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  1. all fixes for game but not game centre why not i am susing internet and connected to iternet but my game centre wont download updates   reinstalling game centre  has not helped at all and i did that like 8 times already


  2. please explain this coz im  now pissedwows2.thumb.png.ab8ce40312a4c5ee55891c9bc5ddbf93.pngwows.thumb.png.53f35471804e97e2e00c7096b8120e4f.png

  3. chriscripps17

    Vive la France Part 1


    i know that and u just posted something not related to french bbs (battleships} was asking bout tat i dont want the french dd but some things needs to fixed first before adding french battleships aka bbs
  4. chriscripps17

    Vive la France Part 1


    ok thank u buddy so they will be in the tech tree soon from 0.7.2 update
  5.  lost count on  container i opened and yet no mission  to get french battleships??????

  6. chriscripps17

    Vive la France Part 1


    yeah really wg lost count on how many containers i opened and no french battle mission to get french bb so i give up as i viva la france containers i opened all of part 1 and got nothing
  7. hi i was  woundering how do i become a wg tester as i would to test test ships out 

  8. conqueror is too op so i susgest it gets fixed   because the game is boring with anover powered tier 10 british bb so its needs to be nerfed less