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  1. RC_8015


    Naja... kommt drauf an.. ich habe zwei Runden als Top Gun verloren, beide über 130 k Schaden und Sieg auf meiner Assashio. Waren nette Runden, und ne Menge Credits, dazu auch Zeit auf der Direktive verloren und den Fortschritt den ich auf eben dieser nun nicht habe. Dazu eben in Kombi mit der PR... war gestern doch echt n harter Schlag für meine Motivation...
  2. RC_8015


    Oh, noch besser... beim versuch ihn wieder über die .bat zu deaktivieren kopier er zwar was, aber beim erneuten Anwenden sagt er dennoch das der Patch scho drauf ist.
  3. RC_8015


    Leider nein, Patch installiert, .bat sagt mir das er angewendet wurde, trotzdem weiterhin Absturz.
  4. RC_8015

    server interruptions, 19h

    Got the patch, .bat tells me it is applied.. still crashing after each game.
  5. RC_8015


    Und wieder ein Crash nach beendeter Runde.... 175 K Schaden, Top gun, 2 Kills... aber hey, immerhin hat das Spiel das match gewertet diesmal, also Fortschritt!
  6. RC_8015


    Tut mir leid, aber das bezweifel ich, da die Menge an Spieler in der Queue sich absolut nicht ändern seid Minuten jetzt. Sollten ja immerhin mehr und weniger werden, wenn es immerhin etwas läuft. Sogar wenn nicht, da dann trotzdem Leute in die Schlange kommen und wieder raus fallen.
  7. RC_8015

    server interruptions, 19h

    I got in, played a game, and game froze on the second the enemy scored 1000 points. All ships vanished, then the screen doubled and moved a bit... and froze totally, not even menu worked. And can't get back in. WG.. this will need, combined with the slap of P.R... a real compensation, not the usual "Here, a container with a day premium, a crap flag and 500 coal." Edit: To clarify.. I am questioning myself if this all is worth the grind, even more considering that you from what others did already calculate you must spend money/doubloons to get P.R.
  8. Not to forget.. we can't even leave matches! So.. dead means stuck to watch the entire rest of the game---
  9. Applied patch, tried again, still not working. Server busy it tells me. Also almost finished a game, was kicked back to login, and got in a last time before game fully refused to let me in... and I saw that the snowflake was not awarded on my assashio. And... we won, 100%. Enemy had 2 ships left, we still 7 ships and were at 980 points, enemy on 200 whatever.. Combined with that impossible P.R. grind... a dark day for WoWs.
  10. RC_8015

    January Combat Missions - Discussion Thread

    @The_EURL_GuyThe description of the new Azur Lane flag is wrong. Admiral Hipper is part of the "Iron Blood" faction, not "Metal Blood".
  11. Server down for me right now... Oh well, lets share my feedback for this test: Low tier carriers are very weak against destroyers. Yes, your team has to defend the carrier from harm, but its pretty hard to even damage destroyers on tier IV. Torpedoes are just too easy to dodge, IGN AP bombers dont work obviously, and even with HE bombs you have a hard time hitting them. The four rockets from the attack squads are too inaccurate to hit them aswell, they just need to move a bit and then you already can't get a clear shot. Mid and high tier are fun as hell though, and I like the new consumables in combination with the skills. I mean, TX attack squads with maxed speed can get anywhere on the map in about 15 seconds. Fast aid guaranteed for all who need it. Graphic glitches: You STILL can view inside your carriers model ingame, so you can see the details from up close. Basicly not that bad, but of course a small first aid box is not made that detailed so its very pixalated when viewed from so close. Also, some parts even have textures glitching into each other. Example: Another bug: If you activate autopilot before the battle starts and then even try to launch planes before the start, your camera remains at your starting point while the ship sails away and no plane takes of. Seen in these three screenshots: Overall I still got my fun with the carriers. Might be a bit of pain with T IV once the new tree is live, but I guess I will even keep all tier 6, 8 and 10 carriers with proper commanders.
  12. I know planes have to land, but this? Also, if you try to start planes before the battle starts, your camera is stuck at your current location and does not follow your ship if it starts moving until you actually start planes.
  13. Already took part in the first test. Overall it's still fun and feels well, and I keep getting better in each game. What changes I like: The free camera helps to orientate in combat. You can see ingame stats about your weapons (like max damage and more) What I don't like: You can't control your carriers consumables while flying, so Def AA and repair is hard to use I miss an indicator on the minimap showing the direction your planes are flying towards right now like the carrier and other ships have. Would help with quick takeoffs to directly go for the enemy. AA balancing. Lost an entire bomber squad against a Izumo before I could drop a single bomb Strange activation sounds all the time. I play with a BB for example, not shooting or activating any consumable but keep hearing sounds as if I would activate radar, repair crew and more. Really irritating. Bomb aim is still strange, you marker you see before starting an attack is still off... Also, maybe we can get an indicator showing your current AA status (so which side is reinforeced right now)? Forget that im blind
  14. ABer im normalen Launcher dann oder? Bei mir war gestern keiner da beim Spielen... Und in den Tester kam ich ja nicht mehr rein nach der Arbeit.
  15. Mir fällt gerade noch eine kleine Sache ein: Das Modell der Träger passt noch nicht für die Kamera, d.h. man kann teils im Match von hinten in das leere Modell der Träger hineinsehen. Ansonsten hoffe ich, auch in den weiteren Phasen mittesten zu dürfen. Warte nur noch auf meine Feedback E-Mail^^