemy spawn. One BB player per battle and team plays as horrible as you described, and you know why he plays like that? Because he is new or a sh*tter, but most of the time because he is new. And new players are allowed to do that in my opinion. So let us sum up. 1/4 BB players do this, 2/3 players who do this are new, which means 1/6 BB players are actual sh*tters, which is propably the same rate as for all the other classes (hello flanking shima, hello radar cruiser in the back, hello every CV players in existence).