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  1. leggasiini

    German Battleships?

    So, will some of them have torpedoes like Tirpitz? Atleast according to Wikipedia, H-classes were supposed to have torps, but we will see.
  2. Dealing with one Bogue isnt that bad on Zuiho. Obviously my fighters stands no chance against Bogue's fighters, i know that. Thats why i try to save my planes and avoid fighting them (unless they are weakened) and then attack with bombs/toprs when good situation happens. Bogue's fighters cannot cover entire map at same time. However, when mm throws in 2x Bogue in enemy team, im in trouble. Bad trouble. Two Bogues can have total 4 squadrons of fighters and each has 6 planes, total 24. That means there are so many planes that they can cover entire map with them, forcing me to stay entire battle behind my allied ships and be able to do nothing, and eventually they will kill me no matter where i go. Only hope basically is that someone finds Bogues and kills them. Im still a noob and learning this game, and there must be some kind of help at this situation. Or is this just some kind of thing you cant just deal with (in wot, there is few situations when mm can render you 100% useless, such as playing with O-I in open map and enemy team has 5 tier 8 arties, or stock tier 3 light against team mostly tier 5 heavies)? Needing help!
  3. leggasiini

    German Super-Battleship "Der Führer"

    Its pretty much the Ratte of boats. And Ratte would be absolutely stupid in WoT. Same with Fuhrer. So unless they add it in some kind of PvE boss like mentioned above, no pls.
  4. leggasiini

    Is the stock Fuso crap or is it just me?

    Stock Fuso is garbage. She feels like Myogi (and myogi is meh imo) that is slapped at T6 that is even slower and has worse range but 2 more turrets. Also she has enormous and weak citadel. Fuso becomes very, very good ship after B hull, though. Only bad thing on her is that she is very sluggish, even for battleship (feels slow especially after Kongo).