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  1. Mutsu - Yes or No?

    Kii looks like a lot of fun but it's quite similar to the tech tree Amagi? Can't get enough fast battleships and battlecruisers but one of the big draws to pay real money for the Mutsu was having something unique for the tier. Hood for example is looking tempting, maybe a few months down the line... Heard there are discounts on German BBs so will try and get Gneisenau, seen a few of them tearing around the map making even Mutsu look a bit slow, see if there are any other fast BBs worth grinding or buying.
  2. Mutsu - Yes or No?

    Well thanks for the advice, I brought the Mutsu. Doesn't sound like the Ashitaka is worth waiting for and tier 8 might be a leap too far right now considering Kongo is my highest tier tech tree BB (do have a tier 7 DD). Feels a lot like the Kongo but with really scary guns. Got 2 citadels in different salvos on a Fuso at over 20km and a 15k damage non-citadel salvo on an Arizona almost on his spawn point. They do seem to overpen cruisers though, I sailed round a corner into a side on stationary Cleveland, perfect ambush and the whole broadside did 7k damage. Not sure if that's an overpen through the citadel or if I just managed to miss really badly. Best game so far was 122k damage but I did get to torpedo a Normandie brawling and kill him so pretty happy with that.
  3. Mutsu - Yes or No?

    Looking for a premium crew trainer and credit earner that would fit with Japanese BB line, so how competitive is the Mutsu? 8x 16in guns on tier 6 sound pretty good, and I'm getting on well enough with the Ishizuchi + Kongo so thin armor isn't a major problem if the ship is fast. Also considering the Kii, though that might be jumping too far up the tiers. Alternatively could wait and see if Ashitaka comes back on sale. So what's the 2018 verdict on the Mutsu, and how do the different premium Japanese BBs compare?
  4. Progression in WoWS seems very quick (new to WoWS but WoT player since 2011), for example I will unlock the Kagero in about 20 games and I have 90 games in that line so far (discounting 20 games in Isokaze because also going up the Akizuki line), that's what, 110 games to tier 8? Tier 10 in 260 games seems very doable, especially if you are willing to convert some xp from premium ships and ofc have premium account.
  5. Good Bye Orion, Hello... Ishizuchi?!

    Yeah, but the HE can casually take 12-15k off a Wyoming in 4 broadsides at 15km and set him on fire three times so that he bails out of the fight burning to half hp and let's me wreck his team mates. With AP on the other hand I struggle to do anything consistent past 10km, seems to be all over-pens and ricochets unless you can specifically aim for the upper belt on BBs and citadels on cruisers. The Orion on the other hand wrecks everything with AP unless they are really well angled, I know it's a bigger gun but the difference is massive. Honestly if you have any tips for using AP with the Ishizuchi I'd love the advice, AP does hit much harder but I'm really not making it work at range.
  6. Good Bye Orion, Hello... Ishizuchi?!

    Yeah, I know how to switch ammo ;) It's just that Ishizuchi has amazing HE with thoroughly mediocre AP, so for me at least HE is just loaded by default and I'll only switch to AP point blank against the right targets. My best result so far is a 123k damage Solo Warrior + Kraken battle, pretty much burnt down a Wyoming for 40k+ very quickly at the start, we won my side of the map but the other side lost, came down to 1 vs 4 and I killed Orion + Kawachi brawling very close range with AP for 29k damage on the Orion and 24k on the Kawachi, then I got rushed by a Svietlana which was fortunately very low hp so I killed him. After that I kinda screwed up and decided to cap B because points were close only to have a full hp Courbet come round the corner 6km away, so I ran like hell and managed to live 2 minutes to win the game on points. Did do almost 18k damage to the Courbet with HE as he was chasing me though.
  7. ideas to change bb playstyle

    Could make the maps bigger, so flanking is much easier and there is no "safe-zone" sitting at the back where the bad, bad DDs can't come kill you...
  8. A potential solution to camping Battleships

    Here's an idea. Make the maps much, much bigger (3x3 current?) extending all the borders so that if a BB is camping way behind they will just get killed by flanking DDs. That way, if you want to live a BB has to stick with their allies for cover. At the same time, ramp up BB damage against DDs so if you do end up brawling main guns will pretty much delete a spotted DD, no more destroyer takes multiple 15in shells and keeps going to torpedo you. Thoughts?
  9. Good Bye Orion, Hello... Ishizuchi?!

    Prototype-Kongo is so much fun, I got one from a starter pack and it's easily the best £4 I've ever spent in WoT or WoWS Tearing up the map with cruiser speed and workable armor while literally setting the world on fire. Just got to be careful with overextending because this thing does not spin round like a cruiser can. Also carriers love you because the AA is non-existent, though when you get it right and a 700ft long battlecruiser dances through an airdrop like a destroyer without taking a hit that feels pretty amazing. 10 fast firing guns that are by default loaded with HE are also pretty spectacular at wrecking DDs and cruisers, between that and the speed this is one of the few BBs I've played that can actively go hunt down destroyers. I've since played though the Myogi which was okay and got the real Kongo which is an awesome ship even if it doesn't have Ishzuchi's firestarting potential.
  10. Best destroyer at Tier 7?

    Idk, I'm getting some pretty solid results mixing wide and narrow spread with the IJN DDs. 1-2 narrow spread (depending on number of launchers) with a wide spread launch layered over the top gives both coverage and density. Plus the pattern itself looks very random and targets seem to panic when they see it instead of neatly evading. I used to use narrow spread all the time which lead to a few full hp deletions against targets not paying attention, but for an active opponent I'm definitely getting better results with mixed spreads.
  11. First to solve get 2500 doubloon

    Too many DDs?
  12. Mutsuki... whats the point?

    To me it was the other way round, Mutsuki is a fantastic stealth torpedo boat but never got on with the Minekaze. The Mutsuki has by default a comfortable 2 km gap between torp range and detection meaning it can be used without a good captain, it also has reasonably fast torpedoes that hit very hard. Meanwhile the Minekaze is fractionally faster and sneakier but neither compensate for having to get so much closer (relatively speaking), the torpedoes may reload quicker but they are slow and do a lot less damage while having 4 guns tempts you to use them when in fact they have no more firepower than the Mutsuki with 2 guns because the reload is horrible. The Minekaze simply isn't very good at anything, where the Mutsuki has distinct weaknesses but a major strong point that other tier 5 DDs don't have. Kamikaze is of course a different matter, I don't have one but the stats appear to be a Minekaze with way better torpedo damage and speed, plus of course most people playing one will have a decent captain with CE so the detection gap is a much more workable than on the Minekaze.
  13. Best destroyer at Tier 7?

    I don't have the other tier 7 DDs yet but Akatsuki is really fun if you enjoy the stealth torping lifestyle. Initial impressions were "holy crap this thing gets spotted from orbit" but that is coming from having Fubuki and Hatsuharu with concealment expert captains, so once retraining finished concealment dropped from 6.8 to 6.4 which is a lot more workable. I like to play quite aggressively and contest caps which means leading the way with torpedoes. The trick seems to be dropping torps early and making an unpredictable torp wall, for example fire one launcher on narrow spread and then 2 on wide spread all at slightly different points of aim, you get a lot of torpedoes in the water with different angles and uneven gaps which is very hard to comb. Just had a game with 2 DDs a side and enemies were a division so I ran into them both on B, they weren't expecting torps already in the water, the enemy Akatsuki caught one and died, then a few minutes later his Shiratsuyu division-mate came over to hunt me on C and sailed round the corner into another torp wall so I got both the enemy DDs pretty early in the game. May not seem like the obvious DD killer but you only really need to land one torpedo and the Akatsuki can put a lot of them in the water. Compared to Fubuki and Hatsuharu the slight loss of concealment hurts but you get 9 torpedoes like the Fubuki with the speed of the Hatsuharu plus some really quite decent guns which is well worth going up a tier.
  14. Yamato-class battleship

    ThomasButton, on 26 November 2013 - 01:20 PM, said: A powerful armor that was running a little below the water line and to torpedo was completely defenseless.Armor belts are little defense against torpedoes, for that battleships have torpedo defense systems (TDS), layers of full and empty tanks that absorb the force from the explosion. The TDS on the Yamato class was effective, Yamato was hit by 11 torpedoes over a 2 hour period before sinking and Musashi was hit by 19 torpedoes in 6 hours of attacks and survived another 3 hours before the flooding overwhelmed her.