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  1. Alex_Connor

    USS Arizona...

    To expand on this answer outside of WoWS the all or nothing scheme was much more effective, among other reasons because battleship shells had much greater overmatch capability than in WoWS, anything less than about 75-80mm of armor is basically paper maiche against even 280mm guns. No such thing as 32mm hull plating that could bounce battleship shells. Meanwhile any armor that could not stop a battleship shell serves only to arm the fuse and make sure the shell will detonate inside the ship causing greater damage. Another factor is that in real combat there is no possibilty of cruiser gunfire sinking a battleship or even seriously affecting it's mobility so plating resistent to cruiser HE is of little value (cruisers can damage/destroy rangefinders, radar, vulnerable command positions etc but these can't be armored anyway). Overall the concept of extended thinner belts and layered protection used by WW1 dreadnoughts and continued German/Russian battleship designs etc were obsolete and a waste of tonnage. Arizona and the other standard type battleships had very good armor for being WW1-era ships.
  2. Alex_Connor

    Is BB AP on DDs really "fixed"?

    I'm guessing the Leningrad bot was charging head on as bots are prone to do and you hit him lengthwise so the shells passed down the length of the ship counting as an overpen in each section of the hull. Sounds about right considering how much damage a 16in shell would do to a destroyer regardless of exploding or not if it went through the DD from bow to stern.
  3. Running almost this exact build on Jutland, only difference is BFT instead of SI (considering swapping while free respecs last). IMO there are only 2 viable main builds on Jutland and Daring, the one above with IFHE/CE or IFHE/RDF/CE. Plus a few minor variations on the 2nd 3 point skill for the IFHE/CE build, choice of BFT vs SI vs DE. Lower tier RN DDs get to play around more with different builds because IFHE isn't mandatory on the 120mm guns.
  4. Alex_Connor

    Free commander respec with update 0.8.7

    Long range, mid range and short range AA overlap again. Long range AA is split between flak bursts and aura effect, flak bursts are outer sector only so the effectiveness of long range AA drops as planes get closer. Mid-range and short range AA is still aura effect. Active sectors that you can leave on is replaced by pointing camera left or right and pressing O to do burst damage vs aircraft, this also raises continuous damage in the left/right AA zone from 100% to 150% over 10 seconds and then 10 seconds of 150% dpm (varies slightly by class of ship). Massive AA (terrible name) gives double burst damage but removes the buff to continuous damage, it appears to be aimed at ships with low base AA as a last ditch defence. Not sure if skill is worth specing. Continuous damage, flak damage and aircraft hitpoints have all been rebalanced with the effect of reducing the gap between tiers.
  5. Alex_Connor

    13th Season Ranked Battles.

    10 games today, 7 stars gained, 0 lost. Was a lot of Jutlands in the mid Ranks up to about Rank 10 (mine included, 15 games), above Rank 10 they've died out and there are 1-2 Kitakaze per side in every match alongside what are best described as weaker destroyers. Not sure if the meta will change again (Rank 7 right now) but Jutland kills DDs, Kitakaze kills everything which makes it much stronger at saving stars.
  6. Gneisenau. Was just love from the first game. The stories I could tell from that ship, no one would believe :) I bought Scharnhorst as a replacement moving up to the Bismarck but Scharnhorst can't compare to her sistership, ended up rebuying Gneisenau and using elite xp to make a new 14pt captain. Even now Gneisenau is my go to ship if I need to break a streak of bad games. If I had to pick others, Cossack is a beast, I will fight anyone in that ship including jumping tier 10 gunboat DDs. Roma was love at third game, first 2 were very underwhelming but after leaving the ship since Christmas started playing again and things just clicked. Mutsuki was my first taste of stealth torping, Hatsuharu look underwhelming on paper compared to the other 2 tier 6 Japanese DDs but somehow adds up to such an amazing torpedo boat. Hindenburg, loved the Hipper/Eugen/Roon and then had an amazing first game in Hindenberg, may not be the in meta tier 10 cruiser but I play that ship to relax and the good games just keep rolling in.
  7. Alex_Connor

    Any Chance for the D38 Spähkreuzer

    Given the Spahkreuzer's characteristics the options would be either a low tier cruiser (t5-6) or more likely a tier 10 destroyer similar to the upcoming Paolo Emilio.
  8. Alex_Connor

    Will you Reset in The Research Bureau

    If I understand the description you can reset one line in each 3 month season for double research points, subsequent reset lines in the same season earn normal points. The double points don't expire so there is no time limit and there are no class restrictions, all research points can be used to unlock the same rewards.
  9. Alex_Connor

    Submarines: the next step.

    Truth be told I'm getting a bit bored of Randoms in their current format. If WG was to shake things up by introducing subs in a 12 ships + 0-3 subs per side format along with adding the required submarine countermeasures to cruisers and destroyers then I'd be very interested in playing and you'd have a better balance of ships than the current BB heavy format.
  10. Alex_Connor

    views on the HOOD/KONGO and the Siegried

    Deutschland was a revival of the armoured cruiser, but Dunkerque is a battlecruiser by merit of high speed, relatively light armor and the designated anti-cruiser role. Which said, Dunkerque was laid down in 1932 and by WW2 advancements in propulsion technology meant 30-31kts was only faster than most battleships and not all battleships. The same thing happened to the earliest battlecruisers in WW1, the Invincible class battlecruisers had the same 25kt top speed as the Queen Elizabeth class battleships. Scharnhorst's 13.8in belt is strikingly similar to the Derfflinger and Mackensen class battlecruisers having 12in belts at a time when contemporary RN battleship like the QE class also had 12in belts, that's just how Germany built battlecruisers. Heavier armor, lighter guns (or less guns). All of which means Scharnhorst is just a bigger, later-built battlecruiser. For a battlecruiser built or designed during WW2 the requirements are, Design purpose of primarily engaging cruisers or other battlecruisers, not battleships. Protection vs cruiser guns, possibly extending to limited protection against battleship calibers but generally less than full battleship armor. Battleship caliber guns / 280mm (11in) or larger Cruiser speed (30-35kts) There's no requirement for extreme speed exceeding all cruisers, WW1 battlecruisers were almost immediately matched by turbine light cruisers that could reach 26-28kts. Non-exhaustive list of WW2 battlecruisers built or planned... Dunkerque Scharnhorst O-class Alaska Kronstadt Stalingrad Project 1047 (Dutch) B-65 (Japan) Possibly the Ansaldo large cruiser too, similar size to others on list but exchanged lighter armament of only 9x 10in guns for very high speed. Between these ships and all the WW1 battlecruisers there are more than enough for a separate battlecruiser class and even 2-3 battlecruiser lines (UK/Germany/Japan).
  11. Alex_Connor

    views on the HOOD/KONGO and the Siegried

    What does post-WW2 have to do with WoWS? Stalingrad is the most modern battlecruiser and that ship was designed at the start of WW2, all the others were designed before WW2 or just after the start. At the time they had a role, which is why so many different navies were planning or building battlecruisers (Germany, Japan, America, Russia, France, Italy, Netherlands etc). Plus of course Britain who already had battlecruisers. Real wartime experience showed aircraft carrier > everything, which is why so many battleships were scrapped immediately following WW2 but in WoWS battleships are still relevant so why not battlecruisers?
  12. Alex_Connor

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Benham makes the best torpedo soup. You can flick 16 torpedoes into a cap zone and murder enemy DDs or just spam an 8 torp salvo every 36 seconds (32 with the right build) into pushing enemies. And these are some pretty scary full-blooded Fletcher torps too. I have already lost karma in this ship xD Might be doing the Premium thing too lol, my first tier 9 was Musashi and I have 5x tier 9 premiums vs 4x tier 9 silver (and 1 sold). All earned ingame though.
  13. Alex_Connor

    views on the HOOD/KONGO and the Siegried

    No. There was still a role for fast long ranged ships that could hunt down enemy cruisers, and ideally you don't want to be diverting a 48,000 ton Iowa to hunt raiding cruisers when a 30,000 ton Alaska will do the job just as well. Not to mention, most fast battleships were still 30kts or less, which isn't really enough to catch cruisers. Of course as it turns out aircraft carriers were even better at that role, but that loss of role hit battleships equally hard.
  14. Alex_Connor

    views on the HOOD/KONGO and the Siegried

    And then the armored cruiser got replaced by the heavy cruiser, leading to a whole new WW2 era generation of battlecruisers commisioned, laid down or just planned. Regardless of what anyone called the Alaska, Kronstadt or B-65 (Azuma) classes they were all battlecruisers, ones that had returned to the original concept of a fast big gun ship designed to destroy cruisers. Battlecruisers were never intended to fight battleships head-to-head despite how some tried to use them in WW1 and designers sensibly realised you don't need 15in guns to kill cruisers, all you need is something that can reliably beat cruiser armor (11-12in guns) and protection against 8in heavy cruiser return fire. Scharnhorst is a battlecruiser too, just one following the unique German version which has less firepower but near-battleship armor, if you look at WW1 German battlecruisers they all follow the same pattern as Scharnhorst. Not to mention, Scharnhorst is not protected against guns larger than 11-12in, the vertical protection may be good but deck armor is weak, even Duke of York's 14in shells easily went through Scharnhorst's deck when the battlecruiser was in combat with a real battleship.
  15. Alex_Connor

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    My first ever tier 10 battle. More or less held one side by myself with a bit of crossfire support, did have a DD early on but he was the constantly firing at empty sea kind and died very quickly. Was also getting focused by the enemy Hakaryu almost the whole match but Hindenberg AA is strong, was a new plane kill PR and also one of my highest ever XP matches.