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  1. tcstom

    Server Overloaded

    Well, after all the hype the server is overloaded for the halloween event. Not sure why I am suprised...
  2. tcstom

    SLI or Crossfire needed !!!

    Intresting reading this, however it might be worth reading this: https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/do-you-need-a-120hz-or-240-hz-monitor/ It explains the relationship between graphics cards and the display you look at in simple terms. :)
  3. tcstom

    Division Window

    Another one for the old version. This one is horrible. Way to big and clumsy.
  4. tcstom

    Server problems?

    third time since the upgrade :(
  5. tcstom

    Control keys not getting saved

    Hi Guys, first post on the forum and that is have a bit of a moan I am having the same issue, but, being a bit stupid, it doesn't occur to me to check! I have sailed into islands and even been sunk whilst trying to figure out what is going on. I guess I am just a muppet.