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  1. chriscripps17

    Honor and Glory of the Soviet Navy

    locong the video of the of the Soviet battleship deffo cant wait to try them when there in the game look so much fun
  2. chriscripps17

    0.8.3 - PTS Bugs

    There seemed to be an issue on the weekend with the PTS or local providers routing to our PTS - we're currently investigating that issue. Thank you for reaching out! i got a message from wg staff so its being looked in to
  3. chriscripps17

    0.8.3 - PTS Bugs

    not worked still it still dont load game up after i delete profile and click play
  4. chriscripps17

    0.8.3 - PTS Bugs

    hasnt worked for me
  5. chriscripps17

    0.8.3 - PTS Bugs

    ok thanks how do i do that though
  6. chriscripps17

    0.8.3 - PTS Bugs

    i cannot load the game i have installed microsoft visual 2015 and game still wont load the game game window reinstalled game centr and pts and still no change after u log in to to wg centre ????
  7. chriscripps17

    Public Test of Update 0.8.3: Round 2

    it not loading game for me and i have reinstalled it and downloaded microsoft visual 2015 and still not loading the game on wg centre??
  8. chriscripps17

    Public Test of Update 0.8.3: Round 2

    im having trouble loading up public test game click play and nothing hapepens it dont load i have sent report in to wg and mr conway
  9. chriscripps17 patch Notes?

  10. chriscripps17

    no French battleship line

    i dont mods coz it makes ur game unable to play with lag
  11. chriscripps17

    hellp error 324772

    try re installing the game or check intergrity in game settings on game centre ull see check and repair click that might be corrupt data mate
  12. all fixes for game but not game centre why not i am susing internet and connected to iternet but my game centre wont download updates   reinstalling game centre  has not helped at all and i did that like 8 times already


  13. chriscripps17

    Underwater AP fix

    game centre needs to be fixed asap as i cant play game as updates wont install says check internet connection and im connected 3 times in couple days now ran it in compatibility 7 and xp sevice pack 2 and still wont download updates this is beyond a joke big time
  14. chriscripps17

    fix ups

    explain i am connected to internet