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  1. chriscripps17 patch Notes?

  2. chriscripps17

    no French battleship line

    i dont mods coz it makes ur game unable to play with lag
  3. chriscripps17

    hellp error 324772

    try re installing the game or check intergrity in game settings on game centre ull see check and repair click that might be corrupt data mate
  4. all fixes for game but not game centre why not i am susing internet and connected to iternet but my game centre wont download updates   reinstalling game centre  has not helped at all and i did that like 8 times already


  5. chriscripps17

    Underwater AP fix

    game centre needs to be fixed asap as i cant play game as updates wont install says check internet connection and im connected 3 times in couple days now ran it in compatibility 7 and xp sevice pack 2 and still wont download updates this is beyond a joke big time
  6. chriscripps17

    fix ups

    explain i am connected to internet
  7. chriscripps17

    fix ups

    on top of the problem before now i have problem finding stuff on fourms coz they changed it without letting us know
  8. chriscripps17

    Bug Reports

    my game centre wont update at all not responding everytime wtf is wg doing bout it jack all
  9. chriscripps17

    Bug Reports

    now downloading update from wg game centre is messed up
  10. chriscripps17

    My money and Free exp has gone

    not saying this is 100% or not but it might be a glitch on game coz other day server on eu was busy in middle of battle after i sank a destroyer i tried logging game didnt get no money or xp and free didnt get ive spoken to tuccy in message and hes gonna let the support handle it so i got no credits no ship xp and no free from the battle i was which i got 100k dmg in with tier5 french bb
  11. chriscripps17

    Wreck of Lady Lex Found

  12. chriscripps17

    Wreck of Lady Lex Found

  13. chriscripps17

    Wreck of Lady Lex Found

    uss lexington was found too
  14. chriscripps17

    fix ups

    in middle of battle with my tier 5 french bbs winning and get this after i got booted from server