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  1. Alex_Connor

    New USA Battleships announced!

    Well, you could say this line is a Yamato buff, huge slow BBs that are entirely made out of 32mm plating. Point, click, massive damage from any angle.
  2. Alex_Connor

    the "carry harder!" thread

    My new personal damage record... In fairness, despite the damage done (I pretty much killed an entire flank) I genuinely could have carried harder and won, when the winners of each flank met I misplayed and put myself in a position where I couldn't kill the full hp Jean Bart and Kremlin quick enough before they killed my support, which left me facing full hp Yugumo and half hp Kremlin on low hitpoints and we lost. Also, the enemy Jean Bart had a really good 6 kill game so he was carrying too.
  3. Alex_Connor

    Sprint Ranked: 1 vs 1, Skill vs OP ship

    Probably not great if they have any skill in 1v1 or a decent spec... Bismarck/Tirpitz you can rush and rely on autobounce, once up close you are more agile and have the best torps. Massa is more of a challenge because they can chunk you on approach (try to bait shots into belt). Fortunately most people are quite bad at 1v1, I don't think you win against a good player but Prinz Eugen has a better chance than any other cruiser. I encountered 2 BBs so far (Bismarck/Massa) and won both but as far as I can tell neither had good secondary builds and the Massa just let me charge him down.
  4. Alex_Connor, Ranked Sprint: Tier VIII Duels

    Played 7 games in the "good" ships (Bismarck/Tirpitz/Prinz Eugen) and won 6 out 7, the only loss was torp duelling a DD so that's my fault. Played 2 games in "bad" ships and lost both, really can't compete with Roma etc v Bismarck even if you outplay them. I'm bored already, it's just Bismarck and Tirpitz vs each other or PE stomping other cruisers, very few players seem to have any idea how to 1v1, had 1 good duel vs a Tirpitz but the rest... Tirpitz/Bismarck with a decent 1v1 build instead of survivability could cruise to rank 1 and barely lose a game but the rewards are miserable and it would be the same fight over and over 4 times so I'll probably pass.
  5. Alex_Connor

    Extra Special Lottery "Year of the CV"

    127. Massachusetts. Great idea for a lottery :)
  6. Alex_Connor

    Christmas Crates Drop Rate Project

    No. of Big gifts Bought: 15 Server and IGN: Alex_Connor/EU 1,000 doubloons: 3x 7,500 Coal: 2x 12x camouflages: 2x 15 Special Signals: 2x None-SC premium ships that were dropped (with tier): 6 (t6 x2, t7 x2, t8 x2)
  7. Alex_Connor

    German BB's after patch

    Big improvement. Played a few games in Bismarck/Tirpitz and straight away noticed you can do consistent 15k+ salvos on broadside battleships at range (without citadel). Old Bismarck might land 2-3 shells in the same situation. I'm not calling the accuracy amazing but at least now it's competitive and you can reasonably expect to hit what you are aiming at instead of every salvo being a prayer to RNJesus.
  8. Who on earth came up with the idea of a grind this bad over Christmas? I don't have more time to play over the holidays, I have less time because holiday plans and family and that probably goes for the majority of players. Even as someone who completed some of the most notorious marathons so far (Indianapolis, PEF and Benham) there is no chance of me being able to complete these directives over Christmas. If the challenge was reasonable I'd be tempted to try which would mean playing a lot more games and probably putting in some money to finish, but knowing up front how bad the grind is I'm not even going to try, which means playing far less and not spending money. Also by all accounts the Xmas boxes have been nerfed this year so just on general principle I'm not going to buy them, last year I spent about £100, the year before I spent at least that on WoT, this year I've spent exactly £22 and have no plans to buy any more boxes so that's more money lost for WG.
  9. Indianapolis grind: Completed PEF grind: Completed Benham grind: Completed Gorizia/Puerto Rico: No Chance I've done some of the hardest grinds in the WoWS but the 8.11 requirements are insane, doubly so over Christmas. Just going to pass on these ships completely and try to avoid spending money or time on WoWS over the holidays.
  10. Alex_Connor

    0.8.11 Containers - Why pay more????

    The infamous example of course is the Krasny Krym, several people have sold that ship only to get it back as the next container dropped ship. I believe one person even got the Krasny Krym 3 times from gift/super containers because apparently the first time they got it back they didn't take the message.
  11. So I already got Sims B, Scharnhorst B and Alaska B from 8 premium containers, decided to buy 1 more on impulse (with gold from the missions) and got the Graf Zeppelin B. Very generous drop rates from premium containers, 4 ships from 9...
  12. Alex_Connor

    Armoury coupons expiring

    Expiry date is when any coupons you've used get replaced, so if you use the ship discount coupon for example you'll get another one at the date given. Otherwise coupons just get replaced, they don't accumulate so you'll always have either 1 max or 2 max depending on the type of coupon.
  13. Alex_Connor

    I dont see camo

    Beaten to it lol
  14. Alex_Connor

    New black camo ships.

    You can use any normal consumable camo instead of the black perma camo if you wish. Works like a normal perma camo that can be dismounted. Only thing to note, you can't get another perma camo for the black ships, IE can't buy the normal Scharnhorst perma camo to use on the Scharnhorst B.