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  1. Alex_Connor

    Coal advice - Musashi

    Was having a similar debate over what to spend Coal and Free XP on, Musashi for Coal was the clear winner because there isn't a lot else to use Coal for otherwise, Jean Bart maybe but it's not going anywhere and Salem is a Des Moines for all intents and purposes. Meanwhile Kronshtadt is about to get removed too and can only be had for Free XP, Alaska is about to arrive and looking very good, plus there is going to be a new Free XP russian destroyer (less interesting but still worth considering) so there's a lot to spend Free XP on. So I brought Musashi for Coal and a discount voucher just before Christmas, after the snowflakes etc I'm back up to 130k coal already which would be almost enough to buy Musashi again (discount voucher refreshed), right now I'm debating whether to buy Kronshtadt and wait for Alaska, or buy Alaska right away when 8.0 comes out and see what else shows up for Free XP. Worth noting right now Dynamo is the current operation which is very easy guaranteed free XP even without a group, although that ends Thursday morning (10th Jan). I had quite a lot of stockpiled flags and good camos so I've gained 400k free XP in about 20 runs, and my Cossack captain is about to hit 19pts after starting on 14.
  2. Alex_Connor

    Sooo... buy more Santa loot boxes? Are there still ship drops?

    Still getting ship drops. I bought two sets of 5x Mega and a few random containers since, mostly 5x normal or 1x Mega etc. Got T-61, Anshan, Texas, Dunkerque, Perth and Nueve de Julio, most recent was yesterday. Nothing really special, a few of them I would have never considered buying but turned out to be fun so happy with them. Plus, boosts chance of a rare drop in the future.
  3. Alex_Connor

    SuperYamato As Japans T10 Battleship

    Super-Yamato (or A-150) was designed as a counter to potential US counters to the Yamato class, the thinking being that America might try to design ships with enough armour to resist 18in guns. However the biggest ship America built was the Iowa class which is just a stretched faster South Dakota style treaty battleship, and even the Montana class was only designed around protection from 16in guns. A-150 would have had improved secondaries over the Yamato, likely 100mm twin turrets as on the Akizuki but without targets designed to be protected from 18in guns the 6x 20in are definitely weaker than 9x 18in. 9x 20in would have required a 90,000 ton ship, just not practical.
  4. Alex_Connor

    SuperYamato As Japans T10 Battleship

    Super-Yamato with 6x 20in guns would be significantly worse than the regular Yamato. You already have crazy accuracy, insane pen and overmatch everything. Losing 3 barrels for slightly higher pen and damage per shell is a very bad trade.
  5. Alex_Connor

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Got a Dunkerque out of a basic Santa container, wasn't expecting much but started playing and the fact Dunkerque is a battlecruiser with fantastic guns just clicked. This was game 2, game 1 was a nice little 85k tier 7 win.
  6. Alex_Connor

    Should all battlecruisers be in the cruiser class?

    Ideally we’d have all the BCs down one tier and classed as BBs, I can see Alaska and Kronshtadt working well as tier 8 BBs. If WG doesn’t want to change tiers then simply changing MM weight to matched them against tier 8/9 BBs might work. At least for random. Maybe open up ranked and CB to tier 9?
  7. Alex_Connor

    Should all battlecruisers be in the cruiser class?

    Battlecruisers were designed as cruiser killers that were rarely if ever supposed to engage capital ships. So Alaska is a reversion to the classic battlecruiser before nations started uparmoring them to be able to stand in the battle line and the line blurred between battlecruisers and fast battleships. The earliest battlecruisers were even based on armour cruiser protection schemes instead of the battleship armour used by Dreadnought.
  8. Alex_Connor

    PEF guns really suck, cant overmatch BB armour

    Mutsu does benefit from her gun caliber. But the base platform is at least as good as the PEF, so PEF is what? A Mutsu who trades a big chunk of firepower for AA and turret rotation? Warspite and QE have spotting aircraft, 11.9km detection and this isn't an open sea 1v1 duel. Getting into range is not a problem, particularly when you can drop shells over islands like a cruiser. Thing about Nurnberg is her strengths and weaknesses are the same regardless of MM. Fragile, but excellent range, shell velocity and good HE. Work targets down from 16km, stack the fires and don't get hit. Also the AP is downright nasty against cruisers in an ambush.
  9. Alex_Connor

    PEF guns really suck, cant overmatch BB armour

    Agree on your points but as a tier 6 DD you’ll be unlucky to have more than one enemy tier 8 DD and a t6 DD can still thrive in that environment. Tier 7 is harsher because you’ll get matched with more tier 8-9 that either outgun you, out spot you or both, though by compensation tier 7 gets to be top tier a lot. PEF isn’t automically the worst BB to get unmatched (New Mexico is worse?) but still pretty harsh for a 14in gunned BB without modern shells and 8 guns.
  10. Alex_Connor

    PEF guns really suck, cant overmatch BB armour

    Mutsu is strong, I’ve citadelled North Carolinas at range, is fast enough to keep up with tier 8 play and everyone thinks you have weak side armour so you can bait shells into the angled belt. Queen Elizabeth/Warspite hit like a freight train regardless of target tier. Not going to tank much but they can effortlessly do 20k+ into the side of a Bismarck or Richelieu and I’ve straight up 2-shot tier 8 cruisers so disregard at your peril. Long range HE spammers like Nurnberg also work pretty good in tier 8, and DDs in general uptier well. Just not that impressed with how PEF looks, people comparing it with Kongo are right, could well be a tier 5.
  11. Alex_Connor

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Cossack is just glorious fun. Brutal murder of an Asashio at 2.5km, 2 chained perma floods on a Roma, triple torped a Hindenburg who tried to push my smoke. Also got a Texas 2 days ago out of Container, this was first battle. So many ships parked broadside it was unreal, I got 8 citadels on 6 different ships.
  12. Alex_Connor

    PEF........ I want my money back

  13. Alex_Connor

    PEF........ I want my money back

  14. Alex_Connor

    PEF........ I want my money back

    My first game in Texas was 172k, still a crap ship. For the record PEF might be good but it doesn’t really stand out as anything special and the firepower in particular looks quite poor for a tier 6.
  15. Well, that one is wrong The photo is quite clearly light grey (almost white) pattern over medium grey (roughly the same as the grey WG used for the pattern). WG have screwed up most of the British perma camos by making them too dark. Which tend to be really ugly as a result, Jervis is a good case in point. Basically the danger of trusting illustrations over photos.