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  1. Hailstorm4


    I picked her up last night thanks, getting Yamamoto soon too which I'm gonna put on her.
  2. Hailstorm4


    Yeah that was my point, I was unsure about getting it for a while then decided to go for it and when I checked the premium store it wasn't there. Hopefully it'll be back at the end of the collab like people are saying They sold some 10pt captains that had voice actors of characters from the show
  3. Hailstorm4


    Apologies if this has been addressed before but I noticed a month or two ago that the harekaze was not in the EU premium store and was kinda sad I couldn't get it anymore. I complained about it recently to some friends, including some people who played on NA, and they said the ship was still available on the NA premium shop. Is there any reason for this? I would 100% buy the ship if it was available on EU but sadly it isn't.