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  1. The mission concepts are very well done and achieve the goal of getting players in battles without frustrating those who don't want to play every day because they will otherwise miss the event rewards. Of course there will be an effect on MM but this happens with every new line, especially a popular one like this.
  2. Guineas and purchasing the Cossack

    Guineas don't count towards buying the Cossack with cash. If you are going to complete the missions for Guineas then I'd advise waiting because you can get 48 Guineas from the missions, buy the 10 Guinea special offer for £0.84 and get the ship for almost nothing. Guineas have no other value except being converted a small amount of silver if you don't use them to buy Cossack. Plus, with the 10 guinea pack you only need to complete 40 out of 48 directives so if you miss a few is no big deal. Of course, depends if you are willing to wait or have anything else that would be worth buying on 20% discount.
  3. Poll: How many UK DD missions did you get?

    55 regular containers + 5 premium brought at the start of the event. Got some extras from codes. Got Acasta from one of the premium containers in week 1, then Icarus in week 2 from a regular container and Jervis in at the start of week 4 from a regular container. 1 last regular container left to get tomorrow, would be nice to save purchase/research on Lightning but happy either way because Jervis was the one I most wanted.
  4. OP Tier V Cruisers?

    Furutaka will be my cruiser pick. Really good torps with fantastic angles, hard hitting guns (if not best at dealing with DDs) and basically the only silver t5 cruiser with anything resembling armor, the hull sides and deck are 25mm which can bounce 14in guns at the right angles (so every t5 BB) unlike other cruisers that just get overmatched everywhere except the belt. Also DDs can't HE pen the hull without IFHE.
  5. What premium BB to buy with doubloons

    That's what I did. Not bad considering Warspite was 50% off in the first place.
  6. Upcoming T5 Ranked

    Round 1, flip round and smoke to break contact. Round 2, flip all the way round and come charging out of the smoke full speed, if the Kamikaze is still on the other side it is now dead. The pattern is to break and reestablish contact until the Kamikaze gets caught on a converging course and dies. Plus, a lot of Kamikazes are going to die on initial contact anyway, torpedo boats never seem to expect a DD out hunting DDs instead of trying to play torpedo boat in an unsuitable ship. At least, that's been my successful go-to tactic on the British DDs with PA flags (Janwei + GM), seems to be working well with Icarus and Acasta.
  7. Upcoming T5 Ranked

    How I'm going to be playing is anti-DD duty. Screening ahead of the heavy ships, covering positions where I know a torpboat would go. Not overextending to torp enemy BBs, Acasta isn't a torpboat. Either push the Kamikazes back or pop up in their face, bam dead Kamikaze. They turn away, push through the smoke, dodge the torps, secure the kill and pop smoke to get away. Acasta is sneakier than other gunboats at t5, massively outguns the Kamikaze, crazy agile to dodge torps and always has smoke on tap to break contact if needed. Couldn't be more designed to counter torpedo boats if WG tried.
  8. Upcoming T5 Ranked

    KamiWars huh? That going to be fun. For my Acasta.
  9. Bourgogne

    Exactly, a skilled player will be using that double dpm at the opportunities for maximum damage. IE, when a BB has to give broadside and turn, instead of pumping 30k damage into them with 2 salvos the reload timer is going to mean 60k damage in 30 seconds. Bourgogne is not going to be unusually powerful in the hands of players who just pop the reload booster to get in 2 more random salvos, but skilled players in this ship are going punish enemy mistakes incredibly hard.
  10. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    The Mighty Hood in action. Devstriked a Konigsberg from full health, got a 10k salvo into the enemy Nelson, then killed a pair of Mahans in division who both came at me close range. Charged down the Nelson, sparing one salvo to kill the Independence from 9.5k hp on the way, baited Nelson's broadside into an angled belt and then finished him with a double citadel through the bow. Pushed into the enemy Colorado, did 22k damage in 2 salvos but our destroyer torped him before I could get the kill. Finished up by running down the Kamikaze R for the last kill and 6 total. Was pretty close match too, we were down 1-2 ships until almost the end.
  11. Hood vs Scharnhorst

    No argument there. Gneisenau is crazy fast instead of sorta fast, has more hp which adds up over 5 repairs, has just as good secondaries with vastly better AA (particularly med-long range which doubles the advantage) and the finishing touch is real battleship guns. Might only have 6 barrels, might be inaccurate but they fire fast and anything hit is going to feel it (so many higher tier cruisers have regretted trying to HE spam me from "safe" ranges), where Scharnhorst really feels that lack of overmatch. Loved the Gneisenau to death as an aggressive brawler, flanker and super-cruiser, brought Scharnhorst afterwards as a replacement moving the captain up to the Bismarck and still struggling to make an impact in matches.
  12. West Virginia the wrong version

    And they get the West Virginia in exchange, what’s the problem? Could even make Colorado a free xp ship instead of premium and give to existing owners.
  13. West Virginia the wrong version

    Problem with West Virginia is the ship is clearly superior to the Colorado but at the same time straight up outclassed by existing tier 8 BBs like the North Carolina and South Dakota classes. So what about dropping Colorado to tier 6? The new WV 41 is effectively the same ship and doesn’t look OP, while Colorado has always struggled a bit at tier 7. Colorado/Maryland could both be tier 6 as premium counterparts to the New Mexico, then have modernised West Virginia as the tech tree tier 7 and Tennessee as the premium.
  14. West Virginia the wrong version

    Tennessee would be easier to balance at t7, it’s the modernised WV hull but with 12x 14in as a downside to Colorado’s 8x 16in.
  15. British Heavy Cruiser Line

    London could be the tier 8, I know the real ship had problems but as an improved County class would fit the bill. After that the RN had some interesting cruiser plans with guns larger than 8in/203mm that would fit tier 9-10. Monmouth at t3, Black Prince or Warrior at t4, Hawkins t5, York t6, County t7, London t8 and then paper designs t9 and t10.